India might’ve won 2 Guinness Records on International Yoga Day, and then BJP leader Ram Madhav might’ve stirred a controversy over Vice President Hamid Ansari’s absence which backfired because it turns out Ansari was not invited in the first place! But the most fun of all was DMDK chief Vijaykanth’s attempt to Yoga, which looked like his first ever try at the ancient practice, and you got to see it!!
The video opens with a shaky Vijaykanth, wearing his trademark all-white clothing, as he moves towards the stage where a young boy performs asanas perfectly. Vijaykanth stops to watch the young volunteer and shakes his head as if its cake walk. But when he actually tries to do the poses, he finds out the hard way, that yoga indeed needs a lot of practice.
The clueless DMDK chief seems lost, looking around to understand what is happening. He then takes help from a fellow volunteer and learns how to sit straight! Hilarious moments go ride up hill when its time for breathing exercises. He doesn’t know which nostril to press and which to release. So, there is this awkward moment when he pauses to stare at his own fingers.
Throughout the seven minute laughter-riot, the DMDK leader, flinches, winks, staggers, almost-falls and attempts teaching yoga to his 100-or-so party members.