‘Where is Vidya Balan’ – Wasted Opportunity

‘Where is Vidya Balan’ – Wasted Opportunity

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Drawbacks in the movie :

1) Director Srinivas has made a poor impression as a director with this film as he just focused to entertain the masses with some silly comedy. Srinivas hasn’t shown any kind of progress with his efforts in this film and has made this film a big mess with some unnecessary scenes and unnecessary characters. The story of the film too is quite routine and has been dealt many a times before in many languages. For these kind of films, the presentation and making of the film should be fresh which is missing in this film. The screenplay too is pretty bad throught the film.1

2) The first half is the biggest minus of this film. Till the interval block, the film is just dragged with Prince’s love track and some boring comedy scenes involving Prince, Jyothi Seth and Madhunandan. The viewers never get to connect with any of the characters in the film nor get any interest as the script moves forward. Things do get decent in the second half, with some comedy form different big comedians but again here we don’t see anything riveting and fresh.

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3) Prince though looked smart in the film he could not give out an improved performance in the film. He still needs to fine tune his acting skills, dialogue delivery and the way he emotes his expressions. The love track of his is also not strongly established.3

4) Madhunandan gets to do a full length comedy character in the film but he goes overboard in many scenes during the second half. Jayaprakash Reddy looks odd in his character. Shankar Melkote has a hormone meter that can tell how masculine enough one is which is quiet senseless. Asish Vidhyarthi, Rao Ramesh, Pankaj Kesari, Ravi, Prabhas Seenu, Tagubothu Ramesh and others all did the same routine characters in the film.4

5) The technical aspects of the film are not at all impressive in this film. The music given by Kraman is very poor. None of the songs are good to hear. Even the re-recording appears to a bit routine and follows a template style that one often hears in films of this genre. Cinematography by Chitti Babu has nothing new. Editing by Madhu could have been better by miles. Dialogues never strike a chord with the audience.

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6) The reason why Rao Ramesh wants the phone is not at all shown in the film. The crime story going in parallel with the love story is not properly handled. The scenes where Pawan Kalyan’s footage of ‘Badri’ is shown is very silly in the first half.

Where is Vidya Balan Telugu Movie Stills

What’s better in the film ??

 1) Jyothi Seth has perfectly justified the role of Swathi and is the only person who comes out with a decent performance in the film. She looks hot in the songs as she has not objected for glamour show and lip lock in the film.

Prince, Jyoti Sethi in Where is Vidya Balan Telugu Movie Stills

2) Sampoornesh Babu brings us some laughs here and there as as Ghanta, the self-styled don. Sampoo’s night blindness scenes and Sapthagiri’s track in the second half tickle the funny bone.8

3) The second half and the climax part will entertain the B & C centers as it has got enough comedy required for them. The twist towards the end is good and is un-expected too.9

Verdict :

On a whole, ‘Where is Vidya Balan’ is a wasted opportunity which is made just to cash upon on the B & C class centers. For class audience this film will surely be a headache with its raw massy comedy.