Vaalu : Average Masala

Vaalu : Average Masala

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After getting shelved for almost 3 years, Simbu’s Vaalu finally released on August 14th. The movie directed by debutant Vijay Chandar is a usual masala romantic action film that uses the typical ideas of heroism and romance to entertain the audience. With Simbu managing to have some charm on screen, this film is an average one time watch. Lets look at the ups and downs of Vaalu.


  1. Simbu is undoubtedly the best part of this movie. That doesn’t mean he has done anything out of the box to surprise you. The kind of massy avatar he had to portray was safe in his hands. The typical style of the actor in dialogue delivery and other aspects like fights and dance works for the movie.
  2. Santhanam has limited space in the movie as Vaalu focuses more on the hero. But still the actor comes at points where the humour demands a performer like him.

    Actor Silambarasan (Or STR Or Simbu) and Hansika in Vaalu Sitlls

  3. The music from S S Thaman is a catchy one with some average lyrics intended only for instantaneous fun. Timing of songs aren’t that great but the choreography was nice.


  4. The dialogues written by the director at some points manages to be beyond mere emotional show off.

    STR and Hansika Motwani in Vaalu Movie Stills


  1. Screenplay isn’t that tidy. Much like any comedy action package, it has these loose sub plots and the lack of a severe conflict zone is evident. The build up they gave to the villain was good, but the way the movie ended kind of made me think that they were short of money or time to wrap it up.


  2. It was disappointing to see a lot of quality actors getting casted in less significant/ less utilized roles. Villain Aditya and Adukalam Naren get roles that don’t really utilize them completely.


  3. Hansika once again gets limited to a mere showpiece. This time luckily there wasn’t any elaborate deliberate skin show.

    STR in Vaalu Movie Stills

  4. The fights were over the top with no real sense to it. The vague write up of the hero character kind of confuses us when he does this earth shattering anti physics stunts.


With an average making filled with typical mass masala flavours, Vaalu is a onetime watchable movie that doesn’t have much of an attraction.