Utopiayile Rajavu : Statue King

Utopiayile Rajavu : Statue King

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Veteran director Kamal teams up with the script writer of Amen to create the new Mammootty starrer Utopiayile Rajavu. With the basic storyline reminding you of the classic satire Pranchiettan and the saint in many areas, this desperate style change of Kamal is a flawed experiment that looks too uninteresting.

The Staggering Drawbacks :

  1. The first blame goes to the maker for having no conviction and clarity about the idea he wants to present on screen. The treatment borrowed a lot from Amen and somewhere in between it went back to Kamal’s own way of making. With the content having zero surprises, direction fails miserably.Utopiayile-Rajavu-movie-stills-37
  2. Script from PS Rafeeq basically presents the same idea of Pranchiettan in a slightly over comical way. While looking at the trajectory of the narration, you will realize that the writer has failed to create genuine characters and the satirical approach was never really there in the content.Utopiayile-Rajavu-movie-stills-30
  3. The sort of witty dialogues Rafeeq had written earlier for movies like Amen were impressive, but here some of them sounded idiotic. It was that bizarre.Utopiayile-Rajavu-movie-heroin
  4. Neil D’Cunha somewhat copies the style Abhinandan Ramanujam created for Amen and I firmly believe that it was a deliberate attempt from the makers.Utopiayile-Rajavu-73
  5. When it comes to acting, the movie fails completely to use an actor like Mammootty. He is just one guy in the crowd who only reacts with a worried expression.mammootty-in-utopiayile-rajavu.jpg.image.784.410
  6. The visual effects stood out too much and the cuts also lacked good pacing.Utopiayile-Rajavu-Primeglitz-11
  7. The music was good from Ouseppachan, but the background score doesn’t really work for the audience.Utopiayile-Rajavu-mammottys-malayalam-movie-stills

With only a few counter dialogue jokes working in favour of the movie, Utopiayile Rajavu is a failure of execution.