The Transporter Refueled : With Wrong Fuel

The Transporter Refueled : With Wrong Fuel

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Much famous for the version starring Jason Statham, Transporter series gets a revamp from Luc Besson as The Transformer Refueled and this time the hero is the new lad Ed Skrein. A movie primarily worked because of its cool and elegant hero looses that charm in this new arrival and thus becomes only 96 minutes long showcasing of fight and Audi feature demonstration. Lets look why this movie fails to garner a positive attention.

  1. Lets start from the leading man. The main attraction of this franchise used to be the staggering screen presence of Jason Statham and Ed Skrein seems to be nowhere near filling his void. The sort of depressed anger he showcases on screen can’t be called as attitude.transporter-refueled07
  1. The screenplay doesn’t try to add much to the usual routine of the Transporter franchise and here also we get to see Frank getting in to trouble due to the breaking of roles. Scenes designed for fist fights and car chases have been included with predictable conclusions.transporter-refueled02
  2. Director Camille Delamarre doesn’t try to add anything special from his end focuses mostly on the CGI generated car stunts and fights that happens at regular interval of time.transporter-refueled-image03
  3. Another major drawback was the villains in this part. The sort of vengeance and invincibility we have experienced in the Statham version villains wasn’t there in neither write up nor in performance of the chief antagonists portrayed by Radivoje Bukvić, Lenn Kudrjawizki and one more guy.transporter-refueled03
  1. The visual effects part much like the other parts of the movie has a bit of awkwardness as we will really feel the artificiality in them and the background score also lacked the aggression.transporter-refueled09

Stylized slow motion moments in between the set pieces may make you go woohoo, but the movie overall has very little original stuff to keep things excited.