Thani Oruvan : Captivating Thriller

Thani Oruvan : Captivating Thriller

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After a relatively big gap, post his last film Velayudham, M Raja aka Mohan Raja comes back to the silver screen to direct the new movie starring his brother Jayam Ravi. With an absolutely captivating antagonist in the form of Arvind Swamy, Thani Oruvan from Raja is an intriguing thriller that will keep you excited for its whole run time.

The Positives:

  1. M Raja sort of surprises you here with his making style. The director who earlier made mostly family oriented fun entertainers (most of them remakes), takes a different subject and treats it very excitingly. Thani Oruvan is fully focused on its basic agenda and there is zero bits of commercial add-ons in this movie and Raja deserves claps for making it in such a way.


  2. The script may have certain clichés and exaggerations, but that’s the only minor negative of this movie. Written by Subha and Raja the script is a least compromised write-up. It pursues a particular idea of making thriller by creating a unique plot. By the end of the movie, it attains a particular phase were it isn’t any longer a cat and mouse game between a villain and hero. No parallel comedy or Santhanam/Suri. Romance is in blend with the sory line.


  3. Before taking the name of Jayam Ravi, I must appreciate the terrific performance of Arvind Swamy in this movie. The glamour star who stole the hearts of ladies in the 90’s transforms himself to mankatha style deadly villain. The attitude, arrogance and coolness the character demanded was there in perfect mixture in his portrayal.


  4. Jayam Ravi delivers a controlled performance as ACP Mithran. The actor gives the character focused and determined attire and the control factor keeps it in the sensible zone.


  5. Another good thing about the movie is that the heroine isn’t there to show off her body to seduce the hero. She gets enough space in the screenplay to show her significance in hero’s life and mission. Nayantara has done that part nicely.


  6. The supporting cast is somewhat elaborate comprising of actors like Thambi Ramaiah, Rahul Madhav, Ganesh Venkatraman, Nassar and more. All these actors also deliver a good performance on screen to make the movie look interesting.


  7. Hiphop Tamizha who in my opinion was unimpressive in Aambala, has worked on his tunes this time to give his best. The less music oriented film gets two good songs and an impressive set of BGMs from Hiphop Tamizha.

    Jayam Ravi in Thani Oruvan Movie Stills
    Jayam Ravi in Thani Oruvan Movie Stills

The cuts give the movie a good pace and the frames are also quite interesting. The only small jitter is some technology related presentations which look slightly over the top. To sum it up, Thani Oruvan is an edgy thriller.