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Love someone? Didn’t propose yet thinking of his/her rejection? Well, 4 out of 5 boys as well as girls don’t express their feelings to the person they love, as they always have the fear of NO. Or I should say that they are damn sure of the rejection that’s why they don’t even propose to their love. But let me tell you a very true fact that until you tell someone what you feel about him/her, how you would know what they feel about you. Probably he/she too likes you and is waiting for you to approach? Well, there is one thing for sure; if you express, you might get your love but if you don’t, you are sure to lose them forever; so better make your proposal so special that your love just can’t say instead of wasting time on their answer because it will save you from the regret of a lifetime that you did not try even once!!

Therefore, if you love someone, then tell her or she will never know about your feelings whatsoever!!!

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Sure, she says she loves you, but words are cheap. Short of seeing her reaction when you ask her for one of her kidneys, is there any way to tell whether she’s really feeling that love? Thanks to science and a little bit of psychology, there is!

1. She loves the way you smell. Do you catch her burying her nose in your pillow after you get out of bed? Or does she reel in disgust when you skip your shower? If you’re sure you’ve been laying off the garlic but she’s still turning up her nose at you, you may have trouble. Studies have shown that women use the sense of smell in determining a life partner.

2. She’s happy for your successes. A woman who celebrates with you when your life goes well is truly invested in you and your future together. Does she belittle your accomplishments? That’s a sign of resentment. Not good.


3. She’s always touching you. Does she have trouble keeping her hands off you? Touching, especially non-sexual touching like smoothing your hair or leaning against your shoulder, is a sign she cares deeply for you. It makes her happy to know you’re within reach.

4. She actually means it when she asks how your day went. A person in love wants to empathize with the object of her affection. Knowing every little detail of your day helps her strengthen her connection to you.

5. She doesn’t snoop through your stuff. If her love is in doubt, she may find herself looking through your phone or browsing history for excuses to leave you. But a woman who gives you your privacy is willing to trust you. Trust is one of the strongest signs of love.

6. She constantly brings you up in conversations with others. You might have to go to mutual friends to figure this one out. If she talks about you a lot, it means she can’t stop thinking about you. Of course, if she’s just complaining about you, that’s another story.

7. She likes to share her food with you. Love creates a chemical in our bodies called oxytocin, and studies have shown that oxytocin increases generosity (as well as trust; see above). That doesn’t mean your true love won’t get annoyed when you steal all her french fries, but if she likes to offer you bites, that is a sign her oxytocin is flowing.

8. She’s there when you need her. This may seem obvious, but it’s also one of the most important. It’s easy to be with someone when everything is fun and the sun is shining. When life gets rough, though, a woman who really loves you won’t be saying sayonara and riding off into the sunset. She’ll want to go through it with you. That’s true love.

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Auto Rickshaw drivers always demand more, much more than the actual fare due to which we always seems to bargain with them. Some of them get convinced with our price while some hardly budges from their demand. However, this foreign lady made an autowalla knees down to her demand as she convinced the guy to go to Char Minar using his meter.graceee_1435826859

The guy opposed at first but when the lady begin filming him and also starts singing Bollywood songs, the auto driver immediately accepts her demands and puts down the meter with a smile on his face.

Watch the hilarious video here

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They say “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”. Indian men seems to the take the saying very seriously as they are not able to perform any trivial task without the help of their better half that often makes their wives crazy. Here are some of those annoying things every Indian men do to drive their wives insane.

1. Not taking a bath for days!!!1

2. Looking at other women without noticing their wife!!!2

3. Not keeping track of their wife’s birthday!!! acidic wife

4. Ignoring all the lectures their wife give them!!!article-201549015121054730000

5. Not showing up for food even after million times she ask!!!article-201549015234755427000

6. Always asking for things!!!article-201549015325955979000

7. Leaving their towels anywhere in the house!!!giphy131
8. Making their wife cry with silly talks!!!patient wife

9. Doing things that are very embarrassing to witness like eating with their mouth wide open!!!

10. Smoking in the bathroom!!!south-indian-woman-in-north-india-3

11. Always making their wife feel like they did the biggest mistake by choosing them as husbands.tumblr_inline_nldaqq7X2x1ss27h4

12. Always asking for different things to eat!!!tumblr_mvqaowtyj31r0hstso1_500

13. Pointing their wife’s mistakes even though the current topic is the problem with them!!!tumblr_nbk03fKDr11sgeqxco5_r1_500

14. Being a complete Mama’s boy!!!article-201549015185155131000

15. Start eating anything anywhere!!!article-201549015225855378000

16. Snoring like hell at nights202893-snore-big

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CLose enough meme

Social Medias these days are flooded with several close enough memes. Some of them aren’t that convincing while some are awfully hilarious. Here are some of those hand-picked  Close Enough pictures which are very amusing.

1. Women playing in water, Close Enough!!!CLose enough women

2. Very well observed!!!CLose enough women

3. This is how I sit on my computer.CLose enough meme

4. Kids always gets what they want!!!CLose enough meme

5. Predator Close Enough!!!

CLose enough meme

6. Every Boyfriend’s nightmare!!!CLose enough meme

7. Those who try never loses!!!CLose enough meme

8. The little mermaid look alike!!!CLose enough meme

9. Life of Pi – Better than the original!!!CLose enough meme

10. Disguise at its best!!!CLose enough meme

11. How girls take pictures?CLose enough meme

12. I never want to have a tattoo from him!!!CLose enough meme

13. It will take some long years but hey, Close Enough!!!

CLose enough meme

14. The swimmer trolled by Lazy cat!!!CLose enough meme

15. Me picturing Mona-Lisa!!!CLose enough meme

16. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Indian Version. Close Enough!!!

CLose enough meme

17. This is how to become sexy!!!close-enough-meme-3

18. How you think you will look while getting out of the pool? Expectation vs Reality!!!CLose enough meme CLose enough meme

19. My Lacoste T-Shirt, Custom Made!!!CLose enough meme

20. The best of Jugaad!!!
CLose enough meme

21. Now that is certainly close enough!!!CLose enough meme

22. Me having a night camp!!!CLose enough meme

23. It All started like these!!!CLose enough meme

24. Apple Ipod, Close Enough!!!CLose enough meme

25. Oggy and the Cockroaches character look-a-like!!!CLose enough meme

26. Magica De Spell Look-a-like!!! Close EnoughCLose enough meme

27. Now here is the most epic Close Enough Picture that ever existed!!! Extremely Close EnoughCLose enough meme

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Monica Dogra is an American singer of Indian origin, infamous for her rock band and debut in Bollywood with Dhobi Ghat has made some more news recently, however, not for a good reason as she asked for people to pay money for her next project titled Shiver, for which she wanted to create brilliant music video with big international names associated with it. Monica_Hot_09She took the help of her social media networking account and received a very devastating response from people, negatively I should say, as they made hilarious comments on her post and begin mocking her. She claimed to use the money for Human Right for which, more negative response followed with very cold response on the social media.

Devastated by the kind of reaction she gets, she again showed her temper by posting her life struggle and how she manage to become an artist, which again received only criticism.monica-dogra-blah-bl_062915010018

Well, I certainly hope she learnt her lesson and won’t do something like that in the future. But hey, who knows what goes in that girl’s mind.

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An alcoholic mother of three children has been taken into custody after she ate the scalp of one of her children alive. The two year old daughter was rescued by her uncle when he heard the scream of the child. He came to know what was happening when he witnessed this horrific act of shame.Daughter 1


The mother, Pramila Mondal, has been known for her alcoholic issues. When the incident news was spread, she was tied and brutally beaten up by an angry mod of villagers. alcoholic1source

She was later rescued by the police and taken into custody after her sister-in-law reported it to the police. The child is currently in a critical conditon.

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1. Waiting for a perfect click!!!22_1435134781

2. If only all photographers looked like this!!!582

3. When wedding photographer was no good, she took the matter in her own hands!!!532721_406058146081397_2071659131_n

4. At least one would capture a kind of shot I want!!!att293150

5. They are all shooting!!!!crazy-dangerous-photographers-17-620x351

6. Who needs a girl, when you got a DSLR!!!Crazy-Photographer1

7. Disguised as a swan to capture a nice shot, Hats Off!!!

8. Behind the scenes of Nat Geo!!!crazy-photographers-wcth04

9. Up we go and shoot!!!Dallas-wedding-photographers

10. Don’t move you little prick!!!dedicated-photographers-12__700

11. The heights of photography!!!dedicated-photographers-13__700

12. Get Off Me, you morons, I’m a cat , not a caterpillar!!!dedicated-photographers-14__700

13. Are you testing me? You are just a mere human!!! 7668889041460552972

14. Nice click, Pal!!!dedicated-photographers-19__700

15. Little closer, just a little closer!!!dedicated-photographers-23__700

16. How dare you try to capture my photo???dedicated-photographers-24__700

17. You are shooting the wrong guy, man!!!dedicated-photographers-26__700

18. Give me great shot, driver!!!dedicated-photographers-30__700

19. If only these were girls!!!!dedicated-photographers-32__700

20. He certainly have better than ours!!!dedicated-photographers-34__700

21. Protecting the camera is first priority!!!extreme-photographers-63__700

22. On the road to become an insane photographer!!!

23. Why should humans have all the fun!!!f4cf48a7571e9c7ac01eb2652ecad24d

24. Prince of persia capturing, captured!!!FullSizeRender8__700

25. I finally got the click I wanted, not that I could show it to the world!!!!image1044__70026. Oh man, just get me out of here, already!!!post-62261-30-Crazy-Photographers-Who-Wil-Xj6d

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Break up is certainly the most distressing time for both the man and the woman. Some people tend to take break up lightly while others seem to take it very seriously. A recent YouTube video shows one such break up and its after effect where a man who gave back all the expensive gifts from her girlfriend in half pieces as he believed she earned it.

Girlfriend gets half of her gifts back from boyfriend_01

The video which is currently going viral on the Internet shows the guy cutting all the things he shared with his girlfriend for over 12 years that includes an iPhone 6, LCD Screen, Chair, bed, Laptop and even the car.

Girlfriend gets half of her gifts back from boyfriend_03

The video which is titled ‘For Laura’ with a decription “Thank you for 12 “beautiful” years Laura !!!!! you’ve really earned half, Greetings also to my successor”.Girlfriend gets half of her gifts back from boyfriend_02

The man from Germany named Der Juli is literally giving her ex-girlfriend everything they owned together for all those years.

Girlfriend gets half of her gifts back from boyfriend_2

What’s more to the insult, he is also selling his half on eBay so that all the world could see and buy those stuff. Now that’s what we calls “Paying the bitch back” Watch the video here.

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It has been a fact that we Indians can’t seem to say no to people, even if we want to as we believe it is very rude to say no. However, there are some circumstances in life when saying no becomes mandatory in order to avoid misunderstanding. But Indian girls doesn’t seem to understand that and continue to say illogical and bizarre statements when a guy tells them his feelings. Below are 10 most common and irritating excuses given by Indian girls for rejecting a guy.

1 – We are completely different people!

Of course we are. I am a man and you are a women. How did you figure that one out, Doctor Science? Now can we get onto the real reason why you’re dumping me?

2 – I see you more like a brother!

Gee, when was the last time your real brother groped you at the cinema?

3 – We are moving in completely different directions!

How can we understand as we don’t read Women’s Weekly?

4 – Currently, I want to focus on my career!

What career? You are still a student!

5 – This is too soon after Karan!

It’s been 3 months already since Karan, and you only dated the poor guy for just two weeks anyway.

6 – It’s not you it’s me!

Meaning = “It’s not me it’s you”.

7 – I can’t risk ruining our friendship if it didn’t work out!

I’m glad our WW2 troops weren’t like you.


8 – I want to focus on me for a while

Huh, say what?


9 – I’ve got a busy exam period coming up

So have I. And?


10 – I’m carrying too much baggage right now

No you’re not. Your arms are on your hips.


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If this works up, this would actually be a happy news for women because it would then be men taking the contraceptive pill instead of them, and they can sit relax. Well, we have come a long way already. Vasalgel, a non-hormonal form of male contraceptive, which is currently being developed, may change the contraception game for good.

It would be the first approved male contraceptive since the condom and was being developed by The Parsemus Foundation. Vasalgel is essentially a gel that is injected (under local anaesthetic) into a man’s sperm-carrying tubes and it works by blocking sperm and is expected to be reversible through a second injection that dissolves the “gel”, which is a kind of polymer.

One injection of the drug is expected to last up to ten years. If all goes according to plan, the contraception could be available for consumers as early as 2018. Just a few more years to go. Fingers crossed. That could mean all your pills can go in trash.

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Girl’s mensuration period is that moment when she becomes a nightmare for people around her, especially for her boyfriend. At that time, you never know what to do to make them happy. All you can do is listen to their never ending demands, listen their intolerable nonsense and keep your mouth shut for 25 hours a day.  Below are some of the reasons why one should keep a good distance to a woman on her period.

1. Never mess with a girl on her period!!!a-c-a-b_c_2382989

2. No need to complete the sentence, or you will get a death sentencebfdad81cf2de9796861841da1e03366b

3. Unless you are wearing a bullet proof jacketdc9837bae017c553ceae2e2a82d8fe47968df3346c9200079c63c0113a0fd776

4. Keep the kids far away. Certainly not suitable for childrendemotivation-ESRB-period-335486

5. There’s no need to hold back now, its over, FINALLY!!!fdfea5db08bcd520301daef5c2ce23d80f2f0476513f9e40716d889e8496bd2f

6. When she is on that time of month, just listen and shut the fuck up!!!funny-girlfriend-period-graph

7. It’s certainly very difficult for them to control while on periodfunny-girl-period-screaming

8. Mother’s sandal and girlfriend’s Mensuration period are always unpredictableFunny-Menstrual-Periods-Meme-5

9. That moment when you realise the bitter truthgirl-on-her-period-funny-picture-iphone-text10. All you need to do is stay low, coz it’s that time of the month

11. Living with Spartans would be easyWomen-period

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Eve Teasing has become one of the most serious social issues in our community, which needs to be stopped at once. But women also requires to have the courage to provide an appropriate reply to such incidents. This girl faced eve teasing on daily basis but the kind of way she backfired is simply a pleasure to watch.

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The first thing that probably comes in every man’s mind after hearing the word “GIRLFRIEND” is “SEX”. Men wishes to have girlfriend in order to have a quality time in bed and most of the time, girls also believes that. However, there are many other things as well that a man would love to see in his girl. Here are some of the most weird things men want from women other than sex.

1. A good cook – Men simply want someone who can feed them delicious food.anigif_enhanced-buzz-6430-1388102473-13

2. A real girl – We do not want someone with fake personality, instead we look for girls who don’t hesitate to show herself.bad-hair-day-gif18

3. A clumsy girl – Well, we do wish to to have a responsible girl, but clumsiness is one aspect we also search in them.jennifer-lawrence-fall1

4. No Makeup please – Men loves girl with real beauty rather than made upkats1

5. Sensitive – All men wishes their girl to be sexy, and sometime sensitivity and resistance is way sexieroup1u8

6. Unmatched Lingerie is a dream of every men



7. Strong – A man does not want a weak girlfriend, instead he wants someone who can support him in every stepStrong_122d02_5362939

8. Freaks – Men just love girls who are freak like themtumblr_m36vcpicAe1qeub6p

9. A good listener – Men also don’t like “Do this” and “Do that” type of girls saying whatever in every conversationtumblr_mdsb1oJXnx1rs0blno1_500

10. A good driver – Now, we don’t always want to be the one sitting on driver’s seat

11. Confident – Men wishes to have a girl who stays with them everywhere without the fear of people’s commenttumblr_ml223ptKep1rugkpho9_250

12. Crazy – A girl who does crazy things at times is always wanted by men

13. Responsible – Another trait men usually look in every girl. tumblr_static_filename_640_v2

14. Seeing her undone – The most common thing every men desires in her women is seeing her undone

hot_stars_strip_off_all_their_clothes_2015. Curves – Today, all women workout for getting size Zero or flat figure, but men usually prefer women with nice curves.




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India has finally received its first same sex advertisement where two lesbians are dressing up and preparing to meet one’s south Indian parents. The ad has already received over 3 Lakhs views within 10 days with mostly positive reviews and making great rounds on social media. The 3-minute video titled “The Visit” shows two women getting all romantic and caring towards each other in order to provide a good impression of the parents and ending with a message “Bold is Beautiful”.

Well, the concept sure is very bold and unique to be shown in India, however, people seem to like the ad pretty much with many wanting a part two of the ad. There were some great issues on same sex relationship in India by the Government as many believe that it shouldn’t be encouraged and provide a bad impression on youth. But this video by Anouk has avoided these issues and the kind of response it is receiving is certainly a message that India is now opening up to these kinds of relationship.

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The World has some great female dancers who can dance in a sexy accent making every man’s dream comes true. But there are some Indian actresses as well who have performed some of the sexiest dance moves that would complex any foreign dancers. Here are some best dance moves by Indian actresses that are sexier than any foreign dancers.

1. Sri Devi’s bold moves in the song “I Love You”


2. Deepika Padukone’s Lovely is certainly a pleasure to watch.


3.  Who can forgot “Choli Ke Peechhe” from Madhuri Dixit?


4.  Surely, there is something about Aishwarya’s Thumka in “kajraa re”!


5. After six years gap from bollywood, Madhuri still delivered the best dance song of the year with “Aaja Nachle”


6. “Engine ki seeti” The best funky dance in recent times done by eccentric Sonam kapoor


7. With such bold steps, Sunny Leone can make any foreign dancers to feel guilty of choosing the profession.


8. “Chhaiyya Chhaiyya is still considered as the best dance song of India with best moves from then newcomer Malaika Arora.


9. Here, Katrina surely giving tough competition to Shakira.


10. Miss Universe showing a ‘like that’ move, so sexy!!!


11. Only Malaika Arora Khan could perform such a cheesy song with perfection and moves that made every men drool.


12. Finally who can forget the sexy dance moves from “Tip Tip Barsa Pani” featureing Raveena Tandon in a beautiful Saree.


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1. “Hindu marriage couples should have at least 5 children”, said by VHP leader Ashok Singhal. Well, according to him, a population of 1.25 billion is still not enough.

ashok-singhal-hd1. “If India needs to change, then Gujarat must change”. He then corrected his statement and said “Galti se Gujarat bol diya, Bihar ke bajaaye”, By Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. I don’t know if he really mistakenly stated that or his mind is always filled with the thoughts of PM Narendra Modi.


3. “Should I urinate to fill the empty dams”, said by Deputy CM of Maharashtra Ajit Pawar in response to the ongoing hunger strike and water supply demand by affected farmers. Now that’s the kind of leader hell would want.


4. “Consumption of fast food leads hormonal imbalance and contributes to incidents like rape”, said by Jeetendra Chhatar, Khap Panchayat leader. I don’t know what to say to this.



5. “Girls should be married at an early age in order to prevent them from rape”, said by former CM of Haryana, Om Prakash Chautala. May be as per his understanding, an assaulter considers a married woman as a Goddess.


6. “Rural women can’t go ahead in their life as they are not that attractive as compared to women from affluent classes”, said by Mulayam Singh Yadav. He sure sounded like a Talisman.


7. “As time goes by, the joy of victory also fades away, similarly like a wife who loses her charm after getting old”, says the Congress minister Sriprakash Jaiswal. I wonder how her wife reacted to this statement.


8. “Such heinous crime hardly takes place in Bharat, but they occur often in India”, says RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat. I wonder from which country he is from.


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Forbes is a big name when it comes to business, and with this respect Indians making it to the list is huge, and with “Women” making it to the top, its even more awesome.
Four of Indian women and two women of Indian origin make it to the list of Forbes 100 Most Influential Women In The World.

SBI Chief Arundhati Bhattacharya, ranks 30th on the list. Forbes said, she oversees 2,20,000 staff members in 16,000 branches and services 225 million customers at the country’s largest lender (assets USD 400 billion) with offices spread over 36 countries.

ICICI bank head Chanda Kochhar, follows her on the 35th spot. Forbes credited the 53-year-old  with “leading a remarkable transformation” at India’s largest private sector bank, which experienced major setbacks after the 2008 financial crisis.

Biocon founder Kiran Mazumdar- Shaw ranks 85th moving up from the 92nd spot last year to 85 in the 2015 rankings. The 62-year-old founded Biocon in 1978 and turned it from a small industrial-enzymes company to India’s largest publicly traded biopharmaceutical company.

HT Media Chairperson Shobhana Bhartia makes her debut by taking the 93rd spot. Forbes lists her as a “media baroness” who chairs and runs listed HT Media, publisher of English daily Hindustan Times, a Hindi daily of the same name, and business paper Mint.

Two women of Indian-origin PepsiCo Chief Indra Nooyi;
5and Cisco Chief Technology and Strategy Officer Padmasree Warrior also make the list.

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Every guy always wonders what women carry in their bags, but they never had the guts to ask or look into them. Well let us end the mystery today and reveal what stays hidden in the depths of a ladies handbag.

1. Perfume

Well we love to smell good, all time, every time.


2. Moisturizer

Those super-soft hands need constant care.


3. Lip balm/ gloss.

For those forever kissable lips.


4. Comb

A must ALWAYS.


5. Wet tissues

To keep the pollution at bay.


6. Extra earrings

You have no idea how a simple earring can change the entire look.


7. Kajal

How else do you think we always have hypnotic eyes?


8. Old shopping receipts

Let’s not discuss why.

7 (5)

9. Charger

To keep the battery draining phones alive.


 10. Chocolates

Should we need an instant mood lift!!!


11. Mints/ mouth fresheners/ gum

For an instant bout of fresh breath.


12. Sunglasses

A must for eyes as well as style.


13. Secret stash of cash

So we are never out of cash while shopping.

2 (9)

14. Rubber bands

To control bad hair days.

2 (2)

15. An extra top

Should we need it during emergencies.


So now you know when a girl says, “I carry my world in my bag,” she means it… LITERALLY!!!

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So you have troubles impressing women?? Worry no more, here are few insider tips that are sure to win you all the attention you want from the ladies.

1. A good fragrance

Smelling good is essential when you are trying to impress a lady. You don’t want to smell like a pig.

2. Simple and easy going attire.

Don’t dress up like you are a live mannequin of a branded store. Be simple yet stylish.

3. Neat and clean appearance.

A lady might like a bearded man but that doesn’t mean you have to resemble a grizzly bear. Be neat and tidy.

4. Well groomed hands

Believe it or not, girls notices a man’s hand more often than they are aware. So keep your nails trimmed and shaped.
8 (5)

5. A confident smile.

Now who can like someone who has forgotten to smile.
1 (5)

6. A fit body.

Hrithik Roshan, Ranveer Kapoor, Ranvir Singh……. Do I need to say more???
0 (6)

7. Clean teeth.

Well ladies never compromise when it comes to hygiene issues.

8. Shoes…shoes… shoes.

Girls and shoes have a deep connection. A dirty, tattered pair means instant rejection.
Neil Patrick Harris

9. Nice haircut.

It doesn’t mean you have to go all David Beckham, but a well cut and styled mane is always well appreciated.

10. Soft kissable lips.

Chapped rough lips are never well received. So slather on those lip balms and keep yourself  kiss ready at all times.
A final tip: always be yourself, your uniqueness will always get you brownie points.


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The probably weirdest news of all times when a state commission actually issued an odd advisory in past that would make you laugh, in fact this old tale doesn’t go stale. The Punjab State Commission for Women issued a very very very odd advisory to Indian women which led to a wide roar of protest among newly wedded Indian brides at that time. Had it been a this time affair, lot of morchas would be seen reckoning with the commission itself.

The women had been warned to avoid too much conversation on mobile phones for fear of making their spouses jealous! The controversial brochure was written in Punjabi and stresses the importance of focusing on domestic issues (whatever they may be) and limiting time spent on the phone with those other than the spouse.

It also speaks to in-laws and advises them to be less interfering so that the new bride and groom will be happier.
The warning did not come out of the air, however misguided it might be. It developed following a rise in complaints of domestic violence, sexual harassment and family discord due to rows about young brides constantly on the cell phone.
But the take of modern Indian woman who is far more evolved than even her family may know, and many reacted very negatively and quite furiously to what they believed to be misogynistic rhetoric.

“’This is a very strange advisory and is no solution to save any marriage. Every relationship is built on trust and this advisory is itself planting suspicion in the minds of young men and women. This suggests that every woman is adulterous and every man is suspicious, which is really weird,” says Neelam Mansingh, a prominent Punjabi actress who also teaches at the university.

Anyway this absurd way to curb down malpractices was definitely what one would never try in future.
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Since time immemorial it has been said that it is a male dominated society. But women have always known the REAL truth beneath this entire facade. Here are 11 ways which are clear-cut indications that 11 women are way better than men:

1) Women are much better at handling relationships.

If it was on men the entire world would be watching game on TV and arguing which team is gonna win.


2) Women are better with finances.

You have heard your father complain that business is suffering because of lack of funds. But did you ever… ever find your favorite ice-cream missing in the freezer because of fund issues??


3) Women are better at managing stress.

Well Mother Nature blessed us with high levels of estrogen!!!


4) Women have sharper memory.

We can tell you what Deepika Padukone was wearing in the entry shot of her debut movie. We can also remember the date and time we first met and how.


5) Women are better leaders and managers than men.

Well who manages your house?? Dad or mom??


6) Women are more appealing than men.

There is a reason why guys chase women and not vice-versa.


7) Women are better at multi-tasking.

You try and cook a meal, feed the child and talk on the phone at the same time!!


8) Women can tolerate more pain.

Uh… you really want to talk about labor pains????


9) Women are more hygienic.

Simply because we take showers DAILY!!!


10) Women are better drivers than men.

Studies prove that men are more careless drivers than women. Well all you egoistic, self-contained men Google it if you want.


11) Women are better investors.

Research also reveals that women are more calm and composed when investing while men tend to make more risky investments.



Well to all the men reading this…. Hope you enjoyed a refreshing update?? To all the ladies… Cheers!!!

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There is nothing and no one more dangerous than a woman scorned. However, no one has yet been able to understand a woman completely. Here are some of the unpredictable things that she may do after a fight.

1) Laugh.

Sometimes the fight is just to figure out if you’re paying attention.women1

2) Tease

She will punish you by wearing seductive clothes when you know that you won’t be getting any action.women2

3) Hug

Sometimes, women just need to vent out their frustration. Its not meant to hurt you.women3

4) Apologize

Ok, so she might be too proud to apologize but give her a break!women4

5) Cry

Be prepared to wipe the tears or get drenched!5

6) Great expectations

She still expects you to apologize and make-up, whether you were right or wrong.women6

7) Silent Treatment

Her silence is actually more worrying than her words.7

8) Acts of violence

Be careful if she is prone to get violent.8

9) Empty threats

She might threaten to go back to her parents’ place. This can be all the more scary if her dad is a force to reckon with.9

10) Negative answers

Till her anger is appeased, don’t expect her to agree with anything you say.10

11) Make-up sex

If you have managed to get on her good side again, there is nothing better than make-up sex!11

It is not easy to be a woman, but given how difficult it is to understand them, it is definitely more difficult to be a man!

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Women are always confused as to whether their quirky nature appeals to men or not. Well, guys are not very vocal when it comes to appreciating your nature. But here are certain traits that men find really cute but never say:

1. Being goofy

Enjoy singing your sentences or breaking into a silly dance for no reason?  Keep it up in front of your guy; it makes them feel you are comfortable around them.


2. Making faces

Women tend to be very expressive without uttering a single word. Every lady has a unique facial expression even if they are combing their hair or driving. Men love these expressions which are unique to you.

making faces

3. Over-excitement

He might say otherwise but they love it when their angels get super excited over small things like a cup of ice-cream or finding a lost sock.


4. Naming stuffs

You got a name for your special bag or your walking shoes. Share it with your guy and he will be all smiles.


5. Fooling around

You love to tease and tickle your guy? Well he loves it too. Your playful attitude keeps him on his toes and keeps the romance alive.


6. Being scared

Spiders scare the crap out of you. Make it loud and clear in front of your man. Being a little vulnerable makes them feel all macho.


7. Texting for no reason

Texting sweet nothings to your boyfriend/husband never go unnoticed; irrespective of the fact whether they say it or not.


8. Passion for hobbies

It can be writing or drawing, men adore woman with passions. It shows them how much you can love something.


9. Laughing out loud

Laugh your heart out whenever you want around your man. A happy woman is always very endearing to everyone.


10. Affectionate

Men are basically over-grown babies. They can’t resist an affectionate lady who can love unconditionally.


So ladies, don’t be afraid to be yourself. Enjoy what you like and express yourself freely. You never know who might fall in love with you.

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It is not easy for a man to tell his lady love what habits of her irritates him. They are not used to be very vocal about it and also they don’t want to hurt her sentiments. So here is a checklist for all the things that make a man head for the hills.

1. Being too clingy

It is natural for woman to be emotionally attached. But being overly clingy and constantly expecting your man to prove his love is a big time turn off.


2. Wearing granny nightgowns

Guys hate it when their lady wears boring granny night gowns. A simple pair of shorts with a tank top is even sexier.


3. Taking make-up off in front of them

Taking off mascara and kajal is not a pleasant sight. Never ever do it in front of your man!


4. Giving too many directions in bed

Men already feel very pressurized when it comes to performing in bed. If you constantly give directions like ‘dim the lights, soften the mood’ it sure adds to the whole situation.


5. Cursing like a sailor

A little swearing on rare occasion is acceptable but a downright foul mouth is not at all sexy.


6. Getting drunk

Being tipsy can be cute and appealing. But you are probably obnoxious when drunk tight. So know your capacity and stay within it.


7. Making fun of him

Men have EGO. Never make fun of him in front of any third person. It’s too much for him to handle.


8. Having nothing else to do

Sure men love to be your No. 1 priority. But them being your ONLY priority means too much pressure and too little space.


9. Being suspicious

Guys want you to trust them. So stop spying on his phone and questioning his whereabouts every minute.


10. Constant nagging

Probably the biggest turn-off. Remember you are his wife/girlfriend not his mother.


Well hopefully we have covered the some of the biggest issues here though things may vary from guy to guy.

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Women are a beautiful creation of God and it is the law of nature to get attracted to them. However, there are some women that you should think a hundred times before hitting on.

1. The one with incredible control over her waterworks.

They can start at any time!


Prepare to be drenched every time you meet!

2. The one who can’t talk.

If you are looking for great conversations then this is the wrong choice for you.


She will shut you up every time!

3. The one who keeps changing her decision

A woman like this will not know her own mind.


And she will leave you confused about yours too!

4. The one who cares all the time.

If you don’t want another mother, don’t fall for one who acts like one!

4All that pampering will get on your nerves soon.

5. One who is ultra-bold

Unless you’re ready to handle a mob of lusty men, stay away from this exhibitionist.

5Or join the mob.

6. One who loves dancing on item numbers.

Going out with the dirty dancer can be quite a challenge on your blood pressure.

6Warning: It can be injurious to your health.

7. The one who is  rougher and tougher than you

Think twice before trying to hit on her.

7You might get hit at instead!

8. The one who is excited about everything.

Before trying to date a shrieking banshee, make sure to insure your ears.

8Being deaf to what she says could actually be good for a relation!

9. One who is more successful

That only a very confident man can handle.

9Judge yourself!

10. And finally, one who is  super-smart

All relationships are based on trust…and lies.


Don’t hit on someone who can catch you at it!

Now that we have warned you, don’t complain if you end up with one of these!!

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Women love shopping. There is nothing in this whole world that can come remotely close to the happiness women feel while shopping. Though some of the purchases are legitimate there are certain insanely expensive things women indulge in but never admit.

1. Extravagant wedding outfit

Ask a lady to budget her wedding outfit and you will get the worst death stare.  And you dare not ask if they will ever wear it again.


2. Beauty lotions and potions

Look at any lady’s bathroom shelf and you will find décolleté creams, hand creams, foot creams and body creams ….  I mean SERIOUSLY???


3. Workout outfits

Some women spend thousands of rupees on yoga clothes and gym wear to simply laze around in them!!


4. Perfumes

Surely you need to smell good. But what is the point of spending stacks of cash on a miniature bottle with Shilpa Shetty’s name?


5. Handmade soaps

These are their favourite. They will spend any amount for a fist-sized bar that looks like herb infused goat cheese.


6. Furry pets

They will first buy ridiculously expensive animals and spend their yearly bonus on buying unnecessary fancy accessories for them.


7. Fake extensions

From false extensions for mane to eye lashes, women can spend anything for a silky mane and dreamy lashes.



Well women truly know how to look good and pamper themselves no matter what the price.


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If you are debating whether or not to grow a moustache, then here are 10 reasons why you should! There is something about men with facial hair that attracts women.

1. Sign of power

History bears evidence that all really powerful men have always sported a stylish moustache.


2. Test of testosterone

With a full on lip whiskers, nobody will ever have doubts about you!



3. It’s oh so sexy

Is there any one in the house who doesn’t swoon over the rugged Ranbir Singh?


4.The bold and the beautiful

It takes someone very confident with himself to sport facial hair.


5.It’s manly

Women love men… who are MANLY!


6.Women are Lumbersexual

The whole rough and tough guy look is very attractive to most women.


7. It’s trendy

Sporting the right facial hair can be very trendy.


8. It’s timeless

Like Amitabh Bachchan, moustache is a timeless classic.


9. Kissing is more fun

Kissing a moustached man can be fun (and ticklish).


So guys get your freak on now!

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