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A very peculiar case has occurred in Germany where a man has been killed by a Robot. The 22 year old man who died on Monday at the plant in Bauntal some 100 Kms from Frankfurt was a contractor in Volkswagen’s production plant who was setting up the stationary robot when it suddenly grabbed him and crushed him against a heavy metal plate.volkswogenap

According to the reports, human error has been given the blame instead of the problem with the Robot that can be programmed to perform several tasks. Another contractor was present when the incident happened but he was unharmed.image

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Cleanliness is next to Godliness, we’ve heard but what we don’t know is that cleanliness should be done without any sign of sleepiness. . In fact you shouldn’t fall asleep when there is a robot vacuum in the room because you don’t want to fall into its hands like this 52 year old woman.
The woman from Changwon city in South Korea had to call emergency services when 5cm of her hair was suctioned up by the machine, causing her and the vacuum to come to a standstill
The firefighters helped her up to get free and also fortunately the woman too suffered no injuries as such except a bruised ego when images of her on the floor started emerging.

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