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Love someone? Didn’t propose yet thinking of his/her rejection? Well, 4 out of 5 boys as well as girls don’t express their feelings to the person they love, as they always have the fear of NO. Or I should say that they are damn sure of the rejection that’s why they don’t even propose to their love. But let me tell you a very true fact that until you tell someone what you feel about him/her, how you would know what they feel about you. Probably he/she too likes you and is waiting for you to approach? Well, there is one thing for sure; if you express, you might get your love but if you don’t, you are sure to lose them forever; so better make your proposal so special that your love just can’t say instead of wasting time on their answer because it will save you from the regret of a lifetime that you did not try even once!!

Therefore, if you love someone, then tell her or she will never know about your feelings whatsoever!!!

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Sure, she says she loves you, but words are cheap. Short of seeing her reaction when you ask her for one of her kidneys, is there any way to tell whether she’s really feeling that love? Thanks to science and a little bit of psychology, there is!

1. She loves the way you smell. Do you catch her burying her nose in your pillow after you get out of bed? Or does she reel in disgust when you skip your shower? If you’re sure you’ve been laying off the garlic but she’s still turning up her nose at you, you may have trouble. Studies have shown that women use the sense of smell in determining a life partner.

2. She’s happy for your successes. A woman who celebrates with you when your life goes well is truly invested in you and your future together. Does she belittle your accomplishments? That’s a sign of resentment. Not good.


3. She’s always touching you. Does she have trouble keeping her hands off you? Touching, especially non-sexual touching like smoothing your hair or leaning against your shoulder, is a sign she cares deeply for you. It makes her happy to know you’re within reach.

4. She actually means it when she asks how your day went. A person in love wants to empathize with the object of her affection. Knowing every little detail of your day helps her strengthen her connection to you.

5. She doesn’t snoop through your stuff. If her love is in doubt, she may find herself looking through your phone or browsing history for excuses to leave you. But a woman who gives you your privacy is willing to trust you. Trust is one of the strongest signs of love.

6. She constantly brings you up in conversations with others. You might have to go to mutual friends to figure this one out. If she talks about you a lot, it means she can’t stop thinking about you. Of course, if she’s just complaining about you, that’s another story.

7. She likes to share her food with you. Love creates a chemical in our bodies called oxytocin, and studies have shown that oxytocin increases generosity (as well as trust; see above). That doesn’t mean your true love won’t get annoyed when you steal all her french fries, but if she likes to offer you bites, that is a sign her oxytocin is flowing.

8. She’s there when you need her. This may seem obvious, but it’s also one of the most important. It’s easy to be with someone when everything is fun and the sun is shining. When life gets rough, though, a woman who really loves you won’t be saying sayonara and riding off into the sunset. She’ll want to go through it with you. That’s true love.

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It has been a fact that we Indians can’t seem to say no to people, even if we want to as we believe it is very rude to say no. However, there are some circumstances in life when saying no becomes mandatory in order to avoid misunderstanding. But Indian girls doesn’t seem to understand that and continue to say illogical and bizarre statements when a guy tells them his feelings. Below are 10 most common and irritating excuses given by Indian girls for rejecting a guy.

1 – We are completely different people!

Of course we are. I am a man and you are a women. How did you figure that one out, Doctor Science? Now can we get onto the real reason why you’re dumping me?

2 – I see you more like a brother!

Gee, when was the last time your real brother groped you at the cinema?

3 – We are moving in completely different directions!

How can we understand as we don’t read Women’s Weekly?

4 – Currently, I want to focus on my career!

What career? You are still a student!

5 – This is too soon after Karan!

It’s been 3 months already since Karan, and you only dated the poor guy for just two weeks anyway.

6 – It’s not you it’s me!

Meaning = “It’s not me it’s you”.

7 – I can’t risk ruining our friendship if it didn’t work out!

I’m glad our WW2 troops weren’t like you.


8 – I want to focus on me for a while

Huh, say what?


9 – I’ve got a busy exam period coming up

So have I. And?


10 – I’m carrying too much baggage right now

No you’re not. Your arms are on your hips.


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The first thing that probably comes in every man’s mind after hearing the word “GIRLFRIEND” is “SEX”. Men wishes to have girlfriend in order to have a quality time in bed and most of the time, girls also believes that. However, there are many other things as well that a man would love to see in his girl. Here are some of the most weird things men want from women other than sex.

1. A good cook – Men simply want someone who can feed them delicious food.anigif_enhanced-buzz-6430-1388102473-13

2. A real girl – We do not want someone with fake personality, instead we look for girls who don’t hesitate to show herself.bad-hair-day-gif18

3. A clumsy girl – Well, we do wish to to have a responsible girl, but clumsiness is one aspect we also search in them.jennifer-lawrence-fall1

4. No Makeup please – Men loves girl with real beauty rather than made upkats1

5. Sensitive – All men wishes their girl to be sexy, and sometime sensitivity and resistance is way sexieroup1u8

6. Unmatched Lingerie is a dream of every men



7. Strong – A man does not want a weak girlfriend, instead he wants someone who can support him in every stepStrong_122d02_5362939

8. Freaks – Men just love girls who are freak like themtumblr_m36vcpicAe1qeub6p

9. A good listener – Men also don’t like “Do this” and “Do that” type of girls saying whatever in every conversationtumblr_mdsb1oJXnx1rs0blno1_500

10. A good driver – Now, we don’t always want to be the one sitting on driver’s seat

11. Confident – Men wishes to have a girl who stays with them everywhere without the fear of people’s commenttumblr_ml223ptKep1rugkpho9_250

12. Crazy – A girl who does crazy things at times is always wanted by men

13. Responsible – Another trait men usually look in every girl. tumblr_static_filename_640_v2

14. Seeing her undone – The most common thing every men desires in her women is seeing her undone

hot_stars_strip_off_all_their_clothes_2015. Curves – Today, all women workout for getting size Zero or flat figure, but men usually prefer women with nice curves.




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India has finally received its first same sex advertisement where two lesbians are dressing up and preparing to meet one’s south Indian parents. The ad has already received over 3 Lakhs views within 10 days with mostly positive reviews and making great rounds on social media. The 3-minute video titled “The Visit” shows two women getting all romantic and caring towards each other in order to provide a good impression of the parents and ending with a message “Bold is Beautiful”.

Well, the concept sure is very bold and unique to be shown in India, however, people seem to like the ad pretty much with many wanting a part two of the ad. There were some great issues on same sex relationship in India by the Government as many believe that it shouldn’t be encouraged and provide a bad impression on youth. But this video by Anouk has avoided these issues and the kind of response it is receiving is certainly a message that India is now opening up to these kinds of relationship.

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Bollywood is the wall we all fall back on whenever we are short of ideas. It is especially true when it comes to romance and dating. Although a little exaggerated and cheesy here are 13 super-cool ideas from Bollywood to re-ignite romance in your dating life:


1. Get your hands dirty together!! Try taking fun pottery classes… or simply give it a shot in the local fair stalls.



2. Go groceries shopping together. It not only allows you to spend more quality time together but gives you the opportunity to finish off the boring chores earlier. Simply means you get more time for the FUN THINGS!!



3. Indulge in silly gol-gappa competitions. It fuels your competitive streak and is oh-so-romantic!!



4. Read a book together.. or not!!



5. Take a long leisure walk and talk your heart out.



6. Go shopping together and let your girl pick out things she wants to see you in.



7. Go and explore the beauty of nature on a cycle. It’s refreshing, fun and healthy too!!



8. Indulge in mock wrestles. It’s an amazingly cute way to connect.



9. Go on an adventure trip together. The adrenaline rush and excitement is a sure shot freshness dose!!



10. Take a power nap together!! You will wake up fresh and energetic and the same goes for your relationship as well!!



11. Sleep under open sky. You have no idea how romantic this can be!!



12. Go visit the local fairs together. A dash of local flavour is a great way to let your hair down and have fun together.



13. A simple bike ride down the highway sores up the romance quotient easily.


What are you waiting for? Go ahead and revive your relationship today!!


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There is something so captivating about South Indian girls that guys can’t help but go weak in the knees. Hold on to your hearts guys for here are 12 reasons why a south Indian damsel is sure to drive you crazy.

1. They are well educated.


2. They are self reliant.

So you need not worry about them being the clingy kind of girl.


3. They are super confident of themselves.

Now who wants to be with someone who cries buckets at the blink of an eye?


4. They are easy to please.

A simple book is enough to please them.


5. They have deep hypnotic eyes.

No living guy can stop himself from getting lost in those!!


6. They can carry off a sari and a pair of shorts with equal grace and style.


7. They are proud of their curves.

While every girl wants to get to size 0, they are proud of their natural curves.


8. They have a creative streak in them which is oh-so-sweet.

Every south Indian girl will either be an amazing singer/dancer/writer…. You get the drift. Right?


9. They are not afraid to speak their mind.

A perfect blend of beauty and brains!!


10. They have deep cultural values.

A south Indian girl is deeply connected to her roots and culture. A rarity in today’s world!!


11. Their sweet and simple nature can give you diabetes.


12. Their sharp stunning features can give Goddess complex.

Sridevi, Hema Malini, Vidya Balan, Malaika Arora!!!!


So have you found your ‘áiyoo’ girl yet??

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There are many things about a woman that men cannot figure out. But the worst timing to misunderstand is when she is super angry. Here are some signals that can help you identify those situations.

1) She doesn’t laugh at your weird dance move. No matter how funnily you try to do it.


2) Though there is a welcoming smile on her face, the eyes say it all.


3) You enter home to find her wielding weapons.

May God help you now!!


4) No matter what you do to help her out, make her laugh or even embarrass her; you get a silent treatment instead.



5) It doesn’t matter that she has a poker face. Her eyes are shooting fires.


6) She looks like she swallowed a ball.


7) She makes her point in a very obvious manner.


8) She lets out a string of expletives you didn’t even know she knew!

Well now that is not what you called refreshing!!!


9) She has suddenly taken a mastery in sarcasm.


10) Finally, if she is unable to control her anger any more, you will get proof!


So when she gives out any of these signals, get down on your knees and start apologizing.


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India has gone on to become one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Today we stand tall as one of the few countries who have accepted modernism without forgoing our cultures. We proudly say that we have accepted the good from the past and forgone the evil. But is it actually true when it comes to the modern Indian marriage?? Here are certain ironies which hold true in many marriages of the so-called modern India:

1. He wants a well-educated girl but is not allowed to work after marriage.

2. He won’t allow her to work but will appreciate other working women.

3. He wants a smart girl but she cannot take her own decision.


4. He wants a confident girl but she cannot step out of the house alone.

5. He wants a modern girl but she should live like his mother used to.


6. He wants a girl who has a mind of her own, but it should be used to ask for permissions only.

7. He wants a girl who looks good in shorts but can only wear sari.

8. He wants a girl who has a rebellious streak in her but she shouldn’t take a stand for herself ever.

9. He wants a girl who will be like a daughter in the house but she always have to prove herself to be the best daughter-in-law in India.


10. He can live with his parents all his life but she has to seek approval to visit her parents.


Shocking?? Well, it holds true in most cases!!

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Being in love and saying so are totally different ball games for guys. Their rough and tough image always restricts them to easily express their feelings. But there are certain hints that reveal what they want to say. Here are 11 sure-shot signals that giveaway that he is madly in love with you.

1. He leans in to listen to you.

When a guy is paying attention to every single word you are uttering, you can be sure that he is in for a long haul.


2. He cannot stand you complimenting other guys.

He starts to behave funny when you appreciate other guys in his presence!!


3. He readily watches rom-com movies with you!!

There is something about mushy romantic movies that repel guys. But if he is all game for them you know what it means.


4. He is trying to make eye contact.

He is ALWAYS ALWAYS looking directly in your eyes!!!


5. He is more than happy to meet you even if it is 11 AM on Wednesday.

He is all game for a simple coffee date even when there is a WORK TSUNAMI at his office.


6. He goes out of the way to make you happy.

He is comes to pick you up even when it means driving half way across town or searches the whole town for your favorite nail color. Draw the obvious inference lady!!


7. He showers you with compliments all of the time.

Guys are not very good when it comes to giving compliments. But if he is showering you with compliments every time you two are together you can be sure he is more than casual about you.


8. He talks to you about his future planning.

If you find him sharing his plans about his future (marriage, new home, new car …anything and EVERYTHING) you can be sure that that he is seeing his future with YOU.


9. He makes small touches.

Soft little touches on the small of you back or neck??  Another sure shot signal that he is into you.


10. He is forever calling, texting, e-mailing, pinging, WhatApping you!!!!

Every time you see your phone there is at least 5 messages and 2 miss calls  from him.


11. He is always eager to make you laugh.

He is taking the extra effort to make you laugh all the time.


Spotting these signs is not all that difficult. You like someone who hasn’t confessed his feelings yet?? Look out for these signals and you will have your answer.

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With his ring securely placed on your ring finger, you finally breathe a sigh of relief. You have found your life partner. But don’t feel safe so soon! Your engagement gives a signal to your relatives that it’s okay to bombard you with annoying questions now!

1) When are you tying the knot?

“Umm…isn’t that a little too soon to say?”


2) Where do you want to go for your honeymoon?

“Say whaaaat??!!”

3) Is he okay about you working after marriage?

“Well, I don’t know him yet!”


4) What did you like about him?

“His awesome biceps, sexy eyes and…!!!”


5) Will you stay with his parents after marriage?

Ideally, your addition to his family should not mean his subtraction from it!


6) Where are you planning to get your bridal done from?

“Considering that I just got to know that I’m becoming a bride, haven’t given much thought to it!”


7) Is that diamond real?

“God, I sure hope so!”


8) Does the groom have any good looking friends?

“I was too busy looking at him to notice anyone else!”


9) Are you sure you chose the right man?

Don’t doubt yourself. It’s so clichéd.


10) What are your plans about babies?

“Can I have them after am married?”


11) Everything changes after marriage. You know that right?

“No. I was just born.”


12) Have you booked someone for your bridal already?

“Yes, I was busy calling them while he struggled to put the ring on me.”


13) Did you know that the divorce rates are increasing nowadays?

Thank you for letting me know now.

14) Where do you want to have your bachelor party?

Surprise me!


15) Any last wishes before you tie the knot?

I thought it was the end of bachelorhood, not life!


When dealing with those pesky relatives and their unending annoying questions remember one thing. You have found your life partner…who will one day help you ask the same questions to another newly engaged!

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Men are basically simple creatures. They actually say what they mean, well…. most of the times. But women have a habit of interpreting their statements in a totally different tangent. Read on and have fun:

1. “Let’s see.”


I am not interested in what you want and I don’t want to start a fight so let’s just close the topic right here right now!


2. “It’s a guy thing.”


There is no way I can explain that as there is no logical reasoning behind it. So let it.


3. “I am listening to you. It is just that there is a lot going on in my mind.”


I have no idea what you are saying. I am trying to figure out whether the lady in black has a boyfriend or not!!


4. Can we talk about this later?


I am absolutely fine with whatever you want. Let’s not discuss this.


5. “I didn’t want to bother you.”


I knew there will be drama if told you. Being a guy handling drama is not my cup of tea that is the reason I didn’t involve you. Now just move past it, can we??


6. “You decide.”

I have no fucking clue where to go for dinner or where is the best collection of palazzo pants. So you decide wherever you want and I will just tag along.


7. I am not angry.


Well, I might be little angry. But it is not as big an issue as you might think. Just give me some alone time and I will get over it.


8. “I never masturbate.”


It is something I don’t want to discuss. It’s classified.


9. “I don’t watch porn.”


I watch tons of porn daily. It is just that I don’t want you to think of me as a FREAK!!


10. “That is not what I meant.”


Holy crap!! The statement did much more damage than I intended to.

Well for all the guys reading this post, now you really know what women are thinking when you say the aforesaid lines. So try a different approach when you feel like using these lines again.

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Well ‘SISTER’ is the word. When it comes to the closest friendship bond no one can win from sisters who are best of friends. Here are reasons why sisters make the best(est) of friends.

1. You practically share every important milestone of your life with her.

Be it your first day to school, first date; first break-up ……everything.


2. Growing up together is a hell lot of fun.

You know all her deep dark and dirty secrets and habits. And you know the secrets are forever safe with you and vice-versa.


3. You have a brutally honest fashion police right in your house.

She will always give you PAINFULLY unbiased opinion about your look.


4. You can be your crazy true self in front of her.

Sisters are the only living person on earth who knows how mad you truly are.


5. You are physically stronger because of your sister.

Thanks to the millions of cat fight you had over trivial issues.


6. Your wardrobe power is twice the strength.

Well that’s the power of sisters.


7. She is your perfect advisor.

She knows you in and out and hence the best advisor in the whole wide world.


8. And your best confidant.

You can share anything with her without being judged.


9. Also your biggest supporter.

No matter what you want to, you can count on her support without even asking her.


10. You always have a partner-in-crime.

From stealing cookies in childhood to scooping out on late night dates.


Sisters are the coolest and wackiest of best friends ever possible. No one can truly describe the bond sisters have amongst themselves.

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Sure, everyone has been through the phase of falling in and out of love. We have also learnt the lesson that love hurts. Still, some relations are such that its actually better to get out of them!

1) They have a Masters in Selfishness.

They use you as a shield to protect themselves.


2) For them, three is also company.

Whether you like it or not.


3) They have a fabulous dressing sense.

Not! Arghhh!!


4) They are expert at creating embarrassing situations in public.

Something you could do without.

2 (2)

5) Not the kinds you can introduce to your family.

They have relations elsewhere!

6) They were more calorie conscious of your diet than their own.

Thank God for you!


7) Future with them is impossible to plan.

You could never get along with their parents.


8) They are a hit with the other gender wherever they go.

It makes you feel insecure.


9) When they love, they want the world to know.

So much of PDA was too much for you to handle.

5 (4)

10) The only way to describe them was “too fast, too furious”.

It had started giving you palpitations.


11) Thank God for exchange policy.

Your new one is so much better!


At the moment it might not seem so, but everything that happens, happens for your good, even breaking off with your ex!

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There is nothing more satisfying or terrifying than becoming a parent. Here are some things that you will understand if you are blessed with a child.

1)      Becoming a parent ages you instantly!

You are instantly made part of the “auntie brigade”.


2)      You have to constantly watch what you speak.

Anything you say will be repeated back to you in the most embarrassing situations.


3)      No matter how much you plan for the right time.

There will always be a knock at the wrong time!


4)      You have the same reaction when people ask you to have another child.

Thanks, but no thanks!


5)      All your conversations now have to be fitted into time slots.

They are now so much shorter if not sweeter!


6)      You will have to listen to them practice daily; even encourage them to do so.

You also have to explain to the neighbors what the “noise’ is.


7)      If you are the parent of a daughter, things cannot get scarier!

You will forever be worried about “boys being boys”!


8)      You might start having nightmares about their marriage already.

It’s not so much about them growing old; it’s about how old that makes you!


9)      Gone are the days when you were the king of your palace.

Now you have to wait in line for the loo even!


10)   You have to look twice that the door is locked before you start your dance of seduction.

It would be difficult to explain it to the little curious eyes.


11)   Good thing is that it’s finally given you and your spouse something to bond over.

You have a common enemy now!


There is nothing better than parenthood…except the free period before!

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Every woman is different and wants different things in her life. But there are certain qualities that every woman wants her man to have. So here are 13 most wanted qualities a woman wants in a man, in no particular order.

1. Loyalty

Loyalty is one of the most important quality women adore. Being faithful is very important to them.


2. Passionate

Every girl loves display of passion. Why do you think musicians are so popular with the girls??


3. Sense of humor

Being able to laugh with her man is a must for every girl.


4. Honesty

Being honest has always been important with girls.


5. Confident

A man who is comfortable in his own skin makes every girl go drool!!


6. Polite

Being soft-spoken always earns brownie points with the ladies.


7. Caring

Hold her hand while crossing the road and she won’t stop grinning.




8. Sensitive

Women heart for men who have a sensitive side and are not ashamed of it.


9. Attractive

You don’t have to look like Ranbir Kapoor but taking care of yourself is good enough.

10. Firm

Although women can take stand for themselves, they like men who are assertive.


11. Committed

Commitment phobia is a big turn off for any lady.


12. Intelligent

A sharp mind and a problem solving attitude is something every lady loves showing off.


13. Romantic

It is all about LOVE at the end of it.


Well now you know what qualities makes a woman go weak in the knees. So get up and get going.

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There is nothing and no one more dangerous than a woman scorned. However, no one has yet been able to understand a woman completely. Here are some of the unpredictable things that she may do after a fight.

1) Laugh.

Sometimes the fight is just to figure out if you’re paying attention.women1

2) Tease

She will punish you by wearing seductive clothes when you know that you won’t be getting any action.women2

3) Hug

Sometimes, women just need to vent out their frustration. Its not meant to hurt you.women3

4) Apologize

Ok, so she might be too proud to apologize but give her a break!women4

5) Cry

Be prepared to wipe the tears or get drenched!5

6) Great expectations

She still expects you to apologize and make-up, whether you were right or wrong.women6

7) Silent Treatment

Her silence is actually more worrying than her words.7

8) Acts of violence

Be careful if she is prone to get violent.8

9) Empty threats

She might threaten to go back to her parents’ place. This can be all the more scary if her dad is a force to reckon with.9

10) Negative answers

Till her anger is appeased, don’t expect her to agree with anything you say.10

11) Make-up sex

If you have managed to get on her good side again, there is nothing better than make-up sex!11

It is not easy to be a woman, but given how difficult it is to understand them, it is definitely more difficult to be a man!

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In a time where everyone wants the limelight, where everyone wants to be heard rather than hear, Introverts are a refreshing change. Here are 10 reasons why introverts tend to be more attractive without even trying.

1. They have an air of mysticism around them.

You are always wondering what’s going on in their mind. But you can never know for sure.1

2. They are amazing listeners.

Introverts are great at listening to all that you have to say. So you can finally pour your heart out to someone without being judged!!2

3. They are calm and relaxed.

Their unhurried and laid-back nature is amazingly refreshing in this fast paced mean world3.

4. They are dreamers.

Introverts love to dream and there are great perks to be a part of that dream world. *wink wink*4

5. They are highly observant.

Nothing misses the watchful eyes of an introvert. So be ready to get compliments for a new haircut or even a change in lipstick shade. SWOONNN!!!!!6

6. They are creative.

Introverts will charm you in ways you cannot even imagine. Thanks to all the hours of silence.


7. They enjoy solitude.

Walking lazily on the beach or strolling in the woods. Who doesn’t want to be a part of it??7

8. They are super confident about themselves.

How can confidence not be attractive? Right??8

9. They are introspective.

The habit of checking where he /she went wrong and admitting it is something every one craves for. 9

10. They have expressive eyes.

Think James Bond. A man of few words!!! Super HOT!!10

And you thought being outgoing and loud was the way to win hearts. Well, think again!!

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Women are always confused as to whether their quirky nature appeals to men or not. Well, guys are not very vocal when it comes to appreciating your nature. But here are certain traits that men find really cute but never say:

1. Being goofy

Enjoy singing your sentences or breaking into a silly dance for no reason?  Keep it up in front of your guy; it makes them feel you are comfortable around them.


2. Making faces

Women tend to be very expressive without uttering a single word. Every lady has a unique facial expression even if they are combing their hair or driving. Men love these expressions which are unique to you.

making faces

3. Over-excitement

He might say otherwise but they love it when their angels get super excited over small things like a cup of ice-cream or finding a lost sock.


4. Naming stuffs

You got a name for your special bag or your walking shoes. Share it with your guy and he will be all smiles.


5. Fooling around

You love to tease and tickle your guy? Well he loves it too. Your playful attitude keeps him on his toes and keeps the romance alive.


6. Being scared

Spiders scare the crap out of you. Make it loud and clear in front of your man. Being a little vulnerable makes them feel all macho.


7. Texting for no reason

Texting sweet nothings to your boyfriend/husband never go unnoticed; irrespective of the fact whether they say it or not.


8. Passion for hobbies

It can be writing or drawing, men adore woman with passions. It shows them how much you can love something.


9. Laughing out loud

Laugh your heart out whenever you want around your man. A happy woman is always very endearing to everyone.


10. Affectionate

Men are basically over-grown babies. They can’t resist an affectionate lady who can love unconditionally.


So ladies, don’t be afraid to be yourself. Enjoy what you like and express yourself freely. You never know who might fall in love with you.

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Being single is a blessing. Or maybe it’s a curse.

Well who knows, but there certainly are some lines that single people would love NOT to hear from anyone.

1. I don’t believe you are still single.

Well, Believe it!1

2. Don’t worry you are still very young.

Oh! Thank you for pointing that out.2

3. Why don’t you date ‘your best friend?

I am single, not desperate.3

4. It will happen when you are least expecting it.

Yeah right!!

5. Don’t you feel lonely??5

6. Are you seeing someone currently?

Do you see someone with me?6

7. How about online dating? Did you give it a shot?7

8. You are so wonderful. How can you be single?

Go explain my EX that!8

9. Give it sometime. You will find a meet a great person very soon.9

10. Love is waiting at the next crossroad. Don’t give up.

Yeah should I walk or run??10

11. Hey I know this guy/girl who will be perfect for you.11

12. You are so lucky that you are a free-bird.

Then why did you get engaged?12

13. May be you are too picky!!

Who made you the judge?13

14. Focus on your career right now.

Like that is the perfect substitute.14

15. In the future we will be laughing on this someday.

16. Oh you are gonna make a perfect husband/wife.16

17. You can get anyone you want.


18. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Don’t be disheartened.18

19. May you find your right partner soon!!

Your blessing was the missing link.519

20. It’s high time you settle down now.

What am I 40??


What is the most annoying thing you heard? Or wait…. Did you just use these lines last night to sympathize with your friend??

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Sometimes you get stuck in a relationship where there is no getting out, no matter how much you try. Here are some sure shot ways to get you dumped ASAP!

1. Making faces

Every girl wants her guy to pay attention to her when she is talking and understand her issues. Rolling your eyes or making faces when she is telling her sob story the nth time is sure to start a fight.


2. Boy toys

You know exactly what will irritate her, after all she is the love of your life! So what’s stopping you from doing it?



3. Embarrass her

Girls love to impress their gfs with how hot, smart or loaded their bf is. Embarrassing her in front of her friends can guarantee a quick break-up.


4. Take her shopping

Yes, you heard it right! Take her shopping for you and make her pay for everything that you want.


5. Dirty intentions

Pretty sure that this will get you dumped (if not get you jailed too) if you act as if you’re going to jump her before she is ready.


6. Drama queen

While women are prone to get sentimental and over-react (cheek-in-tongue) to situations, they cannot handle being with a guy who does the same.


7. Pointing fingers

Ok so nobody is perfect, though your gf might like to think she is an exception. But if you call out all the mistakes she makes then you’re sure to get on her wrong side real quick.



Use any of these ways to get out of that sticky relationship. You’re sure to get dumped real quick no matter how much she claims to love you.


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Ten days more to go before it is Valentine’s day and while you girls are wondering whether he loves you or loves you not, we put together a list of things or people we are not sure you love or hate. Take a look at the list and don’t let us catch you grinning while reading it. Meanwhile, the boys can get to know you girls better! We like #8 best. (wink) What about you?


#1 Siblings – We know how you feel about this one.


#2 School – When we say we love school, we meant friends, not homework, exams, or books.


#3 Winter – It’s great not to far the sun, but how we dread the cold nights!


#4 Rains – Muddy, slippery, damn, wet on the outside, dramatic feeling on the inside. We are referring to the room!


#5 Credit cards – Let’s shopping! Wait until the bill arrives and we swear not to use it again.

credit card

#6 Junk food – Slurp, munch, dig in. And when the tummy pops out just a little, we freak out.


#7 Facebook – Mark, you are such a ‘Sucker’berg. Hey wait, check who’s online.


#8 High heels – We start with the catwalk and end with a twisted walk.


#9 Sundays – Yea. That’s right! That’s when you got to stop by hd to get a Laughter Dose!


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Why your friends are always trying to get you to marry first??

In India the topic of marriage is always a joyous one and it is something that is in everyone’s mind right from the time that they see their first wedding ceremony, the flowers, the family get-together, the food and the center of it all the bride and groom. We all think about what would happen when we get married, but discussing marriage with family can get annoying and downright embarrassing at times. However, discussing marriage with friends is a whole other topic, they seem to be more excited to get you married for some reason,, Hmmm.. I wonder why, I came up with some points which I think are the reasons for this sudden concern for my marriage life from my friends.

  1. The number one reason, they think they are not settled yet!! Dude we are the same age, working in the same company, if you aren’t settled, what on earth am I?


2. Just to prove a point they made years ago that they wouldn’t be the first to get married. ‘I told you so’

23. They need the assurance from you that a person does not get bored of seeing the same face day in and day out. I wouldn’t mind eating chicken biryani daily 😀

34. Your friends do not want to be the first to take the plunge in the pool, who knows how deep it is, how hot or cold the water is, lets push little ol’ me in and see if I survive and make a decision, yes that seems safer.


5. If you are in love and plan on getting married, then your friend are more eager to get you married, why? Well, they can’t wait to tell their own parents of your successful love marriage story and see their reaction, and then decide how and when to introduce their own love interest.


6. Nobody wants to be called uncle/aunty first, as that’s the title you get from the neighborhood kids once you are married.


7. Your friends want to get an idea of the amount of money they will need to shell out on their own wedding, all based on your hands on experiences.


8. They also use your wedding as a blueprint and plan out the invitation, guest list, caterers, decorations , outfit etc.


9. Who likes to run behind their little toddlers during a wedding, they prefer to dance and sing, so what’s the hurry, let my buddies get married and then I will, is the ever loving friend’s motto.


10. Finally, your wedding is the hunting grounds for the potential mate for your single friends!




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And then you think you have found the one you can spend your life with & then you think completely other wise. I’ll give you top 10 listing of how to know if you have found the one?

1. You both are compatible: With every issue you have you are comfortable dealing it with each other, there’s no awkwardness in dealing it & you can pass through it once you talk it out.

2. No commitment scare: It’s not a relationship where you don’t know where it will end, it is more like you know you’d end up tying a knot, no matter what happens. That surety.

3. Time given & taken: Busy schedule? No, the relationship doesn’t revolve around work, the work goes as it has to but you make out time sufficient for each others need.

4. Insecurities are hugged: No body blames you for your insecure reasons & the other half is there to hold you if you are broken, to help you out of your fears as of their own.
Indian couple hugging on beachsource

5. Take a stand: And speak a word against them, see the satan’s power explode. You’ll fight for each other, have their backs always.

6. Different & Similar: You have different tastes but you also have similar interests. Too much of any of the two will knock off the balance. You work through both & compliment each other.

7. Family: This is a person you’d like to introduce to your family.

8. A friend: You’ll always love a friend for life but not always a lover forever.

9. Enough freedom: Their space is give & they give you space. You have freedom of choices & have those choices respected.

10. If you know that person makes you a better person, that you make that person a better person & you’d want more such persons to come into both of your lives (once you raise a family) it is meant to be.

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Dear World (The duniya waalon),

Yes!! I am in love. Could you lend me a listening ear today? Ji aap hi (YES!! YOU!!)

What would world be if there was no love?
No romantic songs! No heartbreak songs ofcourse!!
No love filled movies!! No lovalicious novels!!
And if love really didn’t exist, would love making happen? Matlab… If somebody didn’t make love, we’d technically not be there on earth or elsewhere for that matter…


Fir bhi pyaar se dushmani? (Yet, you hate love?)

You say, Pyaar se pait nahi bharta, paise se bharta hai.
Ji bilkul.. lekin paise toh hum bhi kama lete hai, usse sirf pyaar ki umeed rakhi hai.


Mazhab(religion), you ask for?
I fell in love with the person, not his religion.


Practical baat karo!!
Practicals toh lab mei kiye jaate hai.

practical lab

Hum tumhare dushman nahi hain!
Jaante hain hum, aap pyaar ke dushman hai.

pyaar ke dushman


Yeh umar hai tumhari, baad mei pachtaaoge!
Abhi pyaar ka saath nahi diya toh zaroor pachatayeinge.


Itna bada decision tum kaise le sakte ho, akele?
Kyunki pyaar hone se pehle, permission letter ka koi provision nahi tha.



Bahut zubaan chalne lag gayi hai tumhari!!
Zubaan chalti nai hai, bas jawaab de rahi hai.


We only fell in love. But you are reasoing with it. If alas you knew what it was to love & to live with it, you’d not bound it with your mind.
Duniya waalon, yeh pyaar zamane se nahi darta.
Mughal-e-azam style!! “Pyaar kia toh darna kya? Jab Pyaar kia toh darna kya?
Pyaar kia koi chori nai ki, chup chup aahein bharna kya?”


-Lovers of the World (Aashiq)
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