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Seems like Shahid Kapoor’s story has been quite inspiring that Salman Khan on being asked this time on his wedding plans stated that he is open for arranged marriage. That seems like a good news for a common lot.

The actor in an interview said and to quote, “Nobody has sent me a proposal! If somebody does send me one, I will seriously consider it. I am open to arranged marriage. Sometimes, love marriages don’t work and arranged marriages do. And sometimes, it’s the other way around. It depends on the individuals, how they go about their lives, how compatible they are.”
Salman Khan perhaps wants to try his luck out with arranged marriage now. After many failed relationship Salman Khan is ready for the arranged marriage, he has been previously linked with Sangeeta Bijalani, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Katrina Kaif, Elli Avram, Sneha Ullal, Claudia Ciesla, Sana Khan, Somi Ali, Lulia Vantur. While some were rumored , some truly happened to be.

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‘Baap civil court mein kamata hai, beta food court mein udaata hai’
‘tere baap ka naam Bambani hai, Bambani, Ambani nahi!’
‘beta chaar jodi shoes aur kareed lo, aur phir Linking Road per dukaan khol lena’
‘yeh 90 rupiya ki kaunsi coffee aati hai? Ca-ph-chino’


Yes, weve all been there. Indian parents are the hardest to deal with.

1. Don’t you feel every time you’re stepping out of the house, your parents act like you’re going to rob a bank?
‘Pata nahi har raat ko bahar jane ki kya jarurat hai, sab ulte seedhe kam hi karne hai tumko’


But I was just going for a drive!

2. ‘Musician! You want to become a musician? Go inside and study for your engneering exam! Why you no go in and study? Suna nahi tumne!


Engineer, doctor? Mom, Dad, you know there are other professions also.

3. ‘You want more money? Kal hi to 100 rupiya diye the! Besharam, Nalayak’

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4. You just get out of your room to get water, two minutes later: ‘Why can’t you put off the lights? Diwali hai kya?’

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I literally just went out for two minutes!

5. ‘You’re going out to eat? Phir bahaar khana hai? Does money grow on trees!’


But I haven’t gone out in 3 weeks!

6. ‘Ok beta, tomorrow is Sharma Uncle’s daughter’s husband’s nephew’s party so full family going? Ok beta? Understood? Beta are you listening? We are going tomorrow. Betaaaaa, betaaaa!’


7. ‘We found a nice boy/girl for you, arranged marriage like us, nice family, shaadi kar lo’


Bas abhi ek hi kaam bacha tha. Getting married.

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