‘Superstar Kidnap’ – Not So Super But Fairly Entertaining

‘Superstar Kidnap’ – Not So Super But Fairly Entertaining

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Thumbs Up :

1) Firstly debut director Sushanth Reddy should be credited coming up with a new and innovative concept of kidnapping a Super Star. There are plenty of kidnap stories in the past but kidnapping Mahesh Babu is a fresh though. The way he has linked up the stories of between Nandoo, Adarsh and Bhupal to the core idea of the kidnap was perfect. Direction wise, Sushanth Reddy has done a decent job with the minimum resources he had at his disposal. The introduction scenes of all the lead characters and the way he has used Mahesh Babu in the film is impressive.1

2) The major plus point of the film is definitely the performances of the three young actors who played the lead roles in the film- Aadarsh, Bhupal & Nandoo. Adarsh was perfect as the spoilt brat who is the son of a Telugu film producer. Nandoo is okay as a jealous, jilted lover. Bhupal wins your heart as an innocent guy who wants to become a director and narrate a script to Mahesh Babu. He makes us laugh with his Telangana dialect and funny body language. On a whole, all the three have given their best for the film and did complete justice to their roles.2

3) Comedian Vennela Kishore is the surprise package in the film. His character starts after the important twist at the interval and he carries the entire second half on his shoulders along with the lead actors. His acting and comedy timing is pretty decent. His character perfectly suited to the story and he has done a commendable job with his performance and punch lines.3

4) Shraddha Das is seen in a very new avatar in this film as a lady Don called Farah Khan alias Lady Gabbar Singh and she nailed her character with her performance. Poonam Kaur too was cute and pretty as the cheating lover of Nandoo. Though both of these heroines were seen in short roles, they impressed the audience with their acting abilities.4

5) Think this is the first film where Fish Venkat plays a full-fledged villain role with a comedy touch and he is quiet funny in his role. Posani Krishna Murali was fine towards the climax. Rest of the cast including Tagubothu Ramesh and other were ok in their roles.5

6) The cameo performances by Manchu Manoj, Allari Naresh, Nani and Tanish gives a good boost to the movie and to say these are the best scenes of the film where you can hear whistles in the theater. Even Mahesh Babu was well utilized in the film. Even though he did not act in the film, his footage from his various films and from his real-life appearances in some events are well showcased on screen and will reach out to his fan base.6

7) Music by Sai Kartheek was good and he has provided a peppy album for the film. Even his background score compliments the scenes pretty decently. The songs also look situation without acting as speed breakers to the script.7

8) Editing by Baswa Paidireddy was good and he made sure that the main plot doesn’t have much lag. The film is 117 minutes odd and is adequate for a film like this. Art work work by Tirumala Rao deserves a special mention too.8

Thumbs Down :

1) The routine narration of the script is the biggest drawback for the film. These type of kidnap stories have become common these days and have been seen in numerous films recently like ‘Run Raja Run’, ‘Dongaata’ etc. Due to this, the scenes coming next become very predictable in this film which on a whole made this film to be an ok watch. Even the initial plans to kidnap a star like Mahesh Babu in public places lack proper presentation on screen.9

2) The second half of the film is little low when compared with the first half of the film. The total second half only revolves around how Vennela Kishore plans the kidnap drama after the twist at the interval. The inclusion of Shraddha and Posani have not been properly justified in this half as they look just to create further confusion with to the kidnap drama. After an interesting first half, the plot becomes less gripping in the second. 10

3) Eeshwar’s cinematography could have been much better in the film. His camera work was plain and was not up to the mark. The way he has shown the kidnap sequence is also very poor.11

4) The dialogues are pretty ordinary and do not add much weight to the film. The comedy in the film too is not executed well and properly handled as Fish Venkat and Posani are rather underutilized in the film.12

5) Even the logical aspects in the film were left aside like –

* How can a drug packet get opened up itself in a swimming pool?

* How can a normal person get through regular checking and reach a celebrity caravan that easily?

* How can they kidnap a star without anyone’s notice in the set?

* It’s hard to believe a guy indulging in high risk of kidnapping a celebrity for a cheating girlfriend.

* Don’t know what was Manchu Manoj doing in the film? His fight scene was meaningless.

* Mahesh Babu’s hoarding scene towards the climax is foolish.13

6) Production values of Chandu Penmetsa and Lucky Creations are pretty weak. Little more of budget was mandatory to make a better impression with the overall product of the film. The animation sequence in the second half clearly justifies this point.14

Verdict :

With some decent performances from the lead cast and an innovative plot of kidnapping a super star, ‘Super Star Kidnap’ can be best seller this week. But with the predictable narration, this film will just turns out to be an ok ok type film. On a whole, watch this film only if you don’t have any alternate work this week!!