‘Seenu Gaadi Love Story’ – Over Dramatic, Less Entertaining

‘Seenu Gaadi Love Story’ – Over Dramatic, Less Entertaining

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Minus Points :

1) The script of the film rides on a wafer thin plot which offers very little humor here and there. The script of the film is so week that every scene looks very bored and routine in nature and none of the characters are well-etched out too. In fact the first half of the film doesn’t have a proper story at all. The film is all about lining up conflicts and resolving them one after the other to get to a happy ending towards the end. All the romantic scenes between the lead pair too look bored as they are not well written. Overall the film just treads aimlessly with the hope to entertain.1

2) Director S.R.Prabhakaran, whose debut film ‘Sundarapandian’ was a smash hit in Tamil, fails totally in excuting this film. The film escalates into a major disaster because of the over dramatic twists and the routine message placed in the script towards the end which the audience are watching it from many decades in some number of films. He has downplayed Udhayanidhi’s role to an extent where the sizeable supporting characters are given prominence in the script. The screenplay too is very poor.2

3) Udhayanidhi Stalin has improved a lot with this film when compared with his debut flick ‘Ok Ok’ but he still needs to fine tune on his expressions and dialogue delivery. His expressions are so week while he is dancing that you feel like looking at the heroine or the dancers back of him during the songs. He should also concentrate on the types of scripts he is selecting and avoid playing safe games with these types of routine scripts.3

4) Santhanam once again repeats his friend act for the umpteenth time and as usual delivers his love punches with ease. But this time many of these punches fall flat and fail to bring in laughs in the theatre. He just manages to impress in some scenes with his one liners especially his lines in the TV showroom scene he just brings the floor down. But if you look at on a whole, Santhanam never looks like an added bonus to the film in any manner.4

5) The film never connects with the telugu audience as this is a typical Tamil style rom-com where the hero and heroine fall in love for no particular reason and everything else falls into place with an emotionally manipulated climax along with some songs in foreign locations. The emotional scenes and the patch up scenes in the second half no way connect with the viewers as they are fed up watching these type of typical scenes right from their childhood.5

6) The way the director handled the sub plots in the film is very poor. In the film you have a conflict between the hero’s sister and her husband, a small dispute between neighbors and a father’s unyielding trust on his family who hates love marriages. All these issues are resolved in a matter of two or three scenes in a very convenient cinematic fashion that nothing seems to be a serious enough. Even the final problem of convincing hero’s dad is resolved with a couple of heavy-handed sentimental dialogues which is not acceptable.6

7) Another major problem with this film is that it blindly follows in the footsteps of ‘Ok Ok’. Both these films have a lot in common like –

* Both the films feature a heroine who initially falls for a wrong guy and is subsequently saved by the hero who bowls her over.

* In both the films, Santhanam is the one who will be helping Udhayanidhi to woo the girl of his dreams.7

8) Music by Harris Jayaraj is just about average in the film. You hardly remember even one song as you walk out of the theatre. The placement of the songs is another major drawback for the film as it bores the already boring film. His background score also did not have much effect on the screen this time.

Nayanthara, Udhayanidhi Stalin in Seenu Gadi Love Story Movie Stills

9) Don Bosco’s editing is not sharp enough. The film has many dragged scenes in both the half’s of the film. Almost about 20 odd minutes could have been trimmed out have which could have done something better for the film.9


Plus Points :

1) Cinematography by Balasubramaniem is the biggest plus to this film. The film looks appealing only because of his camera work and they way he has shown the film in good light. He has shown all the foreign locales quiet beautifully on screen and has captured some beautiful moments with his camera in the indoors too.10

2) Nayantara is at her usual best as Pavithra and does what is expected from her. She adds a huge value to the film with her impressive performance and gorgeous looks in the songs. Despite her de-glam avatar, she dominates Udhayanidi in all their scenes together with her experience and charm.

Actress Nayanthara in Seenu Gadi Love Story Movie Stills

3) Sunder Ramu was fine as the baddie who goes after Nayan in the film. Aadukalam Naren is perfect as the strict, angry father of Udhayanidi and Saranya Ponvannan is loving and supportive as his mother. Jaya Prakash and Vanitha are good as Nayan’s parents while Bharath Reddy and Chaya Singh give a decent performance as the hero’s brother in law and sister respectively. Rest of the cast including Aadukalam Murugadoss, Kala Kalyani, Neethu Neelambaran, Swaminathan, Mayilsamy were ok in their roles.

Bharath Reddy in Seenu Gadi Love Story Movie Stills

Verdict :

With a very routine script and boring screenplay ‘Seenu Gaadi Love Story’ will never impress you in any manner right from the beginning of the film. On a whole, you can simply skip this movie this week!!