Sakalakala Vallavan Appatakkar : Too Much To Tolerate

Sakalakala Vallavan Appatakkar : Too Much To Tolerate

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Director Suraj well known for making mass masala movies has come with his new movie titled Sakalakala Vallavan Appatakkar starring Jayam Ravi. With an outdated formula getting presented with all stupidity, the supposed to be comical Sakalakala Vallavan is really a painful experience. Lets look at the reasons why the movie fails terribly.

  1. The direction is old school stuff. Exaggerations and illogical plot deviations are abundant and it has been treated like a stage skit. The modern day trend of blaming relationships over a bottle of Alcohol is also there in the movie and Suraj has no intention to give any sort of freshness to all this rubbish he has written.


  2. The screenplay has no control over the proceedings. Started off as a flashback story of a big criminal it traverses through a wide variety of plots including lusty romance, crappy revenge comedy, relationship troubles and many others. Everything is so immaturely that you might even lose your sense of humour.


  3. Anjali is there mainly to be presented as a glamour girl. Too many scenes are focused on the lusty pleasure both Shakthi and Anjali enjoys and they call it as love.


  4. Trisha’s character is written sloppily. Another desperate attempt of the director to exaggerate the disrespecting nature of the “modern” girl.


  5. Soori is almost the hero of the movie when you look at the time spent over his gimmicks and the idiotic content and the idiotic character given to Soori has the same wavelength.


  6. Jayam Ravi is okay in his typical avatar of being a good boy without any good job. His character is scared about the small punches of his wife but can beat a dozen of goons.


  7. I have no clue why the whole portion including Vivek was there in the movie. It was absolute rubbish and the movie wouldn’t have lost anything if they chopped that entire half an hour from the movie.


  8. Music from S Thaman is kind of good. Especially the Hitu song. But much like any commercial mass masala, there is no sense in having a song at that particular point of the movie.


  9. Another insult is the role of Motta Rajendran. His appearance in the first half is bearable. But the tragic comedy that happens at the end of the movie surrounding his character was bizarre.


The duration is a torturing two and a half hours and if you can through it, Sakalakala Vallavan will surely cause some serious headache.