Rudrasimhasanam : Throne of Pain

Rudrasimhasanam : Throne of Pain

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After the disastrous Praise The Lord, director Shibu Gangadharan teams up with Ananthabhadram screen writer Sunil Parameshwaran for a Thanthric Thriller titled Rudrasimhasanam. Well the movie is nothing short of torture and by the end of almost three hours inside the cinema hall, you might end up hating everything that is thanthric. Lets look why Rudrasimhasanam is a difficult one to sit through.

  1. The direction is poor. The format seems to be heavily dramatic where everyone is so keen to be sophisticated about everything they talk about. The amateur drama feel Shibu Gangadharan creates never evokes any thrill and the making style is also quite outdated.


  2. Script is pretty artificial. Sunil Parameshwaran has only created too loud witch craft movie based on the existing formulas. The perspective of the script towards the desires of a female and the basic male chauvinism is something I can’t agree with. There are no explanations given to any of the magical acts.

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  3. Suresh Gopi never looked graceful. He is just like a perfect hero who doesn’t know to speak the normal language. The permenant expression of Rudrasimhan demanded a sort of charm which apparently wasn’t there in his portrayal.


  4. Nikki Galrani struggles very much in the heavy role offered to her. Her dubbing and expressions were finding it difficult to be in sync and thus the overall output was similar to some of the school dramas.


  5. Nedumudi Venu as the crooked villain was a wrong choice. The age of the actor has taken away a lot of energy and this role demanded an energetic body language.


  6. Music of the movie wasn’t that catchy. The background score was also too excessive.


The only positives of the movie were performances of Shajon, Sudheer Karamana and the art direction of Girish Menon. But in a movie soaked in creative mediocrity, these positives don’t make any change.