Rasputin : Sporadic Fun

Rasputin : Sporadic Fun

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It was shelved from release for more than two years now. Rasputin from director Jinu G Daniel is a comedy that can’t establish it’s thought on a convincing level. With irrelevant comedy and too much of female bitching, it’s a disappointment from the debutant. Let’s look at the weak points of this small cinema.


  1. Direction is sloppy as it fails to conceive the concept engagingly. The first half of the movie is a mixed bag of unnecessary comedy and the way it has been executed severely lacks entertainment. The treatment which should have changed in the second half becomes a little bit melodramatic.


  2. The script fails to be convincing. Only sequences of womanizer thoughts come up in the majority of the run time and that takes away the focus of the movie. Some characters were kind of over written to create certain exaggerated jokes.


  3. Edits of the movie was kind of bizarre. It gets paused at awkward moments to spoil the flow. What made me really angry was the fact that it almost destroyed a wonderful song sung by Sachin Warrier.


  4. Joy Mathew’s character has been made like a buffoon. He finding the anti US thoughts in everything reminded me of certain old Tamil movie jokes.


  5. Aju Varghese also gets an unnecessary character. The kind of duffer feel given to his role was too much.


  6. Except for the Parayathe song, none of the other tracks in the movie made an impact.



  1. Hari Nair’s cinematography had the charm to keep the movie lively at some points. I loved the way the love song was shot.


  2. Vinay Forrt was comfortable playing the lead of the movie. Unlike others he never made his character look like an absolute dumb.

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  3. Sreenath Bhasi may not have done anything unique with his performance. But the typical don’t care style of his suits the attitude of the character he was playing.


With only very few Positives working in its way, Rasputin doesn’t work completely. Watch it for some random fun.