Pixels : Pixelated Script

Pixels : Pixelated Script

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It was there in the news for a while because of its peculiar content that sounded interesting. But when you watch the movie you will realize that all the peculiarity has been wasted by the makers by presenting a dull entertainer with clichés and a few counter dialog jokes. Lets look at the reasons why Pixels doesn’t work for a mature audience.

  1. The basic stuff is of course the script and here we don’t have anything novel about the script. The absurdity in writing is evident and we can’t call that as spoof entertainment. The Americans should have given some respect to the American president.


  2. The making also follows the usual formula. We have the typical Sandler style dialogue jokes that occasionally keep the movie alive. But there isn’t any excitement to feel anything special about the idea of the movie.


  3. Acting side is also quite weak. Much like his many recent flicks Adam Sandler looks dull. Michelle Monaghan is only a pretty face. Kevin James, Peter Dinklage and Josh Gad are a bit too eccentric in their characters.


  4. The visual effects of the movie is quite cool, but as I said seeing everything getting torn apart in to pixels doesn’t look alarming at all. The kids below five years will find this movie extremely funny.


Pixels is a short movie and the content is also too short. With nothing really creating a solid impact, it is just a passable film with very few moments of excitement.