Papanasam : Perfect Remake

Papanasam : Perfect Remake

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The remake of the biggest hit in Malayalam, Papanasam starring Ulaganayakan Kamal Haasan is truly a well-made remake that captures the beauty of the original. With the lead actor Kamal Haasan portraying the character of Suyambu Lingam in a very emotional way, this Drishyam remake from Jeethu Joseph is a winner by all means. Lets list out the positives of Papanasam.

  1. First and foremost it is Kamal Haasan who has done a stupendous job in performing as the main protagonist. While Mohanlal chose a very minimalistic way to express the dilemma, Jeethu gives a more emotional texture to Kamal’s Suyambu Lingam and I must say that it is one stellar scene on screen. With realistic flavor in his performance, Kamal mesmerizes the audience with his brilliance.


  2. Jeethu Joseph once again pulls it off with clinical perfection. With a better budget or faith, he has gone for a better set of actors and have succeeded in giving that intensity to the treatment. Some slight changes were made in visual presentation and nothing cheesy has got added on.


  3. The script is undeniably the USP of this thriller and it hasn’t undergone any major tweak in its Tamil version. The jitter of seeing a non-questioning or less intelligent set of witnesses is still there, but by going breezy over that period of screenplay, Jeethu somewhat hides the flaws.

    Papanasam (Drushyam ) Movie First Look Stills  Kamal Hasan  Tamil (34)

  4. Most of the dialogues written by Jeyamohan are plain rewriting of the Malayalam ones, but there were these minor adjustments in those which gave the conversations an extra life compared to Drishyam.


  5. Ghibran has composed two nice songs for this thriller and the set of BGMs were very impressive which has helped the movie in being a gripping thriller.

    Actor Kalabhavan Mani and Nellai Siva in Papanasam Movie Stills

  6. Sujith Vasudev once again captures the beauty of Thodupuzha. The frames that gives the kind of intrigue the movie demands definitely pores more intensity to the story telling.Papanasam-Movie-Working-Stills-16
  7. The supporting cast of the movie which performed very well is also an important part of the success of Papanasam.


With Kamal Haasan delivering one terrific performance to a very well built thriller script, this second outing of Jeethu Joseph in the form of Papanasam deserves to be a success for its quality.