Paayum Puli : Blood Against Blood

Paayum Puli : Blood Against Blood

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Known for making thrillers with emotional depth and brutal violence sequences, director Suseenthiran makes yet another movie in the backdrop of gangsters and extortion, Paayum Puli. Even though the movie has some lack of excitement in the beginning portions, the cleverly mixed second half makes the thriller a convincing film overall. Lets go through the ups and downs of the Suseenthiran thriller.

Thumbs Up:

  1. Like always, Suseenthiran gives an emphasis on keeping things much close to a reality, at least in terms of visual turn of events. From the family relationships to the tactics used by the hero, there is that layer of believability which makes us like the movie beyond the surface level.


  2. Script has flaws, but it somewhat succeeds in creating a good conflict and sustaining it till the last moment with smart enough sub plots. The amalgamation of emotions, action and planning that happens in the last half an hour of the movie gives it an identity of a sensible thriller.


  3. After portraying too many masala over the top roles in the recent past, Vishal dons a role that looks digestible on screen. Minimal level of heroism is there, but it never goes to a level where the ACP becomes a one man army.


  4. Samuthirakani after a small gap comes back with a good antagonist role. Suseenthiran has created a villain with identity for Paayum Puli. The brutality was there in Samuthirakani’s performance and he handles the ambitions of the villain nicely.


  5. R Velraj has done a pretty good job with the camera. The nice aerial shots and the well lighten night scenes had element of intrigue to keep the movie edgy.


Thumbs Down:

  1. Kajal Aggarwal and her role was a letdown. The actress delivers an okay performance in the unnecessary role. The lack of importance of this character is one main downside of this movie.


  2. Soori also gets a character that doesn’t have much to do beyond the first half jokes. The track humor that comes in the first half in a way disturbs the rhythm of the movie.


On the whole, Paayum Puli is a movie that stands slightly above the okay mark. Flaws are there for sure, but that doesn’t make the movie a total failure.