NASA cut off live video feed of three UFO’s – Video Captured

NASA cut off live video feed of three UFO’s – Video Captured

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Three different lights has been spotted on the space coming from spaceships that blasts off on the Earth’s atmosphere by NASA on a live video, and before those lights can be spotted properly, NASA shuts the video so no one could see it.340

This mysterious video recorded from NASA’s live feed of the International Space Station has made people very excited. Apparently, it seems like secret launch of spaceship from Earth, which was accidently, got filmed by the live feed of NASA and before they could cut the video, millions of people already witnessed the phenomenal incident and many also recorded it and uploaded on social Medias so the rest of the world could also see.nasa_cuts_live_iss_video_feed_as_ufo_appears__200545


The video titled “UFO Angels or Biological Creatures seen leaving the Earth” already gained a million views on YouTube with hundreds of comment by people who believe it to be an Alien Activity. During the footage, the camera regularly shuts down either due to weak connection or camera changes by Nasa.

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Well whatever the reason is, the silence of NASA is surely appealing it to be an Extra Terrestrial activity that NASA has hid for hundreds of year from the world.

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