Mumbaai Taxi : Injurious Cab Drive

Mumbaai Taxi : Injurious Cab Drive

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It’s been given an interesting title and was in the news as the comeback movie of Badusha, who earlier appeared in the Mammootty starrer Pappayude Swantham Appus as Appus. All hypes and hopes aside, the movie is an absolute trash made from the remains of popular hits in all languages and is ultimately a boring experience. Let’s look at the reason why it becomes a torture for its audience.

  1. Fazil Basheer who has written the movie and directed it hasn’t done a good job. His making looks quite over ambitious. From A Wednesday to Pokiri, the inspirations are quite clear and as we have seen all these movies, the amateurish nature of Fazil’s making will definitely make you yawn.MumbaaiTaxi-malayalmmovie-gallery-stills-6
  2. Screenplay severely lacks intrigue and without an excitement factor, a thriller is nothing short of a dud. Just listening to the dialogue can easily expose the suspense of the content and the kind of heroism attributed to Badusha looks inappropriate.mumbai-taxi-2
  3. Hero Badusha doesn’t look promising. He kind of overacts in every situation and becomes an on screen nuisance after a limit.mumbai-taxi-3
  4. Another main character of a police chief played by the producer Riyaz Fazzan himself is a performance that you can laugh at. The level of expressions surely gives competition to robots.11694950_1458185544483219_8353650051169115831_n
  5. Edits were sloppy. The aggression couldn’t be achieved through chops and the mixing of humour in between the serious portions was a bizarre idea.Mumbai-Taxi-malayalam-film-4
  6. Cinematography also looked quite compromised. No real smartness was there and mostly the work was average.MumbaaiTaxi-malayalmmovie-gallery-stills-16
  7. Luckily there isn’t any song in the movie, but the background score was excessive having no sync with the sort of development that happens on screen.Mumbai-Taxi-Movie-Review001
  8. Quality actors like Sreejith Ravi, Sunil Sughadha and Tini Tom were wasted in absolutely trashy roles.

With literally nothing in favour of the movie, Mumbai Taxi is a torturing experience. All I can say is that Acha Din was better.