Mission Impossible Rogue Nation : Hunt is Back in Style

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation : Hunt is Back in Style

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The latest episode of the Mission Impossible series has arrived this Friday and this one also from the cool agent Ethan Hunt is an exciting experience that has everything you expect from an MI movie. With director Christopher McQuarrie packaging the entertainer smartly with catchy set pieces, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is definitely worth spending your money. Lets look at the factors that makes this story of the insane agent a fun ride.

  1. Tom Cruise seems to get better with age. The beauty might have diminished slightly, but the energy of the actor to do the insane with flexibility is definitely there. He scores in every action sequence and the silent aggression of Ethan Hunt was definitely there in his portrayal.


  2. Director Christopher McQuarrie who earlier made Jack Reacher with Cruise has taken the movie to a better zone. He has visualized all the quintessential features of the movie like the locker breaking and face masking in an impressive way and also he adds some more layers of complexity for the hero to make things interesting. The action sequences are brutally real and the stunts were also quite fab.


  3. One person who has done a great onscreen job to have a screen presence equal to Tom Cruise was the heroine Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa. The lady looks stunning and she was pretty good doing the action sequences.


  4. The screenplay as I said incorporates everything you expect in an MI movie along with some additional fun. Ethan Hunt this time gets set backs from a mightier team known as the syndicate and the plan of action of the syndicate was impressively complicated.


  5. The stunts are the USP of the mission impossible series and Rogue Nation is nothing short of kickass action. The plane sequence and the bike stunts show the insaneness of the leading man and they all have been captured fantastically.

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  6. The cinematography is also quiet impressive. It captures the beauty of many lands they have travelled and also the set pieces are given a realistic feel. The bike chase scene really had that speed to keep you at the edge of your seat.


  7. The slick and swift edits were also good. It kept the movie thoroughly engaging and the action sequences exciting.


  8. Background score hasn’t used the signature MI music, but smartly interprets various versions of that in many places to make the developments and mad attempts of our hero exciting.


Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is a perfect blend of what you expect in it and what more you want in int. With gadgets, stunts, coolness and insane decisions abundant in the content, this Tom Cruise starrer is one fun ride.