Minor Gang-raped in Badaun District OF UP. Wood, bottle caps and plastic...

Minor Gang-raped in Badaun District OF UP. Wood, bottle caps and plastic found in her private parts

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Yet another case rape incident came to light in Badaun District of Uttar Pradesh where a 14 year old girl has been gang raped by three men. The victim was on her way to buy biscuits and sweets when a boy from her neighbour told her that two people are waiting for her. When she went there to meet them, they took her on their bike and made her drink something that left her dizzy. They then committed the horrific crime and threatened to kill her if she opened her mouth. The poor girl came to home and didn’t uttered a single word for three days, but soon broke in front of her cousin with whom she filed a complaint to the police. Two of the men has been arrested up until now while the third one is on the run. The medical test confirmed that the girl was raped with pieces of plastic, matchbox, bottle cap and wood present in her private area. 

This is not the first time such case has been reported from this district. There has been many rape cases have occurred in Badaun and the area just came to light recently when two girls was found hanging on the tree. Police confirmed the girls committed suicide. girls-hanging_2_1_0_0_0_0

The poor investigation from the police and state government’s irresponsible behaviour are the main root of these heinous crimes.