Manjhi The Mountain Man: Nawzuddin Show

Manjhi The Mountain Man: Nawzuddin Show

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Director Ketan Mehta comes up with one of the most talked about incredible story of Dashrath Manjhi AKA The Mountain man in his new movie. Though it hasn’t created any inspiration in the feature film format, the less talked about incidents that get narrated in Manjhi surely increases the respect we all share for the determined man who made a road by breaking a mountain. Lets go through the ups and downs of this movie.

Thumbs Up:

  1. Whenever Nawazuddin Siddiqui is there in a movie he shares the whole or a part of its best side. Here also that has happened. The actor has done a very impressive job in portraying the role of Manjhi. The various mental conditions and the gradual determination were depicted brilliantly by the actor.


  2. Radhika Apte once again shows her calibre in portraying roles that are challenging. She did the role of Phagunia very attractively. The intense scenes were performed very nicely by the actress and there was a good on screen chemistry with Nawazuddin.


  3. The dialogues that mainly concentrate on the carving phase of Manjhi’s life had an impact on our mindsets. Manjhi uses his determination to break the mountain to inspire a lot of people who weren’t giving their best to achieve what they wanted in life.


Thumbs Down:

  1. The making from Ketan Mehta doesn’t have that passion to create some sort of fire in the viewer in solidarity of the late legend. The typical dramatization and other stuff make the movie too filmy with predictability. Some portions even go to a documentary feel.


  2. The screenplay writers have done a good research in discovering fresh facts surrounding Dashrath Manjhi. But in combining them and presenting as a captivating screenplay, they have failed. The narrative pattern and excessive drama were dragging the movie.


  3. The movie that had a mountain to be broken obviously needed some serious CG help and much like any Indian movie, the graphics didn’t showed the quality and most of the shots looked quite compromised.


  4. The edits also looked a bit dizzy. The unevenness in the back and forth narration kind of confuses and makes things slightly shallow.


As a film, Manjhi may not inspire you to break that mountain which is in your way, but the fact that what we have seen on screen actually happened with a man can seriously influence us to strive for better.