Madhura Naranga : Neither Bitter Nor Sweet

Madhura Naranga : Neither Bitter Nor Sweet

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Sugeeth made a really impressive debut in the industry with the movie Ordinary. After that it hasn’t been smooth for the director as his other directorial ventures failed. With Madhura Naranga he teams up with his first film’s screen writer Nishad Koya and it has helped him considerably. With enough humor layered over a not so exciting melodrama, Madhura Naranga is an average creation.


  1. The combination of Kunchako Boban and Biju Menon offers lot of moments of laughter to the audience. The duo comes on screen after a small gap and the chemistry was still there.


  2. The addition of Neeraj Madhav hasn’t done any harm to the movie, instead it has increased the comedy quotient of the content. The actor isn’t a mere comedian, he performs maturely in some of those second half scenes.

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  3. The witty dialogues written by Nishad Koya gives this typically treated non surprising movie a life. The interval punch and the NRI life jokes were quite impressive.


  4. Faisal Ali once again delivers some good visuals for his director. The signature glossy frames have been used here also for certain songs.


  5. The music composed by Sreejith- Sachin duo had a nice feel to it. Too many songs happen in a small gap and that was one demerit. My personal favorite among the songs would be the Tamil Malayalam song.

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  1. Making from Sugeeth doesn’t have any surprises to narrate this story in a visually engaging way. The melodramas and conflicts are represented in that usual way and that fails to create an eager in the minds of the audience.


  2. The script may be inspired from a true story, but in its cinematic format it doesn’t look that refreshingly genuine. It just looks like a background change of many movies we are familiar with.


  3. The new face Parvathy Ratheesh was just about okay. She wasn’t tested much in the role and majority of her portrayal was helped by the dubbing artist who added expressions to it.


With key areas like scripting and direction not keeping up with expectations, Madhura Naranga is a onetime watchable average flick that has some moments of good humor.