Maari: Too Much Masala and Too Less Mass

Maari: Too Much Masala and Too Less Mass

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Balaji Mohan has come up with a quirky comedy in the form of Maari that stars Dhanush in the title role. But unfortunately, the only thing catchy about the movie remained in the quirkiness and the lack of a solid content considerably affects the movie and thus it ends up as a just about watchable flick.


  1. Dhanush is the best part of the movie. The actor who is well known for playing these sort of eccentric attitude bad guy hero, once again delivers a charming performance. The attitude and heroism were safe in his hands.chennai-stills-from-tamil-film-maari-312034
  2. The music from Anirudh ones again has some catchy tunes for us to hum. The feel of the movie and its romance was evident in the peppy tracks.Maari-Movie-Latest-Photos-1
  3. Balaji Mohan’s mixing of a humor in to the content. Even though the presentation and basic story lacks element of freshness or surprise, there was enough and more comedy in the dialogues of the title protagonist and his partners.Maari-Movie-Song-Review


  1. Balaji Mohan’s direction focuses on excess heroism in my opinion. You will get to see hell a lot of character boosting scenes in the movie. Without much happening on screen as a variety, seeing these sort of heroism wont create the kind of mass appeal the movie was expected to create.33463-011
  2. The script basically lacks a curiosity factor. Fundamentally it acts like a Robin Hood movie with certain level of quirkiness. Some parts of the movie goes way too out of control, like the whole auto rickshaw episode and some of the subplots involving Kajal Aggarwal.Maari
  3. The music was good, but the background score was too excessive that we tend to hate the attitude show off present in the content.maari-theatres-list-advance-ticket-booking
  4. Kajal Aggarwal doesn’t have much of a significance in this commercial port boiler. Even though she has some significance in creating an interval punch the character was mostly that stereo typed “fair and lovely” beauty.Maari Tamil Movie Stills-Images-Dhanush-Kajal Aggarwal-Onlookers
  5. Vijay Yesudas has the look of a fit police officer. But the actor in him needs more polishing, especially in dialogue delivery.dhanush-maari-official-trailer

Maari will work only for the diehard fans of the super star Dhanush. For the remaining, its just another usual Tamil masala stuff.