Love 24×7 : The Sensible Conversations

Love 24×7 : The Sensible Conversations

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Sathyan Anthikkadu’s assistant Sreebala K Menon comes up with a genuine idea for her debut movie. Love 24×7 starring Dileep is one atypical feel good experience that may not get the required attention because of the fact that it doesn’t really fit in to the description of being a festival entertainer.


  1. Direction from the debutant is a partially good one. The lesser amount of melodrama in story telling is a positive. Sreebala tries to present things in a more practical level and she succeeds in that when it comes to the lead pair and also in presenting the news channel life.


  2. Dileep was performing nicely as Roopesh Nambiar. The experience has certainly gave the actor confidence to play a role like this which doesn’t fit in to the description of the sort of characters he did lately.


  3. New comer Nikhila Vimal was a silent face in the promos of the movie. But I must say that she has a bright future in the industry. The actress who certainly has the beauty to be that conventional Malayalam heroine, smartly portrays her character who goes through various phases in the movie. If the dubbing was done by herself, full marks to the newbie for having grip over the slang.

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  4. The conversations in the movie has helped Sreebala in creating the kind of practical feel to the content she is trying to convey. The talk between the lead pair about having a relationship has a certain level of maturity which I believe more films these days should have. There is an interesting conversation between Dileep and Sreenivasan in the second half, that visualized the crookedness of the unwilling in a smart way.


  5. The music from Bijibal once again has that typical positivity. The movie that doesn’t really have a heavy conflict, gets the aid from these tunes that gives it a light hearted feel.


  6. The art direction and cinematography showed quality. The news channel rooms had a good amount of authenticity and the frames also has that brightness which was essential for the movie.



  1. The parallel story that has this two doctors performed by Suhasini and Sashi Kumar was a bit awkward. The story was essential in conveying the thought director had in mind, but the cheesy feel it had kind of spoils the mood.


  2. Sashi Kumar as an actor hasn’t proved himself in my opinion. And this doctor role was a bit too heavy for him.


  3. Another drawback is in having perfection in characterization. There are a lot of characters in the movie and most of them are somewhat half drawn. We don’t get to see a background check over these characters and that in a way reduces the emotional depth.


The crucial hiccups may have derailed the movie in being livelier throughout. But still there is this conversational beauty with very less melodrama that makes Love 24×7 a good one time watch.