Loham : Slightly Rusted Metal

Loham : Slightly Rusted Metal

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After the success of socially relevant Spirit, the hit duo of Mohanlal and Ranjith gets back together for a movie and this time the target is the masses who want to see the heroism of Mohanlal. Except for the part that it has done some good researches in exploring the inner politics of gold smuggling, the remaining portion of the movie doesn’t have any sort of excitement. Lets look at the ups and downs of Loham.


  1. The simplistic side of Mohanlal was used efficiently by the movie and that actually made the first half of Loham somewhat enjoyable. The grace he shows in delivering comedy and the delicate elevation to khalnayak mode had some beauty. He looked a bit constrained in those second half portions.

    Loham Stills-Mohanlal-Ranjth-Malayalam Movie 2015

  2. The combo of Siddique and Balan Parakkal had the impact on audience in creating some laughter moments. The betting obsession along with the typical Muslim slang was comfortable in the hands of these actors and both of them offer some witty instances of relief to the audience.


  3. The one song in the beginning of the movie composed by Sreevalsan J Menon had some sort of a haunting feel to it. The composition and minimal orchestration of that song had a different feel to it.



  1. The direction is too cold. It doesn’t go to a massy avatar. The lack of that and the treatment that doesn’t go for a technical perfection in terms of making sequences that are visually appealing derails the movie from the engaging path.

    Loham to come up with an unusual way of storytelling says Mohanlal

  2. The script as I said explores the world of smuggling smartly, but sadly there is no genuine feel to the story made out of it. The whole undercover conman stuff is something that Malayalee’s have seen in the recent past in movies like Seventh day and SST. You can sense a bit of Mankatha in the ending too.


  3. Ranjith is well known for writing dialogues that will stay in your mind, but here even after being a desperate commercial, the director can’t really give any sort of punch dialogues to entertain the audience.


  4. Kunjunni S Kumar’s second movie is this and sadly he cant create an intrigue that was essential for a movie like Loham. The frames aren’t completely planned and you could see some degree of compromises in the visualization.


  5. The veteran Rajamani’s mixing of background score seems to be dizzy. The tunes are somewhat inspired from the Linkin Park albums, but the way they start to play in the background, you feel like someone’s mobile phone is ringing.


  6. The big supporting cast that went underused was another disappointment. Except for mainly 3 characters, the whole supporting cast of the movie has very minimal role. Aju Varghese, Srinda, Soubin and Manikkuttan have been included in pointless roles, just to create a multi-starrer feel.


With nothing much attractive about the plot and no real smartness in making Loham is a cold entertainer. It is enjoyable only for the fans association members.