Lavender : Dizzy Daisy

Lavender : Dizzy Daisy

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Lavender has been in the news for a long while for various reasons. The movie that has a stellar cast finally got released this weekend. The attempt from the director is to present a love story of a gangster but with both shades (gangster part and romance part) having no depth in presentation, Lavender just becomes a show reel of a few good frames with a gorgeous heroine. Lets list out the points that makes lavender an unappealing thriller.

  1. Director Altas Ali hasn’t tried to give his movie any speciality from the usual formulas. The excessively melodramatic selfless love pattern which we have seen in movies directed by Mohit Suri in Bollywood has been followed here by the director. That cold treatment doesn’t really help the movie to be in that pleasing zone and that is quite a demerit for a romantic movie.


  2. The script has failed to contain both parts of the stories in a believable level. The quick romance and the unauthentic sharp shooter getup for the hero kind of restricts the canvas of the movie. The dialogues are too cheesy and the developments in the script are way too predictable.


  3. Performance of Rahman cant be termed as disappointing as the character offered to him was in that zone were a performance wasn’t that necessary. He just walks around with that moody face and very rarely gets a chance to express something.


  4. Nishan plays another key role in the film. The north Indian actor has tried his best to give life to the character, but sadly the write up of the character was really shoddy.


  5. Govind Padmasurya was better compared to his other recent film performances while Anoop Menon wasn’t a convincing Interpol cop.


  6. The music was nice from Deepak Dev while the background score wasn’t that great. In movies that has action and romance as integral ingredients, a solid packaging of background score is quite necessary.


With only some lush visuals that occasionally pops out to please us and a beautiful heroine (Elham Mirza) with good enough acting skills, Lavender fails to stay in the heart or even touch the heart. Watch it if you are someone who watches these Mohit Suri brand of tragedy movies.