Kunjiramayanam : The Onam Fun

Kunjiramayanam : The Onam Fun

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Small films based on humor track have worked big time in the Malayalam industry especially in the last two to three years and the Onam release Kunjiramayanam from debutante Basil Joseph falls in this safe zone category. With the crisp writing offering enough and more humorous instances for the audience Kunjiramayanam serves as a small cool entertainer. Lets look at the positives of this movie.

  1. The making from debutante Basil Joseph is a smart one. He gives the visuals that quirkiness which was there in the writing. A lot of subtle humour was visualized smartly by the young director and he has made sure that it doesn’t slip away to a slapstick level.


  2. Deepu Pradeep’s writing is definitely the highlight of the movie. The sarcasm and humour the writer introduces to his content is quite smart. While he makes fun of the myths, he also pushes the movie forward through that. The script succeeds in creating characters that we will remember for some time as everyone gets a good share of sensible screen time.


  3. The dialogues are also quite witty. The sort spoofing on clichéd dialogues and also the natural counter dialogues from the elaborate characters offers a lot of moments of clean humor.


  4. Cinematography from Vishnu Sharma is also impressive. The fairy tale feel of the script was given that attire by Vishnu’s frames and the humor also gets a push with the various angles.


  5. The music by Justin Prabhakaran and lyrics by Manu Manjith has already created some waves. Salsa and Pavada songs have that catchy architecture to make you fall for a repeated listening.


  6. The elaborate supporting cast comprising of Aju Varghese, Dhyan Sreenivasan, Neeraj Madhav, Deepak, Mamukoya, Srinda and many others definitely increases the entertainment quotient of the movie.


To conclude, Kunjiramayanam has almost everything that you expect in an Onam release. With simple fun in abundance with less conflicts and drama Kunjiramayanam wins the race.