KL 10 Patthu : The Variety District

KL 10 Patthu : The Variety District

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Malappuram is one district that has this cultural uniqueness in many aspects. The movie KL10 Patthu directed by Muhsin Parari is a simple rom com that by the way explores the peculiarity of this district. The politics, the religious boundaries and the love for football are key aspects of Malappuram and all these have been included in the movie.

Thumbs Up:

  1. Much like all those recent Bollywood small wonders, this Malayalam movie has this natural humour pouring out through conversations. From the beginning itself, the movement of the story is quite verbal. By incorporating the culture of Malappuram, Muhsin has made the movie in an entertaining way.kl-10-67680
  2. The script has highs and lows. Even though the back and forth narration is creating a bit of a confusion, the way it touches almost all the aspects of things that generally happens in the district was described neatly. The influence of religion, the political polarization and the competitive spirit has been included in a hilarious way.21tvf_KL10pathu_2344973f
  3. The dialogues were on the positive side and that could be a negative point to someone who are completely unfamiliar with the culture and slang.KL-10-Pathu-Stills-9
  4. Music is a variety from Bijibal. The kind of peculiar lyrics it have demanded a change in composition and that was there in the movie. The experiments in narration also got support through these not so conventional tunes.KL-10-Pathu-Stills-10
  5. Performers are many in this movie. A lucky Unni Mukundan manages to play his role nicely along with some smart performers like Aju Varghese, Neeraj Madhav and Saiju Kuruppu. The actress Chandini Sreedharan did her part nicely and it was great to see Mamukoya, Sivaji Guruvayoor, Anil Murali and Rajesh Hebbar as the typical Malappuram seniors. The solid comeback of Sreenath Bhasi was also one highlight of this entertainer.KL10 Pathu Stills-Photos-Unni Mukundan-Chandini Sreedharan-Malayalam Movie 2015
  6. Vishnu Narayanan’s cinematography was also good. Frames had that quality and clarity to keep us engrossed to the visuals.KL10 Pathu Stills-Photos-Unni Mukundan-Chandini Sreedharan-Malayalam Movie 2015

Thumbs Down:

  1. The narrative tries to be experimental at times in representing the romance, which at times annoys the enjoyment. The edit pattern also has this doubtful feel which complicates this phase of innovation from the director.KL-10-malayalam-movie-stills-photos-images-pics-pictures-neeraj-madhav-aju-unni-mukundan-89

With an interesting presentation of a script that has highs and lows, KL 10 Patthu is worth watching for sure. With actors performing as rooted characters, KL10 Patthu is a perfectly pitched entertainer for Eid.