Kaaka Muttai : The Golden Eggs

Kaaka Muttai : The Golden Eggs

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Director Manikandan has come up with a really novel thought that is now creating big waves in the Tamil Nadu box office. Kaaka Muttai starring the two kids Vignesh and Ramesh is an eye opener for film makers with its content having multiple agenda and its presentation that’s brimming with simplicity. Lets look at the reasons that makes this ridiculously fresh content a fantastic cinema.

  1. The direction is the key thing of any movie and Manikandan has done complete justice to Kaaka Muttai by treating it the way it should be treated. The kind of treatment which we normally term as offbeat has been followed here. That method really works for the movie as it helps the movie to establish its characters. The director also uses natural expressions and reactions of actors to give authenticity to its emotions.


  2. It may be a simple theme, but the script written by Manikandan has some really interesting layers that someway teases the society for its attitude. And in some way it questions the stupidity for blindly following trends set by corporate culture.


  3. The two kids Vignesh and Ramesh has done a fabulous job in portraying the roles of the Kaaka Muttais. Manikandan hasn’t used much melodrama in his making and most of the simple humor is conveyed through the simple reactions of characters and I have to admit that these kids were stupendous in giving such innocent and real reactions.


  4. Cinematography is another positive that captures the atmosphere with its reality. Some of the aerial shots really gives a shocking picture of the slums.


  5. The music and BGM from G V Prakash Kumar was perfect for the feel of this movie. The songs with the colloquial tones and the background score that creates impact with its minimalistic usage succeeds in giving a light feel to this movie.


  6. The supporting cast comprising of Iyshwarya Rajesh, Joe Malloori, Ramesh Thilak and Babu Antony has done their respective roles very neatly.


With a theme that ultimately holds a simplicity in narration but conveys its politics in a very smart way, Kaaka Muttai produced by Dhanush and Vetrimaran is one gem of a movie you should not miss.