Jamna Pyari : Unpleasant Auto rickshaw Ride

Jamna Pyari : Unpleasant Auto rickshaw Ride

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Thomas Sebastian, who earlier made Mammootty starrer Mayabazar, makes a comeback through the movie Jamna Pyari starring Kunchako Boban. But this movie scripted by PR Arun is so outdated in terms of content that you will only feel sympathy to the lead actor for his underwhelming attempt to be a family super star. Let’s look at the reasons that work against the film.

  1. I will blame the script first for being too outdated. The sort of auto rickshaw driver heroism Rajnikanth created and Dileep propagated gets reinvented here without any mass power. The developments surrounding the Jamna Pyari goat doesn’t have anything that can be considered as quite unique. The heroism oriented drama becomes easily predictable with too many characters without much of relevance.
  2. Thomas Sebastian doesn’t give a visual push to the content that looks too cheesy. The shots, emotions, attitude and many other clichés are visualised in the very same old fashioned manner to keep things boring.
  3. Kunchako Boban wasn’t that smooth with the Thrissur slang. A sort of artificiality was there in his dialect and in terms of acting; he is restricted to his usual mannerisms.
  4. The supporting cast of the movie is elaborate and most importantly irrelevant. Aju Varghese and Neeraj Madhav were consciously added to make the posters look grand. Joy Mathew and Suraj also get not so important scenes. It was disappointing to see someone like Muthumani in such a role.
  5. Cinematography looks dull with too compact and fragile angles that can’t create any sort of visual impact.
  6. The music from Gopi Sunder is pretty average. It was so sad to see Gopi finding it difficult to get a catchy tune. The background score also fails because of the unimpressive writing.

The heroine was the only relief in Jamna Pyari. The beautiful looking Gayathri creates a good impression with her smartly modulated dubbing. With the clichéd formulas in abundance, Jamna Pyari is an uninteresting experience.