How One Second Can Turn Dangerous For The Internet? The Giant Leap...

How One Second Can Turn Dangerous For The Internet? The Giant Leap Second!!

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Okay! Now how do you think a single second can affect us? Sure we don’t even notice , like just so you know if you didn’t; today a single second will be added to clocks around the world to help counter Earth’s rotation slowing down which is called a “leap second,” it has been added approximately every 18 months since 1972 to rectify ‘lost’ time from the slowing rotation, ensuring that the atomic clock is in sync with Earth.

So who’s in danger? But the computers! which aren’t quite accustomed to the path of time suddenly changing. A leap second was added to the clock in 2012, during a weekend, which wreaked havoc online. It caused Reddit, Foursquare, Yelp, LinkedIn, Gawker and StumbleUpon to be knocked offline entirely, as well as hundreds of flights to be delayed in Australia.
And there were other issues too, much of geek stuff really like some bug caught up in Network Time Protocol in Linux system clocks that it got locked needing a reboot to function properly. This year its critical as trading on stock markets are open. Some businesses are ready for the leap second to be added, like Google and Amazon, which adjust server clocks gradually over a number of weeks so that it’s not a sudden change.

Others that rely on time-critical systems — like stock markets and utilities are nervous about it going wrong. Comeon!! A single second of downtime for a stock market would mean like $4.6 million could be lost. While Linux systems won’t go down, since they got it fixed, thankfully.

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