Fantastic Four : What a Big Bore

Fantastic Four : What a Big Bore

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The new revamp of the Fantastic Four franchise has released and much like the old versions, this one is also cluttered with clichés and thus ending up as a hugely disappointing film that fails to utilize the acting talents it had. Lets look at the demerits of this movie.

  1. The making is too dull and lacks the fun factor. The reinterpretation always used to have a funny conversational shade and here the director Josh Trank takes the movie too seriously. The sort of typical developments makes the movie uninteresting.NEAKi5iOb5eNDE_2_b
  2. The screenplay doesn’t have the excitement. The developments are too hurried and the lack of a fresh interpretation doesn’t induce you too. The climax was a pretty swift one. The mega build up given to the villain Doom wasn’t utilized at all.people-dont-seem-to-care-about-the-fantastic-four--and-theyre-making-an-unfortunate-mistake
  3. The cast of the movie had a fairly good reputation in the industry. But when you look at the characters given to them that had no emotional layers or conflicts, they were totally left unused.FANTASTIC-FOUR-18
  4. The visual effects don’t create any attraction. At some portions the getup of the Doom looks too amateur.fantastic-four-2015-trailer
  5. The cuts lacked sharpness and the narration looked too dull. The background score also failed in creating a positive impression.Fantastif%20Four%202015%206_zpsesjp4dlw

With literally nothing in favour of its success, Fantastic Four is a burden. Lets hope that Fox will give more control to Trank for the sequel of the movie to make it better.