Failed Attempt At Rape? Women Set On Fire!

Failed Attempt At Rape? Women Set On Fire!

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It seems like that if you resist forceful sex on you are either likely to be beaten up later by goons like in case of National hockey player Dolly Singh or even worse in this case; where a woman is set on fire by her husband’s friend who tried raping her and wasn’t successful.

Image only for 'Representational Purpose'
Image only for ‘Representational Purpose’

A shameful incident again, where a 35 year old woman is battling serious burns with her condition critical in Kanpur Medical College, as she was rushed her by her neighbors after been set on fire by a man who was her husband’s friend after  failed attempt at rape, drenching her in kerosene and then setting off fire.
All of this happened when Ram Autaur and Dinesh consumed alcohol together, and Dinesh took to Ram’s home where Ram’s wife was resting along with two of her children. A case has been filed, yet Dinesh is on a flee, what do you expect of cowards as such? Things have fallen way below humanity, too much.

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