Double Barrel : You Are At Point Blank

Double Barrel : You Are At Point Blank

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Coming with the burden of humongous expectations, Double Barrel directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery is a terribly flawed attempt to make something out of a plot less situation. With the comical interpretation becoming over comical, this high profile experiment can’t convince its audience completely. Lets look at the reasons why this movie is ultimately a flawed risk.

  1. In the making part, Lijo uses his unconventionality in approaching scenes but the excessive comical feel and the disjoint nature of the sequences kind of makes the viewer think like what the hell is happening on screen.

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  2. The script cant be blamed much as the chance of its existence is quite minimal in my opinion. The sort of improvisation you see after each sequence will definitely make you doubt whether there was a bound script or they just developed it organically.


  3. The lead “pair”, Prithviraj and Indrajith struggles to be that comical brother duo. The kind of overacting feel takes away the laughable nature of the content.


  4. Tamil actor Arya who appears in a largely disjoint subplot along with Chemban Vinod Jose was somewhat annoying and a good share of that annoyance was because of the way the character was written.


  5. None of the other actors succeeded in being perfect for the kind of droll that would have worked for the movie. It’s almost like teasing the viewer.


  6. Prashanth Pillai’s unconventional music as an album grabs the attention. But while watching the movie, the placing of songs and the overall aimlessness of the movie will sort of make you hate the jingles.


  7. The visual effects part also kind of stood out as most of the gun shots had that artificiality which made them look unreal on screen.

The positives of the movie are actually the cinematography of Abhinandan Ramanujam and the costumes department. Except for those two technicalities, Double Barrel fails to grab the interest of the audience.