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1) Firstly the story line of the film is waffer thin with the same age old routine formula type love story. The story is outdated, and the way it has been narrated makes the film even worse.1

2) Varun Sandesh never looked like a hero in this film. He seriously needs to polish his acting skills to the fullest and select some scripts which are different from the regular kind of love stories that he has been doing since the last seven years.2

3) Though Hari Priya was fine with her performance, her role lacks in spine to support this love story as her characterization was very badly written and showcased on screen.Actress Rehanna @ Chakkiligintha Movie Audio Launch Stills

4) Comedians Dhanraj, Chandra, Venu and Seenu try very hard to make the viewers laugh but never succeeds in bringing out any. In fact their comedy scenes look very foolish.4

5) In the first half the train sequence between the lead pair, and in the second half Jeeva’s comedy track were very badly designed by the director. The director even fails to clarify whether the Varun Sandesh was interested in women or not initially and continues narrating the love angle post the introduction song.5

6) The songs in the film by Anil Gopi Reddy are below average as none of the songs are good to hear and the back ground music by Vikas.K was poor.6

7) Ramana Gogili’s direction lacked everything that is required for a better film and the screenplay is simply rotten. All the scenes are showcased so loosely that audiences are made to suffer throughout the run time of the film.7

8) Editing by Nandamuri Hari was not upto the mark as many scenes could have been trimmed to a large extent like the train sequence in the first half and the chase scene in the second half.8

9) The first half looks a bit boring as the some scenes are dragged unnecessarily and in the second its just dries down totally. There is no proper moment in the film where it can be appreciated.9

10) Dialogues are complete disappointment as they are very plain and poorly written.10

Verdict :

Overall there just one thing to say about ‘Ee Varsham Sakshiga’ …. It’s a total time waste to watch this film. Don’t even dare to watch it when it is telecasted in the Tv’s!!!

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1) Firstly the story of the film written by Pon Kumaran is very routine and tries to talk about too many things at once. The storyline of the film has some resemblance to Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s ‘Indra’ and this type of story line has become repetetive too. Mainly the second half of the film is quite predictable, and looks plain without any twists and turns.2

2) Although Rajinikanth steals the show with his wonderful matured performance, the characterization of both his roles lacked the required depth. Especially the younger Lingaa who will be leading his life as a thief for survival along with few friends is just silly. Rajinikanth did not fit into that character properly.1

3) Anushka Shetty has put on lots of weight for this film for which she has got to do a role which is given less weight age. Her character was very poorly written for which she could not do full justice to it.Actress Rehanna @ Chakkiligintha Movie Audio Launch Stills

4) Jagapati Babu does not have much role to play in this film. He was simply wasted in a very small role which had no much impact on the story.4

5) Santhanam, Karunakaran and Brahmanandam failed to entertain the audience with thier mark comedy. There is absolutely no entertainment  throughout the film as the film is high on drama.5

6) KS.Ravikumar who is known to be a specialist in making commercial entertainers failed this time with his regular type of story line. He could not bring out the best result with his story. There is no proper justification given to some of the main points of the story like – Rajini develops a wrong impression on grandfather with only reason of his parents ending life in poverty which is not completly acceptable. Rajini knows that his grandfather is Maharaja but doesn’t gets to know anything about his past which is baseless.6

7) Even though the pre-independence period was shown beautifully on screen, the screenplay by KS.Ravikumar and Pon Kumaran makes such a boring impression of the whole story that the audience are totally fed up by the routine drama that comes in the film and supremely disinterested by the end of the movie.10

8) AR.Rahman fails to excite the fans with his music. Except ‘Mona Mona’ song, none of the songs makes an impression on the viewers. This can surely be said as his most disasterous album ever. Even though ‘Indianai’ song was good to hear, it did not gel with the emotional content in the story.8

9) The major disappointment of the film is its pace and narration. It fails to grip the audience to the point of understanding what is going on and why. The film’s run time was about 175 minutes which was excessive in length. Editing by Samjith needed to much sharper as about 20 minutes could have been easily chopped off from the film.9

10) The trademark Rajini dialogues and the thrills which we regularly see in his films were missing in the film. The fights in the film were also over the top and the final act just failed to excite the audience.7

Verdict :

‘Lingaa’ is a film only for Rajini die hard fans !!! The film doesn’t excite you with its story and doesn’t progress at a pace it needs to as you will be waiting for the film to get over. Overall its a boring routine drama flick.

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1) Firstly the film has a very well-researched story line and concept but it was very poorly narrated on screen. The director never succeds totally in telling a different love story or a love story differently.1

2) As the director Vema Reddy is a close friend of Sukumar, you can see many similarities of Sukumar’s previous movies and his type of screenplay in this film. If you see all Sukumar’s flicks, the hero’s characterization looks very difficult to understand. The one who understands the hero’s characterization appreciates the director and the one who doesn’t, critisises the director. Similiar is the case with Vema Reddy too. But the only difference in this film is that both the hero and the heroine characterization looks confusing.2

3) Heroine Rehana though looked pretty on screen she could not put up a better performance with her acting skills. Her character was has so much scope for acting but she lacked the experience to carry it off. It could have been better if some well known and experienced face was taken instead of her.Actress Rehanna @ Chakkiligintha Movie Audio Launch Stills

4) Talented actor Chaitanya Krishna was seen in a small role which had no much importance. His character was not properly justified in the film.4

5) Thagubothu Ramesh never suited to a serious character of this kind which he has played in this film. And he is paired up with ‘Oka Romantic Crime Katha’ fame Gayathri which looked quiet odd on screen.5

6) Comedians like Chamak Chandra, Viva Harsha, Madhu and Saptagiri were simply wasted in the film with very little roles given to them. Their characters had nothing to do with the script as they appear forced in the story line up.6

7) The second half is the most disappointing segment of the entire film with a poor screenplay. There is no proper clarity of whats going on in this part of the films it looks a bit dragged and the climax also adds to the dissappointment as it looks very shabby and unconvincing.7

8) The relationship between the lead pair lacks focus and has no clarity at all. Their love track could not evoke the required emotions. The way heroine behaves with the hero is quite confusing during the second half. There is no proper link between the scenes and dialogues.8

9) There are many love stories of other characters like that of Thagubothu Ramesh, Jabardasth Ravi, Bhadram and others in this film but except for the main lead story other characters were not perfectly developed to blend into the script.9

10) Karthik Srinivas editing was not upto the mark as the film could have been cut short in the second half.10

Verdict :

Overall ‘Chakkiligintha’ is a film made with some wonderfull productional values and a refreshing concept but the director failed in presenting the same with clarity on the screen. Except for people who love Sukumar’s type of characterizations, this film would be a waste of time for others.

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1) Naga Shourya is one of the major highlights of the film. He delievers a matured performance and satisfies all the qualities that a star hero must have with this film. Especially his comedy timing in the film was simply superb. He also looked handsome and has done a neat job with this film.1

2) Avika Gor also comes out with a decent performance in the film. She has done the title role in the film and has justified her role to perfection with her acting abilities. She also looked cute in her traditional outfits.2

3) Rao Ramesh, asusual was wonderfull in a very important role as Avika’s dad in the film. These type of roles are a cake walk for this actor and he has done his part with ease.3

4) The first half of the film is quiet entertaining with some well designed comedy sequences and good music. The love track between Avika and Naga Shourya is fine as the lead pair looks fresh on screen.4

5) Sapthagiri impresses with his hillarious role in the first half. Even though he has a small role he bring in huge laughter with his his typical dialogues.5

6) All the comedy sequences in the film are well designed and neatly written. Venu, Vennella Kishore and Satyam Rajesh will also tickle your funny bones with their mark comedy.6

7) Cinematography by Sai Sriram is the another biggest plus of the film. Every frame was beautifully captured through his lens. Especially all the songs were colorful and stunning on screen.7

8) Nandyala Ravi makes a decent debut as a director with this film. The way he had dealt the comedy sequences is appreciable. He made sure that his film is a decent entertainer.8

9) K.M.Radhakrishna’s music was soothing and his background score was also good. The background music or theme music which comes in the film was nice to hear.9

10) Special mention to the dialogues as they were wonderfully written by the director. Especailly the one liners and the punch dialogues were good.10

Verdict :

Overall ‘Lakshmi Raave Ma Intiki’ is a decent entertainer with some wonderful performances from the lead cast, hilarious comedy sequences and good music.

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1) The director Annish Krishna should be credited firstly for shaping up a simple story with lots of comedy. He has made people who had come with zero expectations to this movie, go out of the theatre with a smile on thier face towards the end. He has left a mark with his debut film and has done a decent job in bringing out a clean entertainer.1

2) Rahul Ravindran has given out his best performance till date in this flick. He looks very handsome and his comic timing is exceptional in the film. Overall he manages to get a decent hit under his belt.2

3) Vennela Kishore’s comedy is one of the major highlights of the film. He was hilarious throught the film with a full length role after a long gap.3

4) The second half of the film is the main plus of the film. Especially the last 15 minutes were simply hilarious with some rib tickling comedy.4

5) The script mainly revolves around love and marriage. So, the comedy and one line dialogues which surrounds these two points will definetly connect to all the sections of audience especially the youth. All these one liners are written well.5

6) Krishna Bhagavan, Kondavalasa and Shaani have also played their parts very well and will entertain the audience with their punch dialogues and get ups.6

7) With the heroines, Heebah Patel looked beautiful and has come out with a decent performance. Where as Khusi though had a small character, she made her presence felt in the movie. Bhanu Sri Mehra was just ok.7

8) The cinematography by Sai Sriram is top notch especially in the songs. Every location has been shot beautifully and it looked colourfull on screen.8

9) Music given by Bheems was good. He perfectly blended melodies with mass numbers in this film and every song had good lyrical values too. Background score was ok.9

10) Editing was fine with sufficient run time and without much drag between the scenes.10

Verdict :

Overall ‘Ala Ela’ is a decent comedy entertainer with a under current message inside it. Even though the film released without any expectations, the content in the film will bring you out of the theatre with a smile on your face towards the end of the movie. Best choice this weekend !!!

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1) Firstly this film neither looks like a sequel nor a prequel to the film. It just looks like a copy of the first part’s (Yamaleela) screenplay and story line up. There is no much difference in the skeleton part of the script between the two films.1

2) In ‘Yamaleela'(1994) there was mother sentiment of Manju Bhargavi and in this film there was baby sentiment of Harshitha. Except a few changes with the scenes and the the purpose for that scenes, the treatment of the film looks quiet similar to the first part.2

3) The narration of the film is another major drawback for this film. The narration never keeps you engaged with the story or the characters. The climax towards the end is one of the worst climax ever in recent times.3

4) The main hero of the film, KV.Satish is biggest minus for this film. He was never looking as a hero material as he could not live up to the expectations in this film. He was very bad with his histonics, fights and dialogue delivery too.Actor KV Satish in Yamaleela 2 Movie Stills

5) The heroine of the film Diah Nicolas had nothing much to do in the film except for smiling in the normal scenes and crying in the emotional scenes.5

6) Mohan Babu and Brahmanandam were simply wasted with very weak characterizations of their roles. Their characters did not have the required depth in the film. Brahmanandam did not evoke any laughter too.6

7) The story, screenplay and direction by SV.Krishna Reddy was not upto the mark. His screenplay was sluggish and story was routine with many logics missing with the script. Just because someone asks you a question of “what happens if the Bhavishyavani is lost again just like in the first half?”, you cannot make a film of this kind with a smiliar backdrop of the first part. This is surely not expected from a director like SV.Krishna Reddy who has given some super hits in the past.7

8) The editing by Goutham Raju was week. Many scenes could be trimmed from the second half of the film.8

9) Music again by SV.Krishna Reddy was poor. None of the songs failed to create an impact on the viewers. The BGM too was just below average.9

10) Dialogues written by Gangothri Vishwanath were very routine.10

Verdict :

Overall ‘Yamaleela-2’ is an outdated concept with a poor story and week narration. The film failed in all the departments right from the story to the casting. It’s better to avoid it and watch the first part in a DVD.

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1) The young promising hero Nara Rohit puts up a decent show with his performance in the film. Though he looked a bit pumped up with his physique, he looks super stylish in the film especially in his introduction scene. His dialogue diction is perfect as always and he does good in the emotional scenes too.Actor Nara Rohit in Rowdy Fellow Telugu Movie Stills

2) Vishaka Singh was charming and cute throught the film. Though she couldn’t have a lengthy character, she looked good whenever she came on screen. She has all the qualities for a star heroine.2

3) Rao Ramesh was at his best in the film as Asuragana Durga Prasad. He shows all his class and experience with this role, especially in the climax scene.Nara Rohit, Rao Ramesh in Rowdy Fellow Telugu Movie Stills

4) Successful lyricist Krishna Chaitanya handled his debut directorial with atmost care. He made sure that the film looks stylish on screen and reaches well to all types of audiences. His good storyline, stylish taking and interesting characterization of the lead cast were impressive.4

5) Posani Krishna Murali as ‘Silk’ in the film keeps the viewers entertaining with his mark comedy till the end.5

6) ‘Swamy Ra Ra’ Satya also had a hillorious role as Gavaskar alias Gavva. He impresses with his new kind of dialogue delivery and his comic timing.Naa Bangaaru Talli Telugu Movie Stills

7) Rest of the cast including Ajay, Praveen, Venkateswara Rao Paruchuri, Ahuti Prasad, Supreeth Reddy, Bhadram and Raghu Nandan were fine in their respective roles. It was good to see Talluri Rameshwari and Gollapudi Maruti Rao back on screen with their matured performance.7

8) Music by Sunny M.R was good to hear with a nice blend of melodies and fast beats. His background score deserves a special mention as it totally lifted the film to another level.8

9) Cinematography by Om is another big plus to the film. He showcases every fame in a stylish mode.9

10) Dialogues were well written. They had both punch and logic in it.10

Verdict :

Overall ‘Rowdy Fellow’ is a good one-time watch commercial film with some decent performances by the cast, good music, nice dialogues and some stylish visuals.

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1) The film is based on a true story of sex trafficking. The script is based on the true story of a girl who was rescued by Sunitha who is the producer of the film.1

2) Director of this film Rajesh Touchriver earlier did a documentary named ‘Anamika’ which is now in the syllabus of the National Police Academy and National Judicial Academy.2

3) Although the film’s main plot revolves around sex trafficking, it does not have any type of vulgarity, nudity and violence in the scenes and is primarily a story of a father and daughter.3

4) It is the first Telugu film to release with crowd sourced funding. About 543 individuals helped with their monetary contributions for this film. The film was simultaneously produced in Malayalam as Ente’.4

5) The film bagged three national awards at the 61st National Film Awards in May 2014, including the award for Best Feature Film in Telugu and also won five international awards- The Best Film at the Trinity International Film Festival in Detroit, and four Awards at the Indonesian Film Festival.5

6) Anjali Patil is the soul of the film. She did a fabulous job with her performance with the required innocence, anguish and emotions. She showcases superb emotions during her struggle in the brothel house. Anjali went on to win the National Award for her performance in this film. (Special Jury Mention).Naa Bangaaru Talli Telugu Movie Stills

7) The first half starts off slowly showing the bonding between a father and her daughter and through a few sporadic incidents and a good interval twist, the film picks up momentum to show case the true emotions of an innocent teenager who is caught in a cesspool of flesh trade.7

8) Siddique, who acted in more than 250 films in Malayalam, is pitch perfect as the father with his natural and nailed performance.8

9) Shantanu Moitra composed the background score for this film for which he won the National Award too.9

10) Director Rajesh Touchriver made sure that there are no forced commercial elements in the film and he has also succeeded in making an interesting and gripping film.10

11) Rama Thulasi’s cinematography deserves a mention for his nice camera work of capturing the beautiful places of Hyderabad and Rajahmundry.Naa Bangaaru Talli Telugu Movie Photos

12) Mega Star Chiranjeevi graced the audio function of this film on November 8 as chief guest. He also asked the media to watch this film and said it was a family movie and not an art film.Naa Bangaaru Talli Movie Audio Launch Photos

13) The way the diretor has shown the harsh realities of city life are good and the narration of the script is another big plus to the film.13

Verdict :

Overall ‘Naa Bangaaru Talli’ is one of the very few Telugu films that touched a delicate point in the recent times and yet made sure that it’s an interesting watch to the theatrical audiences. You can surely give it a shot if you are interested in some meaningful movies which make some sense.

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1) Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan were the original choice for Rahul and Anjali. Karan Johar had worked with them in DDLJ, where Johar had assisted Aditya Chopra and had even acted in the film, so he knew the working style of the two actors.1

2) Kajol and Karan Johar knew each other since childhood as they both belong to film families.2

3) Rani Mukerji was roped in to play Tina at the last moment. The role was written for Twinkle Khanna, another of Johar’s childhood friend whose pet name is Tina. Khanna had turned down the role.3

4) During the bicycle sequence in the ‘Yeh Ladki Hai Deewana’ song, Kajol lost control of her bike, fell flat on her face and was knocked unconscious while also injuring her knee.4

5) The scene at the end of “‘Ladki Badi Anjaani Hai’ where Kajol’s sari flies in the air and Shah Rukh Khan realizes her love for her, was not originally in the script. Choreographer Farah Khan added it, believing it added a filmy touch to the scene.5

6) During the first basketball game, we see Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol “supposedly” jumping high in the air to shoot a basket. The hoop was actually a bit low, and they used trampolines to jump.6

7) The entire film was shot in nine and half months with a substantial part of it shot in Mauritius.The title song was filmed in several locations in Scotland over ten days.7

8) Rani Mukerji, without being asked, read the script and volunteered for the part, which gave a boost to her career.

9) Karan Johar wanted Rani Mukerji to be dubbed due to her husky voice, not knowing that her voice would become her trademark. Rani’s voice in fact dubbed in a film called ‘Ghulam’ which released the same year.9

10) Johar first wrote a story, which was a love triangle between a tomboy, a very pretty girl and a slightly insensitive boy, but he shelved the idea because he was not very satisfied with it. Then he wrote another plot about a widower and his child, which he shelved as well. Eventually he decided to merge the two stories into one.10

11) Salman Khan’s extended cameo was initially offered to Saif Ali Khan who turned down the role. Salman Khan won his first Filmfare award(Best Supporting Actor) for his role as Aman.11

12) Johar hired Sharmishta Roy as the art director and told him to produce something similar to Riverdale High School of the Archie Comics, with some 90210 influence as well.12

13) During Neelam Show, the scene just before Shah Rukh Khan speaks, there is a scene in which a guy pleads her girl friend to leave him because he has found a new girl. The guy’s role was played by director Nikhil Advani and the new girl was Farah Khan.13

14) The film earned INR 450 million (US$7.3 million) net and INR 770 million (US$12 million) gross in India, became the highest grossing Indian film of 1998, and was declared by Box Office India to be an “All Time Blockbuster”.14

15) The film won many major awards including the “Best Film” honours at the Filmfare Awards, the National Film Awards, Zee Cine Awards, Screen Awards, and Bollywood Movie Awards. It was the third film to win the four major awards (Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress) at Filmfare.15

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1) Rajinikanth’s love for dual roles 

After playing double roles in his previous two films, ‘Enthiran’ and ‘Kochadaiiyaan’, Rajini is all set to play a dual role in this film too. While one role is of a pre-Independence freedom fighting rebel, the other one is of a chief engineer of a dam.1

2) Rajinikanth-K.S.Ravikumar combination
After having delivered blockbusters like ‘Muthu’ and ‘Padayappa’, the hit combo of Rajinikanth and K.S.Ravikumar are back with “Lingaa” after almost 15 years.2

3) Sonakshi Sinha’s South debut
After Aishwarya Rai and Deepika Padukone, Sonakshi Sinha is the latest Bollywood actress to star opposite Rajinikanth. Sonakshi will be making her Tamil and Telugu debut with “Lingaa”.Bollywood actress Sinha smiles during a promotional event in Ahmedabad

4) Rajinikanth-A.R.Rahman Muscial combo
After giving some superb music to Rajinikanth’s previous film like ‘Enthiran’ and ‘Kochadaiiyaan’, the Mozart of Madras A.R.Rahman is all set to create magic with his tunes with Rajini in this film also. The music rights of the film are bagged by Eros Music.4

5) Rockline Venkatesh’s high production values
“Lingaa” is produced by Rockline Venkatesh under the banner of Rockline Entertainments with lot of high production values and its being distributed by Eros International. Rockline Venkatesh earlier produced Ravi Teja’s ‘Power’ in Telugu.5

6) Rajinikanth romancing Sonakshi and Anushka for the first time
“Lingaa” has two heroines in the film – Sonakshi Sinha and Anushka Shetty. This is the first time both of them are acting opposite the Super Star.6

7) Jagapati Babu as the main villan
Jagapathi Babu is playing the negative role in “Lingaa”. He is playing the role of a politician in the film and is all set to open up to the Tamil film market as he is opting out of the ‘hero’ tag and has decided to do character roles.7

8) R. Rathnavelu’s Cinematography
R.Rathnavelu is handling the camera work for this film and this is his second film as a cinematographer with the Superstar after the 2010 blockbuster sci-fi flick ‘Enthiran’. News is that the cinematographer had used the all new Phantom Flex 4k high speed camera to shoot an epic stunt sequence in the film. It is also said that he has climbed a 150 feet to film an action sequence for the film.8

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1) Hero Venkatesh calls himself ‘Shadow’ and the reason why he’s called that is never known or justified in the film. His character is very poorly written in the film. One could wonder how Venky has selected a script like this and it looks sad to know that Venky didn’t use his vast experience before choosing this film.1

2) The script of the film is a routine revenge drama where in the hero is on a mission to wipe out the group members of a mafia don and the don himself who had killed the hero’s father in the past.Regina Cassandra & Sai Dharam Tej in Geetha Arts Movie Stills

3) Director Meher Ramesh never focuses on the script rather he gives much importance to the style and richness of the film. Eventhough he is a talented director, he is someone who can only talk big but cannot deliver it on the big onscreen.3

4) Taapsee doesn’t have much to contribute in terms of her role except showing off her glamour in the songs.4

5) Srikanth was routine in his performance and didn’t show the fire as a tough and fierce police officer. Infact he looked odd in his role.Actor Srikanth in Shadow Movie New Photos

6) Aditya Pancholi is not up to the mark as the main villain. He didn’t bring any extra energy into the movie. It looks like he was just brought in to wear suits, shades and then get some kicks from the hero.Raghu Babu in Janmasthanam Telugu Movie Stills

7) The comedy sequence in the film will never bring you any laughs in the film. They look as if they are forcely added into the story as they do not have any thing to do with the script. The new version of Gabbar Singh’s antakshari scene has not come out well too.Vidya Balan in movie The Dirty Picture

8) Music and background music by Thaman was not upto the standards.8

9) The dialogues and screenplay in the film are also very poor. Venkatesh acting like a kid is the worst part of the film.9

10) The editing needed to be more crisp in the second half of the film.10

Verdict :

Venkatesh he has been literally reduced to a shadow of his once glorious self with this film. It better to watch some of his earlier films instead of this flick !!!

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‘The Dirty Picture’ is a 2011 Indian biographical drama film inspired by the life of Silk Smitha, a South Indian actress noted for her erotic roles starring Vidya Balan, Naseeruddin Shah, Tusshar Kapoor and Emraan Hashmi.The-Dirty-Picture-poster-2

1) The story of the film is not officially or literally based on Silk Smitha’s life alone, but on many of her Southern contemporaries such as Nylon Nalini and Disco Shanti. It also resembles the personal lives of other women in popular culture, including Hollywood actress and sex symbol Marilyn Monroe.1

2) Vidya Balan’s character as Silk in this film was the boldest character she has ever played in her career. It is also the boldest character ever done by any other star heroine at present.Regina Cassandra & Sai Dharam Tej in Geetha Arts Movie Stills

3) After essaying graceful roles in her previous films like ‘Parineeta’ and ‘Paa’, Vidya went through lot of mental preparation for this role since she had to shed all her inhibitions to portray herself as the controversial south Indian actress.3

4) The film was first narrated to actresses Kangana Ranaut and Bipasha Basu but later on Vidya Balan was offered the lead role. It is said that when Vidya was narrated the script and shown sketches of what she needed to wear for the portrayal, it seems that she she felt a bit uncomfortable.4

5) The film opened strong, with 60–65% collections on average at multiplexes and had the 5th biggest opening of 2011. ‘The Dirty Picture’ grossed INR1.14 billion (US$18 million) worldwide.Raghu Babu in Janmasthanam Telugu Movie Stills

6) The film won three National Film Awards including Best Actress, 3 Filmfare Awards and 6 Screen Awards including Best Picture and Best Director.5

7) Vidya had gained 12 kilograms for this film because the role she was doing of a girl who belongs to the South film industry and the actresses were mostly wholesome out there, especially the dancing stars.156709-vidya-balan-in-movie-the-dirty-picture.jpg

8) Naseeruddin Shah has performed a fast dance number in this film, a full 22 years after he last did it in the song “Tirchi Topiwale” from Tridev (1989).8

9) The film’s trailer of this fillm on YouTube got over 500,000 hits in one day and a million hits in two days.9

10) The Indian television premiere of ‘The Dirty Picture’ was telecasted on Sony Entertainment Television with 56 cuts, 36 of which were done by the producers, while other cuts were suggested by the Certification Board. The film had to go through these cuts as the telecast of an adult-rated film during prime time in India is a violation of the Cable TV Network Rules, 1994 and the Cable TV Networks (Regulation) Act, 1995.10

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1) Firstly it is a director’s film. The way director A.S.Ravi Kumar Chowdary has narrated the whole story is very refreshing on screen. All the twists and turns in this irregular formula treatment also puts the viewers connected to the story of the film.Director AS Ravikumar Chowdary @ Pilla Nuvvuleni Jeevitham 1st L

2) Next major plus of the film is the screenplay of the film. The way the director has written his screenplay on Sai Dharam Tej’s character in the first half, he writes the similar kind of screenplay for Jagapathi Babu in the second half which makes the film look new and intresting.Regina Cassandra & Sai Dharam Tej in Geetha Arts Movie Stills

3) Sai Dharam Tej shows off all his talents with his first film itself. He looks good in the comic sequences, fights and does well with the dances too. Overall he comes out with a satisfactory performance with his debut.3

4) Regina looked beautiful in her role with her traditional dresses and looks. She looks adorable and has carried off her role with atmost clarity and perfection.4

5) Jagapathi Babu once again comes out with a matured performance as Maisamma. He satisfies the roles of a comic person and a serious person with ease showing off all his experience.5

6) Raghu Babu ‘s comedy track is another highlight of the film. After a long gap Raghu Babu has done a full length comedy role and he has utilised this opportunity to the fullest entertaining the viewers right from the start of the film.Raghu Babu in Janmasthanam Telugu Movie Stills

7) Prakash Raj, Sayaji Shinde, Shafi and Jayaprakash Reddy did complete justice to their respective roles.7

8) Anoop Ruben’s has done a decent job with the songs and the background music of the film lifts the mood of the film to another level.8

9) Dasaradhi Sivendra cinematography looked beautiful and the editing by Goutham Raju was good.9

10) Production values of two big produciton houses, Geetha Arts and Sri Venkateshwara Creations were grand.10

Verdict :

Overall ‘Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham’ is a decent entertainer with some healthy comedy and refreshing screenplay. You can definetly give it a shot !!!

0 1030

1) Sunny Leone’s original name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra. The adult porn star is an Indo-Canadian and American actress, businesswoman and model.1

2) Sunny Leone was actually studying to be a pediatric nurse before joining the Adult Industry. She joined this industry at the age of 19 after her introduction to Jay Allen, a photographer for Penthouse magazine.2

3) Director Mohit Suri approached Sunny Leone for an important role in his movie “Kalyug”, but he was not happy with her $1 Million fee demand. Then later he casted Deepal Shaw for that role. Kalyug (2005) is a Bollywood action drama thriller film based on the pornographic film industry.3

4) Her first real job was at a mom and pop German bakery, when she was 15 years old. On her interview at XRentDVD she said, “I worked at a mom and pop German bakery. I ate everything there. Of course at age 15 you can eat everything.”4

5) She needed a fake name to start her career as a porn star, and since Sunny is her real name (sort of nick name) it was easy for the birth of “Sunny Leone”. Leone was picked by Bob Guccione, former owner of Penthouse magazine.5

6) Her first movie released was titled ‘Sunny’ and it was released in December 2005. She has directed 42 adult films and starred in 41 films.6

7) Sunny is married to Daniel Weber, but was engaged to Matt Erikson, vice-president of marketing at Playboy Enterprises before they broke up in 2008.7

8) Sunny Leone started to go behind the scenes and launched her own studio called “Sun Lust Pictures”, thus making her into a typical business woman. Sun Lust Pictures Inc. was founded in 2008 as a partnership between Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber (her husband). They also partnered with Vivid for worldwide distribution, thus reaching masses.9

9) In September 2009, she launched her very own iPhone application consisting of a collection of non-nude photos, some videos and a porn star-penned blog. It was in fact approved by Apple and available on iTunes for download. It was probably the first officially sanctioned application featuring a porn star. But unfortunately by February 2010, the app had been removed by Apple from the store.8

10) In 2010, she was adjudged as one of the 12 top female stars in porn by leading men’s magazine, Maxim. Sunny learned to use Glycerine to cry during dramatic scenes on the sets of ‘Jism 2’. In ‘Ragini MMS 2’, Sunny thrilled everyone with her bold avatar, but reports suggest that many of her scenes which were too bold for the Censor Board were deleted from the movie.10

11) Aamir Khan Is Her Favorite Bollywood Actor.11

12) Sunny Leone has now reached South Indian films too with her Tamil film ‘Vadacurry’ and Telugu film ‘Current Teega’.12

0 730

1) Sridevi was born on 13th of August, 1963. Her original name was Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapan on birth. She started her career at the age of four in Thirumugham’s devotional film ‘Thunaivan’.1

2) She is the first female actress to have bagged the ‘Superstar’ tag. She also acted as a child artist in 1975’s most talked about film ‘Julie’. She made her Bollywood debut as a lead star with the film ‘Solva Saavan’ in 1978.2

3) With films like Himmatwala, Tohfa, Mr India, Chandni, Nagina, Sadma; Sridevi emerged as the top star in the country. Jaya Prada was considered Sridevi’s strongest contender at that point of time. Their fierce competition was one of the worst kept secrets ever. As per a report in IMDB, during the shoot of Maqsad both the actresses would never see eye to eye. Rajesh Khanna and Jeetendra then had to lock the two actresses in a room hoping this would break the ice. But when the door was opened after two hours, they both were sitting in two corners silently.3

4) Sridevi was the first choice for Indra Kumar’s ‘Beta’. She was to star opposite Anil Kapoor in the movie. But she had already done a number of films with Anil Kapoor and thus declined the offer. The role then went to Madhuri Dixit. The ‘Dhak Dhak’ song and her powerful role made Madhuri a superstar overnight.4

5) Sridevi was also considered for a role in Jurassic Park. Steven Spielberg wanted to cast Sridevi for a brief role. But she was at the peak of her career in Bollywood then and rejected the offer. Taking up a Hollywood project would have meant a long break from Bollywood and she was not ready to lose out on her Bollywood projects because of this.5

6) Sridevi was director duo Abbas Mustan’s first choice to play the female lead in their movie Baazigar. At that point of time, Seema and Priya were supposed to be twins. And Sridevi was supposed to play a double role (Seema and Priya) in the movie. But the directors felt that killing Sridevi would only make Shah Rukh emerge as a villain. They wanted the audience to sympathise with SRK’s character and thus they had to bring relatively unknown actresses to play the part. Kajol and Shilpa Shetty eventually took up the role.6

7) Jeetendra and Sridevi emerged as the most popular couple of their times. The duo was paired romantically opposite each other in 16 films, out of which 11 films were superhit. Films like Himmatwala, Ghar Sansaar, Tohfa, Mawwali established them as the most bankable couple of the decade. Sridevi was also the highest paid Hindi actress from 1985-1992.7

8) When she made her debut in Bollywood, Sridevi was not comfortable talking in Hindi. Her voice was mostly dubbed by Naaz and Rekha had dubbed for her in Aakhiri Raasta. She dubbed her dialogues for the first time in Chandni. While Rekha was the original choice for Chandni, Jaya Prada had intially been offered Nagina. Both the films added to Sridevi’s versatality and helped her in growing a strong foothold in the industry.8

9) Sridevi has two daughters named after two famous Bollywood characters – Jhanvi and Khushi.9

10) In 2013, the Government of India awarded her the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian honor.10

11) She was also voted ‘India’s Greatest Actress in 100 Years’ in a CNN-IBN national poll conducted in 2013 on the occasion of the Centenary of Indian Cinema.11

12) She has also won 5 Filmfare Awards for Best Actress in a leading role. Lamhe, Chalbaaz and Mr India were three of them, rest two were regional films.12

0 416

1) The blockbuster of the year 1979 and the all time Telugu Classic “Sankarabharanam” released only in one theater with four people turned up for the morning show of the film.1

2) The film had a 216-day run at Royal theatre, Hyderabad.Trivikram Srinivas, Pawan Kalyan at Attarintiki Daredi Movie Working Stills

3) The blockbuster film has received 4 National Film Awards including the National Film Award for Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment, and 5 state Nandi Awards.3

4) The film was premiered at the 8th International Film Festival of India, the Tashkent Film Festival, and the Moscow International Film Festival held in May 1980.Actress Praneetha Saree Photos

5) The film has also won the Prize of the Public at the Besancon Film Festival of France in the year 1981.5

6) It is the first Telugu film to attempt the redefinition of mass culture, using calendar-art aesthetics in several garish dance sequences by Manju Bhargavi – many in front of temples – and classical music.6

7) The film was also dubbed in Tamil and Malayalam. The Malayalam version of the movie ran over 2 years of its dubbed version and is one of the biggest hit in the Malyalam film industry.7

8) The film was also remade in Hindi as ‘Sur Sangam’ (1985) with Girish Karnad and Jaya Prada.8

9) The film is listed among CNN-IBN’s list of hundred greatest Indian films of all time.Boman Irani @ Attarintiki Daredi Success Meet Stills

10) The success of this film triggered a sequence of classical films in Telugu, including –
* Tyagayya (by Bapu in 1981)
* Meghasandesam (by Dasari N. Rao in 1982),
* Sangeeta Samrat (by Singeetam Srinivasa Rao in 1984)
* Sitara (by Vamsi in 1984) and
–> Viswanath’s own follow-ups:
* Saptapadi (1981)
* Saagara Sangamam (1983)
* Swathi Muthyam (1985)
* Sirivennela (1986)
* Sruthi Layalu (1987)
* Swarna Kamalam (1988) and
* Swati Kiranam (1992)10

0 1842

1) He is the First Indian actor to start a personal website on the net.1

2) Chiranjeevi is the first South Indian actor to be invitated to attend the Oscar Awards presentation in 1987.Trivikram Srinivas, Pawan Kalyan at Attarintiki Daredi Movie Working Stills

3) Chiranjeevi was one of the highest paid actors in India beating all those yester year actors and competing with Bollywood stars.3

4) In the history of Tollywood, he is the only hero to have single, double and triple role movie records for 100 days.Actress Praneetha Saree Photos

5) Saving Chiru, no other hero in the Telugu Film Industry (past or present)- has 20 direct 100 days’ films on title role (eg – Rakshashudu, Adavi Donga, Indra etc) in the metropolis.5

6) Since 1987 only Chiranjeevi had a hit every year to cross 10 100 days centres.6

7) Except Mega Star Chiranjeevi, no other hero in the 75 year old Telugu cinema has 32 direct 100 days’ films in Hyderabad.Brahmanandam, Allari Naresh in Brother of Bommali Movie Latest Stills

8) Chiranjeevi’s music videos were one of the most viewed videos on YouTube, no other Tollywood hero was a competition for him in this aspect.Boman Irani @ Attarintiki Daredi Success Meet Stills

9) Chiranjeevi won the Southern Filmfare Award (Best Actor) for seven years.8

10) Chiranjeevi’s old hit movies are given to the distributors and exhibitors for free whenever they lose money on his new movie.10

0 414

1) Power Star Pawan Kalyan…. I think the name of this man is enough for the people to go crazy and his cut-out is enough to draw huge crowds and bring in record breaking collections for his movies. He is oviously the show stealer of the film. He entertains althrought the film with his trademark comedy and body language and also brings out lots of emotions with his acting skills towards the end.1

2) Other than Pawan the other main reason is Director Trivikram Srinivas. The way he narrates the unique script of his with his superbly written dialogues and screenplay is just commendable. The way he has shown Pawan in a complete class story with family drama is appreciable.Trivikram Srinivas, Pawan Kalyan at Attarintiki Daredi Movie Working Stills

3) The lucky charm of all heros Samantha also continues her ‘golden leg’ image with this film also. She looks cute in the film and her chemistry with Pawan Kalyan in the second half is lovely on screen.3

4) Praneeta looks beautiful with her big eyes and has given her best performance till date. Her character has equal importance as that of Samantha’s character and she has utilised it to the maximum.Actress Praneetha Saree Photos

5) Nadiya comes out with a very dignified performance as the hero’s ‘Attaya’ in the film. The story revolves around her character she has done an excellent job with her wonderful screen presence and experience.8

6) Brahmanandam steals the show in the second half as the Bhaskar Award winner and with the Ahalya drama episode along with Pawan, Samantha, Ali and the remaining cast.6

7) Music by Devi Sri Prasad is on top notch. All the songs in the album are a hit and have been picturized well too. Background score is also impressive.Brahmanandam, Allari Naresh in Brother of Bommali Movie Latest Stills

8) Cinematography by Prasad Murella is simply outstanding and the editing by Pravin Pudi is good.8

9) Boman Irani was apt in his role as Pawan’s grandfather and Rao Ramesh is asusal at his best as Nadiya’s husband.Boman Irani @ Attarintiki Daredi Success Meet Stills

10) All the rest of the cast including Kota Srinivasa Rao, Ali, MS.Narayana, Raghubabu, Mukesh Rushi, Bharath Reddy, Posani Krishna Murali, Ahuti Prasad, Brahmaji, Sameer, Hema, Srinivas Reddy, Dhanraj, Venu, Pradeep etc were good in thier respective roles.10

Verdict :

Although the makers had a piracy issue even before the release of the film, this film went on to break all the industry records and is now the biggest grosser of Tollywood. This shows the content in the film and Pawan’s super craze. This film is a hilarious family entertainer with all commercial elements. Don’t miss this one !!!

0 144

1) Firstly this film also falls under the age old Srinu Vytla formula films where in the hero shifts the entire cast to the villain’s house during the second half and fool the villan with the help of Brahmanandam.1

2) The first half of the film is a big let down as it is mostly used to introduce all the characters in the film. There is nothing much happening throughout this part. The first 20 minutes of the film will bore the audience to the core as you don’t get any clarity from the script.2

3) As there is no much story in the first half, the director tries to add some scenes which look very forced to the script. The journey of Raashi and Sundeep, thier love track and the comedy track of Saptagiri where he takes the task of teaching singing to a bear are just shown to reach the interval card with the main twist of the film.3

4) The director Kumar Nagendra failed to keep the audience engaged because of the weak narration, improper handling of the script and also a very bad screenplay.Actress Karthika Nair Hot Stills in Brother Of Bommali Movie

5) Sundeep Kishan character does not have the required importance in the film. In fact the major importance is given to Brahmanandam and Shayaji Shinde’s characters and they both have more screen presence then Sundeep.5

6) Top comedian Brahmanandam and uprising comedian Sapthagiri were simply wasted in the film.6

7) Although Raasi Khanna was fine in her role, the other two heroines – Sushma Raj and Priya Benerjee didn’t had much to show their acting skills. Infact they were just limited to their glamour show.Brahmanandam, Allari Naresh in Brother of Bommali Movie Latest Stills

8) The cinematography by M.R.Palanikumaar was not upto the mark in the film. It could have been better if the unwanted close up shots and slow motion shots were reduced in the first half of the film.8

9) The background music by Sunny was poor.9

10) S.R.Sekhar’s editing was also not noteworthy.10

Verdict :

‘Joru’ is an out and out comedy entertainer which will never make you laugh heartfully at any insctance despite all the decent efforts put in by every actor. The film always looked like it was trying to have comedy but never a film which had comedy in it.

0 234

1) Firstly director Chinni Krishna should get the credits for coming up with a new storyline, strong lead characterization, funny punchy dialogues, good situational comedy and a engaging plot which makes this film a better one than the other routine formula following movies.1

2) The first half of the film is the major highlight of the film. The love track between Naresh and Monal Gajjar has been shot well and the comedy tracks involving Naresh, Karthika, Vennela Kishore and Ali are funny in this half of the film.2

3) Allari Naresh finally gets the required hit after many days. These type of roles are tailor made for him and he does his part with ease with his funny dialogues and mark entertainment.3

4) Karthika is the surprise package of the film. She looked apt as Naresh’s tomboy natured twin sister and has given a decent performance. She has even shadowed the presence of Naresh in few scenes and her dance moments in the first song are superb.Actress Karthika Nair Hot Stills in Brother Of Bommali Movie

5) Monal Gajjar looks cute in the film and her love track with Naresh works out well on screen.5

6) Harshavardhan Rane also looks impressive with his subtle performance in his short role.6

7) Brahmanandam as Cock Kona Venkat and Ali as the undercover theif will provide you with some laughs in the second half of the film.Brahmanandam, Allari Naresh in Brother of Bommali Movie Latest Stills

8) Srinivas Reddy, Madhu and Sudigali Sudheer also are hillarious as Naresh’s friends in the film.8

9) Camera work by Vijay Kumar is decent. Especially the first two songs are shot beautifully.9

10) Editing by Gowtham Raju and Music by Sekhar Chandra were good.


Verdict :

Overall ‘Brother Of Bommali’ is a decent comedy entertainer with some good situational comedy, funny dialogues and wonderful performances by the lead cast. It is surely the best option this weekend !!!

0 4503

1) The film will be shot on Arri Alexa XT and this will be Rajamouli’s first full length feature film to be shot using digital cameras.1

2) The film is beeing shot in Telugu and Tamil and will release in Hindi and Malayalam too. It is said that the makers are also planning to release it in other foreign languages also.2

3) It is the only film that has been featured on BBC documentary on 100 years of indian cinema even before its release.3

4) The makers of ‘Bahubali’ have promised to offer Rs. 20 crores as remuneration to Prabhas making him the highest paid actor in Tollywood.4

5) Prabhas also postponed his marriage for the sake of this film and for director Rajamouli.5

6) ‘Baahubali’ is the costliest film ever that has been produced by Telugu Film Industry with almost over 100 crores budget.baahubali-new-photo

7) Anushka Shetty is the first and only heroine to be cast by Rajamouli for the second time and this is her third film with Prabhas after ‘Billa’ and ‘Mirchi’.6

8) This movie is proressing its shot with some of the best technicians roped in for this film. One being, Sabu Cyril who is a National Award winning art director.7

9) As the film is a perodic flick which includes war and fight sequences, trainers from Veitnam have been roped in specially for weapon training for the lead actors including Prabhas, Anuskha, Rana and Satyaraj.8

10) Prabhas and Rana have crossed 100-Kg weight for this film and the duo undertook a special training to put on the physique required for their roles.9

11) The diet they followed to gain weight was- the actors had to take 6-8 meals a day and every item has been strictly non-vegetarian. Food intake will have to happen for every two hours and no rice is included in the menu. The target for both actors was to consume 2,000-4,000 calories per day.10

0 240

1) The major set back in the film is that it lacked peaks and seriousness in narration. The script of the film is is inspired from a Tamil movie ’12 B’ and Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Sliding Doors’. But Puri failed in presenting the same on screen. Puri said something interesting in the audio function of the film. “I made the film without a story”. He was telling the truth. This movie does not have a story, not even something remotely close.1

2) Puri Jagannadh doesn’t concentrate on a strong storyline and his screenplay is also very bad in this film. The logic in the script too goes for a toss and it becomes very difficult to sit though the film as it has no plot, wafer-thin characterization, and a poor script and dialogues.Telugu Director Srinivas Reddy Photos

3) Don’t know how Ravi Teja jas selected a script of this kind?? This not a type of script with which he can entertain his fans nor the audience. The script did not match to his level of energy. The love track between Ravi Teja and Ileana too is not convincing.3

4) The interval scene of ‘Arati thokka’ (Banana peel) with MS.Narayana in guest role is not at all convincing as it didn’t gel well with the screenplay of the film.Devudu Chesina Manushulu Movie Release Wallpapers

5) Ileana has nothing much to do except drive the cab and look glamorous. She looks odd with her look in the film with a new hair style.5

6) Prakash Raj’s character is made to look foolish in the second half after once he starts calling Ileana as his sister. Although they are two separate stories, it will be hard for viewers to accept such radical change of feelings within the same film.Prakash Raj, Puri Jagannath at Devudu Chesina Manushulu Working Stills

7) Brahmanandam and Kovai Sarala look pretty akward as the god and goddess. They never look like Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi Devi even from a comedy perspective.Capture

8) The dialogues are poorly written. They do not match upto the standars of Puri. This can be said as his worst film ever in all departments.8

9) The climax is another big dissapointment in the film as the sister sentiment card which is tried out in a comical way never brings in any laughs and infact looks very bad.9

10) Although some of the songs are good to hear, Raghu Kunche’s background score does not gel with emotions of the film.10

Verdict :

‘Devudu Chesina Manushulu’ is definetly not a film of Puri Jagannadh’s caliber and is a bad offering from Ravi Teja. The movie fails to entertain in all parts of the film. It’s better to stay away from this flick !

0 415

1) The major plus of the film is the freshness in the script. The main story of the film deals with the relationship between a normal father and his son. And the cute love story around the main plot will surely give you a wonderful cinematic experience althrought the film.1

2) Director Bhaskar has to be credited for his outstanding screenplay and selection of script. He scores full out of full for his filmmaking just with his debut movie. The way he dealt with both fun scenes and emotional scenes requires a special mention.2

3) Hero Siddardha’s perfromance in this film is his best one of all his films. These type of roles are a cake walk for this consummate actor. He acts perfectly as a rich and sophisticated boy. His character will easily get connected with today’s youth.3

4) The surprise show stealer of the film is Genelia. She looks amazing in chic skirts and tops with her innocent looks and cute mannerisms. She gives out her best and everyone will just fall in love with her character after watching this film. Her voice dubbed by Savitha is another plus point.4

5) Prakash Raj as Siddu’s father is another plus to the film. He shows his class with his fluid acting style and mesmerises with his performance. Jaya Sudha also shows her experience and supports Prakash as his wife in the film.5

6) This film is the best example of perfect casting. Why ??? You can notice this in the confrontation scene where Siddu opens out with Prakash and Jaya Sudha. This scene is the main highlight of the film as each and every artist come out with a wonderful and matured performance, especaially Siddu, Prakash and Jaya Sudha.6

7) Devi Sri Prasad’s tunes are a gift to this film. Each and every song looks good to the ear and are hummable. He also scores a plus with his background score.7

8) Cinematography by Vijay.K.Chakravarthy is on top notch. He makes the film a visual treat with his amazing camera work.8

9) The comedy scenes of Chitram Seenu, Vijay and Ravi Varma in the first half and Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Kota Srinivas Rao in the second half have come out well. Sunil as servant in Prakash Raj’s house is just hilarious.9

10) Dil Raju who knows the recipe for success has given a much more delicious film than his other hit films with his high on production values.10

Verdict :
‘Bommarillu’ is a pure example of a director’s faith in his script and his screenplay. All the wonderful performaces of the lead cast and some nice talent from the crew made the film a grand success. This film is surely one of the most well-written and innovative films that Tollywood has produced in recent years.

0 106

1) The main plot of ‘Damarukam’ has some similarities to ‘Govinda Govinda’ and ‘Bhairava Dweepam’ where an evil guy wants to offer a woman, born in a certain Nakshatram, in sacrifice to attain dominion over the world. So, there is nothing fresh in the story aand the story never really achieves any emotional peaks.1

2) Director Srinivas Reddy’s attempt to combine mythology with a contemporary touch in this socio-fantasy film, replete with visual effects is ok, but normal audience who don’t know anything much about these aspects get bored to the core as they don’t get to know what’s happening on the screen.Telugu Director Srinivas Reddy Photos
3) The main point were this movie is let down is the computer graphics. As Nagarjuna said post release that the last 30 minutes of CG work is top-notch, it doesn’t live up to the glorious claim of matching the standards of a ‘Lord Of The Rings’ by any measure. These aspects pull down the film to a large extent when they are not properly executed.3
4) The comedy track in the film with Brahmanandam, Krishna Bhagavan and MS Narayana look very forced and has nothing to do with the script of the film. The first half passes away like this with some unnecessary comedy track which are never entertaining.4
5) Though Nagarjuna comes out with a decent perfromance as Mallikarjuna, his characterization lacked the required substance. Rather than making him seem to be piggybacking on Shiva’s divine support, his character should have been written to look like someone with a steely determination to go all alone. His dialogues could have been better written.5
6) There are some illogical episodes like when the Aghoras, who are supposed to be in Benaras, try to revive an injured Mallikarjuna elsewhere and why does the supernaturally-gifted villain not want to possess Nag, just like he killed and possessed Ganesh Venkatraman? Is it because he fears Shiva’s wrath? The answer cannot be said with certainty. There are a lot of holes in the plot and the director just could not succeed in delivering a convincing explanation for some sequences.6
7) Prakash Raj’s look and attire as Sambayya is not divine enough. His dialogue delievery also was not upto his standards.7
8) The director also fails in coming out with a clear screenplay and narration of the story. He could not justify the twists and generate the dramatics between the three principle characters in the second half.8
9) Chota K Naidu’s cinematography is just average. This is surely not something we expect from a wonderful cameraman like him.9
10) Anushka though has an important character she no where does she talk or think like a Goddess Parvathi on earth.10

Verdict :

It looked as though the director had a mammoth vision in his head but was not able to translate it fruitfully on screen. “Damarukam” is a big failure with respect tot he director as he just couldn’t handle the scale of the movie.

0 145
1) Firstly the film directed by the Burmawala brothers, Abbas and Mustan is a fast paced action thriller where they come out with a thrilling study of wickedness, childhood grudge and a blow of fate.1
2) The main reason to watch this film is the twists in the story. One can never predict exactly whats gonna happen next. Just when you think, this could be the last twist in the tale, it surprises you with another twist. 2
3) The lead performance by the two brothers in the movie- Saif Ali Khan and Akshaye Khanna. They look powerful in thier respective roles and deliever a classy performance all through the movie.  3
4) Coming to the heroines of the film- Bipasha Basu and Katrina Kaif, they add the required glamour quotient to the film. They justify their role to perfection. Bipasha sizzles in ‘Allah Duhai Hai’ while Katrina gets seductive with a ‘Touch me, kiss me’ tenor.4
5) Anil Kapoor gives us the required comic relief in the film with his friuty jokes. Sameera Reddy also supports Anil as his secretary with her one liners.5
6) The hidden star of the film is non other than the action director Allan Amin. The action episodes are top class and slickly executed.6
7) The cinematography by Ravi Yadav is another big asset for the film as the visuals looks stunning on screen.7
8) The music by Pritam are lively to hear and the background score by Salim-Sulaiman also elevates each and every scene.8
9) The direction is well complimented by a wonderful screenplay throught the film and the twists and turns in the script are showcased clearly without creating any confusion on screen.9
10) Editing of Hussain A. Burmawala is also crisp and sharp.10
Verdict :
“Race” is a perfect commercial pot boiler as it has all the ingridients including some wonderful performances by the lead cast, good music, beautiful visuals, high on style and glamour, nice direction and screenplay, lots of action and twists every twenty minutes. A must watch film !!!

0 105


1) The master story-teller Mani Ratnam has selected a unique script by taking the story-line from the mythology for this film. He has selected a very nice plot to showcase the modern day Ramayana but where he falters is in the pacing of the script. The pace at which the film goes is dead slow which will bore the viewers to the core.mani-ratnam-will-be-the-guest-of-honour-002
2) There is nothing much really happening through the film. The plotline is really simple, and that’s stretched through the film’s running length. The narration of the film is another big minus to the film.2-001
3) The movie starts off fine but the pace drops considerably and until interval the movie goes in a more sluggish manner without any story. And the unnecessary slow motions shots will definetly test your patience.3-001
4) Abhishek Bachchan tries hard but fails to lift the character of the anti-hero (Raavan) to another level altogether. May be some less mud and antics on his face would have allowed the natural actor in him to surface and bloom.4-001
5) Govinda is utterly underutilised in this film who makes for a very disappointing Hanuman in this Ramayan adaptation.5-001
6) The screenplay by Mani Ratnam is a big failure in this film as it needed more substance and bite.6-001
7) Vikram who plays the role of Dev (Ram) by and large remains a side hero, somewhat undefined and formless in the movie.7-001
8) The climax of the film is a big confusion. . The reason for that is, we don’t know who is right and who is wrong. Is Dev (Vikram) the bad guy? Yes, according to the movie he might have been, but morally he is right.8-001
9) The movie lacked chemistry between Vikram and Aishwarya Rai, their relationship demanded more screen time for the audience to feel the connect.9-001
10) The Dialogues in the film also were not upto the mark of Mani.10-001
Verdict :
“Raavan” is literally a work of art where one luminescent frame follows another as the scenes keep shifting from one wet and rocky landscape to another misty mountainscape. Although its high on technical standards,  a little more attention to the narrative was desperately needed in “Raavan”. 

0 196
1) Manchu Manoj who is best known for his energy has come out with something very suitable to his personality. He is seen as VIP Sangam President Raju who does some social works in the village along with his group of friends as they don’t have any particular work to do. His comedy timing and action sequences are something to watch out in this film.
2) Rakul Preet Singh who is the much talked about heroine in recent times will surely impress every one with her looks, performance and glamour. She plays the role of a school girl and as the love intrest of Manoj. She completely dominates Manoj in the love track between both of them.
3) One main thing the masses get attracted to this movie is with the inclusion of this women in the movie, she is none other than Sunny Leone. She plays the role of a school teacher for Rakul. Though she has a limited character in the film, her special song is a scorcher.
4) Jagapathi Babu who has been doing challenging roles also gives out a decent performance as as a strict father and a respected man in the village. He does full justice to his role and shows off all his experience.
5) Well this guy is an absolute surprise in the film. Sampoornesh Babu will be seen in a small cameo as Sunny’s hubby along with his trade mark dialogues.
6) The major plus to the film are the fights by Ram Sunkara and thrills by Manchu Manoj. The way the action sequences are shot and showcased on screen is just wonderful. Its an absolute treat to watch Manoj in the action scenes who is well-known for doing risky stunts in all his films.
7) The comedy is another highlight of the film. The comedy scenes involving some adult jokes by Manoj, Venela Kishore, Dhanraj and the episode of stealing the gun of Jagapathi Babu by Manchu Manoj and Thagubothu Ramesh are total fun. The scenes involving Prithvi, Siva Reddy and Jhothi have been shot well and will bring out some laughs.
8) The music by Achu is simply superb. Songs like “Pilla o pilla”, “Padahaarellainaa”, “Kallalo Vunna Prema” stand out to be the best in the album. “Devadasu” song sung by Manoj is already a hit and “Sunny Sunny”, “Erra Cheera” songs will connect to the masses. Achu also impresses with his background score too.
9) The romantic track between Manoj and Rakul have come out well. 
10) The cinematography by Sathish Mutyala was good. He showcases the village atmoshere very lively and colourful.
Verdict :
Overall “Current Theega” is a pakka mass masala entertainer with decent comedy, high voltage action scenes and nice music. Keeping the thin story line aside you can surely give this film a shot for this weekend !!!

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shahrukh khan-localhost/hd
1)  Firstly when you get to know that the film stars  Shahrukh Khan and Kajol, one of the Best Bollywood pair on screen ever, the auidence expect a beautiful love story like ‘DDLJ’ or ‘KKHH’. But to the utter dissapointment its the other way around as the story is a message oriented film with a small love story in its back drop.
shahrukh kajol-localhost/hd
2) Although Shahrukh is a mere superstar in Hindi cinema’s cosmology, this film is not a satisfactory material to all his Indian fans, as the film on a whole looks like the superstar might have done this film to expand his acting range and possibly his international fan base. Shahrukh plays an Indian in America battling the double whammy of living with Asperger’s Syndrome and as a Muslim man in the post-9/11 world.
shahrukh khan-localhost/hd
3) The film has some scenes that will bruise you. Yet despite all this, “My Name is Khan” never becomes the empowering, inspiring Forest Gump-like epic. Mainly because the connective tissue tying it together is deeply flawed and in places, embarrassingly naive.
shahrukh khan-localhost/hd
4) The script of the film is very complex covering several events that have made headlines in the past, which is hard for a common audience to enjoy his two and half hour time and money.
shahrukh khan-localhost/hd
5) The film does not have any masala factor and no comic fillers which are normally expected in every Shahrukh Khan film.
shahrukh khan-localhost/hd
6) The film also deals with the religious aspects too. But the film does make you cringe at the thought of being in a situation like countless Muslims and Sikhs have been because of their appearance or surname.
7) The lengthy run time of the film is also another minus to the film. As the film has less entertainment quotient, the film’s run time could have been made more shorter.
shahrukh khan-localhost/hd
8) Shibani Bathija’s story and Karan Johar’s direction majorly concentrates on the global audience.
karan Johar-localhost/hd
9) The film veers into melodrama and contrivances in the second half which will bore the audience a bit.
shahrukh khan-localhost/hd
10) The movie doesn’t have any songs rather all of them are in the background.
shahrukh khan-localhost/hd
Verdict :
“My Name is Khan” is not a commercial film like Shahrukh Khan and Kajol’s previous flicks, it has several messages in it. Unless you are bored of regular commercial flicks…. Give this film a try !!!

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Have you heard of the movie Tum Mere Ho? It stars Aamir Khan and I for one cannot believe Aamir Khan actually made these kind of movies. Kanan Gill literally kills this movie review.

‘Kaategi Kya?’ Didn’t understand? Watch the review NOW!

This is one of the funniest movie reviews I have ever seen.

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