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Making remakes in Bollywood has been geared up these days with many rip offs of Hollywood movies are releasing every year with most of them are a complete disappointment. However, it’s not something that has just begin happening in Bollywood. India has been making copy of Foreign movies way before you could ever imagined. Here are some of the best remakes made by Bollywood before 2000 you could’n have known.

1. Chamatkar (1992) remake of Blackbeard’s Ghost (1968)


2. Agneepath (1990) remake of The Path of fire (1983)


3. Baazigar (1993) remake of Kiss before Dying (1991)


4. Joh Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (1994) remake of breaking Away (1979)


5. Criminal (1995) remake of The Fugitive (1993)

bollywood-hollywood-remake-22 (1)

6. Yaarana (1995) remake of Sleeping with the Enemy (1991)


7. Judwaa (1997) remake of Twin Dragon (1992)


8. Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha (1998) remake of French Kiss (1995)

hqdefault (1)

9. Sangharsh (1999) remake of The Silence of the Lambs (1991)


10. Bichhoo (2000) remake of The Professional (1994)


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Merits :

1) ‘Andhra Pori’ is the official remake of Ravi Jadhav’s Marathi blockbuster ‘Time Pass’ (2014). The director of this film Raj Mudiraj (‘Rushi’ fame) has managed to set the tone of this youthful love story well without any vulgarity. The way the story is set and showcased amidst a unique couple is also good and some emotional scenes in the second half will surely connect with the audience.1

2) Akash Puri is woderful in his role as the main lead and makes a decent debut with this flick. His body language, diction, dialogue delivery is appreciable and he has got his act right so effortlessly with his very first film itself. He is particularly good in the emotional scenes especially in the climax and he also manages his Telangana accent quite nicely. He surely has the ability to get into the star league after he gets trained in all the departments in the future.2

3) TV serial actress Ulka Gupta (‘Jhansi Ki Rani’ fame) is no doubt an exceptional talent and she proves it with her first feature film in Telugu. Her performance and expressions are the major highlights for this film and especially in the emotional scenes, her performance is simply amazing. She is a perfect fit for the role and she carries off her part with ease as these type of characters might be a cake walk for this star serial actress.3

4) Srikanth Iyenger has done a pretty good job as Ulka Gupta’s angry father and he aslo brings in the some laughs here and there. Veteran actress Eshwari Rao looks realistic as a caring mother of Akash Puri. Uttej chips in with a nice small role as the theatre owner. Rest of the cast including Poornima, Krishna Swamy, Abhinaya and others are ok in their respective roles.4

5) ‘Rushi’ fame Arvind Krishna and ‘Prema Ishq Kadhal’ fame Srimukhi are good in their limited roles as Ulka’s brother and music teacher respectively. Even though they are seen in small roles, they make their presence felt with their performances.5

6) Cinematography by Praveen Vanamali is colourful and he has shown the rural atmosphere of Khammam quiet wonderfully. Telangana dialogues written for Akash are very good and are humorous too.

Hyderabad: Stills from Telugu film `Andhra Pori`. (Photo: IANS)

7) Music by Josyabhatla is good and the background score too looks soothing. Songs like ‘Dethadi’ and the title track are catchy.7

De-merits :

1) The main drawback of the film is the pace with which the film moves forward. The love story is unnecessarily prolonged without any strong reason. The complete story moves at a snail paced manner and mainly the second half is dragged to the core.8

2) The story of the film too is quite routine and these type of youthful love stories have been seen in Tollywood many times before in the past. Even though the love story was dealt in a different manner with that of a Andhra girl and Telangana boy, we get to a feel of missing something once the movie gets finished as some scenes don’t have a perfect ending. Keeping the love story aside, the film also does not have enough drama to keep the audiences interested.9

3) The screenplay of the film is quiet predictable as there is nothing much interesting to watch out for. Unfortunately the director could not recreate the magic of the original flick with this remake. The film had a message towards the end, but it doesn’t have the required effect on the viewers.10

4) There are certain logics missing in the film too, like the heroine’s father believes in values and breaks the love between her daughter and hero, but leaves his son Aravind just like that with Sri Mukhi in the end. There director has left it for the viewers to decide why?11

5) Editing by Srikar Prasad was not upto the mark. He should have used his scissors more in trimming the second half for about 15-20 minutes. The run time of 140 minutes is too high for the routine storyline like this.

Hyderabad: Stills from Telugu film `Andhra Pori`. (Photo: IANS)

6) The graphics showcased in the film are of very poor quality. The animation episode in a song doesn’t have any much effect and the cooling tower sequence too is medicore.13

Verdict :

‘Andhra Pori’ is a clash between some decent debuts from Akash and Ulka Gupta with a dragged narration and routine story. People who like to watch teenage love stories can surely give this film a try. Overall this film remains to be a positive attempt yet a wasted opportunity!!

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It is every actors dream to play a mainstream role in Hollywood movies, but doesn’t get an opportunity as it takes a lot of effort, recognition and stardom to star in any big Hollywood project. However, there are many Indian superstars who have turned down exclusive offers from big foreign projects, whether due to date issues or not wanting to cross steps into the foreign genre. Here is a special list of Indian actors who have rejected a mainstream role in Hollywood movies.

1. Shahrukh Khan: He rejected Anil Kapoor’s role in Slumdog Millionaire as he thought it wasn’t meant for him to play.


2. Deepika Padukone: She turned down a mainstream role in Fast And Furious 7 as she was busy shooting for Happy New Year


3. Its not only Khans who rejected Hollywood roles, Akshay Kumar has also refused to star in any Foerign movie as he think he don’t belong to Hollywood and satisfied with Indian movies.


4. Aishwarya Rai Bacchann: She have been in many Hollywood movies, but she also rejected the role of Briseis in Oscar Nominated director Wolfgang Petersen’s movie Troy as she did not wanted to get cozy with Brad Pitt.


5. Ronit Roy: He is one of the finest actors in India, which landed him in a role of Oscar award winning movie Zero Dark Thirty, but refused as he was busy shooting for Student of the year. He later regretted not doing the film.


6. Payal Rohtagi: Well, we are not kidding. A French director approached her to star in an International movie, but turned down as he wanted her for whole two years.


7. Priyanka Chopra: She may be enjoying her fame in America these days, but she could have got it earlier if wouldn’t have rejected a role in Immortals due to dates collaborating with 7 Khoon Maaf.


8. Hrithik Roshan: Rob Cohen also approached the handsome Hrithik Roshan for a movie, but his father refused as he thought its not the time for him to do foreign movies.


9. Irrfan Khan: The name is more than enough in movie industry, both Hollywood and Bollywood. He has been in several quality Hollywood movies with Slumdog Millionaire and Life of Pi winning Oscars. However, he also refused the role of Matt Damon in Master director Christopher Nolan’s movie due to dating issues with Lunchbox, which later won universal critical acclaim and awards all over the world. It sure takes guts to refuse Christopher Nolan’s movie.


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South has played a dominant role in Bollywood film industry. We have some great masala movies which are inspired from South and likewise, the South has also inspired many characters. As we see more evolution in Bollywood, culture and origin is now an important aspect in every movie. Apart from the character, its backdrop is also important. Here are 7 South Indian characters in Bollywood movies, who mesmerized us with their performance:

1. Dhanush in Raanjhana

hdHe plays the role of Tamil priest belonging to orthodox family. He falls in love with a Muslim girl in the movie which is played by Sonam Kapoor.

2. Deepika Padukone in Chennai Express


With the charms of South Indian beauty and the perfect accent, she completely justified the role of Meenama.

3. Vidya Balan in Dirty Picture


Silk Smitha biopic was not an easy one specially for Vidya Balan, yet this actress convincingly played the role and even won a National award for it.

4. Mehmood in Padosan

hd3The song Ek Chaturnar Badi Hoshiyaar is enough to define the epicness of this character and how we love it even today.

5. Shah Rukh Khan in Ra One

hd4Though the film was not an outstanding one but this South Indian character from the movie won hearts for the innocence, the romance and the love. We also like some typical south Indian traits in the movie which were a comic relief.

6. Alia Bhatt in 2 States


She plays the love interest of Arjun Kapoor in the movie who is a North Indian. Her character breaks the stereotype of every South Indian character in Bollywood movie.

7. Prabhudeva in ABCD


He plays a South Indian choreographer in the dance movie ABCD.

8. Sridevi in Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja

hd7She plays the character of the South Indian crook in the movie.


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1) Firstly director Krishna Vijay should be credited for selecting an off beat film like this which is quiet rare in Tollywood. The way he has written his story as per Nara Rohit’s body language, the way he has narrated the script with an engaging screenplay and the way he has planned his scenes so that the story reaches both to the mass and class audience is worth mentioning. On a whole Krishna Vijay is no doubt a promising talent who has the ability to make it big with different kind of films like this.12) The story of the film is the biggest plus of the film. The whole story revolves around a central jail where a jailer fights to hang a criminal who is desparate to escape his hanging and wants to leave to Dubai at any cost. The suspence elements plays a vital role in the action thriller movies and this flick has enough of it. The interval bang and the second half are a must watch in this film and the climax will surely take you by surprise. The hanging portion is very well designed and these scenes make the film look fresh on screen.2

3) Once again Nara Rohit proves his taste for different cinema and succeeds in bringing out a gripping thriller with his power packed performance in the movie. He looks very settled in his role of Jailer Dharma Teja and he nails it down with his attitude. His baritone is his greatest gift and he is wonderful with his dialogue delievery.3

4) Ravi Varma is the surprise package of this fillm. After ‘Vennela’, he get a very good character and this is his best performance till date. He has got a good screen presence and with a creepy smile on his face, he impresses every one with his talent. He had very less dialogues in the film but he has done his role of a prisoner who desperately plans to get out of the prison with ease.4

5) The dialogues in the film are another biggest asset of the film. Some lines are wonderfully written with lot of depth and the poetry that comes in the film bring in more intensity to the story. Especially all the confrontation scenes with Nara Rohit and Ravi Varma have been designed exceptionally well.5

6) Sai Karthik’s music is the back bone of the film. He has done a wonderful job with his versatile tunes. ‘Peru Theliyani’ is a beautiful melody, ‘Sukumaara’ is a classy item track, ‘Potettine Toorupu’ is a typical title track and ‘Yuddham Cheyara’ is perfect situational song. His background score also stood as the highlight of the film.6

7) Cinematography by Vishweswar is outstanding as all the visuals look classy on screen giving the film a rustic look. The different light schemes used in the jail episodes is impressive. Production Values of Deva media & Entertainment, Kushal Cinema, Aran Media works too were fine.7

8) Priya Benarjee looks beautiful in the film and has done a decent job with her short role. She impresses with her looks and eyes in the close up shots and is good in the song too.8

9) ‘Chakravakam’ Madhu and Sathya are good as the badies in the film. Vennela Rama Rao is pretty decent as the constable and the rest of the cast including Bhanu, Rupa Devi too were fine in their respective roles. Anukriti Sharma and Sri Vishnu are seen in a sexy item number which can make the masses watch the film one more time just for this song and Anukriti’s oozing skin show in it.9

10) Editing by Dharmendra was fine and the short run time of about 2 hours is a big plus to the film. The locations chosen for the jail surroundings and the entire set up of the film looks outstanding.10

Verdict :

With some decent performances from the cast, refreshing script, good twists, nice music and cool visuals ‘Asura’ is a decent watch that deserves our time. To tell, this is definitely a different film from the routine commercial entertainers which has the potential to keep you engaged and travel with the story.

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The World has some great female dancers who can dance in a sexy accent making every man’s dream comes true. But there are some Indian actresses as well who have performed some of the sexiest dance moves that would complex any foreign dancers. Here are some best dance moves by Indian actresses that are sexier than any foreign dancers.

1. Sri Devi’s bold moves in the song “I Love You”


2. Deepika Padukone’s Lovely is certainly a pleasure to watch.


3.  Who can forgot “Choli Ke Peechhe” from Madhuri Dixit?


4.  Surely, there is something about Aishwarya’s Thumka in “kajraa re”!


5. After six years gap from bollywood, Madhuri still delivered the best dance song of the year with “Aaja Nachle”


6. “Engine ki seeti” The best funky dance in recent times done by eccentric Sonam kapoor


7. With such bold steps, Sunny Leone can make any foreign dancers to feel guilty of choosing the profession.


8. “Chhaiyya Chhaiyya is still considered as the best dance song of India with best moves from then newcomer Malaika Arora.


9. Here, Katrina surely giving tough competition to Shakira.


10. Miss Universe showing a ‘like that’ move, so sexy!!!


11. Only Malaika Arora Khan could perform such a cheesy song with perfection and moves that made every men drool.


12. Finally who can forget the sexy dance moves from “Tip Tip Barsa Pani” featureing Raveena Tandon in a beautiful Saree.


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Surely Indian movies are full of action and romance that makes them the so called Masala movies. However, sometimes, the directors just put too much ingredients in a few of the scenes that not only makes them horrible but also unbearable to watch. Some action movie directors like Rohit Shetty feels like more, the action, the better the movie gets review. However, doing so, they seem to forget that there are things called sense and gravity. Below are shown some of the worst action stunts one could ever see in Indian movies.

1. Surely it’s something only Salman could accomplish, but have some sense of fear and logic, man!4Iwrd0A



2. I wonder how did he manage to catch all those axes in two hands, even Prince of Persia would be surprised.23



3. Never saw a car rolling with so much sincerity6191_5506eea049603



4. Salman’s kick triggering a blast in the water drums. Unearthly!!!ADzBjWU


5. When Ajay Devgan and Rohit Shetty collaborate, This is the result we get.bollywood-action-o



6. One punch is more than enough for all the goons.bZGtLLT

7. Adding a little bit of romance with a car, Surely a Rohit Shetty movie!!!dchnNNP

 8. Know this, anything is possible in South movies.fHTNXh2

 9. You just don’t mess with the RajniKanth!!!nkwpA7w

10. Who needs a chopper when you can convert a jeep into one with just a bullet?PhrgLL0

11. Yanna Rascala!!! It’s Rajni, So mind it!!Qx836BO

 12. A leg triggering a tornado, Just Outrageous!!!tumblr_mktfpdDiFu1rbukizo1_400

 13. Aerodynamics redefined by the God!!!YKZJQk8


14. When famous Die hard stunt goes horribly wrong!!!hDEl53v

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1) The script of the film is a big disappointment as it fails to the core due to its routine format. Manchu Vishnu has done a very poor job in providing a decent story to this film. In fact this is the worst ever script provided for a parody film as there is no head and tail to the story and scenes written. If the story would have been a bit interesting than this, then the overall result could have a been even better. Looks like Manchu Vishnu has initiated this project just to cash upon the craze of Sampoo that he has achieved through ‘Hrudaya Kaleyam’.1

2) As a debutant director, Akshat Ajay Sharma showed no encouraging sign with this film as he had nothing much to prove with a script like this. The film tries to be a cross between ‘Sudigaadu’ and ‘Hrudaya Kaleyam’ as this film follows the same template of indulgent spoofs and confused presentation. The director even failed to show this film as a total parody/spoof film or a serious mainstream flick as he falls flat with his presentation.2

3) The screenplay is also a big let down in the film. Manchu Vishnu too has handled the screenplay of the film for the first time. He has just taken lots of references from last one decade’s Telugu super hit films and different hero’s heroism in penning this project. However, neither this made any sense nor it had any real fun moments to oblige as much of it was logic less screenplay.3

4) People who like and can laugh to Sampoornesh Babu’s funny style of acting, spoofy dialogues, comedy looks, silly expressions and over the board fights will surely enjoy this film and Sampoo’s performance. But for the rest of them it’s just non-sense. Sampoornesh has got a dream debut through ‘Hrudaya Kaleyam’ but he cannot do films of the same kind just for his so called die hard fans. He needs to improve upon his acting skills and should select decent scripts to sustain as a good actor in the industry.4

5) Bangalore based girl Sanam Shetty is a simply wasted stuff in this film. She was not given due importance as she appears only in limited scenes just to prove her presence. The romantic track between Sampoo and Sanam is also very ridiculous. There are many chances to churn out some decent comedy between the hero and heroine but the director and writer did not take much advantage of this point instead they focused much on the spoofy part.5

6) Bhavani as Lingam was very bad as the villain in the film. He could not do full justice to his role. His dialogues were not in par with his lip sink. Viva Harsha did not suit to his character at all. Rest of the cast including Prudhvi, Annapurna had nothing special do add to the film.6

7) The parody dialogues by Diamond Ratnam will make you laugh at times but none of them gels well with the script. All the spoof lines taken from past hit movies were just not enough to create the required humor.7

8) Cinematography by Satish Muthyala had nothing new. Some shots were clumsy on screen especially the fights sequences. The editing too was below average.8

9) Music and background score by Seshu had no effect on the film. They come and pass just like that. Production values of 24 Frames are pretty ordinary.910) If you go to the logical side of the film, there are many scenes with some illogical elements. The worst of all is, Sampoo diving into a lake in Singarayakonda and his rising up in South Africa.


Verdict :

Only people who can laugh for some silly spoofs can watch this film and people who are well-versed with parodies can simply avoid it. Finally to tell ‘Singham 123’ is a poorly made film with a lazy idea which fails to live up to the even lowest standards of comedy, but was made just to cash upon the craze of Sampoornesh Babu.

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Bollywood has long been know to turn to Hollywood for every possible excuse. Here are 31 posters of Indian movies that prove the fact yet again!

1. 1

2. 2

3. 3

4. 4

5. 5

6. 6

7. 7

8. 8

9. 9

10. 10

11. 11

12. 12

13. 13

14. 14

15. 15

16. 16

17. 17


19. 19

20. 20

21. 21

22. 22

23. 23

24. 24

25. 25

26. 26

27. 27

28. 28

29. 29


31. 31


Slow Clap!!!

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Nirnaayakam comes with the captions such as it is an insider about the judicial system. But the movie scripted by Bobby and Sanjay is quite restricted in pursuing its aim. A fifteen minute debate that happens inside the court had some fire power and that was the only energetic portion in this V K Prakash movie. Lets look at the pros and cons of this movie.


  1. Actor / Producer Prem Prakash gets his career best role and has done complete justice to it. The role of the socially committed lawyer was nicely performed by Prem Prakash with energy and emotions flowing perfectly.


  2. I wont say the screenplay is completely perfect, but the second half research done by Bobby Sanjay duo that kind of gives a new information to all deserves appreciation. The sensible arguments in that portion of the movie are probably the only positive in the writing part.

    Nirnayakam Photos _34_

  3. The music of the movie is a good one. The two songs are in sync with the narration and also help the movie in moving forward.


  4. Shehnad Jalal’s cinematography was nice. The frames had the depth every scene demanded.


  5. The actors Lena and Sudheer Karamana delivered a mature performance in their supporting roles as characters part of the judicial system.



  1. V K Prakash’s making hasn’t done anything refreshing to present this weak screenplay in an exciting way. The melodrama in the script is evident in the making and a movie with a theme like this should have been treated in a much realistic manner.


  2. This is probably the weakest script from the acclaimed duo Bobby and Sanjay. The spacing of the screenplay is really awkward. Hell a lot of time has been given to a less important central character who is in search of courage. And because of that, a large portion of this small movie becomes dull.


  3. Asif Ali in the main role isn’t that impressive. The emotional burden on the character of Ajay is heavy and the actor wasn’t that comfortable in handling those.


  4. Edits were not that great from Mahesh Narayanan. The scenes without much relevance get the limelight at many points. The cuts also lacked an aggression which was essential for the narrative.

With many flaws in making, Nirnaayakam is watchable only because of its social commitment factor. Not the best of Bobby Sanjay.

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Tollywood has been gaining so much fame these days, which can be seen on Hindi movie channels as recently, most of the movies shown on televisions are from the South. Also, due to the emergence of actors such as R. Madhavan, Siddhartha, Asin, Genelia D’Souza, Sonu Sood, Dhanush and many more have also increased the interest of audience in South movies. Even though these movies have collected a huge amount of box office collection along with critical acclaim, the TV channels show these movies with their Hindi translated names, which is actually pretty hilarious. Here are some of the most outrageous Hindi Translation names of South movies with their English meanings that will make your stomach hurt from laughing.


1. Daruvu (2012) – Jeene nahi doonga (Won’t Let You Live)


2. Arrambam (2015) – Player ek khiladi (Player, An Entertainer)



3. Irumbu Kuthirai (2014) – Dhoom Machale (Make Some Blast)



4. Aatadista (2008) – Daring Gundaraj (Daring criminal World)




5. Thulasi (2007) – The Real Man Hero (The Real Man Hero)



6. Satyam (2015) – The Return of Khakee (The return of Khaki)



7. Thimiru (2006) – The Return of Zid (The Return of Stubbornness)



8. Nuvvostanante nenoddantana (2005) – Mr. Idiot Ek Dilwala (Mr. Idiot, A bighearted)


9. Rechipo (2009) – Aaj Ka Naya Khiladi (Today’s New Player)



10. Athisaya ulagam (2014) – Godzilla Mera Saathi ( Godzilla, My Friend)



11. Majaa (2005) – Dada No. 1 (Brother No. 1)



12. Pokiri (2006) – Tapori Wanted (Vagrant Wanted)



13. Khatarnak (2006) – Main Hoon Khatarnak ( I Am Dangerous)



14. Sankham (2009) – Phir Ek Most Wanted (Most wanted Once More)


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Director Zoya Akhtar is back with yet another enlightening entertainer in the form of Dil Dhadakne Do that follows the same pattern of her previous film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara. As the formula still looks fresh, this “live your life to the fullest” ideology movie looks extremely pleasing for the audience. Lets look in to those positives that makes this movie worth spending your three hours.

  1. Captain of the ship Zoya Akhtar has done an impressive job in directing the movie. Her typical style of keeping it much realistic without much background score has been followed here. Even in silent pauses you can sense humor and sentiments and I believe that’s the greatness of the making.


  2. The script fundamentally is a copy of ZNMD. But Reema and Zoya have reworked on it to give it a completely new outlook and also widen the scope for being sarcastic about the older generation’s peripheral analysis. The feminist agenda is more practical and loud in DDD.


  3. The dialogues by Farhan Akhtar are fabulously cool and interestingly intellectual. The real feel Zoya wanted to keep was aided by Farhan’s contribution as a dialogue writer. Just like Imran’s poems in ZNMD, Javed Akhtar once again mesmerizes us with his thoughts that have been narrated through the voice of Aamir Khan who lends voice to the family’s dog, Pluto Mehra.


  4. Anil Kapoor has done a fabulous job in portraying the industrialist with all faults and orthodox conventions. Ranveer Singh elegantly modulates the character offered to him. The shyness he shows in front of elders and the gradual progress that finally ends up in a big quarrel with his parents was conceived very impressively by the actor. Priyanka Chopra presented Ayisha’s complications impressively. Shefali Shah did a good job in portraying the role of Neelam. The extended cameos of Anushka and Farhan were also quite effective.


  5. Carlos Catalan’s cinematography was extremely good. Some very grand visuals of landscapes were filmed nicely and I liked that single shot song “Gallan Goodiyan”.


  6. The music from the trio Shanker Ehsaan Loy was in sync with the theme. The title track, Gallan Goodiyan and Pehli Baar sets the mood of the movie.


The only negative you could sense is in its repetitive characterization that has adapted a lot from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara. But still Dil Dhadakne Do has enough and more entertainment and a bit of enlightenment to keep you engrossed.

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Electronic Media is a powerful medium. It can make you a star or destroy you in a matter of minutes. But what happens when the so-called media journalists start taking their work too lightly.
See what happens when a reporter asks some really dumb questions to Amitabh Bachchan at a press conference.

Kudos to Mr. Bachchan for shutting up the reporter in a gentle but firm manner!!!

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Tollywood is an enterprise of talents, acclaimed action movies to power packed performance, we have seen the films evolving with time. Even Bollywood couldn’t keep its eyes off from the South attraction. Recently, we have seen many Bollywood movies been adapted from South, similarly some actresses from South have also entered the B-Town with a bang and made their mark. Well, here are 8 South Indian beauties who have proved their talent in Bollywood:

1. Ileana D’Cruz

hd1She entered Bollywood with a big ticket “Barfi” opposite Ranbir Kapoor and guess what she has already won million hearts with her performance.

2. Kajal Aggarwal

hd2With Singham and Special 26 in her kitty, one doesn’t really need the words to prove the achievements. This actress is popular down south but she made sure she makes her mark in Bollywood too.

3. Trisha

hd3She is already a big name in Tollywood but her debut in Bollywood was no less, she starred in the movie Khatta Meetha opposite Akshay Kumar and she was loved for her performance in the movie, we are waiting for more from this pretty actress.

4. Asin

hd4Aamir Khan as a hero, South movie remake and a perfect stay in Bollywood, we know Asin has been there and done that. With Ghajini her journey began and then she went on to star with Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar.

5. Shriya Saran

hd5Her beauty was not enough that her talent won us over even more. Shriya is a package and she was seen in the movie Awaarapan opposite Emraan Hashmi, her performance won accolades and with Midnight’s Children, she proved that she is more than just a pretty face.

6. Tamannah

hd6Even before she entered Bollywood, she had already made her place in many hearts. With the looks to die for, Tamannah was simply the most sought after in Bollywood too. She has her kitty full of Bollywood commercial movies and we are looking forward to them.

7. Tapsee Pannu

From: www.onsecrethunt.comThis actress made her debut in the movie Chasme Badoor directed by David Dhawan, it became a massive success and thereafter she tried her hand into a performance based roles like the one in Baby.

8. Priyamani

hd8She was seen in the Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai starrer Raavan. She also featured in the song One Two Three Four…from Chennai Express with none other than Shah Rukh Khan. The song became a major hit and even SRK couldn’t help but appreciate the talent wholeheartedly.

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Face swaps are like really funny but it becomes even more interesting when you will see these Bollywood movie posters. Here are 13 movie posters with face swaps that are surely going to make you laugh. Check it out right here:

1. Holiday

When Sonakshi becomes Akshay and Akshay becomes the Sonakshi of the movie….this happens!!


2. Ramleela

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh might have never imagined this version of their movie poster ever


3. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

We should ask Katrina Kaif about her opinion on this, what say?


4. Tevar

Thats some “Tevar” we can see here. We love Arjun Kapoor in that outfit, adorable right?


5. Kick

Aap devil ke face par and devil aapke face par…


6. Raanjhanaa

Sonam Kapoor would definitely not want you to see this while Dhanush won’t really mind.


7. Shootout At Lokhandwala

Laila teri le li, already!!


8. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Bade Bade Deshon Mein Aisi Choti Choti Baatein Hoti Rehti Hai


9. Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya

Varun toh paida hi hot hua tha and this just makes it obvious


10. Heropanti

Kya Kare Sabko Aati Nahi And Kriti Ki Jaati Nahi, agreed Tiger Shroff ?


11. Bang Bang 

Their chemistry was sizzling hot but we wonder how this swap will turn out to be? Hrihik Roshan and Katrina Kaif were surely not expecting this.


12. Highway

Randeep Hooda kidnapped by Alia Bhatt, the rest of the story one can only imagine!!


13. Hasee Toh Phasee

Parineeti Chopra still looks cute but Siddharth Malhotra is nailing with those long tresses and that look in his eyes.


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Plus :

* No doubt this film is purely Suriya’s one man show as he looks outstanding in this film. He showed good variation between the two characters he portrayed on screen. He has carried this cool conman style, cunning mannerisms and romantic angle with ease as Masss while he will also impress everyone with his classy serious act in Shiva’s role. His style and wonderful performance is what makes this film a bearable one during the dull phases. He was also at his stylish best in this film in both the characters.1

Minus :

* Though Nayantara looked beautiful and elegant in her very limited role as a Nurse, she had very little scope to make an impact with her performance in this film. The director was not able to utilize this star heroine’s acting skills completely and her character was not etched out properly as it needed a lot of establishment and clarity in the story. Pranita Subhash also could not make her presence felt in the flash back episode as she had very little screen presence. It looked like she would neither be getting a benefit or a drawback by choosing this particular role.2

Plus :

* Yes, Venkat Prabhu is definetly a street smart intelligent director who has the abitily to come out with different genre movies. The twist where Masss realises that the ghost who looks exactly like him, is his father shows Venkat Prabhu mark. He has come up with a fresh concept where the hero happens to see dead people, makes money with the help of these ghosts and how he helps them out is indeed a thrilling element. This point is the only thing that makes us feel this film a bit different from the Muni series.

Minus :

* However, if we keep that point aside, the film is just another revenge drama where a good person gets killed and becomes a ghost and then takes revenge with the help of a live person. We have recently seen the same concept in ‘Vaaradhi’ and ‘Muni-3’ where both weave a love story and a revenge story around a similar element. This has made this film to be an average affair.4

Plus :

* The way Venkat Prabhu has shown Suriya in a stylish manner is the a big plus to the film. The way he has handled the first 15 minutes, interval bang and the flash back episode requires a special mention.5

Minus :

* Screenplay of the film is pretty average as the director has not given thorough importance to the plot which is interesting only in bits and parts. He has set up an interesting story with good twists but he totally faltered in the execution in the second half and poor writing in the first half.6

Plus :

* Premji of ‘Gambler’ fame gets to play a full-fledged character and delivers some laughs here and there with his one liners and funny antics. Parthiban was decent in the role of a police officer where he showcases both serious and comedy angles nicely.7

Minus :

* The comedy scenes fail big time in the film. There is very little room for entertainment as the director focused more on the horror thrill element. Brahmanandam is purely wasted in a very small role which doesn’t have any affect on the film.8

Plus :

* The first fifteen minutes where all the character are introduced and the first two songs were handled nicely. The interval bang is wonderful and with the entrance of Shiva’s character the film gains more interest and curiosity.9

Minus :

* After the initial introduction of all the characters in the first half, director Venkat Prabhu messed up the story and opted for some below par comic scenes. After the flash back is revealed in the second half, the film then turns out to be a regular routine revenge drama. As a result, the overall plan of choosing a new concept goes haywire.10

Plus :

* Samuthirakani, Sharath and Riyaaz were good as the badies in the film. Karunas, Sriman, Daniel, Rajendran, Jasper, Sanjay Bharathi, Manobala, Vidyullekha Raman, Vijay, Aravind, Subbu and others were also fine with their respective roles. Jai was ok in his cameo.11

Minus :

* None of these above actors are familiar down here in Telugu film which is another drawback for this film.12

Plus :

* Cinematography by Rajshekar is excellent. His framing was good and there were some wonderful shots with some grand visuals. His picturization elevated few scenes in the first half and interval time. Especially the introduction shots of Surya, Nayantara and Pranitha were nice on screen.13

Minus :

* K.L. Praveen’s editing was poor as many forced scenes could gave been trimmed to a great extent and the run time should have been a bit crisper. Almost about 15 minutes of the film could have been cut down which could have given a better result to the overall result of the movie.14

Plus :

* After Surya’s performance, Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background score is the main highlight of this film. Every frame looked stylish with his re-recording and a couple of songs were fabulous on screen and good to hear  too.15

Minus :

* The placement of these songs appear as speed bakers to the film. The telugu lyrics too could have a little better to give a better effect to the songs.16

Plus :

* Selvas action episodes are superb and the production value are on grand scale that has give a rich look to the film.17

Minus :

* Shashank Venallakanti’s dilouges were just about average and the graphics showcased in the film are really bad which look very poor on screen.18

Verdict :

People who love watching Suriya at his best can surely give this film a shot where as people who expect something new from this inquisitive combination will be disappointed a bit with the dragged narration and routine revenge drama in the second half. On a whole, Suriya’s ‘Rakshasudu’ is entertaining only in bits and pieces!!

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San Andreas directed by Brad Peyton is a movie that is just a showpiece for its visual effects. The movie follows the same pattern of almost all the Hollywood disaster management movies and that lack of freshness in story telling severely effects the quality of the movie. Lets look at the points that makes this movie an unexciting deal.

  1. First and foremost is the script that can’t put a good story in to this possible tectonic plate related stuff. It is almost like watching a big budget documentary that shows us the devastating after effects of a major earthquake. The formula of the story is taken from the usual ideas that we have seen in films like 2012 and a slight part was even taken from Taken.

    maxresdefault (1)

  2. Brad Peyton’s making is much focused on how he could make the visual effects look grand. There is no real significance given to the story part of the movie and the treatment also follows the typical style we have seen in movies that are similar.


  3. There is nothing much in here for the actors to do. They are constantly running and gasping with only this terrified look on their faces. The clichéd sentiments and patch ups were kind of okay in the hands of these actors lead by Dwayne Johnson.


  4. The background score isn’t that alarming enough to create that feeling of danger in our minds. For a movie that showed almost the whole of America getting swept away by earthquakes and tsunamis, a much better orchestration with haunting tunes was essential.


  5. The visual effects are probably the only thing that has worked in favor of the movie. But that too looked flawed in the beginning stages with all those excessive aerial shots of collapsing buildings.


If you just want to see the buildings crashing and the tsunami sweeping America, go for it. But if you want content, this movie would not be a good choice.

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Venkat Prabhu is known for making these entertainers that aren’t quite in the typical format of Tamil entertainers. This time with superstar Suriya, he tries to do something variety with a ghost fun film. But with emotions that aren’t so touching over flowing, the new movie from VP, Masss aka Massu engira Masilamani is an underwhelming fun film. Lets look at the ups and downs of Masss.


  1. Suriya has played his dual role in a convincing manner giving uniqueness to his characters. The usual charm and grace is there in his performance that makes the character energetic.


  2. The cinematography from R D Rajasekhar was good as it captured the visuals with enough richness and bliss.


  1. Venkat Prabhu usually manages to keep the humor content of his films alive throughout. But in this fantasy, the content is too emotional that it goes too serious about the crazy thought which makes the movie a boring experience. VP couldn’t do anything here to make it exciting.


  2. The script fails to be an entertainer. The writing lacks humor and being serious was not a good option for a movie like Masss. There isn’t any power in the dialogues as well.


  3. Nayantara and Pranitha are equally wasted in pointless roles as heroines. There is no necessity for a female lead in this movie and they have been added just to fulfill the conventionality of having a heroine.


  4. The visual effects of the movie aren’t that great. As this ghost thriller used more help from the VFX department, it was essential to have some quality in it.


  5. Music from Yuvan isn’t that great when compared to the other albums he has created for VP. You will find it difficult to remember any song that was catchy enough to hum.


With only Suriya’s performance aiding it, the latest Venkat Prabhu movie Masss aka Massu is a disappointment.

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It was said to be director Shyamaprasad’s phase shift film as it sounded more commercial in terms of how the basic plot goes, but the movie Ivide is a huge disappointment. With an ensemble cast that had youth super stars like Prithviraj and Nivin Pauly with an experienced Bhavana, Ivide couldn’t manage to grab the attention of the audience. Let us look why it couldn’t be a thrilling thriller.

  1. Director who is known for treating realistic emotional movies follows his typical style here. For a crime drama that has a lot of place for emotional sentiments, the usual way of making from Shyamaprasad wasn’t enough. And because of the less exciting execution, the movie fails to have a gripping narration.


  2. The screenplay from Ajayan Venugopalan is somewhat unnecessarily placed in America. The conflict is basically a universal one and the shallowness we feel makes the movie less intriguing. Most of the phases in the investigation part looked amateurish. Unlike his previous script, English Ajayan can’t establish characters with his writing.


  3. The edits looks too cold for a thriller. It may be due to the treatment given to it by the ace director, but still the editor could have made the cuts a little more sharp at occasions to bring in some pace to this thriller.


  4. Nivin Pauly has tried his best to be the Krish Hebbar Shyamaprasad wanted with selfish desires. But the actor couldn’t reach that level we wanted him to be. The role which was earlier offered to Fahadh would have looked more catchy and smart in the hands of Fahadh Faasil.


  5. Most of the foreign actors in this movie haven’t done much to make it look more authentic. They mostly overact (especially that police chief). With dialogues written by Ajayan sounding pretty much from the archives, it wasn’t that realistic except for the sync sound.


With only Prithviraj and Bhavana rising to the expectations, Ivide from Shyamaprasad isn’t a convincing thriller.

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What’s bad in the film ?

1) Firstly there is nothing special in the story given by Veligonda Srinivas. A rich NRI boy comes to India to reunite his broken family by creating mistaken identities, Brahmanandam’s entry in the second half, two heroines to shake leg in the songs who finally get kidnapped by villains and finally an emotional speech in the climax after saving the heroines is seen in many number of films which looks boring for people who seek something new.i

2) ‘Pandaga Chesko’ instantly reminds you of many hit family entertainers from the past where the same above formula is followed like ‘Ready’, ‘Sukumarudu’, ‘Greeku Veerudu’, ‘Attarintiki Daredi’, ‘Govindhudu Andarivadele’ etc. Except the treatment of the scenes, there is nothing new in the film.ii

3) As this film once again follows the same hit formula, the screenplay of the film become very predictable and makes a poor impression finally. It just looks like all the scenes are incorporated just for the sake of drama.iii

4) The background score by Thaman is very poor and its surprising to see Thaman giving an average background score like this in recent times.iv

What’s good in the film ?

1) Even though the story of the film has nothing new, director Gopichand Malineni has made sure to make it a pakka commercial pot boiler with some entertaining comedy scenes at regular intervals. He knew his limitations and has played a safe game without moving away from the commercial formula. On a whole, he makes a fair impression as a director as he has shown this routine story with a lot of richness on screen.1

2) Kona Venkat is no doubt a master in designing commercial laugh riots and he once again proves it with this film. Anil Ravipudi (‘Pataas’ fame) also helps his ably this time. With some strong writers like this, it will be an easy job for the director and that’s what Gopichand has done. These both turn this routine story into a decent commercial entertainer with some interesting scenes tucked in here and there. Especially Kona should be credited to dish out numerous films with the same story pf this kind.2

3) Ram looks uber-cool in this film with his stylish outfits. He looks quite handsome as an NRI and pulls off this tailor made role with ease. His energy is the biggest asset of this film and he also strikes the right chemistry with the glam dolls, Sonal and Rakul. His dances and fights will be a treat for all the mass audience. Overall he does a deent job with this film.3

4) No doubt this film is full on glamour and both Rakul Preet and Sonal Chauhan added the required spice for the masses in the film. Rakul plays the sweet bubbly girl’s role to perfection like all the heroines do in these type of conventional commercial films. She also looks gorgeous in her traditional outfits. Sonal Chauhan is also pretty good as an arrogant business woman and adds the glam quotient with her bikini in ‘Dorikaade Dorikaade’ song.4

5) Undoubtedly Brahmanandam is the other hero for these type of films and he as usual steels the show once again with his mark style of entertainment. He is hilarious as Weekend Venkat Rao and his is the major selling point in the second half of the film with his superb comedy timing.

Brahmanandam @ Pandaga Chesko Movie Audio Launch Stills

6) Sampath and Sai Kumar balance their negative cum positive negative roles with their matured performances. Bramaji, Aditya Menon and Raghu Babu are okay in their respective roles while Priya, Rajitha and Meena were good supporting the cast. Rao Ramesh and Pavithra Lokesh were fine as Ram’s parents.6

7) Tejaswi Madiwada was decent as Rakul’s friend. Late M.S.Narayana and Surekha Vani’s track also provided a few laughs. Vennela Kishore,Jaya Prakash Reddy and Abhimanyu Singh also tickles the funny bone in the fist half of the film while Prudhvi and Shakalakka Shankar are hilarious in their parody of SVSC as Vijayawada brothers. Rest of the cast were also fine.7

8) Cinematography by Sameer Reddy has given a rich look to the film. The beautiful locations of Portugal were amazingly captured and presented onscreen. The songs too were picturized well through his lens. Editing by Gautham Raj too was fine and adequate.8

9) Music composed by S.S.Thaman is fresh and was apt to the energy of Ram. All the songs are peppy and good to hear. The production values of United Movies banner are rich.9

10) Dialogues by Kona Venkat are nicely written. Some lines like the following work well in the film –
* Ennalu paaganu gellipincharu ee oka saari premanu gellipinchandi.
* Neeku BP vasthe panni vadu vanukuthadu naaku BP vasthe prathi vaadu vanukuthaadu.
* Life lo goal unnavadu reach ayyaka cool avuthadu ye goal leni vaadu ekkadi kaina doosukellipothadu.
* Kontha mandiki mirror la kontha mandiki error la kanapadthanu.10

Verdict :

People who seek pop corn entertainment will surely enjoy this film while people who seek something new might get disappointed. Overall ‘Pandaga Chesko’ is a one time watch routine family entertainer with all commercial ingredients in the required amounts.

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After his successful entry to Malayalam film industry through Neram, Alphonse Puthren is back with yet another beautiful entertainer titled Premam. The movie has released without any teasers and trailers and looks like it has worked in favor of the movie as it has given the audience some real good surprises. Let us look in to those reasons which make Premam probably the best of 2015.

  1. Well the first credit goes to the captain of the ship who has written, edited and directed this flick, Alphonse Puthren. The guy who made neram with a signature style has somewhat repeated the same style here. But the story teller in him goes beyond the usual instantaneous agenda and narrates a story with depth in his style. The styling and mixing had a unique feel which made the movie an overall variety.11118049_1626671660879772_8212587141994132707_n
  2. Nivin Pauly once again proves that he is the most hardworking actor Mollywood right now has. The actor is gradually pushing his limits and doing stuff that people haven’t expected him to do. You can see the star getting an actor makeover in this movie along with his macho looks. Loved the way he shifted gears in all three portions of the movie.1610928_1622487631298175_2672072789637614378_n
  3. The screenplay is a smartly written one that gives required depth to each story. The Mary episode is short and funny. The Malar saga is extremely beautiful and a bit haunting and the Celin Chapter is practical and simple. Except for the slight jitter in the last quarter, there is nothing much wrong about Premam’s screenplay.11150948_1620287484851523_3833451974163376879_n
  4. A special mention should be given to Sai Pallavi who stole the heart of many with the effortless performance as Malar. The actress has this very simple looks that aren’t quite a heroine material. And that’s one place Alphonse Puthren should be given credit as his casting was spot on.10993422_1587726904774248_5461114202091323281_n
  5. The rest of the cast comprising of the usual team of Alphonse including, Sijo, Shabareesh, Krishnashankar, Soubin Shahir, Vinay Forrt, Anupama, Madonna and many new faces were apt for the roles offered to them.11074173_1622488324631439_7207869924440798689_n
  6. Rajesh Murugeshan’s tunes along with Shabareesh Varma’s lyrics and also the smart usage of background score makes the music side of this Alphonse Puthren movie a success.1510487_1621226351424303_8583643644412963313_n
  7. The cinematography of Anend C Rajendran is also wonderful with elegantly captured frames that conveyed the director’s vision perfectly. The action sequences, the romance etc were visualized very nicely.11219074_1619743394905932_4233567281988876178_n

With a simple theme getting a deep, realistic and entertaining treatment from the craftsmanship of Alphonse Puthren, Premam will have a significant slot in the career of Nivin Pauly.

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What’s good in the film ?

1) Firstly the concept selected by Ram Gopal Varma is fresh from the kind of films he selects regularly. From the time when RGV has announced this film to be a love story of most modern couples, this has become the major selling point of the film and the viewers are keenly interested to know how he handles this film as he is always associated with mafia based flicks and horror flicks. He tried to show some strong reasons and situations to show how a couple fall in love and then get divorced within 365 days.1

2) Actor Nandu has done a decent job with his performance as a young lover boy and as a troubled husband. He looks promising in both the shades and has portrayed varied emotions nicely on screen especially the frustration as a husband which he had to show most of the time in the film.2

3) Anaika Soti has improved a lot with her acting and looks cute in the film. This saucy actress oozes glamour on screen and provides the required eye candy for the film.3

4) The major highlights of the film is Posani Krishna Murali who plays the role of Nandu’s boss in the film. He entertains the audience in his small cameo as a man against marriage and succeeds in tickling the funny bone with his mark comedy.4

5) Unlike RGV’s film, this film has many songs and the music is handled in a pretty decent manner by Nag Srivasthav. Seshu.KMR’s background score is also good. ‘Andaniki Nirvachanam’ is the pick among the album.5

6) Anith Madadi’s cinematography is okay. He adds the required colour to the film through his camera work. Some dialogues are also well written. The introduction of the film by RGV through a sand work requires a special mention. Production Values of ZED 3 pictures are good.

Dongata Telugu Movie Stills

7) Rest of the characters including Satya Krishna, Geethanjali, Krishnudu, Raavi Kondala Rao, Surekha Vani and others are okay in their small roles.7

What’s bad in the film ?

1) Ram Gopal Varma once again fails as a director as he could not carry the film in the right way. With a story line like this, he could easily impress audience with some feel good narration but he falters as many sequences look repeated and routine. He should come to know the fact that he is wiping away his own great legacy of being one of India’s finest director’s one movie at a time with simple routine story lines.8

2) Even though the concept by RGV was good, the story of the film has nothing new to offer and is quiet routine with its wafer-thin plot. The pain and grief which is caused by the misunderstandings that the modern day couples come across have not been showcased properly by RGV. He has lacked clarity with his execution and the so called emotional connect is clearly missing in the film as the majority of scenes between the lead pair get rather monotonous.9

3) The way RGV narrates the film is another big disappointment in the film. He follows a lackadaisical narration which has let the audience know what scene is coming next as Varma narrates the situation just before it starts. This has made this film to be another half- baked attempt from RGV.10

4) The second half of the film is dragged to the core with a shoddy script and has no weight in the proceedings. Varma only tries to showcase the problems between the married couples in this half of the film and some people feel bored to see these scenes on screen as they are facing the same problems daily in their real lives.11

5) The screenplay in the film is another major drawback. The hero meeting the heroine, falling in love with her, then they getting married and eventually getting separated due to some hard situations in a span of 365 days is everything this film is about.12

6) Although the music is good the hear, the placement of songs hinder the flow of the film. And one would definitely feel that the songs could have been picturized differently to have a better effect on the film.13

7) Editing by Anwar Ali is below par as many scenes in the second half could have been easily edited by about 10-15 minutes.14

Verdict :

‘365 Days’ never looks like a feature film as it rather looks like a TV serial on big screen. Ram Gopal Varma is just being over passionate on making films which had made him lose focus on providing a decent storyline, narration and screenplay to his films. Overall ‘365 Days’ looks like RGV’s thesis project on love and marriage!!

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Today Mumbai Mirror had upgraded its Tanu Weds Manu Returns rating from 2.5 to 3.5 Stars. Many claimed that the Mumbai Mirror had decided to review the rating following Reader feedback. Rahul Desai who review the Movie had pointed at many flaws in the Movie, while giving it an overall Positive Review.

And the twitter went gaga over it!



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1) Gautam Vasudev Menon’s screenplay is the major plus to this film. He is undoubtedly a class apart when it comes to romance with action and i think no other filmmaker down south can handle romance and action that perfectly that this guy does in his flicks. With this film too, he takes you on a ride with some lovely moments of romance and then bounces back to gritty action. The way he showcases the action sequences in the second half is the main highlight of the film.12) The backdrop selected by Gautham is quiet fresh and the plot looks engaging. The way he writes his characterizations and sets up a drama among them is Gautham’s main strength. In this film too, he has a daring cop Satyadev who gets back to business when it matters, a son’s love towards his lovable father, the mature yet cute romance between Ajith and Trisha, a careful father who refuses to let go of his promise, a dreaded gangster who seeks revenge and money and a rich person who is desperate to live by having a heart transplantation at any cost.2

3) The first half moves briskly introducing all the characters but the second half is the real heart and soul of this film. The second half of the film is a cracker of its kind as it races ahead with some steamy dialogues, superb action blocks and a decent mind game. The phone conversations between Ajith and Arun Vijay in their cat and mouse game towards the pre-climax is superb which makes it a riveting watch and this part will surely be a feast for Ajith fans.3

4) Ajith’s screen presence is unbelievably amazing that he can drive the audience crazy with just a smile on his face. Special credits to him for opening up to a story like this who follows a huge fans base down south. It is refreshing to see the actor in Ajith overshadowing the star in him and daring to do a bold attempt like this. He is just full of energy and looks terrific in the classic emotional portions and racy action sequences. He showed lot of variations in his body language and expressions during the course of the film with perfection.4

5) Trisha looks a million bucks and makes a strong impression with her performance in the film. She looks beautiful in the film and elegantly emotes all her emotions wonderfully in the brief role she had. She make sure that her presence is felt throughout the movie and excels in her character as a lovable mom. Her characterization was nicely written and she just carried off the role like she was born for it. She even does some good bharatnatyam dance in the film.5

6) Arun Vijay is the surprise package in this film as he looks stunning as the baddie in the film. He literally uses every opportunity he gets to steal the limelight off a star with unimaginable screen presence like Ajith. He has undoubtedly taken the film to the next level with his performance especially in the last half n hour involving where he shows his power in the word battle with Ajith on phone. His dubbing by actor Ajay suited him well and he looked stunning with his stunts too.

Dongata Telugu Movie Stills

7) Music scored by Harris Jayaraj is good. Kudos to Gautham for making songs a part of the narrative and preventing them from becoming obstrucive. Harris’s tunes emotionally cement the film and his back ground takes the film to another level. ‘Neekem Kaavaalo Cheppu’ and ‘Manasuna Edho Raagam’ are decent melodies in typical Harris style. His idea of using rock fusion for the action sequences is refreshing.7

8) Vivek provides some humour here and there with his one liners. Parvathy Nair as Arun’s wife in the film gets a noticeable role and she does a decent job. Baby Anika looks cute as Trisha’s daughter and does fairly well in her role. Daniel Balaji, Suman, Nassar and the remaining cast were fine in their respective roles.8

9) The visuals by Australian cinematographer Dan Macauther is top notch. His visuals are scintillating that he captures both the tense and emotional portions with vivid color tones. The actions sequences are something that Gautham never leaves room for error, and these action scenes are well designed, well shot and well edited.9

10) The editing looks fine and A.M.Ratnam’s production values is an added advantage to this film giving it the much required rich look to the film.10

Drawbacks in the film :

1) After directing two cop films, ‘Gharashana’ with Venkatesh and ‘Raghavan’ with Kamal Hassan in the past director Gautham Menon teams up with Ajith for yet another cop story with this flick. There are so many similarities of these two previous films of his with this film. The kidnapping and waiting game, revenge of the villian over the hero and hero wining it finally is already seen in ‘Gharashana’ and ‘Raghavan’ which makes the film quiet predictable. Except for the awesome screenplay of Gautham and Ajith’s screen presence, rest all look similar in his cop trilogy.i

2) The first half looks a bit boring and moves on a plane note without any entertainment. The film goes introducing many new characters and situations, keeping you a bit confused with the script in this half of the film. Except for the breezy romance between Trisha and Ajith and the agonizing past of Ajith which turns out be a heartbreaking tragedy, there is nothing much to talk about this part.ii

3) It’s very shocking to see a hugely reputed star like Anushka accepting a very short lived role which has very little to offer to the script. She was seen in a not-so-well etched out role which had less importance when it comes to the script. It could have been fine, if any other junior artist or small heroine could have been taken for this role instead of going for a big star like her. Looks like it was for promoting the film down here as she has a huge fan base in Telugu.iii

4) A main point in the story which tells about the organ theft or organ trafficking is given less importance in the film. The director has highlighted the police and mafia involved with this but failed to give much preference to this concept. It could have been interesting if some scenes were canned to show how doctors, rich people, underworld mafia etc are taking advantage of this process to meet their needs and to make money illegally.iv

5) The film also lacks to show the main reason behind Arun Vijay’s revenge against Ajith and why Ajith made friends with Arun when he is a criminal and wants to kill him.v

Verdict :

Fristly Gautham should be credited for making a movie not for Ajith fans, but one which Ajith’s fans will enjoy. With the majestic screen presence of Ajith, decent screenplay of Gautham Vasudev Menon, a superb second half and lovely performances from the cast ‘Yentha Vaadu Gaanie’ is a fair one time watch for the Telugu viewers this summer!!

0 312

1) Director Bose Nelluri shows decent potential as a director with this film. He adds as much comedy as possible to make this crime comedy a time pass watchable flick. Even though he falters with his narration during the first half, he covers it up with the comedy angle in the second. Looks like he has a strong grip over the technical aspects of film making and you can see them while watching the richness of the film on screen.

Director Vamsi Krishna @ Dongata Movie Logo Launch Stills

2) Sudheer Babu is at his stylish best and has gone for a complete makeover with this film. This is definitely the best performance of his till date as you will see a new Sudheer who gives a settled performance in this film as a witty con man. He has improved a lot with his dialogue delivery and has given a controlled dialogue delivery in this film. His screen presence is relaxed and he pulls off his part convincingly by carrying the entire film on his shoulders.2

3) Manchu Manoj is the surprise addition in the film with his little cameo towards the end. He looks good in massy beard look and cameo was short and sweet.3

4) Chandra Mohan is apt as the school teacher and plays his role with complete ease. Pankaj Kesari of ‘Bham Bolenath’ fame looks fantastic as a sincere investigative officer and Abhimanyu Singh of ‘Raktha Charitra’ fame is quite good as the comic villain in the film. 4
5) The major highlight of the film is the comedy track between Jaya Prakash Reddy, Duvvasi Mohan and Fish Venkat. Both Jayaprakash and Duvvasi Mohan get a full length role in this film and they succeed in evoking the required laughter because of their comic timing and the chemistry they strike. Fish Venkat also hepls them in the marriage sequence with his spoof on Mahesh Babu.5

6) Shakalaka Shankar is seen in a single seen in the first half and he looks hilarious with his lines. While Sapthagiri comes towards the climax and does a decent role in providing smiles in the climax. Praveen as Sudheer Babu’s friend is also fine in his role.

Dongata Telugu Movie Stills

7) The cinematography by Ummadisingu Sai Prakash is pretty good and presents the film in a decent light. The locations in the songs are shoot well and the visuals of the movie have been grand enough on screen.7

8) The second half of the film is the major asset of the film. Especially the climax of the film is well designed and with the entry of Saptagiri in the climax, the film ends the film on a happy note. The actual story kick starts in this half of the film and a few interesting twists in the part have been executed well.8

9) Music by Kannada musician Manikanth Kadri was good. ‘Ohoo Sundari’ one of the best songs in recent times and ‘Naavaadai’ is a decent melody. Special credits to the sound track he has provided for the introduction scenes for Sudheer Babu and Abhimanyu Singh.9

10) The fights in the film are well shot and designed. The dance choreography in the songs also require a special mention as they look quiet neat and stylish. Production values by Lakshmi Narasimha banner are adequate.10

What is Bad ?

1) One of the biggest drawbacks of the film is the first half of the film as there is nothing much going forward with the script in this half. The film kick starts with interesting history of Lord Rama idol but has nothing more interesting. The first half runs only with the romantic track of the lead pair, some con scenes by Sudheer and a couple of songs. Editing could have been crisper in this part of the film, cutting down the unnecessary scenes.i

2) The story written by the director Bose is quiet routine which has been tried and tested many times in the past. Even though there are enough twists in the film, the resemblance of these to many other movies makes the story more predictable and can be guessed most of the times.ii

3) Heroine Nandini of ‘Maaya’ fame is a total misfit to the role. She never looked like a heroine material and she could not emote the required expressions properly in the film. She also could not provide the required glamour quotient to the film as she has almost zero glamour factor.iii

4) This film which has been promoted as the sequel of ‘Swamy Ra Ra’, doesn’t have the same depth in the script which the original had. In fact it follows the same path and story line about an idol but the level of interesting elements are much lower than ‘Swamy Ra Ra’. It also lacks from the racy narration and the interesting con scenes which were the main highlight of ‘Swamy Ra Ra’. Just when things start to get interesting, the film loses its way with unnecessary scenes.iv

5) The screenplay of this film is another disappointment in the film. The director should have worked a bit on the screenplay rather than getting inspired from one successful film, as he leaves away too many loop holes with the script and make a similar one of the original.v

6) There are some logic’s missing in the film like –
* The local con men in the first scene of the film, believe in Sudheer’s words that he is an original police officer and when they run for their lives after he frees them, they realize that even he was a con man within a second which is foolish.
* The investigative officer has sufficient video proof to arrest Krish but he never cares about the footage and tries to capture Rudhra before completing his deal about idols.
* Sudheer Babu finds the cost of the artifact from an ancient book with has an image of Rama-Seeta which looks a bit silly and

Verdict :

If you can keep the logic’s aside and sit through the first half of the film patiently, ‘Mosagallaku Mosagadu’ will surely provide you some comic relief with the second half of the film. On a whole Sudheer Babu does a decent attempt and improves a lot with this flick!!

0 53

After the state award winning Zachariahyude Garbhinikal, Director Aneesh Anwar is back with yet another deeply emotional tale of a man who is in desperate situation. With enough and more melodrama along with some worthy twists in the tale, Kumbasaaram is a winner as it has the support of some good performances. Let’s look in to the merits and demerits of this crime drama.


  1. Jayasurya is undoubtedly the star of the show here. The actor has conceived the character of Alby in a very absorbing way. The highly dramatic dialogues written by the director sounded practical only through his mouth.


  2. Aneesh Anwar’s typical style of making comprising of very attractive frames captured with the help of slow motion once again suits the nature of the movie. With less compromised takes that contains the dilemma of the situation, Aneesh has done a good job as director.


  3. The supporting cast of the movie has also given their bit especially Honey Rose and Prem Navas. Even though there was the burden of dialogues, the child actors did perform well.


  4. Cinematographer Alby once again astonishes the viewers with his wonderfully captured visuals that enhance the emotional depth of the writing.


  5. Even after taking too much time to establish the miseries of the lower middle class family, the screenplay succeeds in bringing some excitement in to the narration. Some interesting layers of coincidences get revealed once the identity of the antagonist gets exposed.


Negatives :

  1. I would say the music was on the downside because of the composer’s typical way of creating songs. Auto tuned highly and largely having the same feel, music was okay in the movie’s context but wasn’t great enough to create an impression.


  2. The second fault I could sense was in the dialogues. The high dosage of drama wasn’t comfortable for most of the actors and as kids have a great role in this movie, it was a bit disturbing to see them struggling with the dialogues.


With a second half that has equal dosage of excitement and emotions Kumbasaaram succeeds in being a thriller with rooted characters supported by some solid performances.

0 116

The rarity of seeing an amazingly improved second part of any film is always a delight. Anand L Rai’s Tanu Weds Manu Returns in a way offers that happiness to its viewers. The seemingly okay first part Tanu Weds Manu gets an unbelievably fabulous boost this time with the humorous treatment and stellar performance from its leading lady. Lets look at the reasons that make this movie a total winner in the entertainment segment.

  1. Anand L Rai has succeeded in treating the content with the much required humor. He has visualized the idea with a lot of realistic humor that caters a good round of laughter for the audience. The wide open story with abundant characters and situations was safe in the hands of the director.


  2. Himanshu Sharma’s script also worked big time on this second part. Himanshu wisely integrates all the major characters of the first part in to the new one. The kind of unrealistic coincidences gets a cover of practicality through his writing that had some really good dialogues.


  3. It is actually a Kangana Ranaut show throughout. From the eccentric Tanu to self made Kusum, the actress gives a solid identity to both characters with her portrayal. At one point you might even forget the fact that it’s a double role. From body language to expressions, Kangana has shown the world why she is the best Bollywood has right now.


  4. Another show stealer in the movie was Deepak Dobriyal who did the role of Pappi. His dialogue delivery and expressions has created lots of moment’s humor. The actor’s performance should be considered as one of this years’s best supporting role.


  5. Madhavan once again smartly underplays the role of Manu. Jimmy Shergill also offers some good witty moments. Swara Bhasker was really good and the new characters played by Rajesh Sharma and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub were also quite memorable.


  6. Music from Krsna Solo and Tanishk-Vayu is a good mix of some innovative tunes and the usual peppy numbers and they easily sync with the mood of the movie.


With almost everything in technical and performance side working well for it, Tanu Weds Manu Returns is a guaranteed fun ride with some superbly written humour and power packed performances. Don’t miss it!

0 335

1) Firstly the director Satya Deva failed to handle the film in the right manner which might be due to the lack of experience. The script had the potential to be a decent entertainer but his casting and some glaring errors in the execution were the main drawbacks of the film. The story line was that of a thriller but the director has turned this into an average commercial film with some silly comedy scenes. On a whole, Satya Deva makes a very average impression as a director because his dedication on the paperwork could not be seen when it comes onscreen.

Director Vamsi Krishna @ Dongata Movie Logo Launch Stills

2) Apart from the high voltage action sequences and lengthy punch dialogues, this film is a totally different story from the previous ones of Balayya’s flicks. The director has ruined the essence of his story element with his poor story treatment. He has not provided the required doses of drama, emotions and entertainment that one expects from a Balakrishna film, especially his fans.2

3) The screenplay of the film is very poor as it lacks focus. It fails to establish why the hero battles between two personalities in the film. This type of screenplay will be slightly irritating for the B and C center crowds while the lethargic presentation and seeing Balayya in these type of scripts will never be accepted by the A center people.3

4) There is no doubt that Balakrishna is definitely ageing as time passes by and he should come to know the fact that people are not expecting him to do films where he romances a girl almost equal to his daughter’s age and dance with his aged body as its looks very odd on screen. Little more care should have been taken for the make-up of Balayya as he is shown in close-up shots through out the film and he looked very aged in these shots especially in his beard role.4

5) The first half is dead slow till the pre interval scene and it would have been good if few unwanted comedy scenes were edited out. The second half of the flick has some decent moments but becomes highly predictable. Once the twist is revealed post interval, the film gets predictable and becomes a routine revenge drama.5

6) All the romantic scenes between Balakrishna and Trisha have not been handled well as they look very forced on screen. The most funniest scene is where Trisha’s gang of armed women in the film decide to bash Balakrishna but he immediately takes out a perfume bottle and sprays it over him like a model from the axe ad. Then finally those women enthusiastically smother him with love which look quiet silly for Balayya’s age and could have been totally avoided.

Dongata Telugu Movie Stills

7) Radhika Apte has virtually nothing to do in the film, except to shake her leg and show her assets for the two songs she had. She is absolutely wasted in the film with a insignificant role. It’s just stupid to see JayaSudha, Chandra Mohan, Chalapathi Rao and Sangeetha playing the roles of Balayya’s parents.7

8) Late M.S.Narayana, Ali and Posani Krishna Murali fail to make the viewers laugh with some poor characterizations. All of a sudden Indraja comes towards the climax and overacts, just to elevate heroism on screen. There is no doubt in saying that every actor other than Balakrishna is half-used in the film.NBK-Lion-Audio-Posters-3

9) There are many logic less scenes in the film that lack proper justification. For example,
– Balayya wakes up from coma after 18 months ans simply goes out from the hospital just like that. And he walks straight to the ATM from the hospital. Don’t know weather the hospital security is week and also how Balayya got his ATM card from.
– When Indraja can edit the status of an officer on duty, why Prakash Raj didn’t do the same being the Chief Minister of the state.9

10) Editing is another minus to this film. Editor Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao’s should have trimmed the unnecessary scenes between the lead pair and also the scenes where a fleet of cars following and outdoing each other to kidnap Prakash Raj.10

11) Songs by Mani Sharma was were not up to the mark. Even though a couple of songs in the second half that might remain with Balayya’s fans for a while, there is nothing much to talk about them. The placement of these songs also appear as speed breakers to the flow of the film.11

What’s Good in the Film ??

1) A superb interval block and some high voltage scenes in the second half are the biggest plus points to this film. The fights composed by Ram-Lakshman masters are simply outstanding, especially the chase scenes and the fight in the tribal area.i

2) Cinematographer Venkat Prasad moves the camera well to picturize the film richly on screen. The camera work in the chase scene was superb.ii

3) Mani Sharma once again proves that he is the king when it comes to background score. His enormous re-recording stood as a big highlight to the film.iii

4) Dialogues by Satya Deva were nicely written and had the power punch that every Balayya film has.lion_movie_stills_3112140143_007

Verdict :

‘Lion’ is a very different attempt from Balakrishna which fails to roar at the box-office due to some poor treatment of the script and improper casting from the director. On a whole ‘Lion’ is just a one-time watch for Balayya fans!!

0 140

Masaan, directed by Neeraj Ghaywan, was screened at the Cannes Film Festival and received a five-minute long standing ovation at the end.CFY9fsKWYAAUlCX

Masaan is Ghaywan’s first film and is set in Varanasi. The film shows the stories of a young man from a low Caste, an Orphan who collects coins from the River bed, a receptionist at a coaching centre and her father, who is a Pandit. The young Man falls in love with a high-Caste Girl.CFYd1

The Receptionist got trapped in a Sex scandal. The Pandit fights taboos and the orphan finds a father figure. What this disparate lot have in common is they are misfits in the World of Small-Town moralities.masaan

The film’s cast includes Sanjay Mishra, Richa Chadha, Shweta Tripathi and Vicky Kaushal. Aside from Mishra and Chadha, these aren’t familiar names and faces, which is how Ghaywan wanted it.lustre_032715063805

Ghaywan describes Masaan as a “Story of escape”. He said in an interview, “It is about the people living in small Towns in India and their attempt of escaping the conventional mindset, the rigid social structure.masaan-mos-size-650_041615051145

The idea of Masaan came to Ghaywan years ago, when someone told him about the Dom Community, which carries out cremations and is therefore considered outcast.-8GdoEG_

It took three years and partnering with lyricist, writer and stand-up comedian Varun Grover to complete Masaan‘s script. Intent upon being faithful to the reality of Varanasi, rather than depicting it as an exotic locale, Ghaywan spent four months in the city with Grover to understand and absorb its sights and sounds.0

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