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The south Indian industry and the audience are getting in to the celebration mode of holy eid and guess what?! Nearly six films are all ready to entertain the masses. While Telugu may not have any biggies as Bahubali is holding strong, Tamil will witness two major releases and it is the Malayalam industry that has the maximum number of biggies; Four.


  1. Maari : Directed by Balaji Mohan, Maari starring Dhanush is expected to be a typical commercial entertainer. The hopes are high on this movie from Dhanush who has been giving promising movies in the recent past. The movie is produced by Dhanush’s Wunderbar Films along with Magic Frames and it releases on July 17th. The Thara Local songs of the DnA combo is already a hit and the movie has an interesting casting were you get to see singer Vijay Yesudas playing the antagonist.

    maari poster

  1. Vaalu: The competitor of Maari is also another film starring a young hero and it is none other than Simbu. Simbu’s career hasn’t been going smoothly in the recent times and Vaalu which has been facing a lot of troubles with release date has finally got the green light now. The film has sizzling Hansika opposite to Simbu. It will be interesting to see how this movie works for Simbu in this do or die situation. Release date : July 17th.



  1. Acha Din: The movie starring Mega Star Mammootty is slated for release and according to the makers it will hit theaters on 17th of July. The movie is directed by G Marthandan who previously made Deivathinte Swantham Cleetus. The script this time is written by Vijeesh who gave Mammootty a hit in his debut writing venture Emmanuel. It is a thriller where Mammootty portrays the role of a man of Jharkhand origin. The movie is produced by Mammootty’s longtime associate S George under the banner of Cyn-Cyl Celluloid.

    acha din poster

  2. Madhura Naranga: It wasn’t an easy go for director Sugeeth after the success of Ordinary. Two films that followed were box office duds. The director tries to make a comeback by hiring the writer Nishad Koya who had co-written Ordinary. The movie is expected to release on July 17th and it has Sugeeth’s lucky pair Biju Menon and Kunchako Boban. The heroine Parvathy is the daughter of actor Ratheesh and the hot and happening supporting actor Neeraj Madhav also joins the cast. Music is composed by the duo Sreejith- Sachin who came under the spot light after the album Yuvvh directed by Alphonse Puthren.

    madhura-naranga poster

  3. KL10 Pathu: The movie is directed by Muhsin Parari and it stars Unni Mukundan in the lead role. The movie is confirmed for 18th July and it has veteran director Laljose under the producer credit. The movie that has an ensemble star cast of new generation actors like Aju Varghese, Neeraj Madhav, Saiju Kurupu etc. has already grabbed the attention of the masses through its variety teasers and trailers.

    kl10 pathu

  4. Love 24*7: Longtime associate of Sathyan Anthikkadu, Sreebala K Menon makes her debut through this movie. It has Dileep doing the male lead and new comer Nikila Vimal doing the female lead. The star cast comprises of big names like Suhasini, Sreenivasan along with Lena, Sasi Kumar and many others. It is produced by Dileep’s Grand Productions along with E 4 Entertainment. The movie will release on 18th.


With Bahubali going strongly in all box offices and Super star Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan also hitting the theaters on 17th July, this Eid is turning out to be a real bonanza for moviegoers of the south.

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What has let the film down :

1) The main minus point of this film is the script. The script and story is so routine and bored that right from the scene one, this film gets quite predictable and have absolutely nothing new to offer. Infact, the story line of the film is quiet similar to Mahesh Babu’s ‘Bobby’. The whole film has an artificial feel as none of the characterizations are properly written which is the biggest disappointment. It could have been better if the writing department could have worked properly on the script.


2) There are many illogical scenes in the film like –

* The heroine just falls for the hero after taking with him over a night which is meaningless. The proper emotions of her realizing that she has met her man and the likeable moments between the lead pair are not showcased properly.

* The hero losses his brother and the heroine losses her father but they take it so casually without expressing any emotions at the moment and go on to sing a duet there after which is ridiculous.

* The hero and heroine get married and there is no amount of emotion showcased on their faces while they are exchanging their garlands or after that which is seriously surprising.

* In the climax, we just don’t get to know from where the hell Abhimanyu Singh lands in with all his blood on his face. The climax is very silly and baseless.

* On a whole, the film is like, just for the lead pair to live happily, all the remaining characters go on a killing spree and turn dying towards the end.


3) Director Vasu Manthena completely failed in executing the film. His inexperience and inconsistency in handling the crucial episodes is clearly felt in each and every scene. The script runs on a dry patch and the narration of the film will tests ones patience. He could not showcase the romance of the lead pair, emotions in different characters and other comedy scenes properly on screen. Another thing is that there is no proper reason why it was titled ‘Basthi’. Vasu stumbles completely in creating a major conflict or reason for everything and many scenes were not detailed completely. Overall, this film is one of the worst love stories ever told in Tollywood.


4) Shreyan Kapoor, son of Veteran actress Jayasudha has failed to make an impressive debut with this film. He was just limited to a couple of expressions throught the film. He is tall, lanky and smart enough but he could not gain pass marks with his performance in this film. In fact his role was half baked as a result he could not get the scope to perform either. He needs to improve in almost every aspect like expressions, dances, dialogue delivery, body language etc.


5) The main reason of the enmity between Mukhesh Rushi and Abhimanyu Singh is not clearly justified in the film. Mukhesh Rushi, Kota Srinivas Rao and Abhimanyu Singh’s characters are not properly designed and all the there have done the roles on a very lighter note without much intensity. Snigdha looked as if she was over acting in some scenes while she was drunk and could not provide the required fun which was expected from her character.


6) The film has absolutely zero entertainment in it. All the comedy scenes and comedians failed to impress with their humor. Ali’s comedy as Lord Brahma was senseless. Even Sapthagiri’s track was horrible. Sathya tried very hard to tickle the fun bone with his romantic sub track with Snigdha, but could not towards the end.


7) Even the technical department failed to lift the film in any manner. The screenplay is very predictable in the first half and gets wayward during the second. The cinematography by Gunashekhar had nothing amazing in showcasing the visuals on screen. Editing by Gautham Raju had many lags and the transition between the scenes are very abrupt. The background music never connects with the mood of the film. Production values of Vazman Productions are low.


8) The dialogues were were routine and there is nothing special into it. Especially the lines at the climax are very silly and do not strike a chord with the viewers. The placement of songs is another drawback in the film. Soon after the interval, you get to see an item song from anchor Rashmi Gautam which is no way connected to the proceedings.



Whats is better in the film :

 1) Heroine of the film Pragathi is the only one who was decent in the film. This is her debut film and she has done a pretty nice job with her performance. She looked cute just like a normal Telugu girl in the film and also looked gorgeous in the songs too.


2) The tunes composed by Praveen were fine and can be passable in the film. ‘O sari naa vanka’, ‘A touch of love’ songs are good to hear. ‘Pyar ka naam’ and the item song too were nice attempts.


Verdict :

Don’t know how a senior actress like Jayasudha, choose a film of this sort as the debut vehicle for her son, Shreyan. ‘Basti’ is a film which will neither impresses you with its story nor with some promising technical support. To say, this is a very poorly made film that doesn’t deserve to be watched as it bores the viewers to the core.


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Thumbs Up :

1) Firstly debut director Sushanth Reddy should be credited coming up with a new and innovative concept of kidnapping a Super Star. There are plenty of kidnap stories in the past but kidnapping Mahesh Babu is a fresh though. The way he has linked up the stories of between Nandoo, Adarsh and Bhupal to the core idea of the kidnap was perfect. Direction wise, Sushanth Reddy has done a decent job with the minimum resources he had at his disposal. The introduction scenes of all the lead characters and the way he has used Mahesh Babu in the film is impressive.1

2) The major plus point of the film is definitely the performances of the three young actors who played the lead roles in the film- Aadarsh, Bhupal & Nandoo. Adarsh was perfect as the spoilt brat who is the son of a Telugu film producer. Nandoo is okay as a jealous, jilted lover. Bhupal wins your heart as an innocent guy who wants to become a director and narrate a script to Mahesh Babu. He makes us laugh with his Telangana dialect and funny body language. On a whole, all the three have given their best for the film and did complete justice to their roles.2

3) Comedian Vennela Kishore is the surprise package in the film. His character starts after the important twist at the interval and he carries the entire second half on his shoulders along with the lead actors. His acting and comedy timing is pretty decent. His character perfectly suited to the story and he has done a commendable job with his performance and punch lines.3

4) Shraddha Das is seen in a very new avatar in this film as a lady Don called Farah Khan alias Lady Gabbar Singh and she nailed her character with her performance. Poonam Kaur too was cute and pretty as the cheating lover of Nandoo. Though both of these heroines were seen in short roles, they impressed the audience with their acting abilities.4

5) Think this is the first film where Fish Venkat plays a full-fledged villain role with a comedy touch and he is quiet funny in his role. Posani Krishna Murali was fine towards the climax. Rest of the cast including Tagubothu Ramesh and other were ok in their roles.5

6) The cameo performances by Manchu Manoj, Allari Naresh, Nani and Tanish gives a good boost to the movie and to say these are the best scenes of the film where you can hear whistles in the theater. Even Mahesh Babu was well utilized in the film. Even though he did not act in the film, his footage from his various films and from his real-life appearances in some events are well showcased on screen and will reach out to his fan base.6

7) Music by Sai Kartheek was good and he has provided a peppy album for the film. Even his background score compliments the scenes pretty decently. The songs also look situation without acting as speed breakers to the script.7

8) Editing by Baswa Paidireddy was good and he made sure that the main plot doesn’t have much lag. The film is 117 minutes odd and is adequate for a film like this. Art work work by Tirumala Rao deserves a special mention too.8

Thumbs Down :

1) The routine narration of the script is the biggest drawback for the film. These type of kidnap stories have become common these days and have been seen in numerous films recently like ‘Run Raja Run’, ‘Dongaata’ etc. Due to this, the scenes coming next become very predictable in this film which on a whole made this film to be an ok watch. Even the initial plans to kidnap a star like Mahesh Babu in public places lack proper presentation on screen.9

2) The second half of the film is little low when compared with the first half of the film. The total second half only revolves around how Vennela Kishore plans the kidnap drama after the twist at the interval. The inclusion of Shraddha and Posani have not been properly justified in this half as they look just to create further confusion with to the kidnap drama. After an interesting first half, the plot becomes less gripping in the second. 10

3) Eeshwar’s cinematography could have been much better in the film. His camera work was plain and was not up to the mark. The way he has shown the kidnap sequence is also very poor.11

4) The dialogues are pretty ordinary and do not add much weight to the film. The comedy in the film too is not executed well and properly handled as Fish Venkat and Posani are rather underutilized in the film.12

5) Even the logical aspects in the film were left aside like –

* How can a drug packet get opened up itself in a swimming pool?

* How can a normal person get through regular checking and reach a celebrity caravan that easily?

* How can they kidnap a star without anyone’s notice in the set?

* It’s hard to believe a guy indulging in high risk of kidnapping a celebrity for a cheating girlfriend.

* Don’t know what was Manchu Manoj doing in the film? His fight scene was meaningless.

* Mahesh Babu’s hoarding scene towards the climax is foolish.13

6) Production values of Chandu Penmetsa and Lucky Creations are pretty weak. Little more of budget was mandatory to make a better impression with the overall product of the film. The animation sequence in the second half clearly justifies this point.14

Verdict :

With some decent performances from the lead cast and an innovative plot of kidnapping a super star, ‘Super Star Kidnap’ can be best seller this week. But with the predictable narration, this film will just turns out to be an ok ok type film. On a whole, watch this film only if you don’t have any alternate work this week!!

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The remake of the biggest hit in Malayalam, Papanasam starring Ulaganayakan Kamal Haasan is truly a well-made remake that captures the beauty of the original. With the lead actor Kamal Haasan portraying the character of Suyambu Lingam in a very emotional way, this Drishyam remake from Jeethu Joseph is a winner by all means. Lets list out the positives of Papanasam.

  1. First and foremost it is Kamal Haasan who has done a stupendous job in performing as the main protagonist. While Mohanlal chose a very minimalistic way to express the dilemma, Jeethu gives a more emotional texture to Kamal’s Suyambu Lingam and I must say that it is one stellar scene on screen. With realistic flavor in his performance, Kamal mesmerizes the audience with his brilliance.


  2. Jeethu Joseph once again pulls it off with clinical perfection. With a better budget or faith, he has gone for a better set of actors and have succeeded in giving that intensity to the treatment. Some slight changes were made in visual presentation and nothing cheesy has got added on.


  3. The script is undeniably the USP of this thriller and it hasn’t undergone any major tweak in its Tamil version. The jitter of seeing a non-questioning or less intelligent set of witnesses is still there, but by going breezy over that period of screenplay, Jeethu somewhat hides the flaws.

    Papanasam (Drushyam ) Movie First Look Stills  Kamal Hasan  Tamil (34)

  4. Most of the dialogues written by Jeyamohan are plain rewriting of the Malayalam ones, but there were these minor adjustments in those which gave the conversations an extra life compared to Drishyam.


  5. Ghibran has composed two nice songs for this thriller and the set of BGMs were very impressive which has helped the movie in being a gripping thriller.

    Actor Kalabhavan Mani and Nellai Siva in Papanasam Movie Stills

  6. Sujith Vasudev once again captures the beauty of Thodupuzha. The frames that gives the kind of intrigue the movie demands definitely pores more intensity to the story telling.Papanasam-Movie-Working-Stills-16
  7. The supporting cast of the movie which performed very well is also an important part of the success of Papanasam.


With Kamal Haasan delivering one terrific performance to a very well built thriller script, this second outing of Jeethu Joseph in the form of Papanasam deserves to be a success for its quality.

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Minus Points :

1) The script of the film rides on a wafer thin plot which offers very little humor here and there. The script of the film is so week that every scene looks very bored and routine in nature and none of the characters are well-etched out too. In fact the first half of the film doesn’t have a proper story at all. The film is all about lining up conflicts and resolving them one after the other to get to a happy ending towards the end. All the romantic scenes between the lead pair too look bored as they are not well written. Overall the film just treads aimlessly with the hope to entertain.1

2) Director S.R.Prabhakaran, whose debut film ‘Sundarapandian’ was a smash hit in Tamil, fails totally in excuting this film. The film escalates into a major disaster because of the over dramatic twists and the routine message placed in the script towards the end which the audience are watching it from many decades in some number of films. He has downplayed Udhayanidhi’s role to an extent where the sizeable supporting characters are given prominence in the script. The screenplay too is very poor.2

3) Udhayanidhi Stalin has improved a lot with this film when compared with his debut flick ‘Ok Ok’ but he still needs to fine tune on his expressions and dialogue delivery. His expressions are so week while he is dancing that you feel like looking at the heroine or the dancers back of him during the songs. He should also concentrate on the types of scripts he is selecting and avoid playing safe games with these types of routine scripts.3

4) Santhanam once again repeats his friend act for the umpteenth time and as usual delivers his love punches with ease. But this time many of these punches fall flat and fail to bring in laughs in the theatre. He just manages to impress in some scenes with his one liners especially his lines in the TV showroom scene he just brings the floor down. But if you look at on a whole, Santhanam never looks like an added bonus to the film in any manner.4

5) The film never connects with the telugu audience as this is a typical Tamil style rom-com where the hero and heroine fall in love for no particular reason and everything else falls into place with an emotionally manipulated climax along with some songs in foreign locations. The emotional scenes and the patch up scenes in the second half no way connect with the viewers as they are fed up watching these type of typical scenes right from their childhood.5

6) The way the director handled the sub plots in the film is very poor. In the film you have a conflict between the hero’s sister and her husband, a small dispute between neighbors and a father’s unyielding trust on his family who hates love marriages. All these issues are resolved in a matter of two or three scenes in a very convenient cinematic fashion that nothing seems to be a serious enough. Even the final problem of convincing hero’s dad is resolved with a couple of heavy-handed sentimental dialogues which is not acceptable.6

7) Another major problem with this film is that it blindly follows in the footsteps of ‘Ok Ok’. Both these films have a lot in common like –

* Both the films feature a heroine who initially falls for a wrong guy and is subsequently saved by the hero who bowls her over.

* In both the films, Santhanam is the one who will be helping Udhayanidhi to woo the girl of his dreams.7

8) Music by Harris Jayaraj is just about average in the film. You hardly remember even one song as you walk out of the theatre. The placement of the songs is another major drawback for the film as it bores the already boring film. His background score also did not have much effect on the screen this time.

Nayanthara, Udhayanidhi Stalin in Seenu Gadi Love Story Movie Stills

9) Don Bosco’s editing is not sharp enough. The film has many dragged scenes in both the half’s of the film. Almost about 20 odd minutes could have been trimmed out have which could have done something better for the film.9


Plus Points :

1) Cinematography by Balasubramaniem is the biggest plus to this film. The film looks appealing only because of his camera work and they way he has shown the film in good light. He has shown all the foreign locales quiet beautifully on screen and has captured some beautiful moments with his camera in the indoors too.10

2) Nayantara is at her usual best as Pavithra and does what is expected from her. She adds a huge value to the film with her impressive performance and gorgeous looks in the songs. Despite her de-glam avatar, she dominates Udhayanidi in all their scenes together with her experience and charm.

Actress Nayanthara in Seenu Gadi Love Story Movie Stills

3) Sunder Ramu was fine as the baddie who goes after Nayan in the film. Aadukalam Naren is perfect as the strict, angry father of Udhayanidi and Saranya Ponvannan is loving and supportive as his mother. Jaya Prakash and Vanitha are good as Nayan’s parents while Bharath Reddy and Chaya Singh give a decent performance as the hero’s brother in law and sister respectively. Rest of the cast including Aadukalam Murugadoss, Kala Kalyani, Neethu Neelambaran, Swaminathan, Mayilsamy were ok in their roles.

Bharath Reddy in Seenu Gadi Love Story Movie Stills

Verdict :

With a very routine script and boring screenplay ‘Seenu Gaadi Love Story’ will never impress you in any manner right from the beginning of the film. On a whole, you can simply skip this movie this week!!




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India is a religious country where Cinema is also considered as a religion. However, there also seems to be lot of tension when Indian filmmakers try to make movies that clashes with religion, which left the movie got a ban by Indian Censor Board. Here are some of the movies from India that were banned either due to explicit content or for hurting the sentiments of religious people.


1. Aandhi (1975): Aandhi, was supposedly the life story of Indira Gandhi and was banned during the Emergency by Indira Gandhi and was subsequently released in 1977, after Janata Party came in power



2. Main Hoon Rajinikanth (2014): Rajnikanth went to Madras High Court to stop the release of Main Hoon Rajnikanth, as it violated his personal rights and freedom. The makers were asked not to use Rajnikanth’s name and images in the film. Film’s name was finally changed and it was then released after showing it to Rajni Sir.



3. Bandit Queen (1994): Bandit Queen was straight up ‘offensive’, ‘vulgar’, ‘indecent’ and almost laughed at the cinematic conservatism of the Indian censor board. The subject was such. Based on the life of Phoolan Devi, this Shekhar Kapur movie was banned due its explicit sexual content, nudity and abusive language, which the Censor Board could not (obviously) digest.

Original Cinema Quad Poster - Movie Film Posters
Original Cinema Quad Poster – Movie Film Posters

4. Kamasutra – A tale of love(1996): In a rather hypocritical move, Kama Sutra – A Tale Of Love too faced the wrath of Censor Board which termed it ‘explicit’, ‘unethical’ and ‘immoral’ for the audiences of the nation which came up with the concept of Kama Sutra! This Mira Nair movie, which depicted the lives of four lovers in the 16th century in India, was a hit with the critics but a major flop with the Censor Board and ultimately got banned. We did see it coming.


5. Kissa Kursi Ka: It was a political spoof banned by the Congress government for mocking Emergency. Sanjay Gandhi’s supporters burned the master print and all other copies of the original, after it was lifted from the Censor Board office.


6. Dazed in Doon (2010): Doon School is one of the most highly respected schools of the country.  The Doon School had problems with the content of Ratna Pathak Shah’s coming-of-age movie Dazed in Doon which depicted the story of a boy who is studying at the prestigious Doon School and the life he leads there. The school did not find it amusing to say the least and believed that it spoilt the name and heritage of the school and hence got the film stalled.


7. Urf Proffesor(2000): Another movie to run into trouble with the Censor Board was Pankaj Advani’s Urf Professorstarring Manoj Pahwa, Antara Mali and Sharman Joshi. The movie traces the journey of the protagonist after a hit-man’s car and a winning lottery ticket goes missing and the chaos that follows. However, what irked the Censor Board were the ‘vulgar scenes’ and ‘bold language’ used in this black comedy, which ultimately led to a ban on the movie.


8. The Pink Mirror (2003): While experimental movies became the norm, gender issues was still a touchy topic to explore.The Pink Mirror by Sridhar Rangayan is one such movie which brought the concept of trans-sexuality to the forefront. The story dealt with the quest of two transsexuals and a gay teenager to seduce a straight man. No prizes for guessing that the Censor board got offended by the ‘vulgarity’ in the movie and banned it even after the film garnered rave reviews at film festivals around the world.


9. Paanch (2003): Paanch, an Anurag Kashyap movie, faced a lot of heat from the Censor BoardSaid to be based on the Joshi-Abhyankar serial murders in 1997, the movie was a thriller with high octane violence, crass language and drug abuse. No wonder, the Censor Board decided to ban the film and people awaiting the release of the movie had to make-do with the pirated version of the film.



10. Black Friday 2004): Loosely adapted from the famous book Black Friday – The True Story of the Bombay Bomb Blasts by S Hussain Zaidi, Anurag Kashyap’s movie was considered too dark to be released in India. The movie faced a stay order from The Bombay High Court because the 1993 Bombay blasts case and remained slated-to-release until the trial got over.


11. Parzania (2005): Parzania cut open the wounds of Gujarat’s scarred past, and received backlash and appreciation in equal amounts. The film was based on a superb plot which revolved around a boy called Azhar who goes missing during the Gujarat riots in the year 2002. Even though the film won a National Award, its cinematic excellence was not considered enough for political parties to let it screen in Gujarat, where it was fiercely banned.


12. Water (2005): Water is another Deepa Mehta movie which courted a lot of controversy because of its dark insights on the life of the Indian widow. Set in a certain Ashram of Varanasi, the script of the movie was written by none other than Anurag Kashyap and took up controversial issues like ostracism and misogyny which were alien to the Indian Censor Board back then. No wonder, the movie was widely attacked by protesters and around 2000 fanatics even destroyed the sets of the film.

Layout 1

13. Firaaq (2008): Another film to deal with the Gujarat riots, Firaaq was reportedly based on true incidents which happened in the riot-torn Gujarat.  Nandita Das was widely criticised for hurting the sentiments of Hindus and Muslims and ultimately the movie got banned. But what came as a major achievement was the fact that the movie finally saw a release date and upon its release, garnered rave reviews from critics and audiences alike.

maxresdefault (1)

14. Gandu (2010): If you expected anything else from a movie named ‘Gandu’, you’d definitely be disappointed. The Bengali movie was a rap musical which created a lot of buzz for its oral sex scenes and nudity. Shot in white and black format, the movie was banned because it ‘defied Indian sensibilities’.


15. Inshallah Football (2010): Inshallah, Football is a documentary about a Kashmiri boy who aspires to travel abroad and become a famous footballer someday. However, the boy is denied travelling outside the country because his father is charged with militancy. This film was intended to bring out the problems civilians face due to the insurgencies and militancy in the Kashmir Valley, but the purpose was defeated as it was denied the necessary censor certificate because of its sensitive subject.

Inshallah Football-2

16. Unfreedom(2015)The most recent one to join this long list of banned movies in India, Unfreedom is a modern-day thriller which talks about a lesbian love story entangled within an Islamic terrorism-related angle. Bringing together two ‘taboos’ in one package, the Censor Board could not digest the nudity and the lovemaking scenes between the two protagonists. Reports also suggest that the movie was accused of “igniting unnatural passions” and hence was denied release in India, except for a few states


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Though Salman Khan’s first production venture, ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ is nearing its ultimate release date, Salman Khan seems to have no sign of any worry about the fate of his movie. He is confident of his product and has even claimed that it is better than Hollywood movie, ‘Jurassic World’. 

However, when asked about the much talked-about topic of ‘Sultan’ VS ‘Raees’ that is going to take place next year, Salman’s confidence takes a backseat.

In an interview given to DNA recently, the Dabangg star said, “I love Shah Rukh a lot and I don’t think he needs to worry at all because the last time our movies came together he had beaten me. So, even if Sultan and Raees are releasing on the same day, loss mera hi hoga.”



Yes, the Bhaijaan of Bollywood who has been giving hits after hits for many years now, is not confident about his clash with SRK.

The last time Salman and Shah Rukh had clashed at box-office was in the year 2006 when ‘Don’ and ‘Jaan-E-Mann’ had released on the same date. And, well, we all know about the fate of two movies. While ‘Don’ was a super success, Salman’s ‘Jaan-E-Mann’ was just an average grosser at the box-office.

So, fans, what do you think? Who will win at the box-office in the ‘Sultan’ VS ‘Raees’ battle? And more importantly, are you going to watch Salman’s ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’? Tell us in the comments below.

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The theatrical trailer of Maari starring Dhanush has been released. This Balaji Mohan directed film is a rollicking entertainer that tells the story of Maari who is a big gun in the hood. Dhanush played a brillaint role with style, attitude and look with his brilliant acting performance.  Dhanush-Maari_71114_t1

The films also stars Kajal Agarwal of Singham Fame. Well, hope this will be Dhanush’s another blockbuster after mesmerising Raanjhhna.

Watch the theatrical here

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1. Shakti Kapoor was seen acting in a B grade movie “Meri Life Main Uski Wife”13888_558fa0563bb5f

2. When Rajesh Khanna made his comeback with a B-grade movie “Wafa: A deadly love story, it shocked everyone and he received criticism.


3. None other than Amitabh Bachchan was seen indulging in a different style of acting when he did the B-grade movie “Boom” that also starred Gulshan Grover and Katrina Kaif.13888_558f9fe9cb7d3

4. Many people believe Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya was the starting point of Katrina Kaif’s career but only few know that Boom was her debut movie. She claimed the movie was her biggest mistake.13888_558f9f72b1d36

5. Akshay Kumar as well, who is known as Khiladi Kumar, did a B-grade movie called Mr. Bond, that was based on James Bond.13888_558fa0c59dab6

6. Manisha Koirala also shocked everyone with her appearance in B-grade movie called Ek Choti Si Love Story. The movie ran into controversy and the actress asked stay order as the she found some scenes very objectionable.controversial and raunchy bollywood film posters

7. Similarly, Mamta Kulkarni, who is famous for her hot 90’s appearance in Bollywood did a B-grade movie called Khajuraho: Divine Temple where she was seen in braless saari.13888_558fa01de4fbd

8. Mithun Chakraborty was also seen acting in a B-grade movie Classic Dance Of Love where he played the role of an religious instructor.Mithun

9. Eesha Koppikar, who shared screen space with SRK, also did a part of B-grade movie called Haseena Smart, Sexy and Dangerous.Esha-Kopikar

10. Neha Dhupia, who won Femina Miss India Contest and entered B-Town in 2003 with Qayamat, later seen doing Sheesha, B-grade movie, with Sonu Sood.neha-dhupia-in-sheesha-202747662

11. Shakti Kapoor also acted in another B-grade movie called Gande Log.Gande-Log-1995

12. Who would believe that Govinda also starred in a B-grade movie called Naughty at 40.13888_558fa0ffb61dc (1)

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Lavender has been in the news for a long while for various reasons. The movie that has a stellar cast finally got released this weekend. The attempt from the director is to present a love story of a gangster but with both shades (gangster part and romance part) having no depth in presentation, Lavender just becomes a show reel of a few good frames with a gorgeous heroine. Lets list out the points that makes lavender an unappealing thriller.

  1. Director Altas Ali hasn’t tried to give his movie any speciality from the usual formulas. The excessively melodramatic selfless love pattern which we have seen in movies directed by Mohit Suri in Bollywood has been followed here by the director. That cold treatment doesn’t really help the movie to be in that pleasing zone and that is quite a demerit for a romantic movie.


  2. The script has failed to contain both parts of the stories in a believable level. The quick romance and the unauthentic sharp shooter getup for the hero kind of restricts the canvas of the movie. The dialogues are too cheesy and the developments in the script are way too predictable.


  3. Performance of Rahman cant be termed as disappointing as the character offered to him was in that zone were a performance wasn’t that necessary. He just walks around with that moody face and very rarely gets a chance to express something.


  4. Nishan plays another key role in the film. The north Indian actor has tried his best to give life to the character, but sadly the write up of the character was really shoddy.


  5. Govind Padmasurya was better compared to his other recent film performances while Anoop Menon wasn’t a convincing Interpol cop.


  6. The music was nice from Deepak Dev while the background score wasn’t that great. In movies that has action and romance as integral ingredients, a solid packaging of background score is quite necessary.


With only some lush visuals that occasionally pops out to please us and a beautiful heroine (Elham Mirza) with good enough acting skills, Lavender fails to stay in the heart or even touch the heart. Watch it if you are someone who watches these Mohit Suri brand of tragedy movies.

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Shahrukh Khan completed 23 glorious years in Bollywood with many critically acclaimed blockbusters and numerous awards under his belly. Since his Debut in 1992 with Deewana, the superstar has only moved forward without looking back at all. However, there are moments when some of his decisions in choosing the films has made him regret hugely as the films he rejected turned out to be one of the biggest blockbuster of all times. Here is a list of 10 movies that he rejected and later regretted.

1. Lagaan: Many people wouldn’t know that but Ashutosh’s first choice for India’s Oscar nominated movie was Shahrukh Khan, not Aamir Khan. However, due to funding issues, the project slipped out of SRK’s hand.


2. Munnabhai MBBS: Another widely acclaimed movie that starred Sanjay Dutt in the pivotal role of a gangster who becomes a Doctor was first offered to Shahrukh Khan but rejected due to back problem. Although it may be hard to imagine anyone else other than Sanjay Dutt in the film, we do wonder how SRK would have acted in the film.


3. Rang De Basanti: Another Aamir Khan’s movie directed by Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra based on the epic story of Indian freedom fighters portrayed by some college students was simply an outstanding feeling for the eyes. However, this one as well was offered to SRK but couldn’t do it due to dating issues with his movie Don.


4. Kaho Naa Pyar Hai: Hrithik Roshan’s debut movie which became the biggest blockbuster of the year 2000 wasn’t supposed to star the new actor. It was written for SRK by Rakesh Roshan with whom he previously worked in many movies. However, SRK turned down the offer as he felt the movie required a new face. Well surely it did.


5. Slumdog Millionaire: Danny Boyle’s dream project about India was the biggest movie of the year that eventually won 8 Oscars. The role played by Anil Kapoor as the host of the game was first offered to Amitabh Bachchan, then SRK, but both rejected as the character was negative.


6. Heyy Babyy: A superhit comedy movie that starred Akshay Kumar, Ritesh Deshmukh and Fardeen Khan was a hilarious ride where the role of Akshay Kumar was first offered to SRK. However he turned the role down as he was busy shooting for Chak De India.


7. 3 Idiots: Considered as the landmark in Indian Cinema starring Aamir Khan in a lead role, this Rajkumar Hirani directed movie showcased the life of engineers like none has ever showed. With complete laugh and nostalgic moments, the movie has recorded huge box office collection worldwide with immense critical acclaim.


8. Robot: Rajnikanth Starrer epic science fiction movie that contains brilliant graphics and outstanding storyline is a landmark movie for Indian cinema. But very few people know that SRK was the first choice of the director but later chosen the South Indian Actor for the lead.


9. Jodha Akbar: Another of Ashutosh’s period drama that revolves around the life of King Akbar and his wife Jodha was first offered to Shahrukh Khan. But the script and storyline didn’t impressed the actor making him turn down the role. Later, Hrithik Roshan who portrayed the role of King Akbar won filmfare award for best actor.


10. Ek Tha Tiger: Kabir Khan’s spy thriller starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif grossed over 100 Crore in domestic market. However, the director’s first choice wasn’t Salman as he wanted SRK for the role of superspy. The actor seems to reject the movie due to dating issues with his production movie Chennai Express.ek-tha-tiger

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Drawbacks in the movie :

1) Director Srinivas has made a poor impression as a director with this film as he just focused to entertain the masses with some silly comedy. Srinivas hasn’t shown any kind of progress with his efforts in this film and has made this film a big mess with some unnecessary scenes and unnecessary characters. The story of the film too is quite routine and has been dealt many a times before in many languages. For these kind of films, the presentation and making of the film should be fresh which is missing in this film. The screenplay too is pretty bad throught the film.1

2) The first half is the biggest minus of this film. Till the interval block, the film is just dragged with Prince’s love track and some boring comedy scenes involving Prince, Jyothi Seth and Madhunandan. The viewers never get to connect with any of the characters in the film nor get any interest as the script moves forward. Things do get decent in the second half, with some comedy form different big comedians but again here we don’t see anything riveting and fresh.

Where is Vidya Balan Telugu Movie Stills

3) Prince though looked smart in the film he could not give out an improved performance in the film. He still needs to fine tune his acting skills, dialogue delivery and the way he emotes his expressions. The love track of his is also not strongly established.3

4) Madhunandan gets to do a full length comedy character in the film but he goes overboard in many scenes during the second half. Jayaprakash Reddy looks odd in his character. Shankar Melkote has a hormone meter that can tell how masculine enough one is which is quiet senseless. Asish Vidhyarthi, Rao Ramesh, Pankaj Kesari, Ravi, Prabhas Seenu, Tagubothu Ramesh and others all did the same routine characters in the film.4

5) The technical aspects of the film are not at all impressive in this film. The music given by Kraman is very poor. None of the songs are good to hear. Even the re-recording appears to a bit routine and follows a template style that one often hears in films of this genre. Cinematography by Chitti Babu has nothing new. Editing by Madhu could have been better by miles. Dialogues never strike a chord with the audience.

Prince, Jyoti Sethi in Where is Vidya Balan Telugu Movie Stills

6) The reason why Rao Ramesh wants the phone is not at all shown in the film. The crime story going in parallel with the love story is not properly handled. The scenes where Pawan Kalyan’s footage of ‘Badri’ is shown is very silly in the first half.

Where is Vidya Balan Telugu Movie Stills

What’s better in the film ??

 1) Jyothi Seth has perfectly justified the role of Swathi and is the only person who comes out with a decent performance in the film. She looks hot in the songs as she has not objected for glamour show and lip lock in the film.

Prince, Jyoti Sethi in Where is Vidya Balan Telugu Movie Stills

2) Sampoornesh Babu brings us some laughs here and there as as Ghanta, the self-styled don. Sampoo’s night blindness scenes and Sapthagiri’s track in the second half tickle the funny bone.8

3) The second half and the climax part will entertain the B & C centers as it has got enough comedy required for them. The twist towards the end is good and is un-expected too.9

Verdict :

On a whole, ‘Where is Vidya Balan’ is a wasted opportunity which is made just to cash upon on the B & C class centers. For class audience this film will surely be a headache with its raw massy comedy.



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Director Manikandan has come up with a really novel thought that is now creating big waves in the Tamil Nadu box office. Kaaka Muttai starring the two kids Vignesh and Ramesh is an eye opener for film makers with its content having multiple agenda and its presentation that’s brimming with simplicity. Lets look at the reasons that makes this ridiculously fresh content a fantastic cinema.

  1. The direction is the key thing of any movie and Manikandan has done complete justice to Kaaka Muttai by treating it the way it should be treated. The kind of treatment which we normally term as offbeat has been followed here. That method really works for the movie as it helps the movie to establish its characters. The director also uses natural expressions and reactions of actors to give authenticity to its emotions.


  2. It may be a simple theme, but the script written by Manikandan has some really interesting layers that someway teases the society for its attitude. And in some way it questions the stupidity for blindly following trends set by corporate culture.


  3. The two kids Vignesh and Ramesh has done a fabulous job in portraying the roles of the Kaaka Muttais. Manikandan hasn’t used much melodrama in his making and most of the simple humor is conveyed through the simple reactions of characters and I have to admit that these kids were stupendous in giving such innocent and real reactions.


  4. Cinematography is another positive that captures the atmosphere with its reality. Some of the aerial shots really gives a shocking picture of the slums.


  5. The music and BGM from G V Prakash Kumar was perfect for the feel of this movie. The songs with the colloquial tones and the background score that creates impact with its minimalistic usage succeeds in giving a light feel to this movie.


  6. The supporting cast comprising of Iyshwarya Rajesh, Joe Malloori, Ramesh Thilak and Babu Antony has done their respective roles very neatly.


With a theme that ultimately holds a simplicity in narration but conveys its politics in a very smart way, Kaaka Muttai produced by Dhanush and Vetrimaran is one gem of a movie you should not miss.

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1) Anand, the protege of AR.Murugadoss has also made a decent impression as a director for bringing a story that is marginally different from the routine stuff we get to see in Telugu cinema. He has balanced both the hero’s characterizations nicely where he shows Rahul Ravindran as the central pillar of the script and Sundeep Kishan’s heroism which takes the film forward. The friendship between these two has also been built up nicely. He has also managed to provide the required commercial elements to the film along with the script.1

2) As said earlier the script by Anand is quiet fresh and new for telugu audience. It deals with the relationship of friendship and love in a quiet novel manner. The theme of honour killings has also been used effectively in the movie with Kasi as its backdrop and has a good message towards the end. The film is also high on emotional content in the film which is backed by some decent action sequences and a fast paced screenplay.2

3) Sundeep Kishan has indeed took indeed a bold move by choosing a story of this sort and has got his act right. He is perfect in his rugged role as the street smart guy with a mass attitude. His body language, ease in fights and confidence in dialogues are pretty impressive, especially in the second half of the film and to say this is one of his career best performances after ‘Prasthanam’.3

4) Rahul Ravindran aptly support Sundeep throught the film. All his scenes with Sundeep Kishan have come out quite well and he has nicely balanced the film with his subtle approach. He carried off the soft lover boy role with ease which is a cake walk for this young actor.4

5) Cinematography by Chota.K.Naidu is top-notch and is the biggest asset of the film as all the visuals look fantastic on screen. Each and every frame of his takes the film to another level. The way he has used different tones and light schemes effectively in this film is quiet beautiful and the way he has canned the Godavari bridge and its surroundings are simply amazing.5

6) SS.Thaman music is another added plus to the film. ‘Samaya’ is the best pick in the album and the remaining two songs too were good to hear. Surprisingly ‘Love story chepana’ song is edited out of the film. His thumping background score, especially with the title tune is superb and takes the film to a decent level.6

7) ‘Run Raja Run’ fame Seerat Kapoor looks gorgeous in the film with her curly hair. This bubbly actress got a meaty role to play and she gives her best performance which is required for her character. The romantic track between Rahul and Seerat have also come out well on screen.7

8) The first half was engaging enough with a good blend of love, friendship and comedy. The pre-interval episode was good though it was quiet predictable. The second half give you that emotional high that it promises and has a decent message towards the end along with a happy ending with Rakul Preet Singh’s surprise treat.8

9) The film has some decent entertainment and the hospital sequence is hilarious. Thagubothu Ramesh, Raghu Karumanchi, Fish Venkat, Satya, Sudigali Sudheer, Josh Ravi entertain us in this sequence.9

10) Editing by Chota.K.Prasad is apt. The crisp run time of 2 hours is a huge bonus as the proceedings are wrapped up in no time.10

11) Kaushik gets a very good character after a long time and has given a decent performance in his short meaningful role. Bollywood actor Bobby Parvez did a brief role as Seerat Kapoor’s father and was fine in the film. Kasi Vishwanath, Praveen, Saptagiri, Snigdha, Naga Babu and Tanikella Bharini and others were ok in their limited roles.11

12) The dialogues by Abburi Ravi are wonderfully written in the film especially towards the second half and in the honor killings episode. Production Values of “NVR Cinema” are appropriate.  12

Verdict :

‘Tiger’ is a decent attempt from the whole team where the whole cast and crew has succeeded in all the departments. It has the right amounts of emotions, songs, friendship, love, fights, comedy, and a decent message too. Overall a much needed commercial success for Sundeep Kishan and Rahul Ravindran!!




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What is good in the film ??

1) Naga Shourya has proved that he can even do mass masala roles with this film. He showed great variation right from his body language to his dialogue delivery and right from his histonics to his rugged look in the film. His energy levels in the film are amazing and he looked more at ease in this role of a mass guy. He is particularly good in the climax portions where he showcases the required smartness of his character. Looks like Naga Shourya has worked very hard for transforming into a action hero from a lover boy.1

2) Debutante Sonarika Bhadoria is just too hot to handle in a plump look in the film. She looks super gorgeous in her role and she is an absolute treat in the songs. She also comes out with a decent performance in the film along with her charm. Her chemistry with Shourya is fresh on screen and her lip lock scenes are an added advantage. She surely has a bright future in the next few years to come if she gets some good scripts.  2

3) After a long time, ‘Chintakayala Ravi’ fame director Yogesh does a film and he proves his worth once again this time with a pakka mass entertainer. The way he has handled Shourya’s characterization and the climax sequence is the main highlight for this movie. His stylish taking looks great on screen along with a decent screenplay.3

4) The first half of the film has some decent entertainment and the climax is the main asset of the film. The retrospective style presented by Shourya towards the end is the best part of the film as this is the time when the twits are revealed and the movie proceeds with a good pace along with some racy narration.4

5) Zakir Hussain and Kota Srinvasa Rao are fine as the baddies in the film. Ajay is too good with stylish appearance supporting Shourya ably in the climax. Ravi Kale and Ashish Vidyarthi are apt as cunning crime cops. Satya, Srinivas Reddy and Prudhvi’s track in the first half us bring few laughs. Sapthagiri is hillarious in the second half. Rest of the cast including Tagubothu Ramesh, Prabhas Srinu, Fish Venkat, Raghava, Raghu and others struck to their roles.5

6) Cinematography by Sriram is neat and stylish on screen. All the songs were shot wonderfully and the colour combinations used in the frames are good visually. The camera work in canning the fights and Gola Cheddame’ and ‘Abc Abc’ songs are supreb on screen.6

7) Dialogues by Madhusudhan are nicely written in certain sequences. Hero elevation lines and the flirting dialogues with the heroine deserves a special applause. Production Values of VVSN.Prasad are grand.7

What is bad in the film ??

 1) Music by Sagar Mahathi is not up to the mark. The songs were good to watch on screen but were but not great enough to listen after the film. His background score did not have the punch that is required for a mass action entertainer like this.8

2) The story had no flaws in it with an interesting twist towards the end but the way the director handled the rest of the part other than the climax is very poor. After elevating the hero’s character in the first half, the director failed to continue the tempo in the second half. The scenes that were coming in were not in proper sink with the story of the film which may leave the audience to some confusion of what exactly is going through the script.9

3) The interval bang wasn’t so effective in the film. The second half will bore you a bit as this half doesn’t have much entertainment and the narration falls flat too. Most of the scenes are not linked up and suddenly bumps out of nowhere. Only by the time of climax, the director tied up all the loose ends. The much hyped 2000 crore deal which is the core point in the film and the exact activities the Srisailam’s gang does is not touched upon in the film which is disappointing.10

4) When you talk about the logics in the film, there are quite a few logics missing in this film. They is no proper reason why why the CI (Ravi Kale) is so scared of his senior officer (Ashish Vidyarthi). The heroine comes from a lower middle class family but she dresses like a top class model.  11

5) Few unnecessary characters and scenes were included and the length of the movie becomes a tad too long. The editing by MR.Varma could have been crispier as the run time could have been easily trimmed for about 15 minutes.12

Verdict :

If you can put aside the logics and unnecessary lags in the film, ‘Jadoogadu’ is a passable massy action entertainer with decent performances from the cast and super hot spice factor of Sonarika. A time pass flick on a whole!!




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Govinda surely can be called as a true Bollywood Hero as he can act, dance, sing, fight and do comedy like no other actor in Bollywood could do. Imagine a hillarious and colorful Govinda dancing on the song, “Meri Marzi”. Truly amazing!!!. But now imagine he is dancing on one of the most recent and incredible English Hip Hop song Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. Hard to Imagine? Well, not anymore. Because here you can see him dancing his evergreen steps on this famous song.


The mash up video consists of all the ingredients taken from dance songs from Govinda’s movies such as Raja Babu, Hero No. 1, Partner and many more perfectly syncing with the foreign language song. Watch out the hilarious video.

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If sources are to be believed, then we are going to witness the biggest clash of the decade on box office next year as the two most powerful Khans – Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan will be facing each other on Eid 2016. Shahrukh Khan is currently shooting for his thriller drama ‘Raees’ for the past two months after wrapping up shoot for Fan in which he played a double role after a long time. They have scheduled thier release date even before the shoot began. However, as per the latest announcement by Yash Raj Films, they will be releasing their movie ‘Sultan’ starring none other than Salman Khan as a wrestler will also be releasing on the same date.

hqdefault In Raees, Shahrukh will be playing a bootlegged Gujarati Don who senses some trouble when an Honest cop started tailing him played by Nawazzuddin Siddique. The movie is set in 80’s era and a huge set has been made in order to offer the real appearance of the city in that era.


Nothing has been revealed about Sultan other than the fact that, it is about a Haryani wrestler played by Salman.

salman khan new movie sultan

It is not the first time these two superstars has come to box office together. Last time they faced together was in year 2006 when SRK starrer ‘Don’ and Salman starrer ‘Jaanemann’ that also starred Akshay Kumar released. While the actor playing the famous don managed to get some great reviews and ratings with good box office collection, the later one didn’t seem to perform well at both the platform.

However, this time it will be very interesting to see as both has been delivering back to back blockbusters in recent years. SRK and Salman are two most favorite superstars of Yash Raj camps as SRK has delivered seven blockbusters with the producers including DDLJ and Veer Zaara while Salman provided them with biggest 2013 release in the form of Ek Tha Tiger.

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Merits :

1) R.Chandru makes a decent debut as a director into Tollywood with this film which is the remake of Sandalwood 2013 blockbuster movie, ‘Charminar’ which was directed and produced by Chandru himself. He made sure that he had all the commercial elements present in the film with respect to our Telugu audience. The way he has showcased the feelings of responsible youth fighting towards a goal with a wonderful love track in parallel in worth mentioning and he has succeeded in pinching the viewers into tears towards the end.1

2) There are definitely some good moments in the film. The relationship of teachers and students, dedication of youth, the honesty in unconditional love are beautifully showcased on screen without any vulgarity. The pre-climax and climax sequences are the real heart and soul of this film. Right from Sudheer’s speech at the school alumni function till meeting Nanditha at the end, each and every scene is heart-touching. The performances of the lead pair makes the climax even heart-rending.2

3) Sudheer Babu has given his career best performance with this film. He simply makes you fall in love with the role an innocent, sincere and honest lover named Krishna. He will be seen in three different getups in the movie as a inter student, senior engineering student and a matured businessman. He has proven his talent with his performance in each of these getups. He is especially brilliant in the climax portions and does all the emotional scenes so effortlessly.3

4) Nanditha looks perfect in her role and will definitely impress everyone with her charm. She gets into the skin of her character where she plays a reserved village belle role of Radha. Her character has both innocence and loveliness which she portrayed beautifully on screen. Her chemistry with Sudheer is dazzling and she ably supports Sudheer in the climax portions.4

5) Chaitanya Krishna as college baddie is okay. Posani as college Principal gives a matured performance in a crucial role and Pragathi was good as Nanditha’s selfish mother. Vikram Sahadev, the son of Lagadapati Sridhar and Annie were fine in their roles as the lead pairs younger version. Rest of the cast including Giri Babu, Sudha have done justice to their roles.5

6) Music by Kannada composer Hari are good to hear and melodious too. His back ground score was equally appealing and was in sink with the mood of the respective scenes.6

7) Cinematography by K.S.Chandrasekhar is top notch. His camera work in capturing the beauty of waterfalls is worth mentioning and these visuals are quite breathtaking. The scenic beauty of Karnataka are also well shot.7

8) The dialogues written are heartwarming. Especially the speech Sudheer gives has a decent message and the climax portions lines too are well written. The production values of Rama Lakshmi Cine Creations are pretty good.8

De-Merits :

 1) Editing by Ramesh Kolluri should have been a lot sharper in the first half as it is quite slow and the narration can gets boring at times. Some unnecessary scenes and more songs have increased the length and slowed down the pace of the film.9

2) Some of the scenes in this film where Sudheer Babu narrates his love story while returning to his village to attend the school get together meet will remind us of Ravi Teja’s ‘Naa Autograph’. The screenplay too is predictable in nature.10

3) The linking of some sub stories to the main plot was not properly done. Frankly speaking, what were Chaitanya Krishna and the guy who says ‘ee jaaga naadi’ doing in the film? What purpose does these characters serve to the film? On the other hand Saptagiri appears in a bar scene and irritates with his outdated comedy. He is simply wasted in this silly role.10551022_863631967011287_8861824014081338128_n

4) Even though Hari has composed some good hummable numbers, the placement of some songs spoil the flow of the film. It could have been better if the makers have reduced the number of songs or cut short the length of these songs.11

Verdict :

‘Krishnamma Kalipindhi Iddarini’ is a decent film that talks about timeless unconditional love with a high emotional connect that will surely warm your heart. This film may not work for people who look for entertainment but for the rest of them this film is a decent watch.




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The most “fascinating” thing about the latest Malayalam movie 32aam Adhyayam 23aam Vaakyam directed by Arjun Prabhakaran and Gokul Ramakrishnan is that they have chosen a flop movie by all means to copy. 32aam Adhyayam 23aam Vaakyam is very lame attempt to replicate the 2007 Jim Carrey starrer The Number 23. Lets look at the reasons that makes this movie a really annoying and boring experience.

  1. The direction from the duo is quite amateur. Its almost like they haven’t even analysed the original movie before making this one. The duration of events and the high on dramatic feel in both narratives makes this movie a really sloppy attempt.


  2. The script is a blatant copy of The Number 23 and the reinterpretation in new environment looks very peripheral and the characters severely lacks depth. The dialogues are ridiculously hilarious in my opinion.


  3. Govind Padmasurya was terrible in his performance. The second avatar as John Ryan is supposed to be spooky, but the performance will make you laugh for sure. Even as Freddie he sounds a bit idiotic when he utters those impractical dialogues.


  4. Miya George is a talented actress who has shown potential in her previous films. But here the lady gets a very poorly written character and sadly she couldn’t do anything to make it look appealing.


  5. Cinematography looks quite restricted. Almost 90% of the shots have this static angle which kind of makes it look like a short film. A movie that is supposed to be a thriller should have some agility in its camera movements.


  6. Editing also looks very dull with those visuals that comes sequentially has no energy to keep things alive.


  7. Background score and the visuals where in two different levels all together. The intensity they wanted to create needed some synchronization between BGM and visuals and that was terribly missing here.


  8. Except for Lal, almost all the other faces were unfamiliar and they all lacked grace in performance. The girlfriend and the villain looked very immature with their poor show.


The only positive of this movie is Bijibal’s music, but sadly that is one department which doesn’t have much significance in this rotten creation.

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ABCD was India’s first step in dance movies. The Desi Step Up was widely appreciated only for its superb dance moves that garnered positive feedback. Just like the first part, ABCD 2 is also an average story that gets an over dosage of dance extravaganza. Lets look at the positives and negatives of this second episode.

Thumbs Up:

  1. Well it is undeniably the choreography that contained a large variety of dance styles made the movie stunning on a visual level. With everyone in the supporting cast performing damn brilliantly, Remo D’Souza succeeds in making the movie packed with impressive dance moves.


  2. Varun Dhawan has to be appreciated for the effort he has taken to improve his dancing skills. He is a good dancer but still the quality of the co dancers was too high and the actor has put in a lot of effort to make his character as a quality dancer.


  3. Shraddha Kapoor also deserves applauds for the efforts she has taken to give life to her character through dancing. Even though the screenplay helps her in skipping some tough moves, the actress has that vibrant energy and enthusiasm which was essential for the character of Vinnie.


  4. The cinematography of Vijay Arora has captured the stunning dance moves very impressively making the audience realize the toughness of those dance moves.


  5. Music from Sachin Jigar has done justice to the feel of the movie and also the music tracks used for various dance performances in the movie are also quite impressive.

Thumbs Down:

  1. The direction from Remo D’Souza isn’t that awe inspiring to make us feel for the characters and their emotions. The treatment is quite clichéd with predictable elements coming at each gap between dances.

    Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor in ABCD 2 Hindi Movie Stills

  2. The screenplay fails to build a story that looks fresh. The pattern of almost all the underdog victory saga is been followed here and that makes the movie only worth watching for the dancing part which itself has two hours of the whole movie’s runtime.


  3. Prabhu Deva was another disappointment in my opinion. The guy is a terrific dancer, but the actor in him is so weak and at times looks totally a miscast. His dialog delivery has no power and the energy we used to see in Prabhu Deva was not there.


  4. The 3D wasn’t used to a great extent by Remo. The first dance move for the title credits was the only area where the 3D experience was felt. Apart from that the 3D technology wasn’t that effective.


ABCD 2 is worth watching only for its dance moves. If you are not really looking for a solid story, then this one will have enough to keep you occupied.

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The latest movie from Paul Feig, Spy starring Melissa McCarthy is one hilarious entertainer that’s worth spending the time and money. With a spoof treatment in the scripting, this movie with too many memorable performances is definitely something you should not miss. Let’s look at the reasons that make it a successful cinema.

  1. Melissa McCarthy is undeniably the star of the show here. The chubby sweet lady really nails her character with all the troubles, tensions and anger to give the best finish to Susan Cooper. Her combination scenes with all the co-stars had that easiness which made the performance quite witty.


  2. The second positive is also from the acting department and this time it’s the antagonist played by Rose Byrne. The comically notorious Rayna was quite comfortable in her hands and I really loved the war of the words between Cooper/Amber and Rayna.


  3. Jason Statham has done a comical interpretation of his own filmography.  The actor is there in every turning point of the movie and to see him in that idiotic super agent character was super fun.


  4. Paul Feig has done a decent job in making Spy. The movie was nicely balanced in between being sarcastic and realistic. With some rawness added to the characters, the movie offers whole lot humorous situations.


  5. The scripting also had that charm to keep things entertaining. The silliness of the content was covered up largely because of this style of spoofy treatment in the script.


  6. Some of the action sequences were choreographed brilliantly to give moments that’s worth laughing and applauding.


  7. The supporting cast comprising of Miranda Hart, Bobby Cannavale, Jude Law, Nargis Fakhri etc was also really good in putting up a good show.


With only a few technical aspects like editing, cinematography and visual effects being okayish, Spy on the whole is a thoroughly enjoyable cinema.

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South Indian movies has always provided Bollywood some great examples of how movies should be made. Instead of showing cheesy items numbers and over the top action stunts, movies should have some brilliant screenplay, outstanding cinematography and realistic portrayals of characters. That seems to be the ingredients of South Indian movies as they have managed to make critically acclaimed movies for over the years. With brilliant film-makers like Kamal Hassan and Mani Ratnam, South has provided many movies that should have won Oscars. However, Oscar don’t seem to take any interest in Indian movies whatsoever. Here are some of the most amazing movies from South that should have won Oscars.

1. Hey Raam (2000): An epic tale of a man whose wife gets raped and killed during Calcutta riots. He then sets out to kill Mahatma Gandhi as he finds him responsible.


2. Nayakan(1987): undoubtedly the best south movie ever with unreal performance by Kamal Hassan depicting the role of a underworld don. Better than Hollywood’s Godfather.


3.Kannathil Mutthamittal (2002): Mani Ratnam again. An orphan girl is adopted by an Indian Tamil couple from a Srilankan Tamil refugee camp. The girl is told the truth on her 10th birthday and now she wants to go to the war torn island to meet her real mother.


4. Kuruthipunal (1995): A story of a police offer who must choose between his family and his duty when terrorist kidnaps his family and demands him to betray the department.


5. Thevar magan (1992): Another Kamal classic. About a village chieftain and his unwilling westernized son who is forced to take over the reins suddenly.


6. Anjali (1990): AN amazing family drama centre around a brain damaged girl.


7. Iruvar (1997)- An under appreciated Mani Ratnam classic. It was based on the fabled friendship turned enmity between MGR and Karunanidthi. Mohanlal was amazing.


8. Drishyam (2015): Desperate measures are taken by a man who tries to save his family from the dark side of the law, after they commit an unexpected crime.


9. Thalapathi (1991): Mani Ratnam’s modern retelling of Mahabharatha. Watch it for unbelievable performances from Rajini and Mammootty.


10. Mouna Ragam (1986): Divya, a woman grieving over the death of her lover, is convinced into an arranged marriage with Chandra Kumar. Over a year the couple attempt to adjust to each other’s presence and live with each other.


11. Mahanadhi (1993): Kamal’s best ever movie. A happy farmer falls prey to a greedy fraudster and his idyllic life gets shattered. The story is deeply disturbing with very powerful performances.


12. Kaadhal (2004): Again a love story. But stands out by its realistic portrayal.


13. Paruthi Veeran (2007): It is a rural love story. But an epic one. Extremely realistic. Take Ishaqzaade and multiply the passion and intensity by 100 times, with liberal doses of humor.


14. Aaranya Kaandam (2010): A drama that unfolds between two rival mafia gang on a single day when a bag of cocaine gets stolen by two innocent people.

Aaranya Kaandam

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What is good in the film ??

1) You can’t find anyone better than Puri Jagannadh who can deliver a decent message in a commercial format in the form a feature film and he once again does a decent effort in bring out ‘Jyothi Lakshmi’ in his typical puri-sh tone. The way he has been selecting his story lines in recent times and his choice of telling these stories is highly commendable. Screenplay by Puri is crisp and his dialogues are wonderfully written which definitely deserves some applause.1

2) Charmi looks hot and meaty in the role of a sex worker in the first half while she turns bold and courageous in the second half. Her body language and expressions looked perfect for her role. She does a fine jobwith her dances in the title song too. Overall this will surely be one of her best film in her career when is comes to her overall performance.2

3) Satya Dev scores brownie points in the film and is definitely one of the most promising names to watch out for in the future. He has a nice screen presence and a boy next door look. He aptly supports Charmi’s character and gives out a subtle performance.3

4) Ajay Ghosh does a decent job as the antagonist named Narayan Patwari in the film. He is definetly a new find for dark villians in Tollywood. Hyderabadi film actor Aziz Nasser also does a fair job in his supporting role. Apoorva Srinivasan and the guy & broker besides Satya succed in providing some laughs when ever they come on screen.4

5) PG.Vinda’s cinematography and SR.Shekkhar’s editing are impressive. Some of Vinda’s close up frames of Charmi in the songs look stunning on screen. Shekkhar’s editing too is crisp and accurate for a film like this.5

6) Sunil Kashyap’s music is a big asset for the film. The title song and ‘Vodhodhu’ songs are very catchy. His background score also elevates the film to a decent level especially ‘Chetiki Gaajulu’ song which comes towards the end as a background score is amazing.

Hyderabad: Stills from Telugu film `Andhra Pori`. (Photo: IANS)

What is bad in the film ??

1) When it is said that a director like Puri is coming up with a novel point like this with a message, the audience expect some heart wrenching scenes and some high on emotional scenes which can put the message in a right tone. But unfortunately the film falls flat to bring them on screen. The main concept of the film is set aside in some places where some un-necessary scenes take place especially in the first half.7

2) Another main drawback of the film is that the transformation of a a sex worker to a good wife is not rightly shown in the film. It is very hard to believe that this transformation of Charmi happens in very quick time in fact, it happens overnight. The episode where Charmi decides to close the sex racket in the city is also very poorly dealt as her anguish and other stuff in the scene doesn’t draw the attention of the viewer much.8

3) Satya Dev who is doing well with his performance in the film suddenly is kept aside in the second half as Charmi takes the centre stage. Their love story also lacks clarity and the placement of songs in between the scenes obstruct the flow of the film to a large extent.9

4) There are many scenes without any proper justification like the reason why the hero wants to marry a prostitute has no credible justification and the emotional connect where Charmi decides to take on the sex racketing system is also missing in the film.10

5) Brahmanandam hardly gives a takeaway in his character. Sampoornesh Babu, Saptagiri, Krishnudu, Dhanraj, Uttej, Sathyam Rajesh and others are criminally wasted in very short roles in the climax. So please don’t expect much from them as they are present in the trailers.11

Verdict :

The intension of the film is nice but what could have been a decent flick turned out be an ordinary movie with some improper execution from Puri. Overall, ‘Jyothi Lakshmi’ is not a bad movie but definitely a story that needed better handling!!

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1) Firstly the director Jai Sri Sivan has completely failed in the execution of the film. After watching the film you get a feeling that this director should first undergo a long term course in direction before thinking of directing a film. The story was good and had some twists which can entertain, but the way he has presented them on big screen will never impress any type of audience. On a whole to say there is nothing, i mean nothing in the film to interest the viewers.1

2) The first half of the film is the biggest disappointment in the film. Right from the word go, there seem to be many unnecessary and silly scenes coming our way which we can no way enjoy nor connect with them. The interval bang is one of the worst of recent times. You can also see many people getting out of the theatre after the interval itself. The second half had the scope to evoke some laughter with some twists but none of the scenes fail to atleast draw a bit of attention from the viewers.2

3) Coming to the hero Varun Sandesh, this guy should go to a script selection course and learn how to select a decent script before signing a film. This is the first time he is seen playing a dual role in his career and he could not provide anything special to strengthen the story. He is slowly loosing his value with some meaning less film like this. Hope he learns his mistakes after this flick and get back to form with a decent film under his belt.3

4) Richa Panai and Ruchi Tripathi are not given thorough importance in the film as they were just used for some erotic songs, skin show and lip locks. Except for them looking red hot on the screen, there is nothing to talk about them or their performances in the film.4

5) There were some comedy episodes in the movie but none of them work out as expected. Brahmanandam as ‘Mixi Raja’ and Prabhas Sreenu as ‘Item Raja’ could not tickle the funny bones with their humor. Rest of the cast including Kashi Vishwanath, Babu Mohan, Ranganath, Chanti, Kamal,Suman Settyand others got limited roles to perform.5

6) The film is neither sound in the technical department too. Except for a few songs, the cinematography by Balreddy had nothing new. Music by Ram Narayan was very poor as none of the tunes register in our minds. Editing should have been carried out with some extra care as many scenes looked lengthy. Production values were medicore.

Hyderabad: Stills from Telugu film `Andhra Pori`. (Photo: IANS)

Verdict :

There is nothing much to say about this film. Without any second thought, you can simply avoid this flick. It would be a pure waste of time if you feel like watching it in television too!!

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Melodramas, dialogues filled with romantic intellect and captivating songs are some essential ingredients of Mohit Soori’s movies. With his new movie Hamari Adhuri Kahani, the writer director has once gained mixed all these items to compose yet another selfless love saga. But with drama quotient becoming excessive, the only relief in this movie happens to be the songs. Lets look at the pros and cons that in the end made this movie a disappointment.


  1. The music is probably the only dominating positive of this tragedy. Music created by Mithoon, Jeet Ganguly and Papon creates that necessary romantic feel for the movie.


  2. Cinematography that captures luxury and emotions in close and wide angles gives the movie a grand visual appeal.



  1. The typical making of Mohit Soori fails this time with Hamari Adhuri Kahani. The way his characters react here is so unrealistic that the kind of selfless love the director wants to show gets destroyed in the process. The slow pacing with unappealing luxury in every frame, Soori offers us a lot of reasons to blame his creation.


  2. The script in the beginning portions had a fresh feel which kind of stood out from the usual way Mohit constructs his stories. But very soon the movie slips in to the typical formula of love, dilemma and sacrifice. The subplots created becomes unused by the end and the predictable nature makes things even more disappointing.


  3. Melodrama in dialogues with poetic statements about romance is a must in all of Mohit Soori’s movies and this time that dosage is too high. Every character in every frame of this movie talks like poets.


  4. The highly overwritten script in a way makes its actors look like idiots on screen. It doesn’t allow the characters to evolve in the process. Every character is in just one tone throughout the narration.


With only its highly successful album helping it in staying alive, Hamari Adhuri Kahani from Mohit Soori is a disappointing cinematic experience.

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Producer Lakshman turns director through his new venture Romeo Juliet starring Jayam Ravi and Hansika Motwani. With a title that has an epic romantic pair in it, the movie however has completely forgotten to add something in it that can be refereed as romance. Except for some interesting counter attacks from a ditched young man making things enjoyable, Romeo Juliet isn’t that great with its content. Lets look at the reasons that makes this movie a disappointment.


  1. Jayam Ravi saves the movie in a lot of areas with his acting that conveys the many emotions of the hero in a convincing way. The actor was really good in pulling off those second half humor tracks of the script.


  2. VTV Ganesh in his extended cameo as himself offers some moments to laugh for the audience. The less overacted portrayal from him increases the quality of the comedy.


  3. D Imman’s music showed a nice standard. No song was out of sync with the context and the tunes were catchy enough to make things engaging.



  1. First and foremost it is the script that fails to be attractive here. It is a cat and mouse game between two lovers who finally decides to be together. By the end of the movie, the hero accepts the heroin, but we as an audience will never see a reason in the whole movie that justifies the hero’s decision to have this girl who humiliated him earlier.


  2. The direction from Lakshman is also quite boring on the whole. The immaturity we feel in the content’s treatment is quite high. The movie never has a practical feel to it and the only entertainment here is in the beginning of the second half, were the heroism gets exhibited.


  3. Hansika Motwani was another disappointment. As always the actress looks stunning with her well built body and dressing style. But when it comes to acting Hansika only gets these characters who somewhat overreacts to every situation. As it spoils the feel of the movie, the performance looked tacky.


With a weak script and uninteresting making, Romeo Juliet has very less content that can be called as romantic. Only relief is seeing Jayam Ravi and VTV Ganesh who gives life to this dull content.

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1) Sai Kiran Adivi : This director who has earlier made ‘Vinayakudu’ and ‘Villagelo Vinayakudu’ should be credited for coming out with yet another breezy feel good youthful entertainer like this. Even though there is nothing new with the story line, the presentation of the film is what has made this film a fresh and decent one. The way he has crafted the story with a blend of fun, comedy and emotions is noteworthy. Overall he manages to pull off an entertaining film without any boredom.1

2) Dil Raju :This star producer once again stikes gold with his  right subject and script selection. His high production values have made this film look even better on screen. He made sure that his film is a clean, vulgarity free and feel good entertainer which will connect with each and every person especially the youngsters.2

3) The first half of the film is a fun ride with some decent amount of comedy, young age friendship and interesting love tracks between the lead actors. The interval bang is perfect as required for a film like this. Well the second half is a mixture of break up’s and then patch up’s with a good amount of emotions leading to a happy ending. The youngsters will surely connect with the romantic scenes, emotional sequences and the fun element present in the film.3

4) Sumanth Ashwin : This young actor has improved by leaps and bounds with his performance in this film. He looked handsome and stylish with his outfits. He has done a decent job with a character apt for his age and looked subtle in his role.4

5) Sri Divya : She is an apt choice for her role and has given a composed performance in the film. She brings in lot of depth to the film and as she aptly supports Sumanth in their love track which has been handled quiet well on screen.5

6) Parvateesam : This new comer who plays the role of Nookaraju will definitely impress you with his humor and comedy timing in the film along with his Srikakulam accent. He has some of the best moments in the film and does a decent job to entertain everyone.

Hyderabad: Stills from Telugu film `Andhra Pori`. (Photo: IANS)

7) Tejaswini Madivada : She gets a totally different character to what she has played earlier  till date and she gives out a very matured performance in the film as Priya who is an NRI. She also looks glamorous and has done her role with ease.7

8) Sukriti : This girl has a very expressive face and is the best find among the new comers. She looks quite endearing in the film as Bhavana and looks good in each and every frame. She surely has a bright future with time to come.8

9) Viswanath : He looks quiet natural as Siddharth who fears for his mother. He does an impressive job and has a long way to go if some good characters come his way in the future.9

10) Other cast : Pragathi was fine as the dominating mother of Viswanath. Sameer and Priya are decent as the divorced parents. Nithya Naresh was good as Sri Divya’s friend. Rest of the cast including Anitha Chowdary, Jeedigunta Sreedhar etc were fine in their respective roles.10

11) Mickey.J.Meyer : His music is the main highlight of the film. Songs like ‘Mila Mila’, ‘Jagadeka Veera’ are soothing to hear and the title track and ‘Thanks to Zindagi’ are good youth numbers. His background music in the biggest asset of the room. He literally lifts the overall effect of some scenes with his re-recording.11

12) Vijay.K.Chakravarthy : As the major part of the film is shot in the NIRD campus, the camera work by Vijay looks apt for the theme of the story as it is fresh and looks colorful on screen.

Hyderabad: Stills from Telugu film `Andhra Pori`. (Photo: IANS)

13) Abburi Ravi : Dialogues by Ravi require a special mention as they are written wonderfully. Especially the Srikakulam dialogueS will provide lots of laughter in the theaters.13

14) Ramajogayya Sastry : The lyrics by Ramajogayya Sastry are impressive and are written with lot of depth and gel with the mood of the film.14

15) Abburi Hari : Art direction by Hari also looked stunning on screen with the right kind of set provided for the film.15

Minus Points :

1) The story of the film has nothing new in it. It follows almost the same format of ‘Happy Days’. As a result the screenplay becomes quite predictable. After the interval, the viewer get to know whats going to happen next before each scene and the pace of the film also drops down a bit in this half.16

2) Nookaraju’s goal is never nouched towards the end which is the main point in his story. The Pragathi – Vishwanath’s airport scene is quiet unnatural and should have been dealt in a simple manner. Pragathi then realising his son’s pain just within 5 minutes looks very silly.17

Verdict :

On a whole ‘Kerintha’ is a feel good clean youthful entertainer with some good amount of humor, love, friendship, fun, fights, emotions and memories in it. A decent watch worth your ticket !!!

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The debut movie of singer anchor Rimi Tomy got released this weekend. I have to say that Thinkal Muthal Velli Vare is easily the worst film that released this year in Malayalam industry. Made as a spoof on Malayalam television serial industry, this movie is an extremely trashy content that is totally unbearable. Lets look at the reasons that makes this movie an ultra crap.

  1. Direction from Kannan Tharakkulam is outdated and pathetic. The director definitely has no idea on how to present this content that has no clear agenda. The humor and drama has been mixed very poorly and the exaggerated presentation with nonsensical feel throughout makes the movie horrible.


  2. The script from Dinesh Pallath tries to present itself as an eye opener against serial industry and ironically it praises those junky creations towards the end. The story between the protagonists was lame and overwritten. The conversations are also quite dump.

    Thinkal Muthal Velli Vare _1_

  3. Rimi Tomy making her acting debut doesn’t know what exactly to do on certain scenes. In some scenes in the beginning the actress is struggling to hide her laugh and in many other scenes she is in that over acting zone.


  4. Jayaram also disappoints big time with his repetitive portrayal that depicts all the emotions of the character in the same old way the actor has been doing for the last few years.


  5. Anoop Menon is a miserable failure in using that Trivandrum slang. It sounded unauthentic. And the actor occasionally forgets to use that slang which apparently reduced the pain of hearing it.


  6. The background score from Bijibal was excessive and uninspiring. The predictable usage to create comedy never really helps the movie in moving forward.


  7. The music of the movie was also quite underwhelming. No real tunes are there that are catchy by any means.


  8. The supporting cast comprising of many veteran actors like KPAC Lalitha and Janardhanan has been totally wasted with these unrealistic characterization.


With even other technical aspects like cinematography and edits showing just average quality, Thinkal Muthal Velli Vare is a pain in the arse without a doubt.

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After 23 years, the epic visual effects piece is back in the form of Jurassic world. Directed by Colin Trevorrow, this two hour long science fiction drama is an enjoyable one with its highs and lows. Lets look in to the pros and cons of the fourth segment of the Jurassic Park.

Thumbs Up:

  1. The direction from Colin Trevorrow kept a decent quality. The kind of feel the movie required was there. The anxiety fun ratio we expect in the content was nicely maintained by the director.


  2. The visual effects may not have reset the benchmark, but it sure had that quality to take us back to those nostalgic memories of the previous segments. With nice detailing of the illustrious park, the VFX helps the movie in having grand attire.


  3. The casting of the movie was another good point to mention. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard did the roles of the chief protagonists very nicely. The kids Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson were good. Irrfan Khan did his minimal appearance nicely.


  4. The cinematography was really good from John Schwartzman. The lush greenery and the intense wild feel of the park habitat were visualized beautifully.


Thumbs Down:

  1. At many points the logic of the script on a basic level looked a bit foolish. The lack of security and proper backup plan for a park that has got “the world’s best” in most departments is a bit too hard to digest. The imagination surrounding the Indominus Rex is also a bit too filmy and honestly it wasn’t that scary compared to the buildup given to it.


  2. The background score of the classic Jurassic Park has been used here again in a slightly different variant. The originals for this fourth segment weren’t that appealing and at the same time the visual backup of the old BGM wasn’t that grand.


With a decent output that manages to cover up the dullness of the trailer, Jurassic World is a fair enough entertainer that succeeds in engaging its viewer.

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The remaking of Foreign movies has now become trend in Bollywood with almost every second Indian movie is copied. This time its Dharma Productions “Brothers” starring Akshay Kumar and Sidhartha Malhotra, which is  a complete rip off of superhit Hollywood movie “Warrior” starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton. The trailer of the Brothers launched on Wednesday that shows a difficult relationship between two brothers and both participating in a fighting contest. The story entirely resembles that of Warrior (2011) where Joel Edgerton plays the role of a professor who enters into the contest due to financial problems with his family, which seems to be the same case with Akshay Kumar in Brothers.

Brothers (2015) Trailer

Warrior (2011) Trailer

Don’t know if the movie will be as successful as its original piece, but there are few things that seems different in the movie. For example, Tom Hardy’s role in the movie was very intense, unapologetic and didn’t show any of his emotions in the whole movie, while Sidhartha seems to be a bit emotional in the trailer.  Well, we surely wish to see the movie get great reviews, however, it all depends on how well the actors and team performed.

Top Ten list of Brilliant Bollywood Movies before 2000 that are remake from Hollywood Movies 

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