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Much famous for the version starring Jason Statham, Transporter series gets a revamp from Luc Besson as The Transformer Refueled and this time the hero is the new lad Ed Skrein. A movie primarily worked because of its cool and elegant hero looses that charm in this new arrival and thus becomes only 96 minutes long showcasing of fight and Audi feature demonstration. Lets look why this movie fails to garner a positive attention.

  1. Lets start from the leading man. The main attraction of this franchise used to be the staggering screen presence of Jason Statham and Ed Skrein seems to be nowhere near filling his void. The sort of depressed anger he showcases on screen can’t be called as attitude.transporter-refueled07
  1. The screenplay doesn’t try to add much to the usual routine of the Transporter franchise and here also we get to see Frank getting in to trouble due to the breaking of roles. Scenes designed for fist fights and car chases have been included with predictable conclusions.transporter-refueled02
  2. Director Camille Delamarre doesn’t try to add anything special from his end focuses mostly on the CGI generated car stunts and fights that happens at regular interval of time.transporter-refueled-image03
  3. Another major drawback was the villains in this part. The sort of vengeance and invincibility we have experienced in the Statham version villains wasn’t there in neither write up nor in performance of the chief antagonists portrayed by Radivoje Bukvić, Lenn Kudrjawizki and one more guy.transporter-refueled03
  1. The visual effects part much like the other parts of the movie has a bit of awkwardness as we will really feel the artificiality in them and the background score also lacked the aggression.transporter-refueled09

Stylized slow motion moments in between the set pieces may make you go woohoo, but the movie overall has very little original stuff to keep things excited.

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Welcome starring Akshay Kumar in the lead role along with Anil Kapoor and Nana Patekar was a bizarre slapstick comedy that had ample moments for us to do facepalms rather than laughs. Aneez Bazmee makes a sequel to Welcome in the form of Welcome Back seven years later and the result has no improvement except for a much elaborate starcast. Lets look at the reasons that makes this comedy a torturing one.

  1. The making of Aneez Bazmee is somewhat close to that of Sajid Khan’s style. Slapstick comedy gets pampered to reach another level of mediocrity. The visual improvisation he applies on screen may make you say the Uday bhai phrase “Control Aneez Control”.


  2. The script is a wayward write-up to create ridiculous foolishness on screen. The turn of events is lamely amateurish and the characters are too idiotic. It is one movie where thinking about the characters and their backdrop is a crime.


  3. Casting wise, I will have to say that Naseeruddin Shah, Nana Patekar, Paresh Rawal and Anil Kapoor may have enjoyed the time in the set filming this mediocre stuff, but for us viewers it’s a huge discomfort to see quality actors being given stupid roles.


  4. John Abraham was terrible in his character. The Bhai giri looked too artificial with that slang and tapori walk. He seemed to be casted only because of a muscular body. With the veterans handling the comedy neatly, John’s lackluster performance becomes annoying.


  5. The cinematography was poor. At some song sequences I could even see the low quality roofing of the sets. Low quality cams were used in some shots making the visuals quite dizzy.


  6. The visual effects department also gives a pathetic output making the killer imaginations of Bazmee look extremely shoddy on screen.


  7. The music department has only one catchy song, that too wont last for long. The other songs pops out at irrelevant spots either to increase the run time or to show the body of the heroines they hired for the movie.


The movie has a runtime of 153 minutes and in my opinion that is too much to torture. The aimless skit plot will be a comfortable watch in DVD format.

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Known for making thrillers with emotional depth and brutal violence sequences, director Suseenthiran makes yet another movie in the backdrop of gangsters and extortion, Paayum Puli. Even though the movie has some lack of excitement in the beginning portions, the cleverly mixed second half makes the thriller a convincing film overall. Lets go through the ups and downs of the Suseenthiran thriller.

Thumbs Up:

  1. Like always, Suseenthiran gives an emphasis on keeping things much close to a reality, at least in terms of visual turn of events. From the family relationships to the tactics used by the hero, there is that layer of believability which makes us like the movie beyond the surface level.


  2. Script has flaws, but it somewhat succeeds in creating a good conflict and sustaining it till the last moment with smart enough sub plots. The amalgamation of emotions, action and planning that happens in the last half an hour of the movie gives it an identity of a sensible thriller.


  3. After portraying too many masala over the top roles in the recent past, Vishal dons a role that looks digestible on screen. Minimal level of heroism is there, but it never goes to a level where the ACP becomes a one man army.


  4. Samuthirakani after a small gap comes back with a good antagonist role. Suseenthiran has created a villain with identity for Paayum Puli. The brutality was there in Samuthirakani’s performance and he handles the ambitions of the villain nicely.


  5. R Velraj has done a pretty good job with the camera. The nice aerial shots and the well lighten night scenes had element of intrigue to keep the movie edgy.


Thumbs Down:

  1. Kajal Aggarwal and her role was a letdown. The actress delivers an okay performance in the unnecessary role. The lack of importance of this character is one main downside of this movie.


  2. Soori also gets a character that doesn’t have much to do beyond the first half jokes. The track humor that comes in the first half in a way disturbs the rhythm of the movie.


On the whole, Paayum Puli is a movie that stands slightly above the okay mark. Flaws are there for sure, but that doesn’t make the movie a total failure.

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After a relatively big gap, post his last film Velayudham, M Raja aka Mohan Raja comes back to the silver screen to direct the new movie starring his brother Jayam Ravi. With an absolutely captivating antagonist in the form of Arvind Swamy, Thani Oruvan from Raja is an intriguing thriller that will keep you excited for its whole run time.

The Positives:

  1. M Raja sort of surprises you here with his making style. The director who earlier made mostly family oriented fun entertainers (most of them remakes), takes a different subject and treats it very excitingly. Thani Oruvan is fully focused on its basic agenda and there is zero bits of commercial add-ons in this movie and Raja deserves claps for making it in such a way.


  2. The script may have certain clichés and exaggerations, but that’s the only minor negative of this movie. Written by Subha and Raja the script is a least compromised write-up. It pursues a particular idea of making thriller by creating a unique plot. By the end of the movie, it attains a particular phase were it isn’t any longer a cat and mouse game between a villain and hero. No parallel comedy or Santhanam/Suri. Romance is in blend with the sory line.


  3. Before taking the name of Jayam Ravi, I must appreciate the terrific performance of Arvind Swamy in this movie. The glamour star who stole the hearts of ladies in the 90’s transforms himself to mankatha style deadly villain. The attitude, arrogance and coolness the character demanded was there in perfect mixture in his portrayal.


  4. Jayam Ravi delivers a controlled performance as ACP Mithran. The actor gives the character focused and determined attire and the control factor keeps it in the sensible zone.


  5. Another good thing about the movie is that the heroine isn’t there to show off her body to seduce the hero. She gets enough space in the screenplay to show her significance in hero’s life and mission. Nayantara has done that part nicely.


  6. The supporting cast is somewhat elaborate comprising of actors like Thambi Ramaiah, Rahul Madhav, Ganesh Venkatraman, Nassar and more. All these actors also deliver a good performance on screen to make the movie look interesting.


  7. Hiphop Tamizha who in my opinion was unimpressive in Aambala, has worked on his tunes this time to give his best. The less music oriented film gets two good songs and an impressive set of BGMs from Hiphop Tamizha.

    Jayam Ravi in Thani Oruvan Movie Stills
    Jayam Ravi in Thani Oruvan Movie Stills

The cuts give the movie a good pace and the frames are also quite interesting. The only small jitter is some technology related presentations which look slightly over the top. To sum it up, Thani Oruvan is an edgy thriller.

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Coming with the burden of humongous expectations, Double Barrel directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery is a terribly flawed attempt to make something out of a plot less situation. With the comical interpretation becoming over comical, this high profile experiment can’t convince its audience completely. Lets look at the reasons why this movie is ultimately a flawed risk.

  1. In the making part, Lijo uses his unconventionality in approaching scenes but the excessive comical feel and the disjoint nature of the sequences kind of makes the viewer think like what the hell is happening on screen.

    Double Barrel movie photos _1_

  2. The script cant be blamed much as the chance of its existence is quite minimal in my opinion. The sort of improvisation you see after each sequence will definitely make you doubt whether there was a bound script or they just developed it organically.


  3. The lead “pair”, Prithviraj and Indrajith struggles to be that comical brother duo. The kind of overacting feel takes away the laughable nature of the content.


  4. Tamil actor Arya who appears in a largely disjoint subplot along with Chemban Vinod Jose was somewhat annoying and a good share of that annoyance was because of the way the character was written.


  5. None of the other actors succeeded in being perfect for the kind of droll that would have worked for the movie. It’s almost like teasing the viewer.


  6. Prashanth Pillai’s unconventional music as an album grabs the attention. But while watching the movie, the placing of songs and the overall aimlessness of the movie will sort of make you hate the jingles.


  7. The visual effects part also kind of stood out as most of the gun shots had that artificiality which made them look unreal on screen.

The positives of the movie are actually the cinematography of Abhinandan Ramanujam and the costumes department. Except for those two technicalities, Double Barrel fails to grab the interest of the audience.

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Small films based on humor track have worked big time in the Malayalam industry especially in the last two to three years and the Onam release Kunjiramayanam from debutante Basil Joseph falls in this safe zone category. With the crisp writing offering enough and more humorous instances for the audience Kunjiramayanam serves as a small cool entertainer. Lets look at the positives of this movie.

  1. The making from debutante Basil Joseph is a smart one. He gives the visuals that quirkiness which was there in the writing. A lot of subtle humour was visualized smartly by the young director and he has made sure that it doesn’t slip away to a slapstick level.


  2. Deepu Pradeep’s writing is definitely the highlight of the movie. The sarcasm and humour the writer introduces to his content is quite smart. While he makes fun of the myths, he also pushes the movie forward through that. The script succeeds in creating characters that we will remember for some time as everyone gets a good share of sensible screen time.


  3. The dialogues are also quite witty. The sort spoofing on clichéd dialogues and also the natural counter dialogues from the elaborate characters offers a lot of moments of clean humor.


  4. Cinematography from Vishnu Sharma is also impressive. The fairy tale feel of the script was given that attire by Vishnu’s frames and the humor also gets a push with the various angles.


  5. The music by Justin Prabhakaran and lyrics by Manu Manjith has already created some waves. Salsa and Pavada songs have that catchy architecture to make you fall for a repeated listening.


  6. The elaborate supporting cast comprising of Aju Varghese, Dhyan Sreenivasan, Neeraj Madhav, Deepak, Mamukoya, Srinda and many others definitely increases the entertainment quotient of the movie.


To conclude, Kunjiramayanam has almost everything that you expect in an Onam release. With simple fun in abundance with less conflicts and drama Kunjiramayanam wins the race.

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Thomas Sebastian, who earlier made Mammootty starrer Mayabazar, makes a comeback through the movie Jamna Pyari starring Kunchako Boban. But this movie scripted by PR Arun is so outdated in terms of content that you will only feel sympathy to the lead actor for his underwhelming attempt to be a family super star. Let’s look at the reasons that work against the film.

  1. I will blame the script first for being too outdated. The sort of auto rickshaw driver heroism Rajnikanth created and Dileep propagated gets reinvented here without any mass power. The developments surrounding the Jamna Pyari goat doesn’t have anything that can be considered as quite unique. The heroism oriented drama becomes easily predictable with too many characters without much of relevance.
  2. Thomas Sebastian doesn’t give a visual push to the content that looks too cheesy. The shots, emotions, attitude and many other clichés are visualised in the very same old fashioned manner to keep things boring.
  3. Kunchako Boban wasn’t that smooth with the Thrissur slang. A sort of artificiality was there in his dialect and in terms of acting; he is restricted to his usual mannerisms.
  4. The supporting cast of the movie is elaborate and most importantly irrelevant. Aju Varghese and Neeraj Madhav were consciously added to make the posters look grand. Joy Mathew and Suraj also get not so important scenes. It was disappointing to see someone like Muthumani in such a role.
  5. Cinematography looks dull with too compact and fragile angles that can’t create any sort of visual impact.
  6. The music from Gopi Sunder is pretty average. It was so sad to see Gopi finding it difficult to get a catchy tune. The background score also fails because of the unimpressive writing.

The heroine was the only relief in Jamna Pyari. The beautiful looking Gayathri creates a good impression with her smartly modulated dubbing. With the clichéd formulas in abundance, Jamna Pyari is an uninteresting experience.

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Veteran director Kamal teams up with the script writer of Amen to create the new Mammootty starrer Utopiayile Rajavu. With the basic storyline reminding you of the classic satire Pranchiettan and the saint in many areas, this desperate style change of Kamal is a flawed experiment that looks too uninteresting.

The Staggering Drawbacks :

  1. The first blame goes to the maker for having no conviction and clarity about the idea he wants to present on screen. The treatment borrowed a lot from Amen and somewhere in between it went back to Kamal’s own way of making. With the content having zero surprises, direction fails miserably.Utopiayile-Rajavu-movie-stills-37
  2. Script from PS Rafeeq basically presents the same idea of Pranchiettan in a slightly over comical way. While looking at the trajectory of the narration, you will realize that the writer has failed to create genuine characters and the satirical approach was never really there in the content.Utopiayile-Rajavu-movie-stills-30
  3. The sort of witty dialogues Rafeeq had written earlier for movies like Amen were impressive, but here some of them sounded idiotic. It was that bizarre.Utopiayile-Rajavu-movie-heroin
  4. Neil D’Cunha somewhat copies the style Abhinandan Ramanujam created for Amen and I firmly believe that it was a deliberate attempt from the makers.Utopiayile-Rajavu-73
  5. When it comes to acting, the movie fails completely to use an actor like Mammootty. He is just one guy in the crowd who only reacts with a worried expression.mammootty-in-utopiayile-rajavu.jpg.image.784.410
  6. The visual effects stood out too much and the cuts also lacked good pacing.Utopiayile-Rajavu-Primeglitz-11
  7. The music was good from Ouseppachan, but the background score doesn’t really work for the audience.Utopiayile-Rajavu-mammottys-malayalam-movie-stills

With only a few counter dialogue jokes working in favour of the movie, Utopiayile Rajavu is a failure of execution.

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Director Ketan Mehta comes up with one of the most talked about incredible story of Dashrath Manjhi AKA The Mountain man in his new movie. Though it hasn’t created any inspiration in the feature film format, the less talked about incidents that get narrated in Manjhi surely increases the respect we all share for the determined man who made a road by breaking a mountain. Lets go through the ups and downs of this movie.

Thumbs Up:

  1. Whenever Nawazuddin Siddiqui is there in a movie he shares the whole or a part of its best side. Here also that has happened. The actor has done a very impressive job in portraying the role of Manjhi. The various mental conditions and the gradual determination were depicted brilliantly by the actor.


  2. Radhika Apte once again shows her calibre in portraying roles that are challenging. She did the role of Phagunia very attractively. The intense scenes were performed very nicely by the actress and there was a good on screen chemistry with Nawazuddin.


  3. The dialogues that mainly concentrate on the carving phase of Manjhi’s life had an impact on our mindsets. Manjhi uses his determination to break the mountain to inspire a lot of people who weren’t giving their best to achieve what they wanted in life.


Thumbs Down:

  1. The making from Ketan Mehta doesn’t have that passion to create some sort of fire in the viewer in solidarity of the late legend. The typical dramatization and other stuff make the movie too filmy with predictability. Some portions even go to a documentary feel.


  2. The screenplay writers have done a good research in discovering fresh facts surrounding Dashrath Manjhi. But in combining them and presenting as a captivating screenplay, they have failed. The narrative pattern and excessive drama were dragging the movie.


  3. The movie that had a mountain to be broken obviously needed some serious CG help and much like any Indian movie, the graphics didn’t showed the quality and most of the shots looked quite compromised.


  4. The edits also looked a bit dizzy. The unevenness in the back and forth narration kind of confuses and makes things slightly shallow.


As a film, Manjhi may not inspire you to break that mountain which is in your way, but the fact that what we have seen on screen actually happened with a man can seriously influence us to strive for better.

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The new revamp of the Fantastic Four franchise has released and much like the old versions, this one is also cluttered with clichés and thus ending up as a hugely disappointing film that fails to utilize the acting talents it had. Lets look at the demerits of this movie.

  1. The making is too dull and lacks the fun factor. The reinterpretation always used to have a funny conversational shade and here the director Josh Trank takes the movie too seriously. The sort of typical developments makes the movie uninteresting.NEAKi5iOb5eNDE_2_b
  2. The screenplay doesn’t have the excitement. The developments are too hurried and the lack of a fresh interpretation doesn’t induce you too. The climax was a pretty swift one. The mega build up given to the villain Doom wasn’t utilized at all.people-dont-seem-to-care-about-the-fantastic-four--and-theyre-making-an-unfortunate-mistake
  3. The cast of the movie had a fairly good reputation in the industry. But when you look at the characters given to them that had no emotional layers or conflicts, they were totally left unused.FANTASTIC-FOUR-18
  4. The visual effects don’t create any attraction. At some portions the getup of the Doom looks too amateur.fantastic-four-2015-trailer
  5. The cuts lacked sharpness and the narration looked too dull. The background score also failed in creating a positive impression.Fantastif%20Four%202015%206_zpsesjp4dlw

With literally nothing in favour of its success, Fantastic Four is a burden. Lets hope that Fox will give more control to Trank for the sequel of the movie to make it better.

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Oh My God starring Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal was such a hit that director Umesh Shukla grabbed the attention of all. All is well is his next film after OMG and the quality of the film will surely stun you. Such a mediocre film from the first shot itself, All is well is a total failure and somewhat a half hearted attempt to create a slapstick comedy. Lets look why the movie fails horribly.

  1. Director seems to have no conviction about what he wants to establish by the end of the movie. If the whole idea was to present the father son relationship, then why they have added all these Rohit Shetty model illogical jokes in that movie? Umesh Shukla treats every scene in a very peripheral way.


  2. Script is as shoddy as a TV channel comedy skit. Melodrama and slapstick humor with exaggerated comics is abundant. Too many useless subplots are there. The Alzheimer’s of the mother character is a medical miracle. Nimmi played by Asin is after someone who doesn’t like her at all.


  3. Edits were quite dull. The narration has no speed and the cuts make it even slower. No continuity is there in many scenes.


  4. Abhishek delivers the usual performance. He never looked like a singer. He was good at yelling but never looked great doing the emotional part. Abhishek’s look in the movie gets changed frequently.


  5. Poor Rishi Kapoor has tried his best to keep the character lively, but what to do, the writing is so bad that his character looks too unreal to be sensible.


  6. A talented actress like Supriya Pathak was wasted completely. In a way she was lucky. Too many dialogues would have put her in a difficult zone in the movie.


  7. One more talent that got wasted was Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub who had shown his caliber in the recent past through movies like TWM and Raanjhanaa. It was sad to see him as that idiotic goon.


  8. Cinematography was also quite underwhelming with frames and shots looking quite unexciting.

All is well is somewhat a ticket to hell. The boredom it offers in the two hour long runtime is enough to create a headache. Stay Away!

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After the success of socially relevant Spirit, the hit duo of Mohanlal and Ranjith gets back together for a movie and this time the target is the masses who want to see the heroism of Mohanlal. Except for the part that it has done some good researches in exploring the inner politics of gold smuggling, the remaining portion of the movie doesn’t have any sort of excitement. Lets look at the ups and downs of Loham.


  1. The simplistic side of Mohanlal was used efficiently by the movie and that actually made the first half of Loham somewhat enjoyable. The grace he shows in delivering comedy and the delicate elevation to khalnayak mode had some beauty. He looked a bit constrained in those second half portions.

    Loham Stills-Mohanlal-Ranjth-Malayalam Movie 2015

  2. The combo of Siddique and Balan Parakkal had the impact on audience in creating some laughter moments. The betting obsession along with the typical Muslim slang was comfortable in the hands of these actors and both of them offer some witty instances of relief to the audience.


  3. The one song in the beginning of the movie composed by Sreevalsan J Menon had some sort of a haunting feel to it. The composition and minimal orchestration of that song had a different feel to it.



  1. The direction is too cold. It doesn’t go to a massy avatar. The lack of that and the treatment that doesn’t go for a technical perfection in terms of making sequences that are visually appealing derails the movie from the engaging path.

    Loham to come up with an unusual way of storytelling says Mohanlal

  2. The script as I said explores the world of smuggling smartly, but sadly there is no genuine feel to the story made out of it. The whole undercover conman stuff is something that Malayalee’s have seen in the recent past in movies like Seventh day and SST. You can sense a bit of Mankatha in the ending too.


  3. Ranjith is well known for writing dialogues that will stay in your mind, but here even after being a desperate commercial, the director can’t really give any sort of punch dialogues to entertain the audience.


  4. Kunjunni S Kumar’s second movie is this and sadly he cant create an intrigue that was essential for a movie like Loham. The frames aren’t completely planned and you could see some degree of compromises in the visualization.


  5. The veteran Rajamani’s mixing of background score seems to be dizzy. The tunes are somewhat inspired from the Linkin Park albums, but the way they start to play in the background, you feel like someone’s mobile phone is ringing.


  6. The big supporting cast that went underused was another disappointment. Except for mainly 3 characters, the whole supporting cast of the movie has very minimal role. Aju Varghese, Srinda, Soubin and Manikkuttan have been included in pointless roles, just to create a multi-starrer feel.


With nothing much attractive about the plot and no real smartness in making Loham is a cold entertainer. It is enjoyable only for the fans association members.

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After getting shelved for almost 3 years, Simbu’s Vaalu finally released on August 14th. The movie directed by debutant Vijay Chandar is a usual masala romantic action film that uses the typical ideas of heroism and romance to entertain the audience. With Simbu managing to have some charm on screen, this film is an average one time watch. Lets look at the ups and downs of Vaalu.


  1. Simbu is undoubtedly the best part of this movie. That doesn’t mean he has done anything out of the box to surprise you. The kind of massy avatar he had to portray was safe in his hands. The typical style of the actor in dialogue delivery and other aspects like fights and dance works for the movie.
  2. Santhanam has limited space in the movie as Vaalu focuses more on the hero. But still the actor comes at points where the humour demands a performer like him.

    Actor Silambarasan (Or STR Or Simbu) and Hansika in Vaalu Sitlls

  3. The music from S S Thaman is a catchy one with some average lyrics intended only for instantaneous fun. Timing of songs aren’t that great but the choreography was nice.


  4. The dialogues written by the director at some points manages to be beyond mere emotional show off.

    STR and Hansika Motwani in Vaalu Movie Stills


  1. Screenplay isn’t that tidy. Much like any comedy action package, it has these loose sub plots and the lack of a severe conflict zone is evident. The build up they gave to the villain was good, but the way the movie ended kind of made me think that they were short of money or time to wrap it up.


  2. It was disappointing to see a lot of quality actors getting casted in less significant/ less utilized roles. Villain Aditya and Adukalam Naren get roles that don’t really utilize them completely.


  3. Hansika once again gets limited to a mere showpiece. This time luckily there wasn’t any elaborate deliberate skin show.

    STR in Vaalu Movie Stills

  4. The fights were over the top with no real sense to it. The vague write up of the hero character kind of confuses us when he does this earth shattering anti physics stunts.


With an average making filled with typical mass masala flavours, Vaalu is a onetime watchable movie that doesn’t have much of an attraction.

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M Rajesh’s new movie Vasuvum Saravananum Onna Padichavanga is a desperate comedy that escapes from being a torture because of the main comedian Santhanam. With an extremely loose script that has no direction, its an undercooked recipe that wont easily digest. Lets look at the points that makes this comedy not so enjoyable.

  1. The making is more of a skit style. Characters are excessively caricatured. No real depth in anything they want to establish and the overall desperateness to create some skit fun stood out.

    Vasuvum Saravananum Onna Padichavanga Movie Stills

  2. Rajesh’s script is quiet untidy. Just the same old bitching of women is the main agenda and they have tried to create some sequences out of that idea. If there was a proper story that connected these sequences, things would have been slightly better.


  3. Arya’s performance may be okay considering the nature of the character. But it’s the characterization of Saravanan that kills the enjoyment. Such a duffer hero is not something you can use to convey these ideas. Its better to cut relationships with such friends who have no sense at all.


  4. Tamannaah is just about okay and here also the problem with characterization becomes the itchy factor. The only actor who could do justice to the sort of exaggeration Rajesh wanted was Santhanam who literally saves the movie from being a total disaster.


  5. The music from D Imman wasn’t that great. None of the tracks turned out peppy. The visualizations may have worked but the timing of the songs was not that great.


The negatives may be small in numbers, but the impact that makes on the quality of the movie is severe. The cinematography and edits were fine in this movie that never really demanded any outstanding work from those departments. The saviour Santhanam should be appreciated for giving the audience something worth their money.

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The official bollywood remake of the 2011 Hollywood flick Warrior, titled as Brothers have arrived. With the quintessential flavours of any bollywood drama added with sensibilities, Brothers directed by Karan Malhotra is an impressive film that falls a little short of its original. Lets look at the reasons why the emotional action movie works for the audience.

  1. Well lets start from the performers. Akshay Kumar is a veteran in playing these sorts of action oriented characters. But here he had the challenge of portraying the role in a lesser experienced manner along with the burden of expressing the mental conflicts in a minimal way. The actor however did that part very effectively.


  2. Second and the biggest surprise of the film in my opinion was Sidharth Malhotra. The actor who couldn’t do much as a gangster in Ek Villain surprised me completely. He has worked on the physique to get that attire of a fighter and emotionally also he controlled his performance very nicely. He may not be as well built as Tom Hardy was but the director has helped him a lot in achieving that rough image.


  3. Karan Malhotra makes the movie in his typical style. Those of you who have seen Agneepath may know the way Karan treats the scenes with abundant drama and rich background score. Here also we get to see that mixture. But surprisingly, the cheesy feel was quite less. The director also didn’t show any sort of compromise in visualizing the R2F.


  4. The script written by Ekta Pathak Malhotra is a nicely restructured one. There is almost 40 minutes of additional screenplay that visually illustrates the childhood of the brothers and gives a new reason for the conflict between them. The elaboration has certainly increased the melodrama, but still there is enough to keep you occupied.


  5. The cinematography was a really good one. The close up frames in the emotional sequences and the randomness it had while capturing the mixed martial arts gave the movie a feel of reality.


  6. Akiv Ali’s edits were also smart. Even after being slow in his narrations in the first half, the movie managed to be exciting and the chopping looked even better during the R2F.


  7. The music and background score from Ajay-Atul combo had that emotional depth and ferocious aggression which helped the movie a lot in achieving its goal with wide acceptance.


  8. The supporting cast of the movie also had some really fine performers. Jackie Shroff, Shefali Shah and Jacqueline Fernandez did their respective roles very impressively.


The only negative or I should say a slight jitter in Brothers is that little bit extra melodrama. Other than that it is a decent remake of Warrior from Karan Malhotra.

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It’s been given an interesting title and was in the news as the comeback movie of Badusha, who earlier appeared in the Mammootty starrer Pappayude Swantham Appus as Appus. All hypes and hopes aside, the movie is an absolute trash made from the remains of popular hits in all languages and is ultimately a boring experience. Let’s look at the reason why it becomes a torture for its audience.

  1. Fazil Basheer who has written the movie and directed it hasn’t done a good job. His making looks quite over ambitious. From A Wednesday to Pokiri, the inspirations are quite clear and as we have seen all these movies, the amateurish nature of Fazil’s making will definitely make you yawn.MumbaaiTaxi-malayalmmovie-gallery-stills-6
  2. Screenplay severely lacks intrigue and without an excitement factor, a thriller is nothing short of a dud. Just listening to the dialogue can easily expose the suspense of the content and the kind of heroism attributed to Badusha looks inappropriate.mumbai-taxi-2
  3. Hero Badusha doesn’t look promising. He kind of overacts in every situation and becomes an on screen nuisance after a limit.mumbai-taxi-3
  4. Another main character of a police chief played by the producer Riyaz Fazzan himself is a performance that you can laugh at. The level of expressions surely gives competition to robots.11694950_1458185544483219_8353650051169115831_n
  5. Edits were sloppy. The aggression couldn’t be achieved through chops and the mixing of humour in between the serious portions was a bizarre idea.Mumbai-Taxi-malayalam-film-4
  6. Cinematography also looked quite compromised. No real smartness was there and mostly the work was average.MumbaaiTaxi-malayalmmovie-gallery-stills-16
  7. Luckily there isn’t any song in the movie, but the background score was excessive having no sync with the sort of development that happens on screen.Mumbai-Taxi-Movie-Review001
  8. Quality actors like Sreejith Ravi, Sunil Sughadha and Tini Tom were wasted in absolutely trashy roles.

With literally nothing in favour of the movie, Mumbai Taxi is a torturing experience. All I can say is that Acha Din was better.

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It was shelved from release for more than two years now. Rasputin from director Jinu G Daniel is a comedy that can’t establish it’s thought on a convincing level. With irrelevant comedy and too much of female bitching, it’s a disappointment from the debutant. Let’s look at the weak points of this small cinema.


  1. Direction is sloppy as it fails to conceive the concept engagingly. The first half of the movie is a mixed bag of unnecessary comedy and the way it has been executed severely lacks entertainment. The treatment which should have changed in the second half becomes a little bit melodramatic.


  2. The script fails to be convincing. Only sequences of womanizer thoughts come up in the majority of the run time and that takes away the focus of the movie. Some characters were kind of over written to create certain exaggerated jokes.


  3. Edits of the movie was kind of bizarre. It gets paused at awkward moments to spoil the flow. What made me really angry was the fact that it almost destroyed a wonderful song sung by Sachin Warrier.


  4. Joy Mathew’s character has been made like a buffoon. He finding the anti US thoughts in everything reminded me of certain old Tamil movie jokes.


  5. Aju Varghese also gets an unnecessary character. The kind of duffer feel given to his role was too much.


  6. Except for the Parayathe song, none of the other tracks in the movie made an impact.



  1. Hari Nair’s cinematography had the charm to keep the movie lively at some points. I loved the way the love song was shot.


  2. Vinay Forrt was comfortable playing the lead of the movie. Unlike others he never made his character look like an absolute dumb.

    Rasputin Malayalam Movie Stills 2

  3. Sreenath Bhasi may not have done anything unique with his performance. But the typical don’t care style of his suits the attitude of the character he was playing.


With only very few Positives working in its way, Rasputin doesn’t work completely. Watch it for some random fun.

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The latest episode of the Mission Impossible series has arrived this Friday and this one also from the cool agent Ethan Hunt is an exciting experience that has everything you expect from an MI movie. With director Christopher McQuarrie packaging the entertainer smartly with catchy set pieces, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is definitely worth spending your money. Lets look at the factors that makes this story of the insane agent a fun ride.

  1. Tom Cruise seems to get better with age. The beauty might have diminished slightly, but the energy of the actor to do the insane with flexibility is definitely there. He scores in every action sequence and the silent aggression of Ethan Hunt was definitely there in his portrayal.


  2. Director Christopher McQuarrie who earlier made Jack Reacher with Cruise has taken the movie to a better zone. He has visualized all the quintessential features of the movie like the locker breaking and face masking in an impressive way and also he adds some more layers of complexity for the hero to make things interesting. The action sequences are brutally real and the stunts were also quite fab.


  3. One person who has done a great onscreen job to have a screen presence equal to Tom Cruise was the heroine Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa. The lady looks stunning and she was pretty good doing the action sequences.


  4. The screenplay as I said incorporates everything you expect in an MI movie along with some additional fun. Ethan Hunt this time gets set backs from a mightier team known as the syndicate and the plan of action of the syndicate was impressively complicated.


  5. The stunts are the USP of the mission impossible series and Rogue Nation is nothing short of kickass action. The plane sequence and the bike stunts show the insaneness of the leading man and they all have been captured fantastically.

    MI5-12282 SN02.tif

  6. The cinematography is also quiet impressive. It captures the beauty of many lands they have travelled and also the set pieces are given a realistic feel. The bike chase scene really had that speed to keep you at the edge of your seat.


  7. The slick and swift edits were also good. It kept the movie thoroughly engaging and the action sequences exciting.


  8. Background score hasn’t used the signature MI music, but smartly interprets various versions of that in many places to make the developments and mad attempts of our hero exciting.


Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is a perfect blend of what you expect in it and what more you want in int. With gadgets, stunts, coolness and insane decisions abundant in the content, this Tom Cruise starrer is one fun ride.

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After the disastrous Praise The Lord, director Shibu Gangadharan teams up with Ananthabhadram screen writer Sunil Parameshwaran for a Thanthric Thriller titled Rudrasimhasanam. Well the movie is nothing short of torture and by the end of almost three hours inside the cinema hall, you might end up hating everything that is thanthric. Lets look why Rudrasimhasanam is a difficult one to sit through.

  1. The direction is poor. The format seems to be heavily dramatic where everyone is so keen to be sophisticated about everything they talk about. The amateur drama feel Shibu Gangadharan creates never evokes any thrill and the making style is also quite outdated.


  2. Script is pretty artificial. Sunil Parameshwaran has only created too loud witch craft movie based on the existing formulas. The perspective of the script towards the desires of a female and the basic male chauvinism is something I can’t agree with. There are no explanations given to any of the magical acts.

    Rudra Simhasanam-Stills-Photos-Suresh Gopi-Nikki Galrani-Kaniha-

  3. Suresh Gopi never looked graceful. He is just like a perfect hero who doesn’t know to speak the normal language. The permenant expression of Rudrasimhan demanded a sort of charm which apparently wasn’t there in his portrayal.


  4. Nikki Galrani struggles very much in the heavy role offered to her. Her dubbing and expressions were finding it difficult to be in sync and thus the overall output was similar to some of the school dramas.


  5. Nedumudi Venu as the crooked villain was a wrong choice. The age of the actor has taken away a lot of energy and this role demanded an energetic body language.


  6. Music of the movie wasn’t that catchy. The background score was also too excessive.


The only positives of the movie were performances of Shajon, Sudheer Karamana and the art direction of Girish Menon. But in a movie soaked in creative mediocrity, these positives don’t make any change.

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Fahadh Faasil who has taken a short break from the movies for a while has returned to the silver screen with the movie Ayaal Njanalla. It marks the directorial debut of actor Vineeth Kumar and the story is written by Ranjith. With the basic plot having this believability issue, Ayaal Njanalla manages to be an engaging one time watch with the help of performances. Lets look at the ups and downs.


  1. Just like most of his movies, Fahadh Faasil and his performance is the best part of the movie. He is playing the role of a lower middle class guy who is forced to play a con man. The actor wonderfully adjusts his body language and dialect to match with the tone of Prakashan.


  2. The cinematography of Shamdat was also quite nice. The beauty of Kutch was gorgeously covered and the other visuals also had a quality feel to it.

    Ayal Njanalla Posters-Fahad Fazil-Mrudula Murali-Divya Pillai

  3. Vineeth Kumar marks a decent debut as director. He seems to be aware of the pulse of the audience when it comes to handling melodrama. The con man stuff could have been handled well with a better makeup and makeover for Prakashan.

    Ayal Njanalla Stills-Fahad Fazil-Mrudula Murali-Divya Pillai

  4. Santhosh Raman’s art direction also needs to be mentioned, especially for the Gujarat portions.

    Ayal Njanalla Stills-Fahad Fazil-Mrudula Murali-Divya Pillai

  5. Music from Manu Rameshan was catchy especially the song visualized in Kutch. There was uniqueness in tunes which made it peculiar.

    Ayal Njanalla Posters-Fahad Fazil-Mrudula Murali-Divya Pillai

  6. The heroines Mridula Murali and Divya were okay in portraying the roles offered to them. In the supporting cast S P Sreekumar and T G Ravi created an impression with their acting skills.

    Ayal Njanalla Posters-Fahad Fazil-Mrudula Murali-Divya Pillai


  1. The script has done some experiments that looked a bit too much. There is a limitation in doing the sort of common man stuff shown in the movie in this era of social media and the kind of pushing it was given lacked conviction. Even after being funny at many areas, the believability issue will always bother you.

    Ayal Njanalla Posters-Fahad Fazil-Mrudula Murali-Divya Pillai

  2. A part of the believability factor was also caused because of the makeup given to the lead actor. If Fahadh was presented in a much different avatar, the whole theme would have looked surprisingly convincing.

    Ayal Njanalla Posters-Fahad Fazil-Mrudula Murali-Divya Pillai

Ayaal Njanalla on the whole has fun but as the movie doesn’t have the agenda to be a spoof or to be sarcastic, the developments demands logic.

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Director Suraj well known for making mass masala movies has come with his new movie titled Sakalakala Vallavan Appatakkar starring Jayam Ravi. With an outdated formula getting presented with all stupidity, the supposed to be comical Sakalakala Vallavan is really a painful experience. Lets look at the reasons why the movie fails terribly.

  1. The direction is old school stuff. Exaggerations and illogical plot deviations are abundant and it has been treated like a stage skit. The modern day trend of blaming relationships over a bottle of Alcohol is also there in the movie and Suraj has no intention to give any sort of freshness to all this rubbish he has written.


  2. The screenplay has no control over the proceedings. Started off as a flashback story of a big criminal it traverses through a wide variety of plots including lusty romance, crappy revenge comedy, relationship troubles and many others. Everything is so immaturely that you might even lose your sense of humour.


  3. Anjali is there mainly to be presented as a glamour girl. Too many scenes are focused on the lusty pleasure both Shakthi and Anjali enjoys and they call it as love.


  4. Trisha’s character is written sloppily. Another desperate attempt of the director to exaggerate the disrespecting nature of the “modern” girl.


  5. Soori is almost the hero of the movie when you look at the time spent over his gimmicks and the idiotic content and the idiotic character given to Soori has the same wavelength.


  6. Jayam Ravi is okay in his typical avatar of being a good boy without any good job. His character is scared about the small punches of his wife but can beat a dozen of goons.


  7. I have no clue why the whole portion including Vivek was there in the movie. It was absolute rubbish and the movie wouldn’t have lost anything if they chopped that entire half an hour from the movie.


  8. Music from S Thaman is kind of good. Especially the Hitu song. But much like any commercial mass masala, there is no sense in having a song at that particular point of the movie.


  9. Another insult is the role of Motta Rajendran. His appearance in the first half is bearable. But the tragic comedy that happens at the end of the movie surrounding his character was bizarre.


The duration is a torturing two and a half hours and if you can through it, Sakalakala Vallavan will surely cause some serious headache.

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It was there in the news for a while because of its peculiar content that sounded interesting. But when you watch the movie you will realize that all the peculiarity has been wasted by the makers by presenting a dull entertainer with clichés and a few counter dialog jokes. Lets look at the reasons why Pixels doesn’t work for a mature audience.

  1. The basic stuff is of course the script and here we don’t have anything novel about the script. The absurdity in writing is evident and we can’t call that as spoof entertainment. The Americans should have given some respect to the American president.


  2. The making also follows the usual formula. We have the typical Sandler style dialogue jokes that occasionally keep the movie alive. But there isn’t any excitement to feel anything special about the idea of the movie.


  3. Acting side is also quite weak. Much like his many recent flicks Adam Sandler looks dull. Michelle Monaghan is only a pretty face. Kevin James, Peter Dinklage and Josh Gad are a bit too eccentric in their characters.


  4. The visual effects of the movie is quite cool, but as I said seeing everything getting torn apart in to pixels doesn’t look alarming at all. The kids below five years will find this movie extremely funny.


Pixels is a short movie and the content is also too short. With nothing really creating a solid impact, it is just a passable film with very few moments of excitement.

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So finally the Hindi version of Drishyam has released and Nishikant Kamat has done a fair enough job to make it as exciting as the original one. With visible directorial differences from the original one, Drishyam is an exciting remake that could have been wonderful if the acting part was superb. Lets have a look at the ups and downs of the movie in comparison to the original.


  1. Even though he has given a different kind of perspective, Nishikant Kamat succeeds in making this Drishyam exciting. The partitioning of family bonding in the original one had more of jolly mood and Kamat in his brisk presentation focuses more on the crime that happens.


  2. The script has some really good tweaks which in my opinion strengthen the beauty of Vijay Salgaonkar’s master plan. The backdrop given to the elder girl and the ATM video footage shown as proof were quite impressive and the makers can feel proud that they haven’t blatantly copied the original.


  3. Tabu was a good choice for the character of the Commissioner and the actress had done it with ease. Kamat’s interpretation of the movie is more like Salgaonkar against Meera Deshmukh and Tabu was right up there with her solid portrayal.

    Tabu in Drishyam

  4. Kamlesh Sawanth who played the role of the crooked inspector was also bloody good. He may not have looked convincing in the trailer, but the guy nails it in the film.


  5. Cinematography was impressive. Some really good aerial shots were there. There isn’t much of artificiality in other scenes.


  6. The edits were also quite crisp. The pace with which scenes were chopped to create intrigue was good.


  7. Vishal Bharadwaj has composed the music of the movie. Both songs in Mr. Bharadwaj’s usual unusual style sounded interesting.



  1. On a comparison level with Mohanlal and Kamal Haasan, Ajay Devgn wasn’t that great at all. The emotional depth we saw in the portrayal of the first two wasn’t there in Ajay’s Vijay. Shriya Saran also had these problems of not being emotionally realistic.


  2. The art director could have been a bit more careful in making the attire of the home of Salgaonkar more of a middle class one. It looked too good to be the home of a miser middle class father.


Except for the performance part, Drishyam was made skilfully by Nishikant Kamat and for those who haven’t seen the original the performance won’t be a problem.

So finally the Hindi version of Drishyam has released and Nishikant Kamat has done a fair enough job to make it as exciting as the original one. With visible directorial differences from the original one, Drishyam is an exciting remake that could have been wonderful if the acting part was superb. Lets have a look at the ups and downs of the movie in comparison to the original.


  1. Even though he has given a different kind of perspective, Nishikant Kamat succeeds in making this Drishyam exciting. The partitioning of family bonding in the original one had more of jolly mood and Kamat in his brisk presentation focuses more on the crime that happens.
  2. The script has some really good tweaks which in my opinion strengthen the beauty of Vijay Salgaonkar’s master plan. The backdrop given to the elder girl and the ATM video footage shown as proof were quite impressive and the makers can feel proud that they haven’t blatantly copied the original.
  3. Tabu was a good choice for the character of the Commissioner and the actress had done it with ease. Kamat’s interpretation of the movie is more like Salgaonkar against Meera Deshmukh and Tabu was right up there with her solid portrayal.
  4. Kamlesh Sawanth who played the role of the crooked inspector was also bloody good. He may not have looked convincing in the trailer, but the guy nails it in the film.
  5. Cinematography was impressive. Some really good aerial shots were there. There isn’t much of artificiality in other scenes.
  6. The edits were also quite crisp. The pace with which scenes were chopped to create intrigue was good.
  7. Vishal Bharadwaj has composed the music of the movie. Both songs in Mr. Bharadwaj’s usual unusual style sounded interesting.


  1. On a comparison level with Mohanlal and Kamal Haasan, Ajay Devgn wasn’t that great at all. The emotional depth we saw in the portrayal of the first two wasn’t there in Ajay’s Vijay. Shriya Saran also had these problems of not being emotionally realistic.
  2. The art director could have been a bit more careful in making the attire of the home of Salgaonkar more of a middle class one. It looked too good to be the home of a miser middle class father.

Except for the performance part, Drishyam was made skilfully by Nishikant Kamat and for those who haven’t seen the original the performance won’t be a problem.

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The new Marvel Superhero is here and it is Paul Rudd in the suit of Ant-Man. Made specifically with the agenda of just introducing the new character that Marvel can add in the avengers league, Ant-Man from Peyton Reed somewhat succeeds in being enjoyable in its constrained plot.


  1. The direction is kind of good enough to keep it engaging. The attempt to decrease the melodrama is definitely there and up to an extent Reed has managed to keep it away from it. The limitations of being small and also the fact that the avengers do exist while things are happening has reduced the scope of the movie, but as I already said Reed creates entertainment within that.


  2. The screenplay also plays things smart. The SHIELD integration was done sensibly and screenplay works on a conflict that doesn’t demand the requirement of the mighty Avengers. It smartly uses the size changing scenario to give some really funny instances (like the climax toy train fight). The leader image given to Ant-Man gives a charm to his heroics.


  3. The visual effects impact is visually quite less. The green screen stuff mainly comes only in the second half of the movie and they have smartly done that part. It is minimal and realistic.


  4. The performers were also nice for Ant-Man. Paul Rudd fits in to the description of Ant-Man turned Scott with his innocent looking face. Evangeline Lilly is tidy and Michel Douglas is quite energetic.



  1. One thing that made the Marvel superheroes quite cool was the dialogues. The conversations usually used to have that peppy funny feel which sadly wasn’t there in Ant-Man.


  2. The story that is kind of limited by many factors is a demerit. The Ant-Man can’t really be that famous superhero and the backdrop of Scott has all those clichés we have seen for many heroes filled with divorce and jail term.

Made with the sole purpose of adding this small soldier to the A team, Peyton Reed has done a satisfying job. With the character having a key role in Captain America Civil war, it will be interesting to see how Marvel is going to manage the Ant-Man franchise.

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Sathyan Anthikkadu’s assistant Sreebala K Menon comes up with a genuine idea for her debut movie. Love 24×7 starring Dileep is one atypical feel good experience that may not get the required attention because of the fact that it doesn’t really fit in to the description of being a festival entertainer.


  1. Direction from the debutant is a partially good one. The lesser amount of melodrama in story telling is a positive. Sreebala tries to present things in a more practical level and she succeeds in that when it comes to the lead pair and also in presenting the news channel life.


  2. Dileep was performing nicely as Roopesh Nambiar. The experience has certainly gave the actor confidence to play a role like this which doesn’t fit in to the description of the sort of characters he did lately.


  3. New comer Nikhila Vimal was a silent face in the promos of the movie. But I must say that she has a bright future in the industry. The actress who certainly has the beauty to be that conventional Malayalam heroine, smartly portrays her character who goes through various phases in the movie. If the dubbing was done by herself, full marks to the newbie for having grip over the slang.

    Love 24x7 malayalam movie

  4. The conversations in the movie has helped Sreebala in creating the kind of practical feel to the content she is trying to convey. The talk between the lead pair about having a relationship has a certain level of maturity which I believe more films these days should have. There is an interesting conversation between Dileep and Sreenivasan in the second half, that visualized the crookedness of the unwilling in a smart way.


  5. The music from Bijibal once again has that typical positivity. The movie that doesn’t really have a heavy conflict, gets the aid from these tunes that gives it a light hearted feel.


  6. The art direction and cinematography showed quality. The news channel rooms had a good amount of authenticity and the frames also has that brightness which was essential for the movie.



  1. The parallel story that has this two doctors performed by Suhasini and Sashi Kumar was a bit awkward. The story was essential in conveying the thought director had in mind, but the cheesy feel it had kind of spoils the mood.


  2. Sashi Kumar as an actor hasn’t proved himself in my opinion. And this doctor role was a bit too heavy for him.


  3. Another drawback is in having perfection in characterization. There are a lot of characters in the movie and most of them are somewhat half drawn. We don’t get to see a background check over these characters and that in a way reduces the emotional depth.


The crucial hiccups may have derailed the movie in being livelier throughout. But still there is this conversational beauty with very less melodrama that makes Love 24×7 a good one time watch.

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Malappuram is one district that has this cultural uniqueness in many aspects. The movie KL10 Patthu directed by Muhsin Parari is a simple rom com that by the way explores the peculiarity of this district. The politics, the religious boundaries and the love for football are key aspects of Malappuram and all these have been included in the movie.

Thumbs Up:

  1. Much like all those recent Bollywood small wonders, this Malayalam movie has this natural humour pouring out through conversations. From the beginning itself, the movement of the story is quite verbal. By incorporating the culture of Malappuram, Muhsin has made the movie in an entertaining way.kl-10-67680
  2. The script has highs and lows. Even though the back and forth narration is creating a bit of a confusion, the way it touches almost all the aspects of things that generally happens in the district was described neatly. The influence of religion, the political polarization and the competitive spirit has been included in a hilarious way.21tvf_KL10pathu_2344973f
  3. The dialogues were on the positive side and that could be a negative point to someone who are completely unfamiliar with the culture and slang.KL-10-Pathu-Stills-9
  4. Music is a variety from Bijibal. The kind of peculiar lyrics it have demanded a change in composition and that was there in the movie. The experiments in narration also got support through these not so conventional tunes.KL-10-Pathu-Stills-10
  5. Performers are many in this movie. A lucky Unni Mukundan manages to play his role nicely along with some smart performers like Aju Varghese, Neeraj Madhav and Saiju Kuruppu. The actress Chandini Sreedharan did her part nicely and it was great to see Mamukoya, Sivaji Guruvayoor, Anil Murali and Rajesh Hebbar as the typical Malappuram seniors. The solid comeback of Sreenath Bhasi was also one highlight of this entertainer.KL10 Pathu Stills-Photos-Unni Mukundan-Chandini Sreedharan-Malayalam Movie 2015
  6. Vishnu Narayanan’s cinematography was also good. Frames had that quality and clarity to keep us engrossed to the visuals.KL10 Pathu Stills-Photos-Unni Mukundan-Chandini Sreedharan-Malayalam Movie 2015

Thumbs Down:

  1. The narrative tries to be experimental at times in representing the romance, which at times annoys the enjoyment. The edit pattern also has this doubtful feel which complicates this phase of innovation from the director.KL-10-malayalam-movie-stills-photos-images-pics-pictures-neeraj-madhav-aju-unni-mukundan-89

With an interesting presentation of a script that has highs and lows, KL 10 Patthu is worth watching for sure. With actors performing as rooted characters, KL10 Patthu is a perfectly pitched entertainer for Eid.

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Balaji Mohan has come up with a quirky comedy in the form of Maari that stars Dhanush in the title role. But unfortunately, the only thing catchy about the movie remained in the quirkiness and the lack of a solid content considerably affects the movie and thus it ends up as a just about watchable flick.


  1. Dhanush is the best part of the movie. The actor who is well known for playing these sort of eccentric attitude bad guy hero, once again delivers a charming performance. The attitude and heroism were safe in his hands.chennai-stills-from-tamil-film-maari-312034
  2. The music from Anirudh ones again has some catchy tunes for us to hum. The feel of the movie and its romance was evident in the peppy tracks.Maari-Movie-Latest-Photos-1
  3. Balaji Mohan’s mixing of a humor in to the content. Even though the presentation and basic story lacks element of freshness or surprise, there was enough and more comedy in the dialogues of the title protagonist and his partners.Maari-Movie-Song-Review


  1. Balaji Mohan’s direction focuses on excess heroism in my opinion. You will get to see hell a lot of character boosting scenes in the movie. Without much happening on screen as a variety, seeing these sort of heroism wont create the kind of mass appeal the movie was expected to create.33463-011
  2. The script basically lacks a curiosity factor. Fundamentally it acts like a Robin Hood movie with certain level of quirkiness. Some parts of the movie goes way too out of control, like the whole auto rickshaw episode and some of the subplots involving Kajal Aggarwal.Maari
  3. The music was good, but the background score was too excessive that we tend to hate the attitude show off present in the content.maari-theatres-list-advance-ticket-booking
  4. Kajal Aggarwal doesn’t have much of a significance in this commercial port boiler. Even though she has some significance in creating an interval punch the character was mostly that stereo typed “fair and lovely” beauty.Maari Tamil Movie Stills-Images-Dhanush-Kajal Aggarwal-Onlookers
  5. Vijay Yesudas has the look of a fit police officer. But the actor in him needs more polishing, especially in dialogue delivery.dhanush-maari-official-trailer

Maari will work only for the diehard fans of the super star Dhanush. For the remaining, its just another usual Tamil masala stuff.

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Sugeeth made a really impressive debut in the industry with the movie Ordinary. After that it hasn’t been smooth for the director as his other directorial ventures failed. With Madhura Naranga he teams up with his first film’s screen writer Nishad Koya and it has helped him considerably. With enough humor layered over a not so exciting melodrama, Madhura Naranga is an average creation.


  1. The combination of Kunchako Boban and Biju Menon offers lot of moments of laughter to the audience. The duo comes on screen after a small gap and the chemistry was still there.


  2. The addition of Neeraj Madhav hasn’t done any harm to the movie, instead it has increased the comedy quotient of the content. The actor isn’t a mere comedian, he performs maturely in some of those second half scenes.

    Madhura Naranga Malayalam Movie Stills 7

  3. The witty dialogues written by Nishad Koya gives this typically treated non surprising movie a life. The interval punch and the NRI life jokes were quite impressive.


  4. Faisal Ali once again delivers some good visuals for his director. The signature glossy frames have been used here also for certain songs.


  5. The music composed by Sreejith- Sachin duo had a nice feel to it. Too many songs happen in a small gap and that was one demerit. My personal favorite among the songs would be the Tamil Malayalam song.

    Madhura Naranga Stills-Images-Photos-Malayalam Movie 2015-Kunchacko Boban-Parvathy Ratheesh-Neeraj Madhav-Biju Menon-Onlookers Media


  1. Making from Sugeeth doesn’t have any surprises to narrate this story in a visually engaging way. The melodramas and conflicts are represented in that usual way and that fails to create an eager in the minds of the audience.


  2. The script may be inspired from a true story, but in its cinematic format it doesn’t look that refreshingly genuine. It just looks like a background change of many movies we are familiar with.


  3. The new face Parvathy Ratheesh was just about okay. She wasn’t tested much in the role and majority of her portrayal was helped by the dubbing artist who added expressions to it.


With key areas like scripting and direction not keeping up with expectations, Madhura Naranga is a onetime watchable average flick that has some moments of good humor.

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The new movie Acha Din from director G Marthandan starring megastar Mammootty is a disaster on screen. The wannabe thriller is a mixture of technical shoddiness and crappy writing. Let’s look why it fails terribly.

  1. The direction from Marthandan is a huge let down. I don’t understand why someone who got the biggest star on industry chose to do the movie in a very low quality way. The cliches we are fed up of has been represented in a way that will make you laugh at it. Emotional scenes is too theatrical.


  2. Screenplay is a poorly researched one from Vijeesh. The terrorists in the movie looks like idiots who doesn’t even know the basics of executing an operation. The melodrama gets overflown at most areas.


  3. The dialogues are highly dramatic and somewhat stupid. Audience were laughing hearing the intelligent counters by police officers.


  4. Mammootty has only done cycling for the movie and we don’t get to see the great actor anywhere.

    acha din poster

  5. Padmaraj Ratheesh who earlier performed in Fireman was pathetic in his character as Muneer. The way he delivers the dialogues and expresses anger looks terrible.


  6. The background score is a confused chaos of dramatic orchestration.


  7. The supporting cast of quality actors like Kishore, Sudheer Karamana and a few were wasted in poorly written roles. Heroine Mansi Sharma is always in the bed saying Hindi words without any energy.


With literally nothing in favour of the movie, Acha Din is very much an insult.

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The eid release of superstar Salman Khan, Bajrangi Bhaijaan is really a surprise for the audience. The actor who is known for his gravity defying super heroism succeeds in being an all too different avatar and guess what? The movie has a solid emotional story. Let’s look at the positives of this eid winner.

  1. Salman Khan hasn’t really lost his screen presence even after becoming a down to earth character. I would like to appreciate the actor for choosing this movie that’s unlike his genre.429854504
  2. Full marks to Kabir Khan for keeping his style and not adapting any current masala formula. The realistic commercial movie feel he creates in a major portion of the movie, helps it in the over the top climax that actually looked quite sensible.429427553
  3. The small wonder Harshaali Malhothra also deserves loud round of applauds. She doesn’t have any dialogue in the movie but the cute face succeeded in making us feel her pain.429100047
  4. The screenplay is a smart mix of freshness and cliche. The love story in the beginning is swift, but the main portion of the struggle to cross the border has been written very sensibly.428928876
  5. Dialogues were also a smart combination of filmy ones and some sensible practical ones. The humor in the dialogues were also quite catchy.428928877
  6. Pritam’s music goes along with the emotion of the movie. The Bhar Do Jholi dong had emotional intensity and the Tu Jo Mila versions also had that depth.429141196
  7. Cinematography and edits were really good which gave the movie that visual quality and engaging pace.429854508

So overall it is a variety eid treat from Salman Khan. Don’t expect a dashing Bhai in the movie, it is the caring Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

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