Brothers : The Desi Warriors

Brothers : The Desi Warriors

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The official bollywood remake of the 2011 Hollywood flick Warrior, titled as Brothers have arrived. With the quintessential flavours of any bollywood drama added with sensibilities, Brothers directed by Karan Malhotra is an impressive film that falls a little short of its original. Lets look at the reasons why the emotional action movie works for the audience.

  1. Well lets start from the performers. Akshay Kumar is a veteran in playing these sorts of action oriented characters. But here he had the challenge of portraying the role in a lesser experienced manner along with the burden of expressing the mental conflicts in a minimal way. The actor however did that part very effectively.


  2. Second and the biggest surprise of the film in my opinion was Sidharth Malhotra. The actor who couldn’t do much as a gangster in Ek Villain surprised me completely. He has worked on the physique to get that attire of a fighter and emotionally also he controlled his performance very nicely. He may not be as well built as Tom Hardy was but the director has helped him a lot in achieving that rough image.


  3. Karan Malhotra makes the movie in his typical style. Those of you who have seen Agneepath may know the way Karan treats the scenes with abundant drama and rich background score. Here also we get to see that mixture. But surprisingly, the cheesy feel was quite less. The director also didn’t show any sort of compromise in visualizing the R2F.


  4. The script written by Ekta Pathak Malhotra is a nicely restructured one. There is almost 40 minutes of additional screenplay that visually illustrates the childhood of the brothers and gives a new reason for the conflict between them. The elaboration has certainly increased the melodrama, but still there is enough to keep you occupied.


  5. The cinematography was a really good one. The close up frames in the emotional sequences and the randomness it had while capturing the mixed martial arts gave the movie a feel of reality.


  6. Akiv Ali’s edits were also smart. Even after being slow in his narrations in the first half, the movie managed to be exciting and the chopping looked even better during the R2F.


  7. The music and background score from Ajay-Atul combo had that emotional depth and ferocious aggression which helped the movie a lot in achieving its goal with wide acceptance.


  8. The supporting cast of the movie also had some really fine performers. Jackie Shroff, Shefali Shah and Jacqueline Fernandez did their respective roles very impressively.


The only negative or I should say a slight jitter in Brothers is that little bit extra melodrama. Other than that it is a decent remake of Warrior from Karan Malhotra.