‘Basti’ – Baseless Love Story Ever Told

‘Basti’ – Baseless Love Story Ever Told

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What has let the film down :

1) The main minus point of this film is the script. The script and story is so routine and bored that right from the scene one, this film gets quite predictable and have absolutely nothing new to offer. Infact, the story line of the film is quiet similar to Mahesh Babu’s ‘Bobby’. The whole film has an artificial feel as none of the characterizations are properly written which is the biggest disappointment. It could have been better if the writing department could have worked properly on the script.


2) There are many illogical scenes in the film like –

* The heroine just falls for the hero after taking with him over a night which is meaningless. The proper emotions of her realizing that she has met her man and the likeable moments between the lead pair are not showcased properly.

* The hero losses his brother and the heroine losses her father but they take it so casually without expressing any emotions at the moment and go on to sing a duet there after which is ridiculous.

* The hero and heroine get married and there is no amount of emotion showcased on their faces while they are exchanging their garlands or after that which is seriously surprising.

* In the climax, we just don’t get to know from where the hell Abhimanyu Singh lands in with all his blood on his face. The climax is very silly and baseless.

* On a whole, the film is like, just for the lead pair to live happily, all the remaining characters go on a killing spree and turn dying towards the end.


3) Director Vasu Manthena completely failed in executing the film. His inexperience and inconsistency in handling the crucial episodes is clearly felt in each and every scene. The script runs on a dry patch and the narration of the film will tests ones patience. He could not showcase the romance of the lead pair, emotions in different characters and other comedy scenes properly on screen. Another thing is that there is no proper reason why it was titled ‘Basthi’. Vasu stumbles completely in creating a major conflict or reason for everything and many scenes were not detailed completely. Overall, this film is one of the worst love stories ever told in Tollywood.


4) Shreyan Kapoor, son of Veteran actress Jayasudha has failed to make an impressive debut with this film. He was just limited to a couple of expressions throught the film. He is tall, lanky and smart enough but he could not gain pass marks with his performance in this film. In fact his role was half baked as a result he could not get the scope to perform either. He needs to improve in almost every aspect like expressions, dances, dialogue delivery, body language etc.


5) The main reason of the enmity between Mukhesh Rushi and Abhimanyu Singh is not clearly justified in the film. Mukhesh Rushi, Kota Srinivas Rao and Abhimanyu Singh’s characters are not properly designed and all the there have done the roles on a very lighter note without much intensity. Snigdha looked as if she was over acting in some scenes while she was drunk and could not provide the required fun which was expected from her character.


6) The film has absolutely zero entertainment in it. All the comedy scenes and comedians failed to impress with their humor. Ali’s comedy as Lord Brahma was senseless. Even Sapthagiri’s track was horrible. Sathya tried very hard to tickle the fun bone with his romantic sub track with Snigdha, but could not towards the end.


7) Even the technical department failed to lift the film in any manner. The screenplay is very predictable in the first half and gets wayward during the second. The cinematography by Gunashekhar had nothing amazing in showcasing the visuals on screen. Editing by Gautham Raju had many lags and the transition between the scenes are very abrupt. The background music never connects with the mood of the film. Production values of Vazman Productions are low.


8) The dialogues were were routine and there is nothing special into it. Especially the lines at the climax are very silly and do not strike a chord with the viewers. The placement of songs is another drawback in the film. Soon after the interval, you get to see an item song from anchor Rashmi Gautam which is no way connected to the proceedings.



Whats is better in the film :

 1) Heroine of the film Pragathi is the only one who was decent in the film. This is her debut film and she has done a pretty nice job with her performance. She looked cute just like a normal Telugu girl in the film and also looked gorgeous in the songs too.


2) The tunes composed by Praveen were fine and can be passable in the film. ‘O sari naa vanka’, ‘A touch of love’ songs are good to hear. ‘Pyar ka naam’ and the item song too were nice attempts.


Verdict :

Don’t know how a senior actress like Jayasudha, choose a film of this sort as the debut vehicle for her son, Shreyan. ‘Basti’ is a film which will neither impresses you with its story nor with some promising technical support. To say, this is a very poorly made film that doesn’t deserve to be watched as it bores the viewers to the core.