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Variety would be a less justifying word to describe the beauty of Birdman. Birdman from Alejandro Inarritu is a showbiz satire that manages to travel beyond its one liner agenda. Here we list five reasons why you should not miss this filmy extravaganza.

  1. Exceptional Direction
    Conveying a concept that becomes complex with emotions after scripting is a huge challenge. Where Alejandro Inarritu has triumphed is also in the same challenge. His conviction to present this idea in a visually uncut way makes the attire of the movie entirely new and film’s sarcasm becomes an overall output.Alejandro Inarritu birdman
  2. Riveting Scripting
    You can make fun of an industry’s downfall in a very direct manner by attacking them. But the writers of birdman has decided to take another route and showed us the story of a confused artist who looks like a misfit to the industry. His past life as an actor compelling him to fall into the wave and the other layers of personal conflicts he faces during the post screening session of his play are written in a really beautiful way.
  1. Cent Percentage Acting Output
    A lot of characters are there in this concept to create miseries of various types to our central protagonist and I must say that they have all done a superb job. Michael Keaton as Riggan Thomson aka the birdman carried the confusion of the character very elegantly. Edward Norton was the real show stealer who depicted the role of Mike with scorching screen presence. Emma Stone also delivered a surprising acting display as the arrogant child of Riggan. Rest of the cast comprising of Naomi Watts, Zach Galifianakis and Andrea Riseborough also did complete justice to their characters.
  1. Catchy Cinematography
    The movie is visualized in a way you won’t feel any cuts. Kudos to the planning of cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki. Finding a jitter is an extremely difficult task and also Lubezki manages to make us a member of the crew of the play.
    'Birdman' - Photocall - 71st Venice Film Festival
  1. Jazzy background score
    The peculiar nature of the movie and its underlying dilemma demands a special musical treatment and Antonio Sanchez has just done that. The way the music creeps in is really interesting as it successfully establishes the mood of the character.

The less and effectively used visual effects and the perfectly written dialogues are also pluses of this big Oscar contender.

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  1. Well the first reason is the fact that nobody really expected that Mr. Major Ravi’s film will become a hit like this. After his debut movie Keerthi Chakra, there wasn’t any real effort from Ravi to do something out of his comfort zone and the box office results of all those movies reflected the fact that it lacked the content to impress viewers. But with Picket 43, Major Ravi has used an unusual packaging by reducing the dosage of patriotism and increasing the humanitarian content. Even though it is not a completely impressive content, this small change in treatment has made a significant difference.
    picket 43 review
  2. A young actor was necessary to play the character of Hareendran and Prithviraj has shown us why he was the best option. Physically he is eligible to play the character of a soldier and where the actor scores in Picket 43 is with his emotional acting. Towards the climax there is a sequence where he screams to the opposition’s army with his heart out. Every glitch you feel till that moment of the movie will slightly fade away from your mind after watching that scene and this sequence will surely be among the most memorable scenes performed by Prithviraj.
    picket43 film
  3. Cinematography of Jomon T John is one thing that has taken the movie to another level. Jomon has captured the beauty of Kashmir very nicely in this movie. The deadly winter and the pleasing summer were catered to us beautifully. The above mentioned climax sequence also had Jomon’s terrific contribution with camera to make it look more touching. And from what all I have seen in usual military films, there is a different feel for the frames that offers a space for relaxation.
    jomon picket 43
  4. The background score from the new generation sensation Rex Vijayan has boosted the level of Picket 43. The usage of instruments and the dosage of BGM made it sound fresh and it was different from the typical military films we see.
  5. The last reason is undoubtedly the underperforming competitors of Picket 43. The fact that Mili from Rajesh Pillai and Mariyam Mukku from veteran screenplay writer James Albert hasn’t lived up to the expectation of movie goers has helped Picket 43 in a big way in becoming the first hit (seemingly) of 2015 in Malayalam.
    picket 43

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After nearly four years of his path breaking movie traffic, Rajesh Pillai has came back to the industry with a simple film titled as Mili. Written by well known editor Mahesh Narayanan, has Mili lived up to the huge bundle of expectations that came along with it? Let’s do a pros and cons analysis.


The Sweet Positives:


  1. Actors : The movie’s biggest strength is probably the fact that it has got its casting spot on. In her deglamourised look as the title protagonist Mili, Amala Paul has done a fabulous job. The character of Mili is that of an introvert who just doesn’t sync with most people and also doesn’t take an effort to make the environment better for her. Amala has done full justice to the character through dialogue delivery, body language and of course acting. Nivin Pauly with his performance yet again proves that he is a fast evolving actor. Just like Traffic, here also Sai Kumar delivered a heart touching performance. Rest of the cast mainly dominated by females put up a good show.
  2. Direction : Keeping things real and simple can make a movie more communicating with the audience. What Rajesh Pillai has done with Mili is just that. The natural feel in the rendering makes things beautiful and also the attention he has given to the central character’s emotions deserves appreciation.
  3. Music: The songs composed by Gopi Sundar and Shaan Rahman are already chart toppers. Every song has lived up to the expectation making their presence in the movie felt. Also the appropriate mixing of the song in to the movie enhances the blending.

Underwhelming Negatives :


  1. Screenplay : The screenplay written by Mahesh Narayanan has a solid beginning as it establishes the central character quite strongly. But when it comes to the second half revamp plans for her; the canvas was too shallow and easily predictable. That took away the charm up to an extent from the content.
  2. Dialogues: Powerful and impact making dialogues are quintessential part of any movie which is supposed to make the audience inspire. Lack of that seriously effects the flow of Mili.
  3. Background score : The background music from Gopi Sundar at times goes to an excessive level. The lack of variety is also a disappointment, considering the fact that Gopi has created some really amazing background scores in the recent past.

With almost equal share of ups and downs, Mili still manages to be a heart warming simple cinema that somewhat achieves its goal.


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After backing relatively good cinemas like Pandiya Naadu and Naan Sigappu Manithan, Vishal as a producer is slowly becoming a threat for the viewer. The actor’s last two productions in which he did the lead role were his desperate attempts to create money spinners of cheap quality. The latest one from VFF is a horrendous action comedy titled as Aambala. Let us list out 5 reasons why you should not watch this movie.

Story and Screenplay: The basic story of the movie is just the reunion of a family and the way Sundar C has written it is in a lame fashion. The screenplay is flooded with unnecessary sick jokes and slapstick comedy. The kind of outdated humor we get to see can only increase the headache. The number of coincidences in this single script is damn too high and it will leave you asking yourself questions like “why God?” “seriously?” etc.


vishal-aambala-tamil-movie-latest-posters (5)Offensive to Female: Almost all the actresses in the movie are used as hot properties. Vishal’s character’s love for Hansika’s character is visualized by showing us how he stares at her back. Some guy is pinching Remya Krishnan’s belly. The supporting actress like Madhurima is casted just to increase the spice level. The worst among the hot lot was Kiran, who was rolling all over the place. Sundar C definitely needs some help in differentiating between love and lust.



Aambala-Movie-Posters-12Unbearable Stunts: The intro of Vishal’s character in the police uniform gave a tough competition to the chaos Karthi did in Alex Pandiyan. There is a difference between exaggeration and mass appealing scene creation. The wild imagination of Sundar C and the execution of the stunt master have taken it to a level beyond exaggeration. A car jumping out of nowhere and the hero who is sitting on top of it is totally unshakable. Bravo! You must watch that scene a few months later.



Sloppy Music: There was a promotional video which featured Vishal, Sundar C and Hip Hop Tamizha. Just like how he said he doesn’t know about Pallavi, Charanam etc. there are a few more things he doesn’t know. Every song in the movie with a different mood has the same DJ feel. Hip Hop Tamizha’s work will surely help you in understanding the difference between a DJ and a qualified music director.


Shoddy Direction: Sundar C is known for all these exaggeration and wafer thin storylines. But there is nothing wrong if the audience expect an improvement from the director. With this latest movie, he has only increased the number of cars that got blown and number of females whose body got more exposure. Apart from that, it is still that old formula of injecting heroism and cheesy sentiments into a lot of plastic characters.


With Shankar’s I getting into trouble for being offensive to transgender, I think Aambala should have been the one to face that type of criticism, as it has hurt the sentiments of women, common man’s brain, Sumo, Scorpio and many more living and non living.

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I tamil movie review

The magnum opus from director Shankar, I has hit the screens today. With leading actor, Vikram giving his everything for this grand project from the acclaimed director, I is indeed a movie worth watching. However, has it reached that level which we expected after seeing the stunning trailers and teasers? Let’s do a pros and cons analysis on that.

The Positive Knots:

  1. Vikram: The biggest positive, USP, wow factor or whatever you can use to glorify an effort, Chiyaan Vikram’s hard work for this movie is that. He just stole the show with his looks, dialogue rendering, physical transformation and the acting. The local Chennai slang, the husky voice for the hunch back, the body language change etc. are done with so much of attention that you will really feel for the character while the tragic transformation.
  2. Weta Workshop: While the other hired departments failed to live up to the standard, Weta showed their quality by doing an extraordinary work with the character getup of Vikram. Shankar has tried to use the Weta prosthetics to a greater extend towards the climax and there also Weta impressed the viewer.
  3. Cinematography: P C Sreeram’s cinematography has definitely captured the lush visuals of china in a stunning way. Every frame had that agility and bright feel to make it look like a visual extravaganza.
  4. Music: The slow poison music of Madras Mozart A R Rahman really helps the movie in having an impact on its viewers. Mersalayitten, Pookkale and Ennodu Nee are surely the chart toppers among the songs, but the remaining ones also served the purpose when you look at the context of the film.
  5. Direction: It needed a grand treatment and the number one person in India to do that is Mr. Shankar and he has done it very nicely. By casting perfect actors he has done justice to the story which was sadly weak. A special appreciation to the director for getting the best out of Amy Jackson.

The disappointing Negatives:

  1. Story: Even though it is devoid of the usual social preaching we see in Shankar movies, the very plane structure of revenge just doesn’t work with the audience. When they reveal the suspense revolving around the villain, there is no big surprise for us as we already can see a possibility in that direction.
  2. Editing: The beauty of shots and a majority of the stunts looked slightly dull and the main reason was the edit that lacked crispness.
  3. Background score: Academy award winner A R Rahman did a great job with the music department; however the background score was heavily disappointing. Any other Shankar movie will have a signature tune that manages to sustain in our head. But here it was missing.
  4. Fights: The stunts designed for the film looks less appealing. The gym fight was a low profile version of the famous Anniyan stunt. The fight scene in China started of very impressively with fast moves, but pretty soon it lost its charm. Even the last train sequence also looked less attractive.
  5. Dialogues: Except for the “Athukkum Mel” usage, there isn’t any real dialogue that makes you whistle and clap. As every Shankar movie manages to give us some sparkling dialogues, the lack of those in I is really a minus factor.

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The latest south Indian remake from Bollywood has not found the sweet spot as far as both financial and critical feedback are concerned. Let’s list out 5 things that would have made a great difference in the fate of the movie.

  1. The Hero: Being a home production of the KapoorKhandan I do not really think that they would have gone for another hero other than ArjunKapoor. However, while watching Arjun as a relatively cold hero, you will think about the possibility of Salman Khan doing the character. Looking at the recent history of Salman’s films, the character of pintoo suits him and he would have definitely boosted the much-required attitude of the central character.
  2. Story: In the other remakes of Okkadu, we get to see some key tweaks in the story to make it work for the major audience of the movie. With Tevar, the makers have not tried anything that can be considered as an interesting improvisation.
  3. The leading woman: Instead of being a shadow of the hero, they could have done something better with the heroine to make her an equally good contender. When we look at mass masala blockbuster flicks like Dabangg, there is that deliberate attempt to make a strong female character which in fact worked.
  4. Songs and Background score: Except for that first stanza of the Superman song, the Sajid-Wajid musical does not really pump up the movie. In addition, it lacks the boost of foot tapping background score that can define the strength of the lead. A better musical support would have created a positive vibe.
  5. Dialogues: One thing that really drives the audience to the theater and also makes them remember about the fun they had watching it is definitely the kind of punch dialogues they hear from the hero, villain and some other pivotal characters. In the case of Tevar it just didn’t really work out. With a better set of dialogues, the curiosity generated would have gone high and we might have had a box office winner.


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Drifting away from its driving idea is what created the problem for the third installment of the Liam Neeson starrer Taken 3. Using the same old predictable storyline to give an end to the widely acclaimed series just looked like a greedy way to exploit the name of the franchise as there was nothing in the content to impress you as a viewer.

If we do a pros Vs Cons analysis on the movie, I am sure the Cons will win the match hands down. Anyway let’s do an analysis.

Invented Pros: 

  1. The dialogues. Only thing that works in this movie is the dialogues. Some of the emotional conversations in the beginning of the movie and also a few of the counter dialogues used to setup the attitude of Mr. Mills will catch your attention. In fact, when you compare Taken 3 with 1 and 2, this is the only department that had the quality of its prequels.


Discovered Cons:

  1. First thing that hits you is the editing. Very rarely you get to see a cut that manages to go beyond 5 seconds. May be it was an attempt to keep things racy in terms of tempo, but what it manages to do is to create a head ache for the viewer.
  2. The level of exaggeration is one thing that makes this part of the movie detached for the first two. Two explosion scenes are there in the movie and also the climax has Mr. Mills doing something too much out of the ordinary. Makers should have thought about the fact that, not being a fast and furious was a reason why people liked Taken.
  3. The weak script just makes the backbone a weaker one. Different interpretations and presentation of kidnapping was the USP of the franchise. And when it came to the “Epic” conclusion they have totally forgotten that idea and instead of going after a unique idea, they just assembled bits from almost every crime thriller which involves these twists and ransom exchange.
  4. Making it hard for Neeson and Mills was another drawback. While the first and second installments focused more on the intelligence side of agent Mills, here we have the old man doing too much of athletic things which with all those chaotic edits looked amateurish on screen.
  5. Crappy visual effects. The last time I saw such low quality visual effects was in GI Joe part 1. The movie never looked in demand of such a big scene that had cars going in the wrong way and container truck messing up the whole traffic. But they created it and executed it very poorly.
  6. Last but not the least, the sloppy direction from Olivier Megaton. The making just takes away the beauty of the Taken franchise with all these predictable styles and hectic compilation of sequences.

Well Taken 3 comes as the third installment and it can also be ranked as the third. It is undoubtedly the worst in the series and because of the nature of movies Liam Neeson is doing these days; you might even wonder whether this belongs to the taken series.

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