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Joss Whedon is back in the business with his mammoth Hollywood franchise Avengers and this time also he gets it bang on.  Filled with delightful coolness, witty conversations and a darker tone with certain intellectual layers, this segment of Avengers, titled Avengers Age of Ultron is an entertainer that is worth every penny. Let’s look at the 6 factors that makes this extravagant project an excellent superhero movie.

  1. It is undoubtedly Joss Whedon the winner here, who succeeds in handling a gigantic task of assembling the avengers. A director should know the pulse and expectation of the audience that will come and watch this sort of a movie and with his uncompromised and innovative making, Mr. Whedon makes the movie totally enjoyable. On a time when the superhero stuff is becoming repetitive and clichéd, Whedon succeeds in giving his movie a genuinity.


  2. The screenplay is also a well written one. Unlike the first part, this time the movie offers a lot for each superhero and the icing of the cake was seeing the associated characters of each superhero in various scenes and thus making it a movie that looks linked to the rest of the solos Marvel do.


  3. The cast undoubtedly is a really awesome one. Robert Downey Jr. handles the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist role with his typical coolness. Chris Evans gracefully dons the role of Captain America. The dilemma of the doctor was nicely portrayed by Mark Ruffalo. Chris Hemsworth was good as Thor. Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner get a fairer share of screen space this time and a bit of their character’s background display.


  4. The Visual effects of the movie are really stunning on many levels. The first fight that introduces the superheroes has some really breathtaking uncut shots. As it is a magnum opus production, Marvel has pushed the envelope considerably. The destruction sequences were conceived very nicely. The quintessential team work was also visualized strikingly by the visual effects people.


  5. The edits of the movie were also really good. As it is a racy film with terrific quality fights and set pieces, keeping it sliced perfectly is a difficult job and Jeffrey Ford and Lisa Lassek has executed that task very effectively.


  6. The background score becomes an integral part of the franchise as it is a mass appealing comic stuff. Brian Tyler’s background scores have nicely captured all the highs and lows of emotions in the movie.


With no other technical department failing to accomplish the assigned task, the fun filled atmosphere of the Avengers franchise is retained and now the gang is more elaborate. With a darker tone offered with some considerable variety, Avengers Age of Ultron is indeed a treat for the marvel fans.

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Raghava Lawrence is back to silver screen after a small break and this time it is with his very own franchise Muni aka Kanchana. The third in the segment titled Kanchana 2, is really a reincarnation of the same old rebirth ghost possession idea and this time Lawrence gets some additional technical support to spice up the movie. Lets look in to the ups and downs of this mass masala comedy horror thriller.


  1. Almost all the positives of the movie come in the performance side. Heroine Taapsee Pannu was really good in her character. Unlike the previous Kanchana, the movie demanded something more from the heroine other than skin show and Taapsee was damn good in transforming herself to that eccentric ghost mode.


  2. Kovai Sarala’s style of showcasing humor gets a really good platform here. Her voice and body language already has the ability to create laughter and with the screenplay trying its luck with such slapstick humor, the entertainment quotient got that required push.


  3. Other star performer was Nithya Menen who showed a brilliant display of acting which is entirely different from what she did in OK Kanmani. The anger and short tempered nature of Ganga was performed very maturely by the malayali actress.


  4. The music for the movie is kind of pleasing for the ears and suitable for the development that happens in the screenplay.



  1. The director in Raghava Lawrence has got the advantage of bigger budget this time, but it hasn’t been used effectively to do something that is better than the previous segment. The elaborate climax fight doesn’t look stunning for the eyes even though it was too loud for the ears. The way comedy scenes have been visualized is also in an outdated typical style.


  2. The screenplay as I said, repeats the same formula of the franchise with the ideas such as getting haunted by ghosts, possessed by ghost and also the back story of the discriminated ghost. Characters that are there in the movie to get scared aren’t added in a sensible way. Overall amateurishness in the writing is also a drawback of this humorous horror thriller.

    Kanchana 2 Movie Stills
  3. The visual effects of the movie aren’t that great. As a movie which needs more quality in visualizing the unreal, the need for better quality visual effects was very important.

    59702-maxresdefault (3)

With the hero Raghava Lawrence trying to imitate superstar Rajnikanth in possibly every frame, Kanchana 2 is a onetime watchable very typical Tamil entertainer that will please the conventional audience.


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Vikram Bhatt who is known for making fantasy sci-fi films has now made a film with Emraan Hashmi in the lead. The movie titled Mr. X is actually a confused genre that has outdated thrills and amateurish narration. Let’s look in to the 7 reasons that make this thriller a really absurd creation.

  1. It may be a desi attempt to focus on the sci-fi concepts that Hollywood always tries to create, but here the director Vikram Bhatt creates the movie in a ridiculous way filling it with extremely cheesy melodramas. The imagination doesn’t have anything unique to its credit and the making is a lot compromised.


  2. The script has no freshness to its credit and more than that it is full of loop holes when it comes to the “hollow man” concept of the hero. Even in the investigation part of the movie, there are a lot of hows and whys that aren’t answered correctly.


  3. The dialogues of the movie are extremely amateurish and melodramatic. At most of the occasions its quite clichéd and I found it really funny when the character of Mr. X boasts about himself when he has done nothing for the society.


  4. Visual effects have key significance in a movie like this but sadly what Vikram Bhatt could manage is a very shoddier version of that. The lack of polishing in the visuals has made the movie visually not so convincing.


  5. Emraan Hashmi isn’t that great in portraying the character of Raghu aka Mr. X. The actor in him is challenged only once or twice in the movie and unfortunately he couldn’t do a convincing portrayal.


  6. Amyra Dastur who earlier appeared in Isaaq and gave an impressive performance in Anegan was really disappointing here. Her character is always in the tearful melodramatic phase and the actress
    struggles to get her dialog delivery correctly.


  7. Arunoday Singh as the main antagonist is a caricature character with eccentricity that will remind you of villains in comic cartoons. I was really shocked to see Tanmay Bhatt in that extremely silly character who “hacks” and helps Mr. X.


With no real moments of enjoyment in the 133 minutes runtime, Mr. X from the Bhatt camp is a really trashy stuff that fails terribly.

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After a relatively disappointing Kadal, ace director Mani Ratnam is back with a sweet and realistic tale in the form of OK Kanmani starring Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menen. Let’s look in to the factors that make this movie a delightful love story.

  1. Mani Ratnam style of visualizing the essence of practical romance is the beauty of this movie. The idea of live in relationship gets a fresh and enthusiastic presentation through the craftsmanship of the master director. With very less melodrama peaking out, OK Kanmani definitely looks beautiful.


  2. The screenplay is another positive of this romantic drama. The movie is somewhat a reinterpretation of Mani Ratnam’s own Alaipayuthe. Though Alaipayuthe had a bigger exploration through emotions, here the agenda is on the commitment freak attitude of the modern generation. And the writing that had grace, humor and romance conceives this thought very maturely.


  3. Dulquer Salmaan shines as Aadi. The portrayal of the character demanded a lot of grace in performance and the young lad has brought that energy to give Aadi that cool attitude to win over Tara.


  4. Nithya Menen on the other hand has delivered a smooth performance as Tara. The innocent smile and sparkling eyes of the beautiful actress enhances the likeability of the character. With realistic dialogue delivery, Nithya succeeds in making Tara relatable.


  5. PC Sreeram adds beauty to the visuals through his elegant frames that captures the beauty of the relationship in a very subtle way. The lighting and close up angles gives an intense perspective to the romance.

    Vikramadithyan 2 days collection report - Onlookers Media

  6. Madras Mozart AR Rahman adds vibrance to the content with his peppy background scores and soothing sound tracks. The variety in music is also something that makes the movie even more special.


With that overall overwhelming feel abundant with sensible romance, OK Kanmani is a smartly crafted Mani Ratnam movie that’s worth spending your time and money.

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After a disastrous last outing in the box office with the Mohanlal starrer Ladies and Gentleman, director Siddique has come up with a new entertainer title Bhaskar The Rascal with megastar Mammootty. Catered with all the typical elements we see in a Siddique film, lets look in to the ups and downs of this Vishu release.


  1. The first and most catchy positive of the movie is its lead actor Mammootty. The actor astonishes you with his impeccable onscreen glamour. The much required timing to handle humor was also there in the performance of the great actor.bhaskar-the-rascal-66854
  2. Nayantara was a fitting actress to play the female lead of the movie. She was good in her mother character. A special mention to Raveena Ravi’s really good dubbing that gave emotional enhancement to Nayantara’s performance.bhaskar-the-rascal-66855
  3. The two kids Anikha and Sanoop did a good job on screen. The screenplay demanded a lot from these kids and they won’t let you down with their performances that had energy.pcckQSfdfiieh_medium
  4. The other comedians and supporting characters in the movie such as Janardhanan, Harishree Ashokan, Saju Navodaya and Kalabhavan Shajon did their roles effectively making sure Siddique’s signature style jokes are working correctly.bhaskar-the-rascal-66852
  5. The cinematography of Vijay Ulaganath was another positive of the movie as it added a very vibrant feel to the content. Visualizations of songs were really catchy.


  1. Negatives of the movie are basically in the creative part and the first flaw would be in the direction. Even though Siddique has succeeded in making the audience laugh in the first half of the movie, the lack of variety in terms of presentation was evident. Some more polishing was required in certain emotional sequences of the movie.bhaskar-the-rascal-66850
  2. The script is another flaw as it lacked emotional depth and catchy suspense to keep us excited about the climax of the movie. The suspense that drifts the movie in to its conflict zone is quite dull and there is no real unpredictability about how things will go at the end of the movie. Too much of action and gun shots make it bit of an exaggerated fantasy.bhaskar-the-rascal-66853
  3. The music done by Deepak Dev has hummable tunes, but sadly they are again under the scanner because of alleged plagiarism. The background score was a bit disappointing from Mr. Deepak Dev who has a track record of providing catchy background scores.HHHHH8
  4. J D Chakravarthy looked quite dull playing the role of the main antagonist of the movie. May be his looks have prompted Siddique to cast him in the movie, but the cold face of the actor couldn’t create that curiosity and excitement.

Overall Bhaskar The Rascal is a mixed bag of entertainment. As a festival release it has enough to keep you interested, but not much to keep it in your head.

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Porn star turned actress Sunny Leone starrer Ek Paheli Leela has hit the screens after making much impact among the viewers through its steamy songs and sequences aired through YouTube. But looking at the content of the movie it is neither pornographic nor a feature film. Let’s look in to the reasons that makes it just a video footage of Sunny’s body.

  1. Well the first problem is the actress who played the role of the title protagonist. Sunny Leone is still in the bad acting zone and the only reason for her to grab any further offers would be strictly her physique and also her generosity to show off her assets to delight the audience. Apart from the hot scenes that happen at regular intervals of time with different actors, the actress never looks like a fitting face to do the role of Leela or Meera.


  2. Jai Bhanushali seems like a cheap choice for producers to cast in this type of semi erotic thrillers. Here again the actor fails to impress the viewers with his expressions not having a a wide range.


  3. The other supporting cast was also quite depressing. While Mohit Ahlawat was dull with his presentation of Prince Ranveer, Jas Arora was too eccentric with his portrayal of Prince Bikram.


  4. Bobby Khan as a director has succeeded hugely in utilizing his leading lady as poster propaganda. The treatment and the acting have been given less importance and they have tried to cover the silliness by soaking it with steamy scenes.


  5. Screenplay is an outdated reincarnation fantasy that is easily predictable and over dramatic at most portions. Just like I already said, the writer has succeeded in squeezing in irrelevant segments to showcase the body of Sunny Leone.


  6. Cinematography and edits are also very much focused on the cleavage of the porn star. Not just the cinematographer, even the costume designer has shown his brilliance on showing almost everything of Sunny Leone.

With just music that comes out of no sense having a positive feel, this Bobby Khan movie is mere skin show stuffed in an easy cheesy fantasy.  Skip it.

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Ivan Maryadaraman starring Dileep is the latest remake of S S Rajamouli’s 2010 blockbuster Maryada Ramanna. After getting probably the most suitable actor to portray the title protagonist, the movie fails to capitalize on that. Let’s look in to the reasons why Ivan Maryadaraman is an unappealing fantasy and also the very few good things in it.


  1. Dileep is probably the only actor who could of pull off something like Maryada Raman. The character easily falls in the typical roles Dileep has done in his career and as the role is less heroic with physical stunts, Dileep as Raman is much more convincing.Dileep in Ivan Maryadaraman Posters-Stills-Onlookers Media
  2. Nikki Galrani has given a real good energy to her character. Because of her energetic portrayal, the movie kind of gets saved at some crucial emotional sequences.Ivan Maryada Raman malayalam film
  3. The production design of the movie is elaborate and the art director, Girish Menon deserves appreciation for the hard work to build that set.ivan maryadaraman set


  1. Lack of creativity in probably all departments is the main reason behind the flaws. Director Suresh Divakar hasn’t tried to treat the movie in a different way to make it a convincing Malayalam movie. The frames, characters and the atmosphere which was there in the original version have been simply replicated.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  2. The other creativity laps were in the rewritten screenplay by Udayakrishna and Sibi K Thomas. What the duo did is more of a dialogue writing for the dubbed version of Maryada Ramanna. I mean what is the point in just replacing the actors and doing the exact same stuff in a remake? They should have tweaked it to suit the sensibility of the Malayali audience.ivan-maryada-raman-malayalam-movie-stills-0183
  3. The music of the movie is not actually a total disappointment, but here also the movie lacks genuinity. Among the three songs in the movie, two are simply the exact copy of the Telugu ones. Even the background score at most of the places was exactly the same as Maryada Ramanna.Ivan Maryadaraman Posters-Dileep-Nikki Galrani-Onlookers Media
  4. Another flaw was in the visual effects department of the movie. If they had tried to do a serious tweaking in the movie, they could have avoided a lot of these visual effects sequences, but the director seems to be reluctant to do something new and the same old filmy sequences have been included in the movie with not so good visual effects.

With only Dileep making the audience laugh, Ivan Marydaram is a flawed carbon copy that can be watched once.

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After trying his luck in acting with the last two movies OK OK and Ithu Kathirvelan Kadhal, Udhayanidhi Stalin once again comes up with a similar movie and this time in the form of Nanbenda. But this time, the torture the movie gives us is as bad as the acting of the actor turned producer. Let me list out 5 reasons for you to skip this movie.

  1. Udhayanidhi Stalin just doesn’t seem to improve with his acting. The director without knowing his limitations has given him a lot of long dialogues and the guy was performing poorly with all those plastic tears and amateurish laugh.


  2. The script is a festival of nonsense. A boy following a girl because of some omen, meeting his friend only to eat his salary, going to jail and escaping from there for stupid reasons is just an excerpt of nonsensical incidents in the movie.


  3. There are times when even the gross jokes would look appealing due to presentation, but in the case of Nanbenda director has done nothing to improve the poor quality writing. You will be doing a facepalm when you see certain songs in the second half that has no relevance at all.


  4. The music composed by Harris Jayaraj fails to make an impact and it is simply a vague orchestration of his typical style without any catchy tunes.


  5. Santhanam and Karunakaran may have tried their best to save the movie, but sadly the movie is so rotten that even their performances will give you a headache.


With illogical content and immature acting happening for a torturing two and a half hours, Nanbenda is strictly avoidable.

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The latest Dibakar Banerjee movie Detective Byomkesh Bakshy is out after promising a lot through its promos. Has the grand CO production of DB along with YashRaj films succeeded? Let’s look closely.


Actually the movie has a lot of positives in terms of technicality and performances.

  1. I would start with the most pleasing factor of the movie which is the male lead Sushant Singh Rajput. The Byomkesh Bakshy character needed a level of enthusiasm and hesitance to give it a completion and the guy has done exactly that with his character portrayal.


  2. Next I would say it is the casting of the movie, as it has actors who looked spot on for the characters. Anand Tiwari, Swasthika Mukherjee, Divya Menon and Meiyang Chang looked perfect for their parts and not to be missed is the graceful performance of Neeraj Kabi as the doctor.


  3. The production design of the movie is also a quality one. They have smartly reconstructed the 1940’s Calcutta and Dibakar Banerjee conveniently uses only a segment of that work to give it a real feel. The costumes were also good.


  4. The music gets no big significance in a commercial perspective, but Dibakar who uses less background score for his movies makes use of music in that category to give a timely wake up call for us.



There are only two main drawbacks for this Dibakar Banerjee movie and sadly both have his name written over it.

  1. More than the direction, it is the script that fails to make an impact. As the movie is a conventional detective thriller with the main protagonist searching for clues, we expect the movie to be intriguing and exciting. Unfortunately the write up is so dull that we just wait for the next twist expecting at least that will excite us.


  2. The originality Dibakar tries to give to his movies through his signature style occasionally feels like a misfit to this movie, as it became one reason for the movie not being a nail biting thrilling experience.


  3. The edits could have been crisper to make things more exciting for the viewers.

To sum it up, as a Dibakar Banerjee, Detective Byomkesh Bakshy is a disappointment. But it still has some making qualities that won’t make things difficult for you while watching it.

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After a late success in the box office in the form of Madras, Karthi is back in action with a sentimental flick titled Komban. Has it worked for the audience? Let’s look in to the ups and downs.

Thumbs Up:

  1. Well the performances are the best part of Komban and Karthi as the male lead has done a fabulous job. The stubborn nature and the arrogance required to portray Kombaya Pandiyan was handled maturely by Karthi.


  2. A story that narrated the relationship between father in law and son in law, it was essential to have a quality performance from the actor who portrays the character of the father in law. Veteran actor Rajkiran plays the character of the graceful Muthaiah very elegantly.


  3. Not to be missed is the performance of Lakshmi Menon. Kind of similar to the one played by Sonakshi Sinha in her debut movie Dabangg,  Lakshmi has given full justice to her character by making Pazhani look very mature and bold.


  4. The sound tracks of the movie composed by G.V Prakash Kumar are on the enjoyable side. The director including them on good slots also improves the quality of this preachy melodrama.

Thumbs Down:

Well the movie has only two drawbacks and they are the major ones.

  1. Muthaiah as a director is kind of confused about treating the movie. The melodramatic content gets an unnecessary masala buildup and that has taken away the focus considerably. Not just in the beginning, towards the climax and also occasionally in between you can find elements that doesn’t fit into the movie’s nature.


  2. Screenplay is another drawback of the movie. The screenplay doesn’t really try to create any difference in narration and follows the old school methods to represent the mood changes and emotional drama.


With a worthy content getting an immature treatment and impressive performances Komban is a onetime watchable entertainer.

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The latest segment of the Fast & Furious series has hit the screens and this one is emotionally on a high as it says farewell to its most loved star Paul Walker. Let us have a critical look on the extravagant action package with too many stars.

The Best Part:

  1. Well lets start with the best among the bests and that is the last 2 minutes tribute to Paul Walker. For those who have been seeing this franchise, the video collage with the song “See You Again” playing behind it, would give some Goosebumps and a few tears in your eyes. It was a great tribute.ludacris-walker-gibson-vin-diesel1
  2. The second would be the stunts they have choreographed for this racy action packed thriller. The believability of these stunts is always questionable, but they have done it in a much cooler manner that you will feel convinced. Paul Walker’s jump from the bus, free falling cars and the car flying through three towers are extremely insane and exceptionally well executed
  3. The main cast of the movie comprising of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, and Michelle Rodriguez delivers a good show with attitude, fun and humor.12-fast-furious-7
  4. James Wan who is famous for mostly these ghost stories has narrated the Furious 7 episode in a very thrilling manner packaging it smartly with all over the top set pieces.furious-7
  5. Visual effects were also quite stunning. From creating a CG Paul Walker to constructing all those grand collapsing sequences, visual effects team has done a good job. The way they applied dynamics gave believability to stunts.

The Not So Great Part:

  1. The first thing that has gone wrong would be the second half of the screenplay. In that portion, the script fails to manage the USP of the franchise which were cars and racing. With a lot of focus on destruction of building, the grand chaos looks a bit alienated from what we expect from a fast and furious movie.furious-7_nws20
  2. Jason Statham hasn’t done anything wrong as he has portrayed the character using his typical husky voice and talent to perform nasty fights. But it’s the relevance of the character of Dereck Shaw and how much significance the movie has given to him in the screenplay that creates the problem. Statham appears only in a few scenes in the movie and all those scenes looks just like reminding us about the fact that he is there in the
  3. The third flaw also falls in the category of Statham. Dwayne Johnson also gets a lesser share of screen space and it seems like he just came to show his attendance so that we can be sure about his presence in the coming movies.

To sum it up, it is a watchable good action flick that says an emotional adios to its graceful amigo Paul Walker.

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Director M. Saravan seems to be struggling a lot with his selection of plots and also in the writing. After a tremendous début in Tamil Industry through Engeyum Eppodhum he then came up with an unnecessarily exaggerated Ivan Veramathiri and now he has made a confused story that has nothing much intriguing about it in the form of Valiyavan. Let me show you the factors that make this movie an extremely dull and unpleasing cinema.

  1. The first villain of the movie is its screenplay. The entire story is basically a simple revenge plot where one insulted common man wants to take revenge for the loss he had. To narrate that, Mr. Saravanan has written a much uncontrolled screenplay. The entire first half of the movie is filled with nonsensical romance buildups and songs that don’t have anything to do with the soul of the movie. The whole idea of making Andrea’s character push Jai’s Vinod sounds very stupid to be honest.


  2. Direction is also quite shoddy from the director who in Engeyum Eppodhum built very strong subplots with interesting dialogues. In Valiyavan, the necessity of a romance looks less important and the amount of time they have spent to construct that mediocre romance will make you scratch your head. Treatment wise Saravanan is really confused about presenting the core idea.


  3. Jai, the male lead was another huge let down. He might have worked hard on the body to make him a valid contender for that climax fight. But the charmless performance from the actor makes Vinod not a “Valiyavan”. A share of blame can be given to Mr. Saravanan for the poor write-up.


  4. Except for that “Aha Kaadhal” song, there is nothing much special about the music by D. Imman. Moreover almost every song in the movie pops out at irrelevant occasions making us feel like “Not Again!”.


  5. The last point won’t be anything in specific, but it is the overall just about okay quality of the technical standard of the movie. The cuts, the frames etc looked quite average that this film with merely anything as content looked more mediocre.


With only a pretty looking Andrea Jeremiah offering any sort of delight to the viewer, Valiyavan is a shoddy movie that fails to focus on its core agenda.

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Summarizing the aimlessness, frustration and the difficulties of an entire generation in a totally humorous way makes the latest Nivin Pauly movie directed by debutant G. Prajith an out and out entertaining package. Even with that climax drama jitter, the movie succeeds in giving us a wholesome entertainment through its hilarious plot twists and witty conversation. Let us list out 7 factors that make this movie a joyous one.

  1. The script is the first attraction of the movie. Written by Vineeth Sreenivasan, it has smarty included the flavors of the professional degree college life in a really hilarious way. The post college life that has the constant annoyance of the family & neighbors, the awkward situations that make you realize how you have failed in achieving even small things and the escapist idea to say that you have a passion were shown on screen in hilarious attire.


  2. Nivin Pauly has evolved greatly over the years. His transformation as Vinod in Thattathin Marayathu was a stunning one as he did that while everyone considered him as a limited actor. With Oru Vadakkan Selfie, Nivin has gone a step ahead in portraying humor on screen. Showcasing comedy without going to that over acting phase is a difficult task and he has succeeded in presenting it in a controlled manner.


  3. The supporting cast (except Manjima) was another positive of the movie. Aju Varghese has been a success whenever he came along with Nivin. This time also the duo offers a lot to laugh. Vineeth Sreenivasan makes a smart appearance in the second half of the movie. He also adds fun to the movie by making his character look sensible and funny on screen. Neeraj Madhav also did a fabulous show portraying the role of Thankamma in a very natural way (congrats on the dialect and choreography).


  4. Direction from debutant Prajith mostly follows the style of Vineeth Sreenivasan with whom he was an assistant for a long time. The fun side of the movie was handled very nicely by Prajith and he succeeded in keeping the movie appealing throughout its runtime.


  5. Dialogues written by Vineeth Sreenivasan once again have the x factor to reappear as facebook comments and social life references. Some dialogues have the power to make you applaud for the emotional content (The scene where his character talks about the feelings of a girl in love) and some witty dialogues are there throughout the movie.


  6. DOP Jomon T John once again manages to pull off a good piece of cinematography. The frames and locations suited the feel of the scenes and helped the movie in getting that completion.


  7. Music and background score from Shaan Rahman once again showed superb quality. Most of the songs are in the fast number/ peppy category. However, that emotional song in the second half had a good feel mostly because of its lyrics.


It is not a movie that is devoid of flaws and the major drawback is its inexperienced leading lady. Manjima couldn’t live up to the expectations and sadly ended up in being a reason for a major scene’s imperfection. But looking at the entertainment quotient the movie has, this one fault is forgivable.

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Sathyan Anthikkadu – Mohanlal combo is back in action and this time they have the company of the lady super star Manju Varrier. With the director restructuring his entire crew with young and happening people, has it lived up to the expectations? Let’s do a pros and cons analysis.

The Positives:

  1. Mohanlal is undeniably the best part of this movie. With his flawless and effortless acting he gives a lot of good moments for the audience to enjoy. The character of Vineeth N Pillai does give a lot of opportunities to the actor in him to perform.

    ennum eppozhum

  2. Except for Reenu Mathews, rest of the cast did a really good on screen performance. Manju Varrier looked more energetic and very less artificial in this film. Innocent and Jacob Gregory did their humor oriented characters nicely. Lena was impressive and child actor Minon once again displayed a mature piece of acting.

    ennum eppozhum2

  3. Neil Dcunha gives freshness and a blissful feel to every frame that kind of establishes the positive feel of the movie.

    ennum eppozhum6

  4. The music and background score from the veteran Vidyasagar was another positive of the movie that helps it in being engaging. The background score never becomes excessive and the placing of the songs weren’t awkward.

    ennum eppozhum4

  5. In terms of direction, Sathyan Anthikkadu has made some serious tweaks to his usual style. May be looking at the commercial prospect of the movie he has tried to embed a lot of loose end humor subplots. Liking them will be a subjective part as it surprised me a bit. Apart from that, Mr. Anthikkadu has treated the movie in his usual style.

    ennum eppozhum3

  6. Many may feel that the script of the movie is weak. But I felt that the script somewhat gave the story a much needed push. By adding subtle humor and lively conversations, Ranjan Pramod has helped the director a lot in presenting this idea on screen.

    ennum eppozhum5

The Negatives:

  1. The major drawback of the movie is its weak story. Written by actor Raveendran, the story of Ennum Eppozhum doesn’t have a serious conflict zone. And also the lack of phase shift in the narration makes the movie look stuck in its beginning itself.


  2. Second fault I would say will be Reenu Mathews. In all her other appearances, she was wisely casted in roles that suited her limitations. But here she looked like a misfit as this young editor in chief character because of flawed dubbing and inexpressive acting.

    ennum eppozhum7

Overall, Ennum Eppozhum is a decent watch for the ardent fan of the director and the male lead.

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Director Roopesh Peethambaran has come up with his second silver screen venture in the form of You Too Brutus. The multi starrer movie with a basic agenda of depicting various forms of cheating becomes an enjoyable entertainer with its tidy packaging. Let us look in to the reasons why this movie wont cheat you.

  1. Direction of Roopesh Peethamabaran has improved greatly in comparison with his last movie Theevram. Unlike Theevram here he has shown his intentions to have a signature style. The interval punch of the movie itself marks that genuine idea of the director to keep the though in a refreshing
  2. If you are too obsessed about having a perfect story, You Too Brutus can cheat you. There are films which are more idea oriented than being stuffed around a cliché story. You Too Brutus become a good experience mainly because of the plan to stick to the theme. We get to see a series of interconnected intriguing subplots which has cheating as its basic theme. By mixing ample amount of humor in every frame that looks and sounds practical, You Too Brutus easily becomes a time pass 4
  3. Abhinav Sundar Nayak’s crispy edits have largely helped the movie in being really engaging. The pace of the movie was highly dependent on the edit pattern and Abhinav has done it smartly. The fact that we won’t feel it as a too short film is also the editor’s 3
  4. Among the performers I think Tovino Thomas was the best. The filmography of this actor never showcased him as a character actor, but with this performance he will get more roles out of his comfort zone. The comedy timing was really good and in every scene he offers something for us to laugh with his performance.You Too Brutus Malayalam Movie-Stills-Images-Gallery-Photos-Onlookers Media
  5. The whole cast of the movie were apt for the nature of their characters in the movie. While Tovino and Anu Mohan surprised the audience, Asif Ali, Sreenivasan and Sudhy Kopa performed very nicely. Honey Rose’s performance was different from her usual 2
  6. Roby Abraham’s music and background score was a good support to this movie which has an enthralling

For a run time of 101 minutes, You Too Brutus is an entertainer that sticks to its idea and delivers a fair enough product.

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Veteran director Kamal’s son Jenuse Mohamed makes his directorial debut with the latest romantic comedy titled 100 days of love, starring Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menen. Visualized in a very alluring manner, the unbaked content makes this movie an average cinema. Let’s have a look at the brighter and duller sides of this movie.

Thumbs Up:

  1. The biggest plus of the movie is undoubtedly the cinematography of Pradeesh Varma. The content borrows a lot from the typical Hollywood Rom Coms and Pradeesh has given the movie a very beautiful outlook. Even when the content becomes boring, you might not want to take your eyes away from the screen.100-Days-Of-Love-Review-Rating
  2. Thaikkudam Bridge fame Govind Menon’s last few outings were unimpressive due to its loudness. But here by keeping the music simple and sensible to the feel of the movie, the songs become interesting. Personally I liked the Hridhayathin Niramayi song as it has given more significance for singing and the feel.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. Bijibal’s background score was another positive I could easily recollect. The simple feel that the romance of the movie has gets the perfect smoothening with the background score from the experienced musician.100-days-love
  4. Last but not the least would be Dulquer Salmaan’s performance. While a larger portion of the movie focused on his good looks, there were a few sequences that used the actor in him nicely. I liked the way he nailed that drunken scene without making it a show of overacting.100-days-of-love-movie-stills-23

Thumbs Down:

  1. The direction from the debutante wasn’t that impressive. Keeping the movie in an engaging feel is mainly a director’s task and sadly Jenuse can’t give brightness to his half boiled script through his direction. The unrealistic treatment in the majority of run time takes away the romantic feel of the movie.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  2. The script is somewhat overwritten in the first half. B K N and Ummer hunting Sheela may sound funny in a sentence, but the path they took is so illogical that you won’t found it easy to digest. Even when it goes to a better second half, the western world influence makes things easily predictable for us.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. Rahul Madhav had the looks to be a worthy antagonist, but sadly the actor was finding it difficult to bring in some grace in to performance. The dialog delivery was very sloppy.

With the key areas of film making having flaws but still performing considerably well with its technical quality, 100 Days of Love is an okay film.

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After a brilliant District 9 and an impressive Elysium, director Neill Blomkamp is back with yet another robot story set in the immediate future named Chappie. But with a shallow script that borrows ideas from every possible movie references, Chappie is not an exciting movie. Let’s look in to the pros and cons of this Neill Blomkamp cinema.


  1. The motion capture technology and visual effects that were used to create the Robot Chappie is indeed the best part of the movie. Sharlto Coplay and the visual effects team have done the homework very impressively and you will find it really difficult to understand that the robot characters were actually CG.chappie
  2. I am not sure whether this will fit entirely in the PROS section, but Hans Zimmer’s background score for Chappie was a really good one. The only problem with the background score was that it was used on some less charming context to give an appealing nature to some unnecessary set pieces.chappie-1
  3. The way they have choreographed the stunts was something really good. The scenes where Hugh Jackman is thrown away thrashing the office cabinets, the way Chappie steels the cars, the cluster bombs etc were some smartly executed stunts.1251623 - Chappie


  1. The script is the main villain when it comes to Chappie. The idea of Artificial Intelligence being used in police forces and also the concept of transferring consciousness needs some solid backing through script. Then only the viewer will have the feel that there is a possibility of achieving this and only that can make the movie convincing to the viewer. Chappie tries to cover these essential parts abruptly and thus ending up as mere tale of professional ego.?????????????????
  2. The direction of Blomkamp can’t take the movie in to the curious zone. He doesn’t block the viewer from predicting the next event and at the same time he can’t prove them wrong. Moreover the visuals aren’t that appealing and energy is there on screen only while those set pieces are happening.?????????????????
  3. The casting seems to be weird as I am still clueless about the reason why they casted Hugh Jackman in that antagonistic character. There was nothing much in the character that demanded Mr. Jackman. Dev Patel on the other hand was just about okay playing the geeky and scared scientist.Hugh-Jackman_612x381
  4. Cinematography of the movie at times gets compromised with low quality shots. Looking at the quality improvement in Blomkamp movies, this descent in standards was a bit shocking.chappie-movie-review

With both technical and content driven factors not meeting the expectation, Chappie is Blomkomp’s worst film till date. Let’s hope the director tries something different and novel next time.

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Bollywood seems to be having a bold and beautiful time this year. After the success of Badlapur, another small film has made quite an impact on the viewers and the name of the movie is NH10. Lets look into those basic things that made this movie worthier for a must watch tag.

  1. The first and foremost reason why NH10 works for its audience is its relevant content. The inner parts of India which are infamous for honor killings are the main focus of the movie. The script has successfully included all the nuances of that class of society who believes in that type of justice. Also it has tried to connect with the metropolitan generation to whom the movie is kind of giving a warning about what happens in the rural parts.nh10-movie-review
  2. Navdeep Singh who has earlier made a terrific “Manorama 6 feet under”, comes up with yet another bold theme and dares to narrate it with all the brutality. The kind of realistic making Navdeep applies, helps the viewer to understand the pain and mental trauma our protagonists had to suffer in this war against orthodox mind set. He was also successful in getting the best cast and bringing out the best from them.anushka-nh10-feb5
  3. Anushka Sharma deserves appreciation for her sincere effort to portray the character of Meera. She has carried the role very impressively. The attitude of an urban corporate employee and the helplessness of a stranded wife were conveyed impressively by the actress.rocksAK3A1799 copy
  4. The music comes as small excerpts in the visuals, but that was enough to create the much required impact on the viewers. The lyrics were also quite catchy. The haunting and horrifying atmosphere they wanted to create on screen was perfectly supported by the music tracks.wall_1024x768_01
  5. The background score also was really good. It doesn’t try to do any excessive mix of music to create the agony, but the minimalistic approach of the background score along with the superb sound design made the movie very realistic.NH10-Movie-Stills-01
  6. The supporting cast of the movie also delivered a fabulous performance. Neil Bhoopalam did his urban cool/scarred avatar very nicely. Darshan Kumar and Deepti Naval portrayed the intimidating antagonists perfectly.rocksAK3A1924
  7. Much like the background music and the original music, the dialogues of the movie were also quite minimalistic. But by summarizing the content in dialogues very appealingly, writer Sudip Sharma makes them perfect for the backdrop of the movie.NH10-68535_4427

Other technical aspects like cinematography, edits were also on the brighter side for NH10. Considering the theme and the stupendous performance of the female lead you should not miss this contemporary edge of the seat thriller.

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A catchy title and an interesting trailer had created a certain level of curiosity about editor turned director Bijith Bala’s new movie Nellikka. Lets look in to the reasons why this movie fails to be an entertaining thriller.


  1. The script begins in a very normal manner with some amount of reality and a bit of clichés. However, as it proceeds the coolness in the content makes the movie an easily predictable one. The twists towards the interval of the movie lacked spark. The second half plot twister which kind of reinterprets the same kind of heroism we have seen in films like Usthad and Thanthonni doesn’t work for us as there was no grace in the performance of the lead actor.nellikka-movie-stills-2
  2. The direction was on the colder zone. The script that demanded a racy treatment in the second half couldn’t manage it as the director treated it in the normal tempo. The drama, the twists etc had the conventional feel which sadly takes away the charm from the content.nellikka
  3. Deepak Parambol as the lead was a big disappointment. He was okay in the first half as the helpless brother, but the second half of the movie needed a transformation of the character and Deepak’s transformation lacked that much required screen presence. To be an equal contender with an experienced actor like Atul Kulkarni was of course a tough task.Nellikka-Movie-Stills-4
  4. Kunjunni S Kumar’s cinematography was just okay. Some of the fight sequences in the movie looked very immature because of the lack of quality in cinematography.nelli
  5. The movie’s suspense thriller format needed some amount of powerful dialogues to entertain the audience. But sadly there were no such punch lines or intellectual bits to keep people interested.


  1. Atul Kulkarni in his character Satheesh did a very impressive performance. The role had multiple shades and Mr. Kulkarni handled them with ease. The dubbing done for him was also an apt one.nellik
  2. Bijibal’s music was another relief for the viewers in this thriller that lacked aggression. The songs were hummable and they never sounded out of sync with the movie.

Overall Nellikka is a letdown. Coming with promo lines that connect revolution and music, the movie seems to be far away from that.

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Simple and realistic presentation of fresh ideas can create a unique feel good experience for the viewers and the latest movie from Yash Raj films, Dum Laga ke haisha is a perfect example for that. Let’s look in to the factors that have made the debut venture of Sharat Katariya a delightful entertainer.

  1. Director has kept the movie in sensible zone by keeping things less filmy. Often we get to see commercialized versions of real life. But here, the feel is much similar to an offbeat movie but the presentation has the elegance to even grab the attention of a Salman Khan Movie fan.


  2. Screenplay has kept things real and simple. It was a tough task to keep things engaging for the audience, but much similar to last year’s Rajat Kapoor film Aankhon Dekhi, here also the screenplay utilizes the emotions of the common man in a very alluring manner.


  3. The unconventional lead pair portrayed by Ayushmann Khurrana and new face Bhumi Pednekar deserves appreciation for playing their roles with conviction. While Ayushmann focused more on the body language and diction, Bhumi who is new to the world of acting did a surprisingly good job.


  4. Not acknowledging the supporting cast lead by the national award winner Sanjay Mishra would be injustice to their efforts as the performance of these actors have helped the movie enormously in creating the atmosphere of that low profile middle class north Indian family.


  5. Anu Malik’s music was an entertaining mix of his usual style composition and also the new age melodies. Every song was in sync with the narrative.


  6. The gentle mix of background score by Italian composer Andrea Guerra was another highlight of the movie. The offbeat treatment got that required life through his mature tunes.

With a unique script and direction that manages to depict the real life and egoistic thoughts of normal people in a very subtle way, Dum laga ke haisha becomes a mind pleasing experience. Don’t miss it.

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Matthew Vaughn who is well known for his stylish making that doesn’t end up in the overdose of any particular technology has come up with a new spy thriller that entertains the audience thoroughly. Let’s look in to those factors that make Kingsman The Secret Service a Kickass entertainer.

  1. First and foremost is of course the direction from Mr. Vaughn. The movie required that high speed brisk feel and the director has created exactly that. The new style of fight has certainly given a new way for film makers to follow. Also the way he has presented the brutal events in a visually beautiful style deserves appreciation.kingsman-kingsman-the-secret-service-6-reasons-to-see-this-movie-spoilers
  2. The script CO written by Mr. Vaughn has tweaked the storyline in a smart way. They have created a peculiar antagonist whose target undoubtedly makes him an insane character. The other developments in the story weren’t going as per the prediction as they managed to do justice to the one liner “This ain’t that kinda movie bruv. “kingsman-03
  3. Academy award winner Colin Elith has played his part as the well dressed spy agent Harry Harth with scorching elegance. The kind of personality a Kingsman should be (as explained in the dialogues) was evident in his
  4. The showman Samuel L Jackson once again pleases the audience being that deadly crazy villain. The kind of creepy innocence he creates is really fascinating and the lisp was a cool improvisation.04_IGN_KingsmanSecretService-141222
  5. The action sequences in the movie deserve a special appreciation for its uniqueness. The camera tracking the character from very close proximity to give a spectacular experience of brutal fist fight was really a fresh thing to watch. Also the smart usage of gadgets and visual effects has made the action look slick.Kingsman-_The_Secret_Service_3
  6. The background score of the movie has a mixture of total varieties which balances the movie in being a thriller and entertainer at the same time.Kingsman-The-Secret-Service1-e1400600989388
  7. The visual of people’s heads blasting so beautifully that we as an audience will laugh and applaud seeing it. All the credit should go to the visual effects team who has made the movie visually cool. Not just the colored blasts, they showed an impressive standard in visualizing those riots and that climax fight as well.

With everything being packaged in the perfect way to entertain you, Kingsman: The Secret Service is a sure shot fun ride with style.

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The rising star Siva Karthikeyan’s latest action film Kaaki Sattai has hit the screens this weekend. The actor who did comedy with great amount of grace seems to have lost the grip considerably by shifting the gears abruptly. Lets have a look at the reasons that made Kaaki Sattai a disappointment.

  1. In the first half of the movie where the content is mostly focusing on the irrelevant comedy and romance, the actor in Siva Karthikeyan works fine for the audience. The problem is that the movie is actually asking for a more charming macho muscular version of our hero. With his style of acting and the kind of physique, it was a bit too difficult to conceive him as that powerful wannabe police officer.


  2. The script has followed the same pattern we have seen in most of the thriller movies in the recent past. Organ trading once again becomes a topic here but the writer has shown less respect to that theme by giving very little emphasis for it in the script. After a forgivable amount of typical side track jokes, writer has again tried to mix certain nonsensical masala in the second half of the movie which has taken away the impact the movie should have created.


  3. Direction was also a less appealing one. The conventional style of heroism and romancing in the story looked clichéd as the director has put no great effort to give the movie a fresh outlook. The predictability of certain plot twisting situations showed the lack of a good director.


  4. The music from Anirudh is not boring. But compared to other albums of the music director, Kaaki Sattai lacked that x factor. Being a commercial entertainer that kind of mixes heroism and social preaching in an entertaining way, the music being not so good was a disappointing factor. The placing of the songs was also a bit awkward.


  5. A key factor of any commercial action movie is its dialogues that have to show the attitude and aggression of the characters. When it comes to Kaaki Sattai there are few dialogues that would make you applaud. Siva Karthikeyan’s fast dialog delivery seems to take away the charm from his usual screen presence.

The Sridivya- Siva Karthikeyan on screen pair, nicely visualized songs and the good cuts were some positives that kept the movie in the watchable zone. Kaaki Sattai is only an okay film that doesn’t have much to make you talk about it once you come out from the theater.

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After a sloppy desi bond movie in the form of Agent Vinod, director Sriram Raghavan makes a staggering comeback with his new movie Badlapur starring Varun Dhawan and Nawazuddin Siddiquie. Lets list out 7 things that makes this movie a refreshing thriller that you must not miss.

  1. Well the style of Mr. Raghavan helps the movie greatly in creating an excitement in the viewer. He uses violence and silence very intriguingly and keeps the audience engaged to the content. The simplicity in scenes that makes the visuals look so realistic and at the same time so much thrilling is Sriram Raghavan’s signature on this movie and that has really taken the movie to an all new level.


  2. The script that is based on Italian novelist Massimo Carlotto’s novel defines the typical protagonist vs antagonist show which we see in a revenge saga in an entirely new way. The larger section of the movie has this usual revenge idea being catered in an intriguing manner where we also go into that angry mood. And then there is this last half an hour which shows us the perspective of the villain which apparently is the freshness factor of this thriller.


  3. The dialogues co written by Sriram Raghavan was also quite touching and stunning. There is no single dialogue that follows the usual pattern we see in crime dramas and I must say that the scene were Raghu tells Liaq about what he did had certain powerful dialogs that literally made the viewer think about the dangerous situation in which our hero is in.
  4. We have seen him as a chocolate hero pumped with energy doing all those cool dance moves with remarkable timing on humor. From being a sellable rising commercial super star, Varun Dhawan simply takes the actor inside him to an all new dimension through Raghu. The transformation to that moody and mad 40 year old alone man was really impressive. If I have to take out one particular scene that stayed with me, it would be the scene where he goes to meet Nawaz’s character in the hospital.


  5. Nawazuddin Siddiquie was the man who was born to play this character. The actor him in is so good that from the very first scene we would know why Sriram Raghavan casted him. The actor has conceived all the emotions of Liaq with the required intensity to make it an intimidating character.


  6. Another fact that boosts the quality of the movie is its supporting cast that has actors who are so perfect to play the roles. Divya Dutta, Huma Qureshi, Radhika Apte and Yami Gautam delivered what was expected from their portrayal. Vinay Pathak as Liaq’s partner and Govind Mishra as the police officer also displayed their acting talent.


  7. Last but not at all the least is the music of the sensational duo Sachin-Jigar. Jeena and Jee Karda were two sound tracks that contained the feel of the movie and its respective situations.


Rest of the technical and creative aspects kept the standard which would please you. With so much of freshness brimming inside the content, Badlapur is indeed a must watch thriller from Sriram Raghavan.

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After two disastrous films Deepu Karunakaran makes a comeback to the industry with the Megastar Mammootty starrer Fireman. It is a movie that focuses on the less appreciated life of fire fighters in India. Has the director managed to improve his film making standards? Has Fireman lived up to expectations? Lets go through the ups and downs of it.

The Best Part-

  • Mammootty as Vijay is of course a boost for this movie. The actor with his remarkable physique is the best choice as a senior energetic fire fighter. The excitement in the movie was mainly focused on the character played by the Megastar and he has done it with ease.


  • The direction of Deepu Karunakaran has showed a great improvement. Except for those portions which got spoiled by unnecessary colors of commercialization, this effort from Deepu as a director deserves an appreciation as he keeps the movie in a very appealing mode.


  • The movie doesn’t have any songs and the engaging feel of the movie is mostly aided by the impressive background score by Rahul Raj. By mixing the mood with tunes of quality Rahul has given the movie a good push.


  • The casting of the smaller characters was also a plus point of this movie (except Unni Mukundan). Actors like Siddique, Salim Kumar, Hareesh Peradi, Sivaji Guruvayoor did a really good job in their respective roles.

The Letdown

  • The screenplay of the movie is less vigilant. There is a sequence in the beginning where Mammootty and his senior officer explain to the Police and authorities about the degree of danger in the situation. But Deepu Karunakaran seems to be less concerned about it after that. Such lack of clarity and under estimation about the people’s intelligence has made the script a weaker one.


  • It may be rude to say that the art direction was poor as the movie seems to be made of a very limited budget. A movie like Fireman should have the backup of a solid production house as it demands a display of solid destruction. The sets of Fireman are easily distinguishable and it looks very cheap.


  • The lack of proper planning is also visible in the visual effects section. Those fires look pretty artificial and at times the people inside the frame are unaware of the fact that they are dealing with a dangerous situation.

    Fireman movie photos _2_

  • The character played by Unni Mukundan cannot be considered as a very essential one. Intention of Deepu was to load certain emotional sides of these fire fighters through that character, but the actor’s poor dialogue delivery makes the character of Shajahan a less appealing one.

So to sum it up, Fireman would become a much better edge of the seat thriller if an experienced director can remake it in Bollywood. I am saying this mainly because of the technical compromises I saw on screen.

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Except for the beautiful sound tracks that come as a relief in between the boring narrative, there is nothing really good about the latest bollywood movie Roy which has Ranbir Kapoor doing an extended cameo as the title character. Lets look into those points that makes Roy only worth a yawn.

  1. First thing first, and it is of course the screenplay of the movie. The content here deals with the mindset of a film maker who is trying desperately to remove the writer’s block in his imagination. For a concept it is a good thought but the depth which was necessary for such a story that has two interpretations of same emotional perspective was clearly missing in Roy. There is no charm in the story of Kabir Grewal and neither in his creation, Roy.


  2. The direction from debutante Vikramjit Singh is a sloppy one as he unnecessarily drags the movie in to a sluggish mood. There are no real complexities for the characters in the movie and a scribbled script unnecessarily tries to be intellectual.


  3. Ranbir was supposed to do a guest appearance and later it was converted in to a role as he offered almost 40 days of shoot for the movie. The question is whether we got to see that much of Ranbir in the movie. Well the answer would be a loud no as his role looked disoriented and the usual charisma we used to see on Ranbir’s face was missing here.


  4. Arjun Rampal can’t do much to make the conflicts of the character look hard on screen. The typical style of his acting which has this lazy arrogant feel might have made Vikramjit Singh cast him as his main lead.


  5. The decision to make Jacqueline dub in her own voice looks too much of a brave decision. Firstly her portrayal and also the character description doesn’t sync with the idea of an art house film maker. And moreover her dialect that kind of reminds me of Katrina Kaif’s Hindi never helped the movie.


  6. The edit pattern of the movie is a very poor one that fails to create an excitement in the viewers mind. The edits hasn’t helped the movie to gain any sort of rhythm.
  7. Last but not the least, it is the visual effects. Only a few scenes were constructed completely using computer graphics but that too was of very low quality. Anyone with proper eyesight could easily recognize the defect in all those scenes.

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K V Anand is a film maker who tries to narrate variety stories that are vast in some perspective. With his latest venture Anegan, he has tried to do the same with a super fictional plot. But has that worked for the movie? Lets do an analysis.

The Positives:

  • Dhanush is the main positive when it comes to the acting department. He has played three characters in the film that were very much different in terms of background. He was successful in bringing in some amount of uniqueness to each character.


  • Music from Harris Jayaraj was a fitting one for the genre of the movie or I should say it succeeded in creating the required feel. The variety was there in songs and it wasn’t the usual style of orchestration.


  • Editor Anthony may not have done the best with his work in the last two mega releases, but here he has got the rhythm correctly. The racy feel that K V Anand maintains in his films was achieved mainly through Anthony’s sharp cuts.


  • It will be bad if I don’t mention the impact of Raveena Ravi’s dubbing. The actress Amyra Dastur who struggled with her expression was largely saved by Raveena who with her lovable voice makes the character adorable.


  • The art direction of the movie was really good. Setting up the old days isn’t an easy job and up to an extent the art director has done a good job in taking us to those times.

The Negatives

  • Well the content is the main villain of the movie. It has this super fictitious plot that discusses about the rebirth concept, and a strong captivating scripting was essential. With lots and lots of illogical and unacceptable exaggerations, Anegan becomes a test of patience as it goes on.

    Anegan Movie Unseen Stills (6)

  • It was disappointing to see a senior actor like Karthik playing a cartoonish character who speaks awkwardly accented English. May be it was an attempt to put a cover of coolness to the mysterious character, but at some point it becomes irritating and slightly witty too.


  • The computer graphics in the movie looks amateurish. A whole song has been visualized with the help of green screen and there are many other scenes in the movie that has used unpolished CG. The excuse of budget cannot be taken as even small films nowadays have shown better quality in visual effects.
  • The background music is another demerit of this movie. For a large part of the film it won’t even grab our attention and when it grabbed our attention it became a head ache. The experimental BGM in the final fight became more annoying than the number of glasses that got broken.


  • The stunts of the movie were a significant part as most of the pivotal incidents in the story had these highly imaginative things happening. But sadly the combined output of CG and the fight master’s effort couldn’t make the exaggerations work in a filmy level.

Just like Maatran, Anegan is also an execution failure. Keeping your expectation low can make you feel Anegan as a watchable flick.

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After nearly 5 years of Paa, R Balki is back with his unique satire titled Shamitabh. The intention was clearly to make fun of the money oriented way of functioning of Bollywood. Has it succeeded in becoming a totally pleasing cinema? Lets have a look.

The Nice Six:

  1. The actors were of cause the best part of this movie. Amitabh Bachchan did a superb job by playing the drunkard sound source in a humorous manner with the required level of arrogance. The voice modulation was superb and the character has these shades that will allow Mr. Bachchan to show off his talent.


  2. The most challenging segment of acting was left to Dhanush as he had to convince us through his acting because the character of Dhanish was a dumb. And I must say that the actor who is well known for portraying challenging roles has nailed it completely.


  3. Akshara Haasan is not a showcase item. The girl has the potential and also the beauty to make her face and expressions lovable to us. Well the audience not feeling any sort of annoyance when her character intervenes at occasions itself is a sign that her acting had the juice.


  4. The humor in the script is something that deserves a special mention. They have made fun of the industry in a way that even the producer of a money spinner movie will find the irony and laugh at it. Also the repartee of the characters offers a whole lot of space for genuine witty moments.


  5. The songs from Ilaiyaraaja sounded slightly different from his usual way of orchestration. The fact that they all synced nicely to the mood of the movie makes them more enjoyable.


  6. P C Sreeram’s cinematography gave the movie a good visual experience. There were certain comparison shots towards the climax that maintained the same frame. I also liked the way he gave a grand feel to certain visuals which in a way makes us feel the growth of Shamitabh.

The Could Have Been Better Two:

  1. The execution of the last half an hour of the movie is probably the biggest drawback of this R Balki film. The script which had a fresh feel till that point goes to a very cheap and shallow level of ego clash. Even after being somewhat lengthy, writer director Balki cant brig any depth to the conflict.


  2. The background music of the movie could have been made on a larger canvas. The intensity of the movie at parts demanded a grand version of background music and sadly that was missing in the case of Shamitabh.

It may not have met the expectations we had from Balki after watching a film like Paa. But still Shamitabh is a unique idea that has managed to show us some fabulous performances.

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Coming from the writer of last year’s small wonder Om Shanti Oshana, Friday Film’s new venture Aadu Oru Bheegara Jeevi Aanu had huge expectations from the movie goers. Has it lived up to the expectations? Lets analyse it.

Appreciable Positives:

  • The music direction of Shaan Rahman is probably the best thing about Midhun Manuel Thomas’s Aadu. The energetic main song and the title song grab your attention with the peppy feel they have. The character themes were also beautifully done by Shaan.
  • The next attractive feature of this movie was Vishnu Narayan’s cinematography. The beauty of the location they have selected was beautifully captured and also the way he captured certain slow motion shots was also commendable.

Disturbing Negatives:

  • First drawback of this highly anticipated film is the sloppy direction from the debutante. It wasn’t a great story at the first place and it demanded a neat and tidy direction. But with every joke in the movie going in to that overdone phase, the experience becomes a horrible one. Slow motions, excessive background scores etc are abundant in the second half, which makes the movie a tiring watch.
  • The script is the second villain of this supposed to be fun film. Every story with a simple basic idea needs the support of solid and witty sub plots that has a significant connection with the main thread. The exaggerated sub plots with over cooked humour in Aadu makes it too difficult to tolerate.
  • Vijay Babu’s portrayal as well as the presence of Sarbath Shameer in almost every sequence becomes a boring factor. The actor’s performance wasn’t convincing and that basically becomes the reason for the headache as this character is coming out regularly with theme music. His co producer – actress Sandra Thomas was also bizarre with her portrayal.
    aadu-oru-bheegara-jeevi-aanu (1)
  • Too many characters are there in the movie and thus the cast is too big. But sadly only Dharmajan has managed to get a role that stays in our heart. I am not saying others were poor, but it is just that there was nothing much in these characters for these actors to prove themselves.
  • The theme songs Shaan Rahman created for various characters were really good. But when it comes to background score the usage of these songs is kind of excessive which wasn’t that pleasing. I hope Shaan would upload those themes quickly in his soundcloud account.
  • Editing of the movie was on the down side. I felt that the stretched out visual chaos jokes could have been conceived in a better way if the editor had the perspective of the majority of the audience. But sadly Lijo Paul couldn’t bring any special magic to give some quality to the amateurish writing.

With positives and negatives having a 2:6 ratio, I can confidently say that the movie was a poor performer. Watch it only for the witty dialogues.

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Director Gautham Menon is back after a considerable break and this time it is an action flick starring super star Ajith. With a whole lot of expectations coming with Yennai Arindhaal, has it reached the level we expected? Let us do a pros and cons analysis.

The Positives

  1. The portrayal of Ajith as Sathyadev is probably the best part of this thriller. Ajith in the recent past was less used as an actor and most of his films glorify his charismatic look and screen presence. The good thing about Yennai Arindhaal is that it has used the actor in him by giving the character of Sathyadev certain complexities and traumas.


  2. Every GVM thriller will have a perfectly pitched antagonist. After Jeevan and Daniel Balaji, it is time for Arun Vijay. Arun as Victor has done a superb job. The madness, ferociousness and the strength of Victor was convincingly depicted by this actor and I believe it will be a great break for him.


  3. Even though he disappointed with his story, Gautham Menon has impressed the viewers with his direction. The style he follows to make the mass appealers a different one was followed here as well and that in a way keeps the audience hoping for some aggression.


  4. Baby Anikha as Sathyadev’s daughter was another beauty spot of this movie. It wasn’t a usual role for a child artist. The character had to perform some difficult emotions on screen and also it was that character which shaped the nature of Sathyadev. Anikha’s performance has definitely helped the script in convincing us the transformation of Sathyadev.


The Negatives

  1. Story and screenplay of the movie are the biggest let downs. The story is an alteration of the director’s previous block buster thrillers like Kaaka Kaaka and Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu. Very similar characterizations and situations make the movie a not so fresh candidate.


  2. Anthony’s edits for the movie was bizarre. Lots and lots of pointless small glimpses are visible in the movie and there is no rhythm to keep us engaged. And it becomes a staggering annoyance when you realize the fact that you have spent almost 3 hours inside the cinema hall.


  3. The inefficient usage of great actors was another major drawback of this movie. Actors like Ashish Vidyarthi and Suman were wasted in pointless characters in the movie. Also the lack of relevance for the characters played by Daniel Balaji, Nasser etc disappoints you terribly as a viewer.


  4. Gautham Menon’s movies are those that will surely have a heavy emotional baggage and the best tool to present that is songs. Harris Jayaraj who isn’t at the top of his career these days fails to deliver a catchy musical album.

Supported by strong performances and weakened by the repeated story, Yennai Arindhaal is just a onetime watch. BTW it has ample for Thala fans to rejoice.

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Biopics from Hollywood are mostly successful and inspiring. The latest addition to the list of most captivating biopics is the The Imitation Game directed by Morten Tyldum. Supported by stupendous performance from Benedict Cumberbatch and an exciting screenplay, this movie is fabulous in all levels. Let’s do an eight point analysis about the most impressive points of this beautiful piece of work.

  1. Benedict Cumberbatch’s depiction of Alan Turing is undoubtedly the best part of The Imitation Game. The character of Alan Turing is a peculiar one because of many reasons. The oddness of the character was presented very beautifully by Cumberbatch. The arrogance, the fear, the determination etc were the identity of the character and the Sherlock star has done complete justice to the central character of Alan Turing.
  2. Another main attraction of the movie is the screenplay written by Graham Moore. In this under two hour long movie there is never really a dull moment to distract you. And Mr. Moore has given relevant space to the different segments of Turing’s life to have the correct impact.
  3. Direction of Morten Tyldum is an appreciable one mainly because of the fact that he carried the energy in the script to the movie. Getting the best out of the actors and showing us every single layer of the character of Alan Turing was a challenging task and Tyldum succeeds in that.
  4. The supporting actors were also a significant part of this movie. Whether it was Kiera Knightley as the energetic and bold Joan or Matthew Goode as Hugh Alexander, they all did their parts with perfection.
  5. The dialogues from the movie were really catchy and engrossing. “Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of, who do the things that no one can imagine” is probably one of the most inspiring dialogues we have heard in the last 5 years. Moore has succeeded very much in the dialog section of the movie by giving every actor the words that suits their character.
  6. Set in the times were the Second World War was going on; the art direction of the movie is really a brilliant one. They have not just astonished us by recreating the old days, but also the attention given to detail to make it perfect was something that deserves a round of applauds.
  7. Cinematography of the movie done by Oscar Faura was also top notch. The visuals had the agony of the script and also it successfully translates the emotions of Alan Turing especially in those childhood sequences.
  8. The usage of this may be quite minimal, but still the quality of the visual effects used for The Imitation Game was really nice. In fact it has helped the makers in creating the impact of the World War by showing us realistic visuals of the calamity.
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