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The south Indian industry and the audience are getting in to the celebration mode of holy eid and guess what?! Nearly six films are all ready to entertain the masses. While Telugu may not have any biggies as Bahubali is holding strong, Tamil will witness two major releases and it is the Malayalam industry that has the maximum number of biggies; Four.


  1. Maari : Directed by Balaji Mohan, Maari starring Dhanush is expected to be a typical commercial entertainer. The hopes are high on this movie from Dhanush who has been giving promising movies in the recent past. The movie is produced by Dhanush’s Wunderbar Films along with Magic Frames and it releases on July 17th. The Thara Local songs of the DnA combo is already a hit and the movie has an interesting casting were you get to see singer Vijay Yesudas playing the antagonist.

    maari poster

  1. Vaalu: The competitor of Maari is also another film starring a young hero and it is none other than Simbu. Simbu’s career hasn’t been going smoothly in the recent times and Vaalu which has been facing a lot of troubles with release date has finally got the green light now. The film has sizzling Hansika opposite to Simbu. It will be interesting to see how this movie works for Simbu in this do or die situation. Release date : July 17th.



  1. Acha Din: The movie starring Mega Star Mammootty is slated for release and according to the makers it will hit theaters on 17th of July. The movie is directed by G Marthandan who previously made Deivathinte Swantham Cleetus. The script this time is written by Vijeesh who gave Mammootty a hit in his debut writing venture Emmanuel. It is a thriller where Mammootty portrays the role of a man of Jharkhand origin. The movie is produced by Mammootty’s longtime associate S George under the banner of Cyn-Cyl Celluloid.

    acha din poster

  2. Madhura Naranga: It wasn’t an easy go for director Sugeeth after the success of Ordinary. Two films that followed were box office duds. The director tries to make a comeback by hiring the writer Nishad Koya who had co-written Ordinary. The movie is expected to release on July 17th and it has Sugeeth’s lucky pair Biju Menon and Kunchako Boban. The heroine Parvathy is the daughter of actor Ratheesh and the hot and happening supporting actor Neeraj Madhav also joins the cast. Music is composed by the duo Sreejith- Sachin who came under the spot light after the album Yuvvh directed by Alphonse Puthren.

    madhura-naranga poster

  3. KL10 Pathu: The movie is directed by Muhsin Parari and it stars Unni Mukundan in the lead role. The movie is confirmed for 18th July and it has veteran director Laljose under the producer credit. The movie that has an ensemble star cast of new generation actors like Aju Varghese, Neeraj Madhav, Saiju Kurupu etc. has already grabbed the attention of the masses through its variety teasers and trailers.

    kl10 pathu

  4. Love 24*7: Longtime associate of Sathyan Anthikkadu, Sreebala K Menon makes her debut through this movie. It has Dileep doing the male lead and new comer Nikila Vimal doing the female lead. The star cast comprises of big names like Suhasini, Sreenivasan along with Lena, Sasi Kumar and many others. It is produced by Dileep’s Grand Productions along with E 4 Entertainment. The movie will release on 18th.


With Bahubali going strongly in all box offices and Super star Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan also hitting the theaters on 17th July, this Eid is turning out to be a real bonanza for moviegoers of the south.

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The remake of the biggest hit in Malayalam, Papanasam starring Ulaganayakan Kamal Haasan is truly a well-made remake that captures the beauty of the original. With the lead actor Kamal Haasan portraying the character of Suyambu Lingam in a very emotional way, this Drishyam remake from Jeethu Joseph is a winner by all means. Lets list out the positives of Papanasam.

  1. First and foremost it is Kamal Haasan who has done a stupendous job in performing as the main protagonist. While Mohanlal chose a very minimalistic way to express the dilemma, Jeethu gives a more emotional texture to Kamal’s Suyambu Lingam and I must say that it is one stellar scene on screen. With realistic flavor in his performance, Kamal mesmerizes the audience with his brilliance.


  2. Jeethu Joseph once again pulls it off with clinical perfection. With a better budget or faith, he has gone for a better set of actors and have succeeded in giving that intensity to the treatment. Some slight changes were made in visual presentation and nothing cheesy has got added on.


  3. The script is undeniably the USP of this thriller and it hasn’t undergone any major tweak in its Tamil version. The jitter of seeing a non-questioning or less intelligent set of witnesses is still there, but by going breezy over that period of screenplay, Jeethu somewhat hides the flaws.

    Papanasam (Drushyam ) Movie First Look Stills  Kamal Hasan  Tamil (34)

  4. Most of the dialogues written by Jeyamohan are plain rewriting of the Malayalam ones, but there were these minor adjustments in those which gave the conversations an extra life compared to Drishyam.


  5. Ghibran has composed two nice songs for this thriller and the set of BGMs were very impressive which has helped the movie in being a gripping thriller.

    Actor Kalabhavan Mani and Nellai Siva in Papanasam Movie Stills

  6. Sujith Vasudev once again captures the beauty of Thodupuzha. The frames that gives the kind of intrigue the movie demands definitely pores more intensity to the story telling.Papanasam-Movie-Working-Stills-16
  7. The supporting cast of the movie which performed very well is also an important part of the success of Papanasam.


With Kamal Haasan delivering one terrific performance to a very well built thriller script, this second outing of Jeethu Joseph in the form of Papanasam deserves to be a success for its quality.

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The terminator franchise is something that had aggression and pace in a captivating level. The new film directed by Alan Taylor lacks those features and the dullness in creativity and confusion in narrative messes up Terminator Genisys. Lets look at the reasons that makes this movie a letdown.

  1. I would say Arnold Schwarzenegger in that old body is a big reason for disappointment. The actor is struggling very much to have that energy on screen and the makers are so keen to have him in that old shape that they even created a CG Schwarzenegger. The old age has considerably taken away the grace he used to have in portraying the terminator character.


  2. The script that confuses the audience is another demerit. It is not the sort of confusion Christopher Nolan creates in the minds of the audience, it’s just narrative confusion that messes up our understanding about the franchise. And after making all that unclear portions they use this pattern Hollywood follows these days, a virtual villain in the form of Genisys.


  3. The dialogues of the old movies are sort of funny and attitude filled. Without a doubt I can say that those “get out”, “hasta la vista” and “I am back” had more energy than “old but not obsolete”.


  4. Jai Courtney looked slightly dull as Kyle Reese. If Arnie too had that energy, Courtney would have ended up as the poorest choice for the role of Reese. With both Clarkes performing impressively, seeing a less exciting Courtney was really disappointing.


  5. Alan Taylor may have succeeded in making the canvas of the movie wider, but he fails to bring in some novelty to this content. The making also lacks that belligerence and speed James Cameroon used to give to these movies.


  6. Hans Zimmer may be the music producer, but the creator of the music is Lorne Balfe fails to create a good impact through his BGMs.


Just listed out the negatives as the ultimate result wasn’t that impressive. Performances of Jason Clarke and Emilia Clarke, and the visual effects of the movie were the minor positives that kept the movie alive for its two hours runtime.

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Lavender has been in the news for a long while for various reasons. The movie that has a stellar cast finally got released this weekend. The attempt from the director is to present a love story of a gangster but with both shades (gangster part and romance part) having no depth in presentation, Lavender just becomes a show reel of a few good frames with a gorgeous heroine. Lets list out the points that makes lavender an unappealing thriller.

  1. Director Altas Ali hasn’t tried to give his movie any speciality from the usual formulas. The excessively melodramatic selfless love pattern which we have seen in movies directed by Mohit Suri in Bollywood has been followed here by the director. That cold treatment doesn’t really help the movie to be in that pleasing zone and that is quite a demerit for a romantic movie.


  2. The script has failed to contain both parts of the stories in a believable level. The quick romance and the unauthentic sharp shooter getup for the hero kind of restricts the canvas of the movie. The dialogues are too cheesy and the developments in the script are way too predictable.


  3. Performance of Rahman cant be termed as disappointing as the character offered to him was in that zone were a performance wasn’t that necessary. He just walks around with that moody face and very rarely gets a chance to express something.


  4. Nishan plays another key role in the film. The north Indian actor has tried his best to give life to the character, but sadly the write up of the character was really shoddy.


  5. Govind Padmasurya was better compared to his other recent film performances while Anoop Menon wasn’t a convincing Interpol cop.


  6. The music was nice from Deepak Dev while the background score wasn’t that great. In movies that has action and romance as integral ingredients, a solid packaging of background score is quite necessary.


With only some lush visuals that occasionally pops out to please us and a beautiful heroine (Elham Mirza) with good enough acting skills, Lavender fails to stay in the heart or even touch the heart. Watch it if you are someone who watches these Mohit Suri brand of tragedy movies.

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Director Manikandan has come up with a really novel thought that is now creating big waves in the Tamil Nadu box office. Kaaka Muttai starring the two kids Vignesh and Ramesh is an eye opener for film makers with its content having multiple agenda and its presentation that’s brimming with simplicity. Lets look at the reasons that makes this ridiculously fresh content a fantastic cinema.

  1. The direction is the key thing of any movie and Manikandan has done complete justice to Kaaka Muttai by treating it the way it should be treated. The kind of treatment which we normally term as offbeat has been followed here. That method really works for the movie as it helps the movie to establish its characters. The director also uses natural expressions and reactions of actors to give authenticity to its emotions.


  2. It may be a simple theme, but the script written by Manikandan has some really interesting layers that someway teases the society for its attitude. And in some way it questions the stupidity for blindly following trends set by corporate culture.


  3. The two kids Vignesh and Ramesh has done a fabulous job in portraying the roles of the Kaaka Muttais. Manikandan hasn’t used much melodrama in his making and most of the simple humor is conveyed through the simple reactions of characters and I have to admit that these kids were stupendous in giving such innocent and real reactions.


  4. Cinematography is another positive that captures the atmosphere with its reality. Some of the aerial shots really gives a shocking picture of the slums.


  5. The music and BGM from G V Prakash Kumar was perfect for the feel of this movie. The songs with the colloquial tones and the background score that creates impact with its minimalistic usage succeeds in giving a light feel to this movie.


  6. The supporting cast comprising of Iyshwarya Rajesh, Joe Malloori, Ramesh Thilak and Babu Antony has done their respective roles very neatly.


With a theme that ultimately holds a simplicity in narration but conveys its politics in a very smart way, Kaaka Muttai produced by Dhanush and Vetrimaran is one gem of a movie you should not miss.

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The most “fascinating” thing about the latest Malayalam movie 32aam Adhyayam 23aam Vaakyam directed by Arjun Prabhakaran and Gokul Ramakrishnan is that they have chosen a flop movie by all means to copy. 32aam Adhyayam 23aam Vaakyam is very lame attempt to replicate the 2007 Jim Carrey starrer The Number 23. Lets look at the reasons that makes this movie a really annoying and boring experience.

  1. The direction from the duo is quite amateur. Its almost like they haven’t even analysed the original movie before making this one. The duration of events and the high on dramatic feel in both narratives makes this movie a really sloppy attempt.


  2. The script is a blatant copy of The Number 23 and the reinterpretation in new environment looks very peripheral and the characters severely lacks depth. The dialogues are ridiculously hilarious in my opinion.


  3. Govind Padmasurya was terrible in his performance. The second avatar as John Ryan is supposed to be spooky, but the performance will make you laugh for sure. Even as Freddie he sounds a bit idiotic when he utters those impractical dialogues.


  4. Miya George is a talented actress who has shown potential in her previous films. But here the lady gets a very poorly written character and sadly she couldn’t do anything to make it look appealing.


  5. Cinematography looks quite restricted. Almost 90% of the shots have this static angle which kind of makes it look like a short film. A movie that is supposed to be a thriller should have some agility in its camera movements.


  6. Editing also looks very dull with those visuals that comes sequentially has no energy to keep things alive.


  7. Background score and the visuals where in two different levels all together. The intensity they wanted to create needed some synchronization between BGM and visuals and that was terribly missing here.


  8. Except for Lal, almost all the other faces were unfamiliar and they all lacked grace in performance. The girlfriend and the villain looked very immature with their poor show.


The only positive of this movie is Bijibal’s music, but sadly that is one department which doesn’t have much significance in this rotten creation.

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ABCD was India’s first step in dance movies. The Desi Step Up was widely appreciated only for its superb dance moves that garnered positive feedback. Just like the first part, ABCD 2 is also an average story that gets an over dosage of dance extravaganza. Lets look at the positives and negatives of this second episode.

Thumbs Up:

  1. Well it is undeniably the choreography that contained a large variety of dance styles made the movie stunning on a visual level. With everyone in the supporting cast performing damn brilliantly, Remo D’Souza succeeds in making the movie packed with impressive dance moves.


  2. Varun Dhawan has to be appreciated for the effort he has taken to improve his dancing skills. He is a good dancer but still the quality of the co dancers was too high and the actor has put in a lot of effort to make his character as a quality dancer.


  3. Shraddha Kapoor also deserves applauds for the efforts she has taken to give life to her character through dancing. Even though the screenplay helps her in skipping some tough moves, the actress has that vibrant energy and enthusiasm which was essential for the character of Vinnie.


  4. The cinematography of Vijay Arora has captured the stunning dance moves very impressively making the audience realize the toughness of those dance moves.


  5. Music from Sachin Jigar has done justice to the feel of the movie and also the music tracks used for various dance performances in the movie are also quite impressive.

Thumbs Down:

  1. The direction from Remo D’Souza isn’t that awe inspiring to make us feel for the characters and their emotions. The treatment is quite clichéd with predictable elements coming at each gap between dances.

    Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor in ABCD 2 Hindi Movie Stills

  2. The screenplay fails to build a story that looks fresh. The pattern of almost all the underdog victory saga is been followed here and that makes the movie only worth watching for the dancing part which itself has two hours of the whole movie’s runtime.


  3. Prabhu Deva was another disappointment in my opinion. The guy is a terrific dancer, but the actor in him is so weak and at times looks totally a miscast. His dialog delivery has no power and the energy we used to see in Prabhu Deva was not there.


  4. The 3D wasn’t used to a great extent by Remo. The first dance move for the title credits was the only area where the 3D experience was felt. Apart from that the 3D technology wasn’t that effective.


ABCD 2 is worth watching only for its dance moves. If you are not really looking for a solid story, then this one will have enough to keep you occupied.

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The latest movie from Paul Feig, Spy starring Melissa McCarthy is one hilarious entertainer that’s worth spending the time and money. With a spoof treatment in the scripting, this movie with too many memorable performances is definitely something you should not miss. Let’s look at the reasons that make it a successful cinema.

  1. Melissa McCarthy is undeniably the star of the show here. The chubby sweet lady really nails her character with all the troubles, tensions and anger to give the best finish to Susan Cooper. Her combination scenes with all the co-stars had that easiness which made the performance quite witty.


  2. The second positive is also from the acting department and this time it’s the antagonist played by Rose Byrne. The comically notorious Rayna was quite comfortable in her hands and I really loved the war of the words between Cooper/Amber and Rayna.


  3. Jason Statham has done a comical interpretation of his own filmography.  The actor is there in every turning point of the movie and to see him in that idiotic super agent character was super fun.


  4. Paul Feig has done a decent job in making Spy. The movie was nicely balanced in between being sarcastic and realistic. With some rawness added to the characters, the movie offers whole lot humorous situations.


  5. The scripting also had that charm to keep things entertaining. The silliness of the content was covered up largely because of this style of spoofy treatment in the script.


  6. Some of the action sequences were choreographed brilliantly to give moments that’s worth laughing and applauding.


  7. The supporting cast comprising of Miranda Hart, Bobby Cannavale, Jude Law, Nargis Fakhri etc was also really good in putting up a good show.


With only a few technical aspects like editing, cinematography and visual effects being okayish, Spy on the whole is a thoroughly enjoyable cinema.

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Melodramas, dialogues filled with romantic intellect and captivating songs are some essential ingredients of Mohit Soori’s movies. With his new movie Hamari Adhuri Kahani, the writer director has once gained mixed all these items to compose yet another selfless love saga. But with drama quotient becoming excessive, the only relief in this movie happens to be the songs. Lets look at the pros and cons that in the end made this movie a disappointment.


  1. The music is probably the only dominating positive of this tragedy. Music created by Mithoon, Jeet Ganguly and Papon creates that necessary romantic feel for the movie.


  2. Cinematography that captures luxury and emotions in close and wide angles gives the movie a grand visual appeal.



  1. The typical making of Mohit Soori fails this time with Hamari Adhuri Kahani. The way his characters react here is so unrealistic that the kind of selfless love the director wants to show gets destroyed in the process. The slow pacing with unappealing luxury in every frame, Soori offers us a lot of reasons to blame his creation.


  2. The script in the beginning portions had a fresh feel which kind of stood out from the usual way Mohit constructs his stories. But very soon the movie slips in to the typical formula of love, dilemma and sacrifice. The subplots created becomes unused by the end and the predictable nature makes things even more disappointing.


  3. Melodrama in dialogues with poetic statements about romance is a must in all of Mohit Soori’s movies and this time that dosage is too high. Every character in every frame of this movie talks like poets.


  4. The highly overwritten script in a way makes its actors look like idiots on screen. It doesn’t allow the characters to evolve in the process. Every character is in just one tone throughout the narration.


With only its highly successful album helping it in staying alive, Hamari Adhuri Kahani from Mohit Soori is a disappointing cinematic experience.

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Producer Lakshman turns director through his new venture Romeo Juliet starring Jayam Ravi and Hansika Motwani. With a title that has an epic romantic pair in it, the movie however has completely forgotten to add something in it that can be refereed as romance. Except for some interesting counter attacks from a ditched young man making things enjoyable, Romeo Juliet isn’t that great with its content. Lets look at the reasons that makes this movie a disappointment.


  1. Jayam Ravi saves the movie in a lot of areas with his acting that conveys the many emotions of the hero in a convincing way. The actor was really good in pulling off those second half humor tracks of the script.


  2. VTV Ganesh in his extended cameo as himself offers some moments to laugh for the audience. The less overacted portrayal from him increases the quality of the comedy.


  3. D Imman’s music showed a nice standard. No song was out of sync with the context and the tunes were catchy enough to make things engaging.



  1. First and foremost it is the script that fails to be attractive here. It is a cat and mouse game between two lovers who finally decides to be together. By the end of the movie, the hero accepts the heroin, but we as an audience will never see a reason in the whole movie that justifies the hero’s decision to have this girl who humiliated him earlier.


  2. The direction from Lakshman is also quite boring on the whole. The immaturity we feel in the content’s treatment is quite high. The movie never has a practical feel to it and the only entertainment here is in the beginning of the second half, were the heroism gets exhibited.


  3. Hansika Motwani was another disappointment. As always the actress looks stunning with her well built body and dressing style. But when it comes to acting Hansika only gets these characters who somewhat overreacts to every situation. As it spoils the feel of the movie, the performance looked tacky.


With a weak script and uninteresting making, Romeo Juliet has very less content that can be called as romantic. Only relief is seeing Jayam Ravi and VTV Ganesh who gives life to this dull content.

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The debut movie of singer anchor Rimi Tomy got released this weekend. I have to say that Thinkal Muthal Velli Vare is easily the worst film that released this year in Malayalam industry. Made as a spoof on Malayalam television serial industry, this movie is an extremely trashy content that is totally unbearable. Lets look at the reasons that makes this movie an ultra crap.

  1. Direction from Kannan Tharakkulam is outdated and pathetic. The director definitely has no idea on how to present this content that has no clear agenda. The humor and drama has been mixed very poorly and the exaggerated presentation with nonsensical feel throughout makes the movie horrible.


  2. The script from Dinesh Pallath tries to present itself as an eye opener against serial industry and ironically it praises those junky creations towards the end. The story between the protagonists was lame and overwritten. The conversations are also quite dump.

    Thinkal Muthal Velli Vare _1_

  3. Rimi Tomy making her acting debut doesn’t know what exactly to do on certain scenes. In some scenes in the beginning the actress is struggling to hide her laugh and in many other scenes she is in that over acting zone.


  4. Jayaram also disappoints big time with his repetitive portrayal that depicts all the emotions of the character in the same old way the actor has been doing for the last few years.


  5. Anoop Menon is a miserable failure in using that Trivandrum slang. It sounded unauthentic. And the actor occasionally forgets to use that slang which apparently reduced the pain of hearing it.


  6. The background score from Bijibal was excessive and uninspiring. The predictable usage to create comedy never really helps the movie in moving forward.


  7. The music of the movie was also quite underwhelming. No real tunes are there that are catchy by any means.


  8. The supporting cast comprising of many veteran actors like KPAC Lalitha and Janardhanan has been totally wasted with these unrealistic characterization.


With even other technical aspects like cinematography and edits showing just average quality, Thinkal Muthal Velli Vare is a pain in the arse without a doubt.

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After 23 years, the epic visual effects piece is back in the form of Jurassic world. Directed by Colin Trevorrow, this two hour long science fiction drama is an enjoyable one with its highs and lows. Lets look in to the pros and cons of the fourth segment of the Jurassic Park.

Thumbs Up:

  1. The direction from Colin Trevorrow kept a decent quality. The kind of feel the movie required was there. The anxiety fun ratio we expect in the content was nicely maintained by the director.


  2. The visual effects may not have reset the benchmark, but it sure had that quality to take us back to those nostalgic memories of the previous segments. With nice detailing of the illustrious park, the VFX helps the movie in having grand attire.


  3. The casting of the movie was another good point to mention. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard did the roles of the chief protagonists very nicely. The kids Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson were good. Irrfan Khan did his minimal appearance nicely.


  4. The cinematography was really good from John Schwartzman. The lush greenery and the intense wild feel of the park habitat were visualized beautifully.


Thumbs Down:

  1. At many points the logic of the script on a basic level looked a bit foolish. The lack of security and proper backup plan for a park that has got “the world’s best” in most departments is a bit too hard to digest. The imagination surrounding the Indominus Rex is also a bit too filmy and honestly it wasn’t that scary compared to the buildup given to it.


  2. The background score of the classic Jurassic Park has been used here again in a slightly different variant. The originals for this fourth segment weren’t that appealing and at the same time the visual backup of the old BGM wasn’t that grand.


With a decent output that manages to cover up the dullness of the trailer, Jurassic World is a fair enough entertainer that succeeds in engaging its viewer.

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Nirnaayakam comes with the captions such as it is an insider about the judicial system. But the movie scripted by Bobby and Sanjay is quite restricted in pursuing its aim. A fifteen minute debate that happens inside the court had some fire power and that was the only energetic portion in this V K Prakash movie. Lets look at the pros and cons of this movie.


  1. Actor / Producer Prem Prakash gets his career best role and has done complete justice to it. The role of the socially committed lawyer was nicely performed by Prem Prakash with energy and emotions flowing perfectly.


  2. I wont say the screenplay is completely perfect, but the second half research done by Bobby Sanjay duo that kind of gives a new information to all deserves appreciation. The sensible arguments in that portion of the movie are probably the only positive in the writing part.

    Nirnayakam Photos _34_

  3. The music of the movie is a good one. The two songs are in sync with the narration and also help the movie in moving forward.


  4. Shehnad Jalal’s cinematography was nice. The frames had the depth every scene demanded.


  5. The actors Lena and Sudheer Karamana delivered a mature performance in their supporting roles as characters part of the judicial system.



  1. V K Prakash’s making hasn’t done anything refreshing to present this weak screenplay in an exciting way. The melodrama in the script is evident in the making and a movie with a theme like this should have been treated in a much realistic manner.


  2. This is probably the weakest script from the acclaimed duo Bobby and Sanjay. The spacing of the screenplay is really awkward. Hell a lot of time has been given to a less important central character who is in search of courage. And because of that, a large portion of this small movie becomes dull.


  3. Asif Ali in the main role isn’t that impressive. The emotional burden on the character of Ajay is heavy and the actor wasn’t that comfortable in handling those.


  4. Edits were not that great from Mahesh Narayanan. The scenes without much relevance get the limelight at many points. The cuts also lacked an aggression which was essential for the narrative.

With many flaws in making, Nirnaayakam is watchable only because of its social commitment factor. Not the best of Bobby Sanjay.

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Director Zoya Akhtar is back with yet another enlightening entertainer in the form of Dil Dhadakne Do that follows the same pattern of her previous film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara. As the formula still looks fresh, this “live your life to the fullest” ideology movie looks extremely pleasing for the audience. Lets look in to those positives that makes this movie worth spending your three hours.

  1. Captain of the ship Zoya Akhtar has done an impressive job in directing the movie. Her typical style of keeping it much realistic without much background score has been followed here. Even in silent pauses you can sense humor and sentiments and I believe that’s the greatness of the making.


  2. The script fundamentally is a copy of ZNMD. But Reema and Zoya have reworked on it to give it a completely new outlook and also widen the scope for being sarcastic about the older generation’s peripheral analysis. The feminist agenda is more practical and loud in DDD.


  3. The dialogues by Farhan Akhtar are fabulously cool and interestingly intellectual. The real feel Zoya wanted to keep was aided by Farhan’s contribution as a dialogue writer. Just like Imran’s poems in ZNMD, Javed Akhtar once again mesmerizes us with his thoughts that have been narrated through the voice of Aamir Khan who lends voice to the family’s dog, Pluto Mehra.


  4. Anil Kapoor has done a fabulous job in portraying the industrialist with all faults and orthodox conventions. Ranveer Singh elegantly modulates the character offered to him. The shyness he shows in front of elders and the gradual progress that finally ends up in a big quarrel with his parents was conceived very impressively by the actor. Priyanka Chopra presented Ayisha’s complications impressively. Shefali Shah did a good job in portraying the role of Neelam. The extended cameos of Anushka and Farhan were also quite effective.


  5. Carlos Catalan’s cinematography was extremely good. Some very grand visuals of landscapes were filmed nicely and I liked that single shot song “Gallan Goodiyan”.


  6. The music from the trio Shanker Ehsaan Loy was in sync with the theme. The title track, Gallan Goodiyan and Pehli Baar sets the mood of the movie.


The only negative you could sense is in its repetitive characterization that has adapted a lot from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara. But still Dil Dhadakne Do has enough and more entertainment and a bit of enlightenment to keep you engrossed.

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San Andreas directed by Brad Peyton is a movie that is just a showpiece for its visual effects. The movie follows the same pattern of almost all the Hollywood disaster management movies and that lack of freshness in story telling severely effects the quality of the movie. Lets look at the points that makes this movie an unexciting deal.

  1. First and foremost is the script that can’t put a good story in to this possible tectonic plate related stuff. It is almost like watching a big budget documentary that shows us the devastating after effects of a major earthquake. The formula of the story is taken from the usual ideas that we have seen in films like 2012 and a slight part was even taken from Taken.

    maxresdefault (1)

  2. Brad Peyton’s making is much focused on how he could make the visual effects look grand. There is no real significance given to the story part of the movie and the treatment also follows the typical style we have seen in movies that are similar.


  3. There is nothing much in here for the actors to do. They are constantly running and gasping with only this terrified look on their faces. The clichéd sentiments and patch ups were kind of okay in the hands of these actors lead by Dwayne Johnson.


  4. The background score isn’t that alarming enough to create that feeling of danger in our minds. For a movie that showed almost the whole of America getting swept away by earthquakes and tsunamis, a much better orchestration with haunting tunes was essential.


  5. The visual effects are probably the only thing that has worked in favor of the movie. But that too looked flawed in the beginning stages with all those excessive aerial shots of collapsing buildings.


If you just want to see the buildings crashing and the tsunami sweeping America, go for it. But if you want content, this movie would not be a good choice.

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Venkat Prabhu is known for making these entertainers that aren’t quite in the typical format of Tamil entertainers. This time with superstar Suriya, he tries to do something variety with a ghost fun film. But with emotions that aren’t so touching over flowing, the new movie from VP, Masss aka Massu engira Masilamani is an underwhelming fun film. Lets look at the ups and downs of Masss.


  1. Suriya has played his dual role in a convincing manner giving uniqueness to his characters. The usual charm and grace is there in his performance that makes the character energetic.


  2. The cinematography from R D Rajasekhar was good as it captured the visuals with enough richness and bliss.


  1. Venkat Prabhu usually manages to keep the humor content of his films alive throughout. But in this fantasy, the content is too emotional that it goes too serious about the crazy thought which makes the movie a boring experience. VP couldn’t do anything here to make it exciting.


  2. The script fails to be an entertainer. The writing lacks humor and being serious was not a good option for a movie like Masss. There isn’t any power in the dialogues as well.


  3. Nayantara and Pranitha are equally wasted in pointless roles as heroines. There is no necessity for a female lead in this movie and they have been added just to fulfill the conventionality of having a heroine.


  4. The visual effects of the movie aren’t that great. As this ghost thriller used more help from the VFX department, it was essential to have some quality in it.


  5. Music from Yuvan isn’t that great when compared to the other albums he has created for VP. You will find it difficult to remember any song that was catchy enough to hum.


With only Suriya’s performance aiding it, the latest Venkat Prabhu movie Masss aka Massu is a disappointment.

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It was said to be director Shyamaprasad’s phase shift film as it sounded more commercial in terms of how the basic plot goes, but the movie Ivide is a huge disappointment. With an ensemble cast that had youth super stars like Prithviraj and Nivin Pauly with an experienced Bhavana, Ivide couldn’t manage to grab the attention of the audience. Let us look why it couldn’t be a thrilling thriller.

  1. Director who is known for treating realistic emotional movies follows his typical style here. For a crime drama that has a lot of place for emotional sentiments, the usual way of making from Shyamaprasad wasn’t enough. And because of the less exciting execution, the movie fails to have a gripping narration.


  2. The screenplay from Ajayan Venugopalan is somewhat unnecessarily placed in America. The conflict is basically a universal one and the shallowness we feel makes the movie less intriguing. Most of the phases in the investigation part looked amateurish. Unlike his previous script, English Ajayan can’t establish characters with his writing.


  3. The edits looks too cold for a thriller. It may be due to the treatment given to it by the ace director, but still the editor could have made the cuts a little more sharp at occasions to bring in some pace to this thriller.


  4. Nivin Pauly has tried his best to be the Krish Hebbar Shyamaprasad wanted with selfish desires. But the actor couldn’t reach that level we wanted him to be. The role which was earlier offered to Fahadh would have looked more catchy and smart in the hands of Fahadh Faasil.


  5. Most of the foreign actors in this movie haven’t done much to make it look more authentic. They mostly overact (especially that police chief). With dialogues written by Ajayan sounding pretty much from the archives, it wasn’t that realistic except for the sync sound.


With only Prithviraj and Bhavana rising to the expectations, Ivide from Shyamaprasad isn’t a convincing thriller.

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After his successful entry to Malayalam film industry through Neram, Alphonse Puthren is back with yet another beautiful entertainer titled Premam. The movie has released without any teasers and trailers and looks like it has worked in favor of the movie as it has given the audience some real good surprises. Let us look in to those reasons which make Premam probably the best of 2015.

  1. Well the first credit goes to the captain of the ship who has written, edited and directed this flick, Alphonse Puthren. The guy who made neram with a signature style has somewhat repeated the same style here. But the story teller in him goes beyond the usual instantaneous agenda and narrates a story with depth in his style. The styling and mixing had a unique feel which made the movie an overall variety.11118049_1626671660879772_8212587141994132707_n
  2. Nivin Pauly once again proves that he is the most hardworking actor Mollywood right now has. The actor is gradually pushing his limits and doing stuff that people haven’t expected him to do. You can see the star getting an actor makeover in this movie along with his macho looks. Loved the way he shifted gears in all three portions of the movie.1610928_1622487631298175_2672072789637614378_n
  3. The screenplay is a smartly written one that gives required depth to each story. The Mary episode is short and funny. The Malar saga is extremely beautiful and a bit haunting and the Celin Chapter is practical and simple. Except for the slight jitter in the last quarter, there is nothing much wrong about Premam’s screenplay.11150948_1620287484851523_3833451974163376879_n
  4. A special mention should be given to Sai Pallavi who stole the heart of many with the effortless performance as Malar. The actress has this very simple looks that aren’t quite a heroine material. And that’s one place Alphonse Puthren should be given credit as his casting was spot on.10993422_1587726904774248_5461114202091323281_n
  5. The rest of the cast comprising of the usual team of Alphonse including, Sijo, Shabareesh, Krishnashankar, Soubin Shahir, Vinay Forrt, Anupama, Madonna and many new faces were apt for the roles offered to them.11074173_1622488324631439_7207869924440798689_n
  6. Rajesh Murugeshan’s tunes along with Shabareesh Varma’s lyrics and also the smart usage of background score makes the music side of this Alphonse Puthren movie a success.1510487_1621226351424303_8583643644412963313_n
  7. The cinematography of Anend C Rajendran is also wonderful with elegantly captured frames that conveyed the director’s vision perfectly. The action sequences, the romance etc were visualized very nicely.11219074_1619743394905932_4233567281988876178_n

With a simple theme getting a deep, realistic and entertaining treatment from the craftsmanship of Alphonse Puthren, Premam will have a significant slot in the career of Nivin Pauly.

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After the state award winning Zachariahyude Garbhinikal, Director Aneesh Anwar is back with yet another deeply emotional tale of a man who is in desperate situation. With enough and more melodrama along with some worthy twists in the tale, Kumbasaaram is a winner as it has the support of some good performances. Let’s look in to the merits and demerits of this crime drama.


  1. Jayasurya is undoubtedly the star of the show here. The actor has conceived the character of Alby in a very absorbing way. The highly dramatic dialogues written by the director sounded practical only through his mouth.


  2. Aneesh Anwar’s typical style of making comprising of very attractive frames captured with the help of slow motion once again suits the nature of the movie. With less compromised takes that contains the dilemma of the situation, Aneesh has done a good job as director.


  3. The supporting cast of the movie has also given their bit especially Honey Rose and Prem Navas. Even though there was the burden of dialogues, the child actors did perform well.


  4. Cinematographer Alby once again astonishes the viewers with his wonderfully captured visuals that enhance the emotional depth of the writing.


  5. Even after taking too much time to establish the miseries of the lower middle class family, the screenplay succeeds in bringing some excitement in to the narration. Some interesting layers of coincidences get revealed once the identity of the antagonist gets exposed.


Negatives :

  1. I would say the music was on the downside because of the composer’s typical way of creating songs. Auto tuned highly and largely having the same feel, music was okay in the movie’s context but wasn’t great enough to create an impression.


  2. The second fault I could sense was in the dialogues. The high dosage of drama wasn’t comfortable for most of the actors and as kids have a great role in this movie, it was a bit disturbing to see them struggling with the dialogues.


With a second half that has equal dosage of excitement and emotions Kumbasaaram succeeds in being a thriller with rooted characters supported by some solid performances.

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The rarity of seeing an amazingly improved second part of any film is always a delight. Anand L Rai’s Tanu Weds Manu Returns in a way offers that happiness to its viewers. The seemingly okay first part Tanu Weds Manu gets an unbelievably fabulous boost this time with the humorous treatment and stellar performance from its leading lady. Lets look at the reasons that make this movie a total winner in the entertainment segment.

  1. Anand L Rai has succeeded in treating the content with the much required humor. He has visualized the idea with a lot of realistic humor that caters a good round of laughter for the audience. The wide open story with abundant characters and situations was safe in the hands of the director.


  2. Himanshu Sharma’s script also worked big time on this second part. Himanshu wisely integrates all the major characters of the first part in to the new one. The kind of unrealistic coincidences gets a cover of practicality through his writing that had some really good dialogues.


  3. It is actually a Kangana Ranaut show throughout. From the eccentric Tanu to self made Kusum, the actress gives a solid identity to both characters with her portrayal. At one point you might even forget the fact that it’s a double role. From body language to expressions, Kangana has shown the world why she is the best Bollywood has right now.


  4. Another show stealer in the movie was Deepak Dobriyal who did the role of Pappi. His dialogue delivery and expressions has created lots of moment’s humor. The actor’s performance should be considered as one of this years’s best supporting role.


  5. Madhavan once again smartly underplays the role of Manu. Jimmy Shergill also offers some good witty moments. Swara Bhasker was really good and the new characters played by Rajesh Sharma and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub were also quite memorable.


  6. Music from Krsna Solo and Tanishk-Vayu is a good mix of some innovative tunes and the usual peppy numbers and they easily sync with the mood of the movie.


With almost everything in technical and performance side working well for it, Tanu Weds Manu Returns is a guaranteed fun ride with some superbly written humour and power packed performances. Don’t miss it!

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Neena Malayalam Movie Posters-Images

Directed by Laljose, the latest movie Nee Na is a mixed bag. While it manages to create a curiosity with its making and theme, the lack of substantial performances pulls the movie back from being an overwhelming emotional experience. Lets look in to the pros and cons of this drama written by R Venugopal.


  1. The direction from Laljose that maturely treats the theme is one positive that keeps the movie interesting even when it drags in to the dramatic phases. Even though he wasn’t able to get a spot on cast for the movie, he manages to keep the sensibility which was there in the script.Nee Na
  2. Cinematography from Jomon T John was a pleasing one as he has visualized the scenes with nice texture that relates to the mood of the scene and emotion of the characters.Neena Malayalam Movie Posters
  3. Nice music from Nikhil J Menon which kind of represented the attitude of the title character. The background score from Bijibal was also quite pleasing.NeeNa-Review-Rating-Report-Deepti-Sati-Vijay-Babu-Ann-Augutine
  4. The script was good especially in the second half were it kind of explores the unexplored with the help of wide range of characters and fragile emotions of characters.neena-wallpaper


  1. Most of the negatives in the movie were in its casting. Deepti Sati as the title protagonist fails to create a magnetic persona. Her emotions and dubbing were way too different making it quite difficult for the audience to digest.Neena
  2. Vijay Babu and Ann Augustine’s performances weren’t that great. Both were just about okay and I felt a bit sad as Ann didn’t have a good share of screen space in a movie tag lined as “Tale of Two Women”.Neena-Malayalam-Film
  3. The dialogues I felt was a bit too overdramatic or trying hard to be cool. The inexperienced lead pair was mostly struggling with those intellectually cool dialogues.Neena Malayalam

On the whole, Nee Na is a nice concept that uses elements like alcoholism and sensitive human nature in an interesting way. But the lack of solid performances makes this movie way too dull resulting in a not so overwhelming experience.

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Anurag Kashyap’s biggest movie Bombay Velvet has arrived in the city with the burden of expectations around it. Fundamentally being a love story, this take from Mr. Kashyap hasn’t really given much justice to its romantic perspective. It is a movie that has many positives in the technical side, but fails in the most important ingredient of any cinema; script.


  1. The typical raw style of Anurag Kashyap helps the movie a lot in setting up the correct ambience for a gangster love story. The kind of conversations with silences and arrogance Anurag creates is there on Bombay Velevt.ranbir-kapoor-anushka-sharmas-vintage-romance-on-bombay-velvet-posters-1
  2. The music is quite an integral part of this magnum opus phantom product. The jass filled opera style hindi songs from Amit Trivedi and the background scores make the movie really engaging.DSC_0843
  3. The actors of the movie have done quite a great work on screen. Ranbir is excellent in being eccentric and Anushka has done a fabulous portrayal of Rosie. While Karan Johar plays his part smartly and safely, actors like Kay Kay Menon, Siddhartha Basu, Vivaan Shah etc does their job very nicely.velvet14-650_032015032834
  4. Cinematography from Rajeev Ravi offers some good visuals with intrigue and excitement. The well lighten frames with sensible amount of slow motions helps the movie.Bombay-Velvet-08
  5. The editors have done a great job by comprising the major development in the story through the jazzy songs sung by Rosie. The movie is kept in an engaging phase through the smart cuts.357178-14-5-2015-bom-gh5-o
  6. The production design and visual effects have done a terrific job in recreating the past Bombay which had all these retro elements. The tremendous work of the art team has made the old days look so realistic on screen.poster


  1. The only negative of this Anurag Kashyap movie is its script that looks overloaded with content. The main focus of the movie is the romance between Rosie and Johnny and the script fails to give depth to that love story and also to the political foul play that happens in the parallel track. If Kashyap could have added some more content to show us the life of the lead couple and the mega conspiracy, the entire theme would have got that much required depth.Ranbir-Kapoor-still-from-Bombay-Velvet

On the whole Bombay Velvet is a movie that has an underwritten script which couldn’t make the characters close to the audience. Technically it is a really good piece of work.

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After having some terrible box office experiences in the last two outings, director Joshiy is back with a biggie starring Mohanlal and Amala Paul. This time the ace director associates with Suresh Menon who previously wrote Hindi movies like Kahaani, Namastey London and Bang Bang. But to the disappointment for the fans of the actor, director and writer Lailaa O Lailaa is a bizarrely executed charmless story that fails to entertain its targeted audience. Lets checkout the reasons why this movie fails in becoming a success.

  1. Well starting from the basics, it is the script that is the weakest here. The script written by Suresh Nair is a very simple mouse and cat episode between security agency and terrorists. The events that unfold never really excite you on a creative level and the script structure doesn’t seem to have any sort of layers to give it some exciting perspectives.

    Mohanlal-Cover copy

  2. Equally bad is the direction from Veteran Joshiy who seems to be struggling quite a lot in picking up the pulse of the new audience. In showing the technological advancement in visualizing, the director still seems to follow the old syllabus. You don’t get the required intrigue from Joshiy’s style of film making. With his typical style not suiting Lailaa O Lailaa’s grandness, Joshiy fails once again.

    Lailaa O Lailaa Stills-Images-Photos-Mohanlal-Amala Paul-Malayalam Movie 2015-Onlookers Media

  3. The underused potential of its actors is another major drawback of this movie. It may not have the stuff to use the actor in Mohanlal, but we have seen a Mohanlal who sweeps the screen presence with his elegance. In this script by Suresh Nair, there is very little scope for the actor to show off his charisma and that was really a letdown.


  4. Dialogues seem to be rewritten from Hindi to Malayalam. All the dialogues have this awkward dramatic feel which kind of takes away a possible cool agent life story on screen. There are certain tweaks you need to do in a Malayalam movie’s dialogue to make it catchy, which apparently was not done in the case of Lailaa O Lailaa.


  5. The cinematography lacked quality. The compact frames don’t give the movie grand attire. And a lot of helicam shots and steady cam shots make things look too amateurish on screen.

    Laila O Laila Malayalam Movie Release Date – 1st May 2015

  6. Edits aren’t that exciting. The movie has a pace but the narration lacked a kind of flow. The cuts are a reason for this lack of continuity.


  7. Gopi Sunder’s music is an overall average as two tracks succeeded in being catchy while the rest were not at all entertaining. But in the BGM section Gopi was a failure. You won’t remember any of the tunes for a positive reason as it was too loud and excessive.


  8. The visual effects are one area someone like Joshiy should work as he has the habit of making these thrillers. The kind of believability we look for in cinemas like these have gone high after the arrival of Hollywood (too many English movies these days). Lailaa O Lailaa’s visual effects can’t go beyond the usual mediocrity of visual effects we see in Malayalam movies when they try to do certain extravagant things.


On the whole the movie totally disappoints with its content. Except for a few moments of heroism and some fair enough performances, Lailaa O Lailaa doesn’t have anything interesting to offer.

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After Vicky Donor and Madras Café, the promising director Shoojit Sircar is back with yet another heartwarming entertainer named Piku. The hilariously written emotional story will make you happy at the end of it when you relive those moments of quirky fun and also the emotions attached to each character. Let us look in to the reasons that make this movie probably the best from Bollywood this year.

  1. Well it may have greats like Amitabh and Irrfan, but I would like to start the listing with the girl who put up a great show of acting, Deepika Padukone. She was absolutely brilliant in conceiving and presenting the complicated character of Piku. Her portrayal makes Piku a very sensible stressed out woman.Deepika-in-Piku-movie-wallpaper
  2. The experienced big B once again mesmerizes the audience with his character transition. The body language, dialect and the subtle nature of Bhaskor was nicely carried out by him. I loved the way he kept Bhaskor likeable and a bit annoying throughout the movie.Shooting of Piku
  3. Irrfan Khan is known for his effortless style that gives signature coolness to his portrayals. Shoojit Sircar has casted the actor perfectly for a role that utilizes the strengths of this international actor. The way Irrfan conveys things through even just a stare or a blink of the eye is simply great to see.Piku-comes-out-with-The-Journey-Song
  4. Shoojit Sircar’s making makes the movie so abundant with vibrancy. The aggression and enthusiasm that was needed in the narration was there in the realistic capturing by him. The movie never slips in to dullness even when the tempo goes down. The quirky feel has been kept throughout the film.piku-photoshoot-n
  5. Juhi Chaturvedi’s writing is apparently the pillar of this delightfully constructed movie. The way she gives a unique identity to her characters using the depth and length of the movie is quite impressive. The relationships are also built quite sensibly with natural turn of events forcing the characters to change. The dialogues by Juhi are hilarious and at the same time natural.Piku-Movie-Stills-9
  6. Anupam Roy’s music is simplistic and full of life. It helps the movie a lot in building a depth in the relationships between the characters. The likeability of the chemistry between Piku and Bhaskor got some real good boost from the musical scores.piku3
  7. Editing was another major plus I could sense in the movie. As I said Shoojit has tried to keep the movie lively through conversations and the editor Chandrasekhar Prajapati has given a solid input by keeping the frames racy whenever it needed.piku-wallpaper-01-12x9

Overall Piku is a delightful cinema that has a heart and story. Over concerned father, short tempered daughter and the poor taxi owner will give you some really cool moments of fun and happiness. Now Anushka has a competition for the best actress award of 2015 (NH 10 vs Piku).

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The latest Malayalam movie starring Vineeth Sreenivasan and Chemban Vinod Jose in key roles, Oru Second Class Yathra has hit the screens today. The movie marks the debut of the director duo Rejis Antony and Jaxson Antony. Coming to the movie, it is a clichéd script that fails to be a really innovative and intriguing entertainer. Let us look in to the factors that make this movie a dull one.

  1. The direction for the new duo is quite an outdated one. The kind of takes that will remind you of the dramas that got filmed 5 or 10 years ago. The twists and dramas have that same nature, making it look not at all interesting. The way the embedded jokes come out also shows the lack of experience of the duo.


  2. The script also falls in the old-fashioned category. The old fashioned nature is basically in the back story of the character played by Vineeth Sreenivasan. The rest of the problem with the script is in its lack of depth and desperation to add some jokes.


  3. Except for the comedy episode, the dialogues of the movie are largely in the melodramatic side of writing. The real feel of dialogues was severely missing and thus making the emotions not so relatable.


  4. Vineeth Sreenivasan was another drawback of this movie. I won’t say it is his acting that causes problem. There is nothing there for him to do in this almost mute character that is always scared and tensed. Expecting the movie to be controlled by his character, you will feel very much disappointed that he wasn’t used at all.Oru-Second-Class-Yathra-Stills-21
  5. The music from Gopi Sunder has helped the movie greatly in getting a good publicity, but when it comes to background score, Gopi fails to create an impact. It is true that the script has awkward transitions, but Gopi Sunder is someone who creates good background scores that are memorable.


  6. The edits from Lijo Paul was not that exciting. The cuts never really carried the aggressiveness the movie required. It may be the nature of the script, but the frequent helicam shots and all made the edit pattern look unexciting.


  7. The casting is also a problem for the movie. It either casts the wrong person or fails to utilize the actors. Nedumudi Venu was finding it difficult to have that energy. Joju was type casted again. Sreejith Ravi and Nikki Galrani went unused. Actors like Saju Navodaya, Pradeep Kottayam and Nelson were roped in to play irrelevant characters.


With only Chemban Vinod Jose’s performance and Gopi Sunder’s music going in favor of its way, Oru Second Class Yathra is a disappointing film that has a very short runtime.

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Kamal Hassan's Uthama Villain First Look Wallpapers

Ulaganayakan Kamal Haasan has come up with his new thought named Uttama Villain. The movie directed by Ramesh Aravind and written by Kamal himself is an attempt to be a variety among the stereo typed Tamil industry. But because of some flaws in screenplay and also due to lack of directional qualities the movie stays in the “could have been better” zone.


  1. Most of the positives of the movie are in its acting part and without a doubt Kamal Haasan is the best among the lot. The complexities of the superstar Manoranjan was portrayed very impressively by him and even the small gestures had that required grace. The Uttaman part was also quite hilarious.

    Kamal Haasan's Uthama Villain First Look Wallpapers

  2. K Balachander in the story of Manoranjan and Nassar in the story of Uttaman gave a substantial contribution. While K Balachnader gave it more of an emotional depth, Nassar did the humour with great timing.


  3. The other supporting cast comprising of Urvashi, Pooja Kumar, Parvathy, Andrea, M S bhasker and many others was also quite good in their characters.


  4. Music and background score from Ghibran was really great as it captured the emotions and situations perfectly.



  1. The major drawback is the direction from Ramesh Aravind. The idea inside Kamal Haasan’s mind needed a variety in presentation to capture the attention of the targeted audience. Seems like Ramesh hasn’t got what Kamal was trying to pitch and thus there was a severe lack of engagement between the content and audience.


  2. The script as isolated portions scores. But as an audience we tend to expect a multi layered narration with certain interconnection which sadly was either missing or wasn’t that evident in the screenplay of Uttama Villain.


  3. The visual effects of the movie are tacky. A movie like Uttama Villain which comes with the burden of expectations is not supposed to have demerits in areas like graphics as they have the generosity of budget.

    Kamal Hassan's Uthama Villain First Look Wallpapers

When you look at just the performance part of the movie, it has a lot to offer. But the pivotal areas like direction and scripting seems to be having problems that makes the movie an overall average affair.

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Tamil director Krish makes his debut in the Hindi film industry with the remake of the commercially successful Vijayakanth movie Ramana, which was written and directed by A R Murugados. But by making the movie all the more commercial with no real modifications to suit the sensibilities of the new audience, Gabbar is back is a cold war against corruption. Lets look in to the reasons why it couldn’t be as good as Ramana.

  1. Well the making that caters more masala than an urge in us to react is the first villain here. Ramana’s sentimental elements are a bit cheesy, but it did have an impact in making that character respectable. Here the treatment is heroic rather than hero centric and that makes it a less influential film.


  2. As I said, the rewritten screenplay only manages to remove some necessary sentimental elements from the original version. And lack of innovation and creativity in rebuilding the story makes it look quite peripheral.


  3. The powerless dialogues are a reason why it may not be that delightful for the audience who are seeking just heroism elements. The original Gabbar dialogues reinterpretation isn’t enough to create a magic on screen.


  4. The character detailing and of course the less emotional portrayal of Akshay Kumar’s title character is a letdown. I don’t know what prompted Krish to present a college professor in that look. The good thing about Ramana was that the character looked quite real, but here it is like Rowdy Rathore is teaching Physics.


  5. The biggest disappointment was the role of Shruti Haasan. Both write up and performance were terrible. Amateurish writing got supported by horrible over acting.


The only real positive of this movie is its music. The cinematography by Neerav Shah is also a pleasing one. Except for those two relief factors, this just above 2 hour long thriller isn’t that inspiring.


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Saji Surendran and Krishna Poojappura is a combo who tries to do silly movies which occasionally gets commercial success. This time the team has joined hands again for the movie titled She Taxi and the experience it gives to the audience is almost horrendous. Let me tell you 6 reasons to skip this unworthy entertainer.

  1. Direction from Saji Surendran is still in the old school. The comedy, tragedy, romance, twist etc are pictured in the most dull and used out manner. If a movie can’t get the best out of its actors, it is certainly the failure of the director.

    She Taxi Movie Stills-Kavya Madhavan-Anoop  Menon-Sheelu Abraham-Malayalam Movie 2015-Onlookers Media (1)

  2. The script of the movie is quite silly and the writing is absolutely amateurish. The whole bank robbery episode and even the characters like that of the friends of Anoop Menon and the police inspector done by Ganesh Kumar makes you realize how desperate the makers are to stuff stupid comedy in to this movie.


  3. Dialogues are sloppy. The scenes were Kavya Madhavan kind of praises the leader of the female gang is probably the lamest tactic I have seen in a movie. Those dialogues surrounding the quest for the painting somewhere made me think whether this movie is a spoof.


  4. Cinematography was poor. The over used helicam, shaky and unclear use of certain other cams at some really unnecessary occasions spoils the quality of the movie very much.


  5. Kavya Madhavan was terribly disappointing as the chief protagonist Devayani. Her comic timing, sentiments etc never really worked for the audience and thus making her look too dull in this comeback movie.


  6. Rest of the cast is also quite annoying. Ganesh Kumar, Suraj Venjaramoodu and Noby have overdone the comedy. Only Tini Tom has succeeded in giving a controlled performance. Anoop Menon also looks quite dry.She-Taxi-Movie-Stills-Kavya-Madhavan-Anoop-Menon-Sheelu-Abraham-Malayalam-Movie-2015-Onlookers-Media-15

With Only Bijibal’s music helping the movie slightly to have some positivity, She Taxi tortures you with its unnecessarily excessive runtime and a poorly written script.

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Chirakodinja Kinavukal Poster-Stills-Photos-Malayalam Movie 2015-Sreenivasan-Kunchacko Boban-Rima Kallingal-Onlookers Media

Malayalam cinema finally gets a successful spoof formula with the latest movie from Magic Frames titled Chirakodinja Kinavukal. Directed by Santhosh Vishwanath this sarcastic industry teaser hits the nodes perfectly and provides some good moments of laughter to the viewers. Lets take a look at the positives of this new generation take on conventional Malayalam movies.

  1. The direction from the debutant Santhosh Vishwanath is impressive. He has done a good research and homework to present a genre that hasn’t been used much in the industry. The maker uses the spoof element in every aspect of the movie.Chirakodinja Kinavukal Poster-Stills-Photos-Malayalam Movie 2015-Sreenivasan-Kunchacko Boban-Rima Kallingal-Onlookers Media
  2. Even though the script at times falls in to the serious feel, Praveen S has managed to create a story out of nothing that has scope for making fun of a wide variety of industry styles and clichés. The dialogues were hilarious and the way they asked the makers to go back to reality was also nice.
  3. Songs from Deepak Dev were nice. The retro feel of the song Nilakudame was the best among the compositions which used the voice of the veteran singers beautifully.Chirakodinja-Kinavukal-Malayalam-Movie-Stills-1
  4. The performances of the actors are the next key part. Kunchako Boban was okay in his dual role. Rima Kallingal was extremely good. Sreenivasan was also good. The supporting cast that comprises of Srinda, Joy Mathew, Gregory, Sunil Sukhada, Manoj K Jayan and Idavela Babu also did a smart job on screen.Chirakodinja Kinavukal Poster-Stills-Photos-Malayalam Movie 2015-Sreenivasan-Kunchacko Boban-Rima Kallingal-Onlookers Media
  5. The visual effects of the movie were also rendered very smartly. The nature of the movie has helped the creators imagine things in a peculiar way, and they have conceived those thoughts effectively with the help of visual effects.

With spoof and sarcasm abundantly in its narrative that is just about 2 hours long, Chirakodinja Kinavukal is an enjoyable experience if you are not alien to the idea of spoof.

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Chandrettan Evideya Stills-Images-Photos-Dileep-Namitha Pramod-Anusree-Malayalam Movie 2015-Onlookers Media

It is a feel good family drama from director Sidharth. But actually what makes Chandrettan Evideya more entertaining is its sarcasm driven content and natural humor in the writing. Lets look in to those 5 sweet spots that has helped Dileep in regaining the “Janapriyan” tag.

  1. Well the captain of the ship, Sidharth Bharathan has executed the movie very impressively. The movie needed to have that less melodramatic look and feel to keep the audience interested in the developments. The director has done that efficiently and he also manages to get the best out of his lead pair.


  2. The scripting by Santhosh Aechikkanam is another positive of this humor driven drama. The basic idea is to make fun of the over concerned nature of the female and also the desperate nature of the male. Without making the comedy and sentiments too filmy, Mr. Aechikkanam has written it very smartly with a fair enough climax that does have a hidden preaching.

    Chandrettan Evideya Stills-Images-Photos-Dileep-Namitha Pramod-Anusree-Malayalam Movie 2015-Onlookers Media

  3. Dileep hasn’t been doing roles that utilized him completely. The ability of the actor to do characters with a tint of reality has come back with Chandrettan. You get to see a not over doing and sensibly angry Chandramohan in some sequences.

    Chandrettan Evideya Stills-Images-Photos-Dileep-Namitha Pramod-Anusree-Malayalam Movie 2015-Onlookers Media

  4. Anusree has been making news with her really interesting character selections and portrayals. This time also the actress delivers a superb performance. The movie wanted her to be a character that is kind of a mix of real and a bit caricatured, and the actress succeeded in keeping Sushama in that likeable terrain.

    Chandrettan Evideya Posters-Stills-Images-Dileep-Namitha Pramod-Anusree-Malayalam Movie 2015-Onlookers Media

  5. The music from Prashanth Pillai always had some fresh feel and this time also the musician comes up with interesting tunes. Both Kinavin and Vasantha Mallike songs are catchy with the later having a small edge over the other because of its peppiness.

    Chandrettan Evideya Stills-Images-Photos-Dileep-Namitha Pramod-Anusree-Malayalam Movie 2015-Onlookers Media

With more interesting characters and makeovers in the movie like that of Vinayakan and Soubin Shahir, Chandrettan Evideya entertains the audience smartly. With very few mistakes in making, this not so deep comedy is worth watching once.

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