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Girl’s mensuration period is that moment when she becomes a nightmare for people around her, especially for her boyfriend. At that time, you never know what to do to make them happy. All you can do is listen to their never ending demands, listen their intolerable nonsense and keep your mouth shut for 25 hours a day.  Below are some of the reasons why one should keep a good distance to a woman on her period.

1. Never mess with a girl on her period!!!a-c-a-b_c_2382989

2. No need to complete the sentence, or you will get a death sentencebfdad81cf2de9796861841da1e03366b

3. Unless you are wearing a bullet proof jacketdc9837bae017c553ceae2e2a82d8fe47968df3346c9200079c63c0113a0fd776

4. Keep the kids far away. Certainly not suitable for childrendemotivation-ESRB-period-335486

5. There’s no need to hold back now, its over, FINALLY!!!fdfea5db08bcd520301daef5c2ce23d80f2f0476513f9e40716d889e8496bd2f

6. When she is on that time of month, just listen and shut the fuck up!!!funny-girlfriend-period-graph

7. It’s certainly very difficult for them to control while on periodfunny-girl-period-screaming

8. Mother’s sandal and girlfriend’s Mensuration period are always unpredictableFunny-Menstrual-Periods-Meme-5

9. That moment when you realise the bitter truthgirl-on-her-period-funny-picture-iphone-text10. All you need to do is stay low, coz it’s that time of the month

11. Living with Spartans would be easyWomen-period

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Eve Teasing has become one of the most serious social issues in our community, which needs to be stopped at once. But women also requires to have the courage to provide an appropriate reply to such incidents. This girl faced eve teasing on daily basis but the kind of way she backfired is simply a pleasure to watch.

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History has always managed to amaze people with certain incidents taking places centuries ago due to which our present is like this. However, knowing of these incidents make a greater impact when seeing them with our own eyes. Here are few of the rarest pictures of Indian Leaders that will show you a proper image of our amazing history.

1.  Anna Hazare in his early days of ArmyAnna-Hazare-as-an-Army-man

2. A Rare Picture of APJ Abdul Kalam in his college daysA-rare-photo-of-APJ-Abdul-Kalam-from-his-College-Days

3. Freedom Fighter Chandrashekhar Azad after he shot himself in Alfred ParkChandrashekhar-Azad

4. Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar with his family and associatesDr.-Ambedkar-with-family

5. Jawahar Lal Nehru with First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy enjoying the snake showjacqueline-kennedy

6. Jawahar Lal Nehru with famous scientist Albert Einstein in USA 1949Jawaharlal-Nehru-meeting-Albert-Einstein-at-Princeton-USA-1949

7. Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi with Kapil Dev after he won the World Cup in 1983

8. Governor General of India giving farewell to Lady Mountbatten in 1948lady-mountbatten

9. Last picture of Mahatma GandhiMahatma-Gandhis-Last-photo

10. Freedom Fighter Subhash Chandra Bose with his parentsnetaji-subash-candra-bose-and-parents

11. Dr. Rabindranath Tagore with Albert EinsteinRabindranath-Tagore-Albert-Einstein

12. Dr. Rabindranath Tagore with Sir Maurice Gwayer and Dr. S. Radhakrishnan after the Oxford University Convocation in 1940rabindranath-tagore-and-radhakrishnan

13. A very rare pic of current PM Narendra Modi in his RSS daysShri-Narendra-Modi-in-NCC-during-his-childhood-days

14. Subhash Chandra Bose meeting with none other than The Hitler

15. Swami Vivekanand and Narsimhacharya in AmericaSwami-Vivekananda-and-Narasimhacharya16. Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Charlie Chaplin in Switzerland, 1953


17. Last time when Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was caught by Britishers

It-was-a-last-time-when-Netaji-wat-caught-by-Britishers (1)

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If the speculations are to be believed, then Modi Governement has selected 93 years old veteran actor Dilip Kumar (Born as Yusuf Khan) as a competitor for the Bharat Ratna Award, India’s highest civilian award. In the recent event, Centre has chosen him for the prestigious award, but the question is, will he able to come to New Delhi in his current health condition. Earlier, when the centre declared Bharat Ratna for former PM Atal Behari Vajpayee and President Pranab Mukherjee, it was presented to Vajpayee at his residence. Well, perhaps he may receive the award in Mumbai as the Dadasaheb Phalke Award was presented to actor Shashi Kapoor in Mumbai recently.


Born in Pakistan as Muhammed Yusuf Khan and widely known as film star Dilip Kumar has received the Padma Bhushan in 1991, Dadasaheb Phalke award in 1994 and Padma Vibhushan in 2015 for outstanding achievement in Indian cinema.


Well, finally the Modi Governement has done something extraordinary to please the Muslims in India. May be this will help them earn more than 3 seats.

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The remaking of Foreign movies has now become trend in Bollywood with almost every second Indian movie is copied. This time its Dharma Productions “Brothers” starring Akshay Kumar and Sidhartha Malhotra, which is  a complete rip off of superhit Hollywood movie “Warrior” starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton. The trailer of the Brothers launched on Wednesday that shows a difficult relationship between two brothers and both participating in a fighting contest. The story entirely resembles that of Warrior (2011) where Joel Edgerton plays the role of a professor who enters into the contest due to financial problems with his family, which seems to be the same case with Akshay Kumar in Brothers.

Brothers (2015) Trailer

Warrior (2011) Trailer

Don’t know if the movie will be as successful as its original piece, but there are few things that seems different in the movie. For example, Tom Hardy’s role in the movie was very intense, unapologetic and didn’t show any of his emotions in the whole movie, while Sidhartha seems to be a bit emotional in the trailer.  Well, we surely wish to see the movie get great reviews, however, it all depends on how well the actors and team performed.

Top Ten list of Brilliant Bollywood Movies before 2000 that are remake from Hollywood Movies 

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Making remakes in Bollywood has been geared up these days with many rip offs of Hollywood movies are releasing every year with most of them are a complete disappointment. However, it’s not something that has just begin happening in Bollywood. India has been making copy of Foreign movies way before you could ever imagined. Here are some of the best remakes made by Bollywood before 2000 you could’n have known.

1. Chamatkar (1992) remake of Blackbeard’s Ghost (1968)


2. Agneepath (1990) remake of The Path of fire (1983)


3. Baazigar (1993) remake of Kiss before Dying (1991)


4. Joh Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (1994) remake of breaking Away (1979)


5. Criminal (1995) remake of The Fugitive (1993)

bollywood-hollywood-remake-22 (1)

6. Yaarana (1995) remake of Sleeping with the Enemy (1991)


7. Judwaa (1997) remake of Twin Dragon (1992)


8. Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha (1998) remake of French Kiss (1995)

hqdefault (1)

9. Sangharsh (1999) remake of The Silence of the Lambs (1991)


10. Bichhoo (2000) remake of The Professional (1994)


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The first thing that probably comes in every man’s mind after hearing the word “GIRLFRIEND” is “SEX”. Men wishes to have girlfriend in order to have a quality time in bed and most of the time, girls also believes that. However, there are many other things as well that a man would love to see in his girl. Here are some of the most weird things men want from women other than sex.

1. A good cook – Men simply want someone who can feed them delicious food.anigif_enhanced-buzz-6430-1388102473-13

2. A real girl – We do not want someone with fake personality, instead we look for girls who don’t hesitate to show herself.bad-hair-day-gif18

3. A clumsy girl – Well, we do wish to to have a responsible girl, but clumsiness is one aspect we also search in them.jennifer-lawrence-fall1

4. No Makeup please – Men loves girl with real beauty rather than made upkats1

5. Sensitive – All men wishes their girl to be sexy, and sometime sensitivity and resistance is way sexieroup1u8

6. Unmatched Lingerie is a dream of every men



7. Strong – A man does not want a weak girlfriend, instead he wants someone who can support him in every stepStrong_122d02_5362939

8. Freaks – Men just love girls who are freak like themtumblr_m36vcpicAe1qeub6p

9. A good listener – Men also don’t like “Do this” and “Do that” type of girls saying whatever in every conversationtumblr_mdsb1oJXnx1rs0blno1_500

10. A good driver – Now, we don’t always want to be the one sitting on driver’s seat

11. Confident – Men wishes to have a girl who stays with them everywhere without the fear of people’s commenttumblr_ml223ptKep1rugkpho9_250

12. Crazy – A girl who does crazy things at times is always wanted by men

13. Responsible – Another trait men usually look in every girl. tumblr_static_filename_640_v2

14. Seeing her undone – The most common thing every men desires in her women is seeing her undone

hot_stars_strip_off_all_their_clothes_2015. Curves – Today, all women workout for getting size Zero or flat figure, but men usually prefer women with nice curves.




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India has finally received its first same sex advertisement where two lesbians are dressing up and preparing to meet one’s south Indian parents. The ad has already received over 3 Lakhs views within 10 days with mostly positive reviews and making great rounds on social media. The 3-minute video titled “The Visit” shows two women getting all romantic and caring towards each other in order to provide a good impression of the parents and ending with a message “Bold is Beautiful”.

Well, the concept sure is very bold and unique to be shown in India, however, people seem to like the ad pretty much with many wanting a part two of the ad. There were some great issues on same sex relationship in India by the Government as many believe that it shouldn’t be encouraged and provide a bad impression on youth. But this video by Anouk has avoided these issues and the kind of response it is receiving is certainly a message that India is now opening up to these kinds of relationship.

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A unique incident came to the light recently when a CEO from a MNC in Chennai has been arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) for buying Cocaine worth INR 20,000. According to the officials, 50 years old Sanjiv Bhatnagar had been ordering the Cocaine from a certain website for over a year with the help of a Bengaluru based supplier through SMPL cargo and courier services. The narcotics team caught the red handed on the Wall Tax Road in Chennai around 3 PM on Wednesday.



They already had the knowledge that the accused is regularly receiving the drugs. But this time they were waiting for the supplier to deliver the courier package and as soon as he got the package, the team arrested him. The tests done on the parcel confirmed that it contains cocaine worth Rs. 20,000.


It has also been reported that another drug trafficking organization is settling in Tamil Nadu with the help of several educational institutions and targeting children and youths of India.


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Delhi is a fascinating place for a holiday destination, but if have roamed all of Delhi and wondering some other place to visit with your friends, then there are some elegant and heartwarming hill stations around Delhi that certainly qualify as the best holiday destination.  Here are 11 Divine hill stations that are within 350 miles of Delhi.

1. Nahan: Nahan is a place situated in Shiwalik Hill and is the nearest hill station around Delhi with only 261 Kms away.


2. Parwanoo: A hill station around 265 Kms away from Delhi located in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh spread across the Shiwalik range. You can visit Mansa Devi Temple, Gurkha Fort and Cactus Garden near this hill station.


3. Lansdowne: With only 270 Kms away from Delhi, Lansdowne is a perfect holiday destination for people who like adventurous activities like trekking, boating, water rafting, etc. Some tourist attractions are Santoshi Mata Temple, St. Mary’s Church, Lover’s Lane and many more.


4. Nainital: I think the name is enough to know of its beauty. Located at only 276 Kms from Delhi, this beautiful destination set in a valley is a perfect place for summer vacation. You can roam Naini Peak, Tiffin Top, Nainital Lake and PT. G.B. Pant High Altitude Zoo.


5. Ranikhet: Another rejuvenating hill station, which is only situated at 279 Kms from Delhi in Almora district in Uttarakhand. The place is famous for its cold climate and wildlife. The places to visit would be Jhula Devi temple, Rama Mandir, Army Museum, etc.


6. Mussoorie: Also known as the queen of hills, Mussoorie is famous for its flora and fauna, located in Dehradun district. You can enjoy visiting Mussoorie lake, Jharipani Fall, Nag Devta Temple, Van Chetna Kendra, and many more. Location from Delhi is 284 Kms.


7. Kasauli: Another cantonment town in Solan district with a moderate climate is considered as a must visit tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh. The distance from Delhi is hardly 295 Kms that makes it worthwhile. Tourist destinations include Central research institute, Christ Church, Baptist Church, Kasauli Brewery and Manki Point.


8. Kanatal: At a distance of approx 300 Kms from Delhi, Kanatal is relatively unknown to the world, but offers the best views of mountains in the entire Dehradun District. A perfect destination for people seeking refuge from busy life. Places to visit in Kanatal are Chamba, Shivpuri, Dhanaulti, Kodia and Tehri Dam.


9. Solan: Situated at 46 Kms away from Shimla and 307 Kms from Delhi, Solan is also known as Mushroom city of India, where places to roam are Hari mandir, Solan Railway station, Dolanji Bon Monastery, national heritage park, etc.


10. Mukteshwar: Mukteshwar is a hill station situated in Nainital District of Uttarakhand with numerous temples to visit. With only 330 Kms away from Delhi, the elegant place has tourist destinations like 22 pristine snow peak views, 16 x 14 mile wide deodar forest and adventurous wildlife.


11. Chail: Situated in Himachal Pradesh, Chail is a hill station that is hardly 50 Kms from Shimla and 350 kms from Delhi. Chail is considered as the hiker’s paradise filled with moderate weather any time of the year. The places to visit around Chail are highest cricket ground in the world, Chail Sanctuary in Sadhupul, Chail Gurudwara, etc.



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After a dog, cars would probably be the second best friends of men. It not only helps them from going to one place from another, but also offer them several other advantages as well. Below are given some of the most important reasons why you should have a car along with how to keep your car safe.

1. An honest car can save you, even from the cops.


2. The best time to wash a car?Funny Car Memes - 183. Understand that we aren’t the only who loves sex!!!funny_car_mwxms_Pak101(dot)com

4. It must be Mr. Bean’s new car. Learn from him how to protect your car.Funny-car_tmb

5. Beer giving car from Germany. Go there to buy a car!!!Funny-Car-33

6. Find a car made for you. A car every man would desire.Funny-Car-44

7. Finding parking could be difficult, so always be prepared!!!!Funny-Car-722

8. Do not buy a car from China.Funny-Car-Memes-W630

9. Always check for nice headlights!!!funny-car-pant

10. Driving a car also means fast running?funny-car-sticker

11. Go to the best mechanic for high horsepower engine.Horsepower-W630

12. Just watch out for the leaf while driving a Ferrari!!!images

13. A nice car is the key to girl’s ……!!!New-ferrari-W630

14. Don’t let your wife drive your car, EVER.this-doesnt-look-good.-W630

15. Never go to the State Bank Of India with your

16. Drink and driving, strictly prohibited!!!


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It is every actors dream to play a mainstream role in Hollywood movies, but doesn’t get an opportunity as it takes a lot of effort, recognition and stardom to star in any big Hollywood project. However, there are many Indian superstars who have turned down exclusive offers from big foreign projects, whether due to date issues or not wanting to cross steps into the foreign genre. Here is a special list of Indian actors who have rejected a mainstream role in Hollywood movies.

1. Shahrukh Khan: He rejected Anil Kapoor’s role in Slumdog Millionaire as he thought it wasn’t meant for him to play.


2. Deepika Padukone: She turned down a mainstream role in Fast And Furious 7 as she was busy shooting for Happy New Year


3. Its not only Khans who rejected Hollywood roles, Akshay Kumar has also refused to star in any Foerign movie as he think he don’t belong to Hollywood and satisfied with Indian movies.


4. Aishwarya Rai Bacchann: She have been in many Hollywood movies, but she also rejected the role of Briseis in Oscar Nominated director Wolfgang Petersen’s movie Troy as she did not wanted to get cozy with Brad Pitt.


5. Ronit Roy: He is one of the finest actors in India, which landed him in a role of Oscar award winning movie Zero Dark Thirty, but refused as he was busy shooting for Student of the year. He later regretted not doing the film.


6. Payal Rohtagi: Well, we are not kidding. A French director approached her to star in an International movie, but turned down as he wanted her for whole two years.


7. Priyanka Chopra: She may be enjoying her fame in America these days, but she could have got it earlier if wouldn’t have rejected a role in Immortals due to dates collaborating with 7 Khoon Maaf.


8. Hrithik Roshan: Rob Cohen also approached the handsome Hrithik Roshan for a movie, but his father refused as he thought its not the time for him to do foreign movies.


9. Irrfan Khan: The name is more than enough in movie industry, both Hollywood and Bollywood. He has been in several quality Hollywood movies with Slumdog Millionaire and Life of Pi winning Oscars. However, he also refused the role of Matt Damon in Master director Christopher Nolan’s movie due to dating issues with Lunchbox, which later won universal critical acclaim and awards all over the world. It sure takes guts to refuse Christopher Nolan’s movie.


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The 1st match of the 5 ODI series between England and New Zealand came to an end with a devastating result as England scored over 400 runs for the first time in a 50 over game and recorded a 210 run win. After winning toss, New Zealand chose to field first, which was certainly the biggest mistake McCullumj make. With Root and Buttler’s quick hundred supported by all rounder Adil Rashid, they recorded a mammoth of 409 runs at 9 wickets. In response, New Zealand only manages to score 198 with all their batsmen went in the dugout by 32nd over due to outstanding bowling from Finn and Rashid. This match was surely a disaster for New Zealand while a pleasure to watch for England. Here are some of the highlights of the match that turned the game completely in favor of England.

1. Joe roots fascinating and patience performance set the stage for England.


2. Jos Butler’s magnificent innings of 77 ball 129 with 13 fours and 5 massive sixes was exceptional.


3. With the help Rashid’s fifty, England first time scored over 400 runs, which set the platform for their bowlers.


4. Bad decision made Ross Taylor, New Zealand’s only hope, going.


5. Rashid’s Bowling breaking the bone of New Zealand’s middle order.


6. Henry didn’t have any clue at all where Rashid’s  ball was.


7.  Steve Finn also shines with imaginary bowling figures of 4 for 35 with 1 maiden in his 7 overs.


8.  After a brilliant batting performance, England bowlers also shine in the field by sending all the New Zealand batsman below 200.



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Maggi has been banned in India due to excess amount of lead present. This has triggered into a massive campaign all over the India with people both criticizing and sympathizing with the 30 years old noodles. The social networking websites these days are filled with many hilarious memes regarding the ban on popular brand. Here are some of the funniest memes on Maggi Ban.



2. 989654288067Untitled

3. silence2

4. whatsapp-dp-on-maggi-ban

5. Maggi-ban-itsjoking.com_

6. 11406438_10153568052394578_7003048933974539632_n

7. 11425114_1569254166628525_4349059458531261014_n

8. 62752437

9. images







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The World has some great female dancers who can dance in a sexy accent making every man’s dream comes true. But there are some Indian actresses as well who have performed some of the sexiest dance moves that would complex any foreign dancers. Here are some best dance moves by Indian actresses that are sexier than any foreign dancers.

1. Sri Devi’s bold moves in the song “I Love You”


2. Deepika Padukone’s Lovely is certainly a pleasure to watch.


3.  Who can forgot “Choli Ke Peechhe” from Madhuri Dixit?


4.  Surely, there is something about Aishwarya’s Thumka in “kajraa re”!


5. After six years gap from bollywood, Madhuri still delivered the best dance song of the year with “Aaja Nachle”


6. “Engine ki seeti” The best funky dance in recent times done by eccentric Sonam kapoor


7. With such bold steps, Sunny Leone can make any foreign dancers to feel guilty of choosing the profession.


8. “Chhaiyya Chhaiyya is still considered as the best dance song of India with best moves from then newcomer Malaika Arora.


9. Here, Katrina surely giving tough competition to Shakira.


10. Miss Universe showing a ‘like that’ move, so sexy!!!


11. Only Malaika Arora Khan could perform such a cheesy song with perfection and moves that made every men drool.


12. Finally who can forget the sexy dance moves from “Tip Tip Barsa Pani” featureing Raveena Tandon in a beautiful Saree.


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Indian mothers are always considered as the best mothers due to their over-caring and angry nature. Having an Indian mother means you don’t have worry about your health, and you will always be the best kid in the neighborhood no matter how low your grades are. However, there are some dialogues of a typical Indian mother that makes the kid crawl under the bed. Below are some of the most common and irritating dialogues that one can only from an Indian mother.

1. Beta, teri maa hoon! (Son, I am your mother!)



2. Yeh sab sikhayaega tu mere poto ko? (Is this you are going to teach my grandchildren?)



3. Abhi aise ho, shaadi hone ke baad bhi aise hi rahoge? (You are like this today! Is this you are going to be tomorrow as well?)



4. Kya isi din ke liye tujhe paal pos ke bada kiya tha! (Did I nourished you for these years for this day!)



5. Tum mujhe baar-baar ek hi baat kehne pe majboor kyun karte ho? (Why do you always make me say the same thing?)



6. Kuch seekho Sharma ji ke ladke se! (Learn something from Sharma Ji’s son!)



7. Ek din tera phone tod ke phek doongi!! (One day I will throw your phone away!!)



8. Chahiye kya! (You want one!)



9. Kya haal kar rakha hai kamre ka! (What a mess you have made of your room!)



10. Kaun thi wo? (Who was she?)



11. Log kya kahenge, beta! (What will people say, son?)



12. Beta, kuch khaya, kya khaya? (Son, have you had lunch?)



13. Mere bête ko kisi ki nazar na lage! (Save my son from evil eyes!)


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India is an incredible country and there is no doubt about it. However, the people of India are no way different from their country as you can’t find people with so much uniqueness in their activities anywhere in the world. They do things which are completely unlike and they are not ashamed of doing them, which makes them even more unique. Here are few of the crazy and different things that only Indians do.

1. Follow Internet trends without any knowledge of it

2. Pressing the Elevator buttons non-stopelevator-1-giphy_1421229042

3. Avoid eating non-veg on Tuesdayseye-roll-2-delivery-chef_1421231312

4. Continuously changing Facebook DP’s and Status to get more likesworking-on-pc-3-youtube_1421231449

5. If one driver breaks the traffic signal, it means Green light for others.driving-1-peter-brumm_1421231906

6. Crazily dancing in Weddings with friends.53931efebf96e

7. Constantly avoiding the question of marriagecurvy-6


8. Talking to strangers like old buddiesTalkative-people-annoy-you

9. Asking their kids to learn cooking for futureshaadi-advice-4-1-520x245

10. Eating GolGappas no matter what the celebration iseating-12-indipepper_1426741531

11. Making senseless advertisementsinsta_1416908793

12. For Indians, Two wheeler means a family vehicle7b8f1bdcfdf20cccc5654303cb5c70d3

13. Asking this same question whenever the environment is bad-32_1398861397_350x163

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Quotes posses the power to inspire people as they provide true meaning of life and how one can overcome any sort of issues with attitude and wittiness. However, getting inspirations from such powerful quotes that also offer you a great deal of laugh is the best thing to find. They will not only help you get going in life with full confidence and self esteem, but also give a smile in your tough times, which is very scarce. Some of the most funny and inspirational quotes are as follows:

1. better-hd

2. every-hd











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Surely Indian movies are full of action and romance that makes them the so called Masala movies. However, sometimes, the directors just put too much ingredients in a few of the scenes that not only makes them horrible but also unbearable to watch. Some action movie directors like Rohit Shetty feels like more, the action, the better the movie gets review. However, doing so, they seem to forget that there are things called sense and gravity. Below are shown some of the worst action stunts one could ever see in Indian movies.

1. Surely it’s something only Salman could accomplish, but have some sense of fear and logic, man!4Iwrd0A



2. I wonder how did he manage to catch all those axes in two hands, even Prince of Persia would be surprised.23



3. Never saw a car rolling with so much sincerity6191_5506eea049603



4. Salman’s kick triggering a blast in the water drums. Unearthly!!!ADzBjWU


5. When Ajay Devgan and Rohit Shetty collaborate, This is the result we get.bollywood-action-o



6. One punch is more than enough for all the goons.bZGtLLT

7. Adding a little bit of romance with a car, Surely a Rohit Shetty movie!!!dchnNNP

 8. Know this, anything is possible in South movies.fHTNXh2

 9. You just don’t mess with the RajniKanth!!!nkwpA7w

10. Who needs a chopper when you can convert a jeep into one with just a bullet?PhrgLL0

11. Yanna Rascala!!! It’s Rajni, So mind it!!Qx836BO

 12. A leg triggering a tornado, Just Outrageous!!!tumblr_mktfpdDiFu1rbukizo1_400

 13. Aerodynamics redefined by the God!!!YKZJQk8


14. When famous Die hard stunt goes horribly wrong!!!hDEl53v

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Tollywood has been gaining so much fame these days, which can be seen on Hindi movie channels as recently, most of the movies shown on televisions are from the South. Also, due to the emergence of actors such as R. Madhavan, Siddhartha, Asin, Genelia D’Souza, Sonu Sood, Dhanush and many more have also increased the interest of audience in South movies. Even though these movies have collected a huge amount of box office collection along with critical acclaim, the TV channels show these movies with their Hindi translated names, which is actually pretty hilarious. Here are some of the most outrageous Hindi Translation names of South movies with their English meanings that will make your stomach hurt from laughing.


1. Daruvu (2012) – Jeene nahi doonga (Won’t Let You Live)


2. Arrambam (2015) – Player ek khiladi (Player, An Entertainer)



3. Irumbu Kuthirai (2014) – Dhoom Machale (Make Some Blast)



4. Aatadista (2008) – Daring Gundaraj (Daring criminal World)




5. Thulasi (2007) – The Real Man Hero (The Real Man Hero)



6. Satyam (2015) – The Return of Khakee (The return of Khaki)



7. Thimiru (2006) – The Return of Zid (The Return of Stubbornness)



8. Nuvvostanante nenoddantana (2005) – Mr. Idiot Ek Dilwala (Mr. Idiot, A bighearted)


9. Rechipo (2009) – Aaj Ka Naya Khiladi (Today’s New Player)



10. Athisaya ulagam (2014) – Godzilla Mera Saathi ( Godzilla, My Friend)



11. Majaa (2005) – Dada No. 1 (Brother No. 1)



12. Pokiri (2006) – Tapori Wanted (Vagrant Wanted)



13. Khatarnak (2006) – Main Hoon Khatarnak ( I Am Dangerous)



14. Sankham (2009) – Phir Ek Most Wanted (Most wanted Once More)


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1. “Hindu marriage couples should have at least 5 children”, said by VHP leader Ashok Singhal. Well, according to him, a population of 1.25 billion is still not enough.

ashok-singhal-hd1. “If India needs to change, then Gujarat must change”. He then corrected his statement and said “Galti se Gujarat bol diya, Bihar ke bajaaye”, By Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. I don’t know if he really mistakenly stated that or his mind is always filled with the thoughts of PM Narendra Modi.


3. “Should I urinate to fill the empty dams”, said by Deputy CM of Maharashtra Ajit Pawar in response to the ongoing hunger strike and water supply demand by affected farmers. Now that’s the kind of leader hell would want.


4. “Consumption of fast food leads hormonal imbalance and contributes to incidents like rape”, said by Jeetendra Chhatar, Khap Panchayat leader. I don’t know what to say to this.



5. “Girls should be married at an early age in order to prevent them from rape”, said by former CM of Haryana, Om Prakash Chautala. May be as per his understanding, an assaulter considers a married woman as a Goddess.


6. “Rural women can’t go ahead in their life as they are not that attractive as compared to women from affluent classes”, said by Mulayam Singh Yadav. He sure sounded like a Talisman.


7. “As time goes by, the joy of victory also fades away, similarly like a wife who loses her charm after getting old”, says the Congress minister Sriprakash Jaiswal. I wonder how her wife reacted to this statement.


8. “Such heinous crime hardly takes place in Bharat, but they occur often in India”, says RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat. I wonder from which country he is from.


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