Ant-Man : The Tiny Avenger

Ant-Man : The Tiny Avenger

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The new Marvel Superhero is here and it is Paul Rudd in the suit of Ant-Man. Made specifically with the agenda of just introducing the new character that Marvel can add in the avengers league, Ant-Man from Peyton Reed somewhat succeeds in being enjoyable in its constrained plot.


  1. The direction is kind of good enough to keep it engaging. The attempt to decrease the melodrama is definitely there and up to an extent Reed has managed to keep it away from it. The limitations of being small and also the fact that the avengers do exist while things are happening has reduced the scope of the movie, but as I already said Reed creates entertainment within that.


  2. The screenplay also plays things smart. The SHIELD integration was done sensibly and screenplay works on a conflict that doesn’t demand the requirement of the mighty Avengers. It smartly uses the size changing scenario to give some really funny instances (like the climax toy train fight). The leader image given to Ant-Man gives a charm to his heroics.


  3. The visual effects impact is visually quite less. The green screen stuff mainly comes only in the second half of the movie and they have smartly done that part. It is minimal and realistic.


  4. The performers were also nice for Ant-Man. Paul Rudd fits in to the description of Ant-Man turned Scott with his innocent looking face. Evangeline Lilly is tidy and Michel Douglas is quite energetic.



  1. One thing that made the Marvel superheroes quite cool was the dialogues. The conversations usually used to have that peppy funny feel which sadly wasn’t there in Ant-Man.


  2. The story that is kind of limited by many factors is a demerit. The Ant-Man can’t really be that famous superhero and the backdrop of Scott has all those clichés we have seen for many heroes filled with divorce and jail term.

Made with the sole purpose of adding this small soldier to the A team, Peyton Reed has done a satisfying job. With the character having a key role in Captain America Civil war, it will be interesting to see how Marvel is going to manage the Ant-Man franchise.