Alok Nath Destroyed his Sanskari image with a vulgar tweet on a...

Alok Nath Destroyed his Sanskari image with a vulgar tweet on a lady’s post

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After a long time, Alok Nath (babuji) become a trending topic on Social Media, but this time for all the wrong reason. He had been trolled millions time by fans that made him the official Babuji of Indian Cinema, however, now he has done something that has seemed to destroy his Sanskari image. M_Id_453275_Alok_Nath

It all started when PM Narendra Modi urge all people to take selfie with their daughter along with a caption “beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” (Save Daughter, Educate Daughter) under the hash tag SelfieWithDaughter.Capture

All indians took it very seriously and it didn’t take long to become a trend as everyone began sharing selfie pictures of themselves with their daughter. To which, a Modi hater, Kavita Krishnan, who is a sesecretaryAll India Progressive Women Association and a women rights activist, made a comment stating PM as LameDuckPM and asked people to be careful uploading selfie as he have a record of stalking ladies. Well, the comment was certainly not received well response by Modi supporters who used all kinds of comments on her Twitter post. kavita1

With those comment, there was also a comment by Alok Nath stating to “Jail The Bitch”, which also received immense criticism as it was given by the Sanskari Babuji. The tweet was soon deleted but the damage was already done and he became target of many twitter user for using such vulgar language for a lady.