All Is Well : Now That Is Hell

All Is Well : Now That Is Hell

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Oh My God starring Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal was such a hit that director Umesh Shukla grabbed the attention of all. All is well is his next film after OMG and the quality of the film will surely stun you. Such a mediocre film from the first shot itself, All is well is a total failure and somewhat a half hearted attempt to create a slapstick comedy. Lets look why the movie fails horribly.

  1. Director seems to have no conviction about what he wants to establish by the end of the movie. If the whole idea was to present the father son relationship, then why they have added all these Rohit Shetty model illogical jokes in that movie? Umesh Shukla treats every scene in a very peripheral way.


  2. Script is as shoddy as a TV channel comedy skit. Melodrama and slapstick humor with exaggerated comics is abundant. Too many useless subplots are there. The Alzheimer’s of the mother character is a medical miracle. Nimmi played by Asin is after someone who doesn’t like her at all.


  3. Edits were quite dull. The narration has no speed and the cuts make it even slower. No continuity is there in many scenes.


  4. Abhishek delivers the usual performance. He never looked like a singer. He was good at yelling but never looked great doing the emotional part. Abhishek’s look in the movie gets changed frequently.


  5. Poor Rishi Kapoor has tried his best to keep the character lively, but what to do, the writing is so bad that his character looks too unreal to be sensible.


  6. A talented actress like Supriya Pathak was wasted completely. In a way she was lucky. Too many dialogues would have put her in a difficult zone in the movie.


  7. One more talent that got wasted was Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub who had shown his caliber in the recent past through movies like TWM and Raanjhanaa. It was sad to see him as that idiotic goon.


  8. Cinematography was also quite underwhelming with frames and shots looking quite unexciting.

All is well is somewhat a ticket to hell. The boredom it offers in the two hour long runtime is enough to create a headache. Stay Away!