Acha Din: Its the Opposite

Acha Din: Its the Opposite

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The new movie Acha Din from director G Marthandan starring megastar Mammootty is a disaster on screen. The wannabe thriller is a mixture of technical shoddiness and crappy writing. Let’s look why it fails terribly.

  1. The direction from Marthandan is a huge let down. I don’t understand why someone who got the biggest star on industry chose to do the movie in a very low quality way. The cliches we are fed up of has been represented in a way that will make you laugh at it. Emotional scenes is too theatrical.


  2. Screenplay is a poorly researched one from Vijeesh. The terrorists in the movie looks like idiots who doesn’t even know the basics of executing an operation. The melodrama gets overflown at most areas.


  3. The dialogues are highly dramatic and somewhat stupid. Audience were laughing hearing the intelligent counters by police officers.


  4. Mammootty has only done cycling for the movie and we don’t get to see the great actor anywhere.

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  5. Padmaraj Ratheesh who earlier performed in Fireman was pathetic in his character as Muneer. The way he delivers the dialogues and expresses anger looks terrible.


  6. The background score is a confused chaos of dramatic orchestration.


  7. The supporting cast of quality actors like Kishore, Sudheer Karamana and a few were wasted in poorly written roles. Heroine Mansi Sharma is always in the bed saying Hindi words without any energy.


With literally nothing in favour of the movie, Acha Din is very much an insult.